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My pants are too tight again. 9 Mon. Apr 30, 11:11pm
Come Join me... 0 Mon. Apr 30, 11:01pm
I am new 3 Mon. Apr 30, 1:45pm
WELCOME TO THE JOURNEY 0 Mon. Apr 30, 1:09pm
Cookbook with healthy, tasteful meals 9 Mon. Apr 30, 10:59am
Honestly, do you find Peertrainer helpful? 21 Mon. Apr 30, 10:42am
Help to Lose weight 0 Mon. Apr 30, 9:45am
how many dates a month 6 Mon. Apr 30, 3:24am
OT - Virginia Tech Shootings 34 Mon. Apr 30, 1:22am
New Group : Fit Through Menopause 25 Sun. Apr 29, 4:30pm
Healthy Attitude for Living with Food Allergies 0 Sun. Apr 29, 3:01pm
interesting "ideal body weight" calculator 12 Sun. Apr 29, 12:55pm
Frustrated - constructive input, please 20 Sun. Apr 29, 12:36pm
TOPS 12 Sun. Apr 29, 5:37am
HOW MUCH PROTEIN IN A DAY 10 Fri. Apr 27, 6:28pm
Bush: Job well done. 16 Fri. Apr 27, 4:51pm
calculating calorie loss from exercise? 5 Fri. Apr 27, 3:52pm
Are you short and looking for motivation to lose weight? 12 Fri. Apr 27, 1:12pm
How to eat a healthy, low points meal at a Mexican restaurant? 10 Fri. Apr 27, 12:56pm
Sleep problem...never feel rested! 6 Fri. Apr 27, 12:09pm
when do people notice weight loss 15 Fri. Apr 27, 10:42am
looking for an active group! my searches come out with only 1 result??! 4 Fri. Apr 27, 10:32am
Article in NYTimes about food politics 10 Thu. Apr 26, 7:11pm
what is wrong with watching American Idol? 11 Thu. Apr 26, 5:30pm
Calorie Counting for Newbies! 2 Thu. Apr 26, 3:44pm
Diet Advice to help improve allergies and asthma 0 Thu. Apr 26, 2:58pm
Health problem. input? 2 Thu. Apr 26, 12:58pm
exercise video game 9 Thu. Apr 26, 10:33am
question about menopause 5 Thu. Apr 26, 9:30am
Does anyone know of a successful weight loss pill? 21 Thu. Apr 26, 4:33am
Anti-anxiety drug Ativan 8 Wed. Apr 25, 10:54pm
How To Gain Weight, without dairy and sugar? 7 Wed. Apr 25, 10:08pm
losing weight together 0 Wed. Apr 25, 9:14pm
If your tying to loose 50 or 5. giving each other a little motivation and a lot of fun! 0 Wed. Apr 25, 1:21pm
Looking for new members!! 1 Wed. Apr 25, 12:51pm
STILL have holiday weight on? 1 Wed. Apr 25, 12:03pm
Softball team in Lexington, KY 0 Wed. Apr 25, 11:46am
OATMEAL 6 Wed. Apr 25, 10:18am
OT: waxing 4 Wed. Apr 25, 7:33am
Does anyone else do this 7 Wed. Apr 25, 1:52am
Interesting Article about Calorie Restriction 1 Wed. Apr 25, 12:25am
beautiful liar... 4 Tue. Apr 24, 10:41pm
Looking for other extremly over weight people 0 Tue. Apr 24, 7:27pm
Anxious and feeling like I'm running out of time. 4 Tue. Apr 24, 4:44pm
weight watcher 0 pt question 3 Tue. Apr 24, 2:30pm
Safety while walking/jogging 8 Tue. Apr 24, 12:31pm
Confused - Scale Weight Fluctuations - Water Weight? 16 Tue. Apr 24, 8:41am
Favorite 1 and 2 point foods and snacks? 17 Tue. Apr 24, 7:13am
nursing and weight watcher points 4 Tue. Apr 24, 7:12am
affordable (CHEAP) workout clothes 21 Tue. Apr 24, 5:49am
WW point booster question? 2 Tue. Apr 24, 2:01am
Do you want to make a change in your life? 0 Mon. Apr 23, 11:30pm
The place for techies 0 Mon. Apr 23, 11:11pm
lose weight by gaining muscle! 0 Mon. Apr 23, 9:33pm
how can i lose 35 pounds in two months? 23 Mon. Apr 23, 9:20pm
last 10lbs 2 Mon. Apr 23, 8:22pm
getting rid of belly fat 24 Mon. Apr 23, 5:18pm
Favorite Trader Joe's Food? 29 Mon. Apr 23, 5:06pm
Underwire vs Wireless Sports Bra 9 Mon. Apr 23, 4:45pm
Shouldn't they delete these groups?? 12 Mon. Apr 23, 3:12pm
Your recommendations are solicited - Best workout tape you've done 25 Mon. Apr 23, 2:54pm
work-outs.... 4 Mon. Apr 23, 2:29pm
work out clothes 6 Mon. Apr 23, 12:18pm
Good arm toning excersises? 11 Mon. Apr 23, 12:17pm
need your help/input 6 Mon. Apr 23, 11:33am
How long does it take to see results? 18 Mon. Apr 23, 6:50am
Extreme Fatigue 17 Mon. Apr 23, 1:22am
Could be diabetic! 5 Mon. Apr 23, 1:13am
beef with organic 1 Sun. Apr 22, 8:40pm
What to do when wedding ring is too loose after losing weight? 28 Sun. Apr 22, 4:53pm
OT: relocating Iris and lillies 2 Sun. Apr 22, 2:43pm
What Fats are Essential For Brain Function? 1 Sun. Apr 22, 2:00pm
High Heart Rate 9 Sun. Apr 22, 10:15am
THE BEAN 1 Sun. Apr 22, 10:12am
Oats versus oats 11 Sun. Apr 22, 10:07am
I was told that all of our meats are shoot up with harmones 1 Sun. Apr 22, 8:17am
Poly and Monosaturated Fat 7 Sun. Apr 22, 2:18am
Grains Guide? 2 Sun. Apr 22, 1:08am
Coke vs. diet coke 26 Sun. Apr 22, 12:48am
Eating Healthy For Cheap 46 Sun. Apr 22, 12:36am
Knee Aches 29 Sat. Apr 21, 10:46pm's everywhere! 12 Sat. Apr 21, 8:43pm
Join this fun new group! 0 Sat. Apr 21, 6:27pm
Join this fun new group! 0 Sat. Apr 21, 6:27pm
What's better, whole wheat or multi grain? 15 Sat. Apr 21, 5:41pm
POLL: Jeans that fit real women 58 Sat. Apr 21, 5:38pm
Those of you who need a new sportsbra 7 Sat. Apr 21, 12:26pm
If you have dry itchy skin, try cutting sugar out from your diet for a bit. 0 Sat. Apr 21, 11:05am
Cleansing diets 33 Sat. Apr 21, 10:36am
What fish doesn't taste fishy? 17 Sat. Apr 21, 10:26am
Healthy food choices when shopping at Wal Mart? 19 Sat. Apr 21, 1:55am
7 Habits of Highly Successful PEERtrainers? 8 Sat. Apr 21, 1:31am
How many group members does it take to change a light bulb? 20 Fri. Apr 20, 11:45pm
Why do 1 in 10,000 Chinese Women Die of Breast Cancer? 4 Fri. Apr 20, 9:18pm
How many calories a day? 13 Fri. Apr 20, 6:46pm
Insurance blues 6 Fri. Apr 20, 6:29pm
Alkalizing vs. acidizing foods 0 Fri. Apr 20, 5:07pm
Trimp Spa 3 Fri. Apr 20, 2:13pm
Article on Sodium Reduction and Health 2 Fri. Apr 20, 1:55pm
Come Join! 0 Fri. Apr 20, 11:42am
Language - A request 47 Fri. Apr 20, 9:04am
overall fitness 0 Fri. Apr 20, 8:59am
A little gimmick that's helping me focus 5 Fri. Apr 20, 5:00am
Your Thyroid Issue-- Is Probably Not The Issue 15 Fri. Apr 20, 1:43am
have you achieved near permanent weight loss via changes in your diet? 6 Thu. Apr 19, 11:22pm
Is peanut butter bad to eat? 13 Thu. Apr 19, 10:45pm
Deoderant... 5 Thu. Apr 19, 10:36pm
Lowfat salad dressing- what's a good one? 17 Thu. Apr 19, 8:51pm
List of Alkalizing Foods, Spices and Minerals 4 Thu. Apr 19, 12:53pm
Master Cleanse Question 0 Thu. Apr 19, 12:29pm
anti-inflammation diet 14 Thu. Apr 19, 11:59am
Almond Butter vs Peanut Butter? 1 Thu. Apr 19, 10:50am
neat way to cut cals..... 5 Thu. Apr 19, 9:57am
Why are artichokes good for you? 7 Thu. Apr 19, 9:18am
List of Acidic Foods, Spices and Minerals 5 Thu. Apr 19, 8:42am
Chocolate covered Altoids-good way to fix chocolate cravings 1 Thu. Apr 19, 8:32am
low circulation 1 Thu. Apr 19, 6:00am
To our group member who decided to drop out of PT 10 Thu. Apr 19, 4:19am
favorite quotes 11 Wed. Apr 18, 9:33pm
good sources of magnesium, calcium and potassium? 5 Wed. Apr 18, 6:34pm
The Detox Diet 8 Wed. Apr 18, 6:03pm
Be a loser and feel great! 0 Wed. Apr 18, 5:53pm
how many posters in the forum are members? 12 Wed. Apr 18, 5:22pm
Join the gym but can't find the courage to go; feel to fat (I mean fluffy) 31 Wed. Apr 18, 2:30pm
Days of our lives charity event in August! It's going to be awesome! 1 Wed. Apr 18, 2:12pm
Fish Oil/ Omega 3 Supplement 0 Wed. Apr 18, 11:06am
OK girls - how many do you have? 16 Wed. Apr 18, 11:04am
Why is it important to reduce the levels of acidity in my food and body? 0 Wed. Apr 18, 10:39am
How much salt should I consume when on a diet? 5 Wed. Apr 18, 10:06am
Paper Towel Theory 5 Wed. Apr 18, 10:00am
Mean People Suck 2 Wed. Apr 18, 5:49am
Have an IBS or UC issues?? 5 Tue. Apr 17, 10:58pm
"Fat - What No One is Telling You" 7 Tue. Apr 17, 10:52pm
weight loss and breast/shoe size 21 Tue. Apr 17, 10:01pm
How do you delete a screen name? 2 Tue. Apr 17, 7:32pm
Foot Numbness During Work Outs 16 Tue. Apr 17, 4:27pm
the Imus controversy.. are the big issues being ignored? 25 Tue. Apr 17, 3:39pm
Vacation?? 3 Tue. Apr 17, 3:33pm
Authentic self 3 Tue. Apr 17, 3:04pm
my foot hurts when I walk 18 Tue. Apr 17, 1:55pm
diane55 please don't leave 0 Tue. Apr 17, 1:54pm
saggy butt after losing weight? 4 Tue. Apr 17, 12:49pm
Circuit Training Ideas 0 Tue. Apr 17, 8:59am
What is the best skin moisturizer? 4 Tue. Apr 17, 3:02am
YEAST INFECTIONS !!! (HELP) 13 Tue. Apr 17, 1:42am
It's been 15 days now and I don't know how to stop 16 Tue. Apr 17, 1:34am
Question about Heart Rate Monitors and BMR 1 Tue. Apr 17, 1:18am
How Adult Are You? 14 Mon. Apr 16, 6:13pm
Real Miracles? 30 Mon. Apr 16, 6:02pm
self improvement ideas and goals 10 Mon. Apr 16, 5:13pm
Activia anyone? 5 Mon. Apr 16, 3:33pm
Offended? 1 Mon. Apr 16, 1:33pm
Slow cooker - recipes 3 Mon. Apr 16, 11:51am
Snoop Dogg's Important Contribution to the Imus Controversy 1 Mon. Apr 16, 11:47am
Technical Help 2 Mon. Apr 16, 10:21am
songs for... HELP ME PLEASE! 5 Mon. Apr 16, 10:10am
dating.... uhhhgggg 8 Mon. Apr 16, 10:00am
Bhindi Masala mix from Whole Foods- tasty, cheap and quick recipe idea. 3 Mon. Apr 16, 8:40am
question about jump rope workouts 4 Mon. Apr 16, 8:38am
healthy recipes. and good for those with uc or ibs, but can be used by anyone 0 Sun. Apr 15, 6:14pm
Food Intake to Weight 2 Sun. Apr 15, 3:24pm
an active team 3 Sun. Apr 15, 2:27pm
Active group formed 0 Sun. Apr 15, 2:11pm
For those who still need to loose 8 Sat. Apr 14, 11:46pm
Fabulous Fifties (49 is okay!) 0 Sat. Apr 14, 7:10pm
Last 5 pounds 4 Sat. Apr 14, 4:19pm
OT- dating a sexual abuse survivor 5 Sat. Apr 14, 7:59am
Is shellfish really that bad for you? 15 Fri. Apr 13, 11:21pm
overweight kids 3 Fri. Apr 13, 8:57pm
When Jesus's glory fills me from head to toe.... 11 Fri. Apr 13, 6:37pm
What makes a great day? 6 Fri. Apr 13, 5:25pm
deadbeat that ruin a group 5 Fri. Apr 13, 4:26pm
Nervous habits.. 6 Fri. Apr 13, 4:16pm
Weight - loss interference! 5 Fri. Apr 13, 4:15pm
Are you all getting ready for church tomorrow morning? 49 Fri. Apr 13, 1:13pm
jesus, schmeessus 1 Fri. Apr 13, 12:42pm
Is the teachers union racist? 0 Fri. Apr 13, 12:00pm
selfish group members? 4 Fri. Apr 13, 11:54am
Symbols of American Mediocrity 18 Fri. Apr 13, 11:44am
weighing over 200 pounds 8 Fri. Apr 13, 11:37am
selfish group members? 9 Fri. Apr 13, 6:48am
Swimming... 25 Fri. Apr 13, 12:33am
Weight watchers core plan 1 Thu. Apr 12, 7:42pm
Completely off top-domestic partner benefits 26 Thu. Apr 12, 5:25pm
what frustrates you the most about doctors? 16 Thu. Apr 12, 3:24pm
green tea - TMI 4 Thu. Apr 12, 1:43pm
Help! I need suggestions for a BBQ... 18 Thu. Apr 12, 1:34pm
Egg Guilt 17 Thu. Apr 12, 1:14pm
How do I get my toddler to stop speaking like my Caribbean nanny? 21 Thu. Apr 12, 12:25pm
The Police Diet... 7 Thu. Apr 12, 10:41am
Complaint about Whole Foods 10 Thu. Apr 12, 10:11am
tnt 2 Thu. Apr 12, 9:18am
Friends United 0 Thu. Apr 12, 9:14am
For those suffering from an ED 5 Thu. Apr 12, 8:52am
Running songs 38 Wed. Apr 11, 7:47pm
Exercising correctly 6 Wed. Apr 11, 4:41pm
Cutting out the trash 7 Wed. Apr 11, 2:34pm
Calorie counting 6 Wed. Apr 11, 1:40pm
soccermom to a MILF 9 Wed. Apr 11, 10:32am
kitana 4 Wed. Apr 11, 5:35am
I hate housework 25 Wed. Apr 11, 4:35am
Just a little adivice 2 Wed. Apr 11, 2:16am
Did the easter candy you ate yesterday and today somehow not make it on your logs? 3 Tue. Apr 10, 11:35pm
OT: The Pill 6 Tue. Apr 10, 10:43pm
Work advice 3 Tue. Apr 10, 6:56pm
Lose weight the Vegas way 0 Tue. Apr 10, 5:51pm
Anyone interested in a Flylady team? 7 Tue. Apr 10, 5:43pm
I love my wife 6 Tue. Apr 10, 5:17pm
making up for overeating with two long runs 12 Tue. Apr 10, 2:48pm
Fiber supplement suggestions? 12 Tue. Apr 10, 1:38pm
Types of yoga to lose weight 6 Tue. Apr 10, 11:27am
Coast to Coast Team - any sport 0 Tue. Apr 10, 9:18am
How do I get my toddler to eat something other than grilled cheese? 20 Tue. Apr 10, 8:15am
How on earth do you drink coffee with splenda in it? 11 Mon. Apr 9, 8:17pm
ANY IDEAS? 3 Mon. Apr 9, 7:40pm
Impossible to keep healthy habits with a sabotaging spouse 5 Mon. Apr 9, 5:24pm
Nintendo Wii for my BF's fat butt 7 Mon. Apr 9, 4:12pm
Lipo zap? 10 Mon. Apr 9, 4:06pm
any splenda addicts? 12 Mon. Apr 9, 3:34pm
Coast to Coast - Walking Team! 1 Mon. Apr 9, 12:41pm
Willpower vs Knowledge: What is more important for weightloss? 6 Mon. Apr 9, 12:25pm
Looking for bikers... 0 Mon. Apr 9, 11:39am
Quitting smoking. And eating like it is my job. 5 Mon. Apr 9, 8:46am
I work out and diet, but I don't lose weight... 5 Mon. Apr 9, 7:54am
OT-red bumps on my arms 6 Mon. Apr 9, 7:52am
Sauna/Steam and weight loss? 19 Mon. Apr 9, 1:14am
Pineapples 2 Sun. Apr 8, 11:24pm
Anyone notice??? 5 Sun. Apr 8, 5:55pm
PT-Could you create a Off Topic Community Forum? 3 Sun. Apr 8, 2:33pm
Protein Snacks 15 Sun. Apr 8, 9:52am
water intake according to your weight 5 Sun. Apr 8, 1:31am
STOP the christian threads. Please. I'm begging you. 45 Sat. Apr 7, 6:49pm
Wheat Thins v. Doritos 9 Sat. Apr 7, 4:30pm
Are you serious about losing weight? Ready to commit to the body you've always wanted? 0 Sat. Apr 7, 3:25pm
Are you serious about losing weight? 0 Sat. Apr 7, 3:25pm
Are you serious about losing weight? 0 Sat. Apr 7, 2:25pm
PT IS GREAT 8 Sat. Apr 7, 11:11am
Weight Watcher Recipes... 25 Sat. Apr 7, 10:53am
Looking for a fabulous wheat bread recipe! 0 Sat. Apr 7, 8:47am
Be a Winner: Join Loosers in London 1 Sat. Apr 7, 7:29am
Wedding Day Countdown 0 Fri. Apr 6, 11:44pm
Great TEAM 0 Fri. Apr 6, 11:34pm
Over 40 and need support? 0 Fri. Apr 6, 10:06pm
OT- nationalized vs. private healthcare 13 Fri. Apr 6, 8:31pm
telling friends you're losing weight 13 Fri. Apr 6, 8:16pm
How often should you change your cardio??? 4 Fri. Apr 6, 8:00pm
Anyone have a free spot in an active group? 4 Fri. Apr 6, 5:28pm
Sugar/Salt craving cycles 3 Fri. Apr 6, 4:16pm
New Member- 3 Fri. Apr 6, 3:49pm
Meal replacement drinks 5 Fri. Apr 6, 2:21pm
Life of Brian- Best Satire of Christianty Ever 2 Fri. Apr 6, 1:59pm
How long does it take????? 7 Fri. Apr 6, 12:08pm
What is Peer Trainer to you? 2 Fri. Apr 6, 12:08pm
weight watchers points vs. daily calories 1 Fri. Apr 6, 12:06pm
Organic Foods- Is There a Standard or Certification? 4 Fri. Apr 6, 12:05pm
tanning 7 Fri. Apr 6, 12:01pm
"A long, hot shower can be dangerous. The toxic chemicals are inhaled in high concentrations." 11 Fri. Apr 6, 11:53am
New Group for Active Posters on Weight Watchers! 0 Fri. Apr 6, 8:38am
My 56 yr old husband lost his sexual desire ! 7 Fri. Apr 6, 7:24am
I dont think I am eating enough 8 Fri. Apr 6, 6:49am
"YOU on a diet" book 10 Fri. Apr 6, 6:11am
Anyone here own a swimming pool? 1 Thu. Apr 5, 11:57pm
pears are hard to eat 8 Thu. Apr 5, 10:35pm
Active Posters come join us. 0 Thu. Apr 5, 8:10pm
Remove the Shower Threads 1 Thu. Apr 5, 7:15pm
who watches the Bachelor? 3 Thu. Apr 5, 6:14pm
OT - American Idol 11 Thu. Apr 5, 6:07pm
Best Shower Filter? 4 Thu. Apr 5, 4:48pm
Need motivation to workout? 1 Thu. Apr 5, 4:37pm
Nation's Largest Health Insurer Ties Employee Bonuses to Health of Its Members 1 Thu. Apr 5, 4:34pm
too much good food 8 Thu. Apr 5, 3:42pm
How Filtration Removes Chlorine and Purifies Shower Water 2 Thu. Apr 5, 3:23pm
whey powder 2 Thu. Apr 5, 3:04pm
Splenda Turns into Chlorine In Your Body? 9 Thu. Apr 5, 2:18pm
Clamarili recipes 3 Thu. Apr 5, 12:56pm
contacting PT via email 3 Thu. Apr 5, 11:41am
Quick and great thinkers 5 Thu. Apr 5, 10:30am
Ditch the cable? Or go all the way and be TV-free? 21 Thu. Apr 5, 8:31am
Stop the whining 10 Thu. Apr 5, 6:41am
why do you hate your body so much? 14 Thu. Apr 5, 2:00am
if you are athletic but trying to lose a little baggage, this group is for you! 0 Wed. Apr 4, 11:32pm
Going GREEN! Crazy phenom??? 6 Wed. Apr 4, 10:44pm
I can't find my friend! 7 Wed. Apr 4, 4:03pm
What's so great about YOU? 37 Wed. Apr 4, 3:55pm
New group - attention brides! 0 Wed. Apr 4, 3:21pm
**PEERtrainer Weekly Meetings Starting in Bay Area 8 Wed. Apr 4, 2:54pm
Ate like a PIG, but it's OKAY 3 Wed. Apr 4, 11:35am
vdarling has lost 50 pounds since Dec 31st 22 Wed. Apr 4, 9:56am
Islamic Reformation? 3 Wed. Apr 4, 7:49am
What is your body fat percentage? 29 Wed. Apr 4, 7:45am
Dinner Menu Ideas? 11 Wed. Apr 4, 5:55am
Anyone ever had a tummy tuck? 7 Tue. Apr 3, 11:05pm
Stay at home mom - looking for Weight Watcher's Buddy 17 Tue. Apr 3, 5:18pm
good idea...? 3 Tue. Apr 3, 3:55pm
ukraine 0 Tue. Apr 3, 3:35pm
Do men pay for dates anymore? 18 Tue. Apr 3, 3:05pm
Taxes 9 Tue. Apr 3, 2:49pm
What Is The Okinawa Diet? 2 Tue. Apr 3, 11:15am
lice please help 18 Tue. Apr 3, 11:10am
Any great Passover recipes? 19 Tue. Apr 3, 9:47am
Do you go to church every Sunday? 100 Tue. Apr 3, 9:21am
stir up your workout 0 Tue. Apr 3, 8:24am
What is your most satisfying meal or food? 5 Tue. Apr 3, 8:16am
Eggbeaters quiche 7 Tue. Apr 3, 7:57am
Whole Wheat Flour 22 Tue. Apr 3, 7:08am
I am thinkinking about Giving up Dietig! 6 Tue. Apr 3, 7:03am
Frustration 10 Tue. Apr 3, 6:42am
looking for inspiring member 3 Tue. Apr 3, 3:24am
Question about Weight Watchers 7 Tue. Apr 3, 2:48am
Enough with your church agenda 6 Mon. Apr 2, 11:29pm
Need advice on stregth training 1 Mon. Apr 2, 9:09pm
PT - It is time to start deleting the Christian propoganda threads 6 Mon. Apr 2, 7:57pm
Anyone know a good low fat Chili Recipe? 2 Mon. Apr 2, 2:54pm
How much weight have you lost (and timeframe too!) 31 Mon. Apr 2, 9:27am
nutrisystem, jenny craig, packaged diets 21 Mon. Apr 2, 4:01am
Please join! 0 Sun. Apr 1, 10:53pm
35 and Alive 0 Sun. Apr 1, 9:05pm
OT: Bomb-dropping (the conversational kind) 4 Sun. Apr 1, 1:53pm
time change...? 7 Sun. Apr 1, 1:32pm
Happy April Fools Day! 0 Sun. Apr 1, 9:50am

PEERtrainer Offers a Free Weight Loss and Diet Journal. Unlike other online journals, PEERtrainer integrates the log into groups and teams. Daily logging and journaling is effective, but it is much more effective when you know someone will read the log.

When you sign up for PEERtrainer, you enter your thoughts, goals, workouts and meals each day in an easy to use (Quick) format. Your group members and team members will be reading your log and offering you daily support, motivation and advice. This unique combination is highly effective in helping you lose weight and meet your fitness goals. It can be a lot of fun, and you'll meet a lot of new people.