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Think About Your Childhood Food Habits

How Have They Shaped Your Actions, Assumptions and Emotions?

This seems like an obvious point given Oprah's daily dose of introspection but it's important to think of your childhood behaviors in the context of food. Was dinnertime stressful? Did your mom give you cookies to "make you feel better" or promise you ice cream when you were "good"? Was alcohol always present? Did your mom tell you to "eat healthy" but then you watched her scarf down a chocolate bar? Or was it more subtle? Each of us has our own unique experience with food and the meaning of food in our house and its vitally important for you to understand the personal definitions and language of food and eating for your family. As you start to log and become aware of your choices, begin to gently explore your thoughts about what you're eating and the thoughts behind those choices.

"Pizza was the ultimate comfort food for my mom. Every time she was stressed or lonely, we would go out searching for the perfect slice of pizza. I didn't realize the emotional addiction to pizza until I started logging and saw pizza throughout my logs, all the time. Having that awareness helped me think of other foods that also might be potential inhibiters in my weight loss efforts."

Be sure to not only do this for unhealthy foods, but also to discover what healthy foods also had definitions and emotions associated with the choice. Maybe your grandfather was obsessive about oranges and eating oranges reminds you of the relationship you had with him. Taking the time to explore your thoughts about foods and mealtime will bring you one step closer to goals.

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