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Good Or Bad Fat Is Still Fat

Why You Need To Limit Fat Intake No Matter What

Plant fat is better than animal fat, but it is still fat. Yes, an entire avocado can "lower your cholestoral" supposedly, but the cellulite on your thighs will only recognize it as fat. Nut butters, olive oil, olives, Whole nuts - they're all a better choice for you than bacon, but be careful when you start to see yourself take a few more handfuls because "they're good for you". Keep them handy in your kitchen because when your mouth starts to water and you are so hungry you could eat everything in the refrigerator, cashew butter or an avocado squeezed with fresh lemon can be extremely satisfying. For a more filling snack, pair it with an apple, or a banana, or one of our favorites, a large vat of cucumber slices.

For some reason, many people think Olive Oil is a health food and consume it as if it was good for them. It is important to note a couple things- as an oil, it is much better than the alternatives. But Olive Oil does not fill you up the way vegetables do, and contains very little in the way of nutrients. A good tip here is to use Olive Oil for cooking but not for salad. Use avocados or nuts in the salad because they contain high levels of important nutrients. Another reason to keep Olive Oil to a minimum (when you are in weight loss mode) is because it tends to introduce hidden calories. For some reason the calories in oil are something we mentally tend to forget.

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Here Are Some Other Tips To Help You Be Successful