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Thursday, February 7 
16ocean's daily log

 Last posted Thu. Nov 19, 11:48pm

I will eat healthy. I am focusing on realistic portions and choosing not to consume, multiple deserts and/or excessive snacking/grazing.

In my heart of hearts I know I can do this.

Motto: “a healthy routine”
Word of the year 2013: Faith
a (1) : belief and trust in and loyalty to God (2) : belief in the traditional doctrines of a religion
b (1) : firm belief in something for which there is no proof (2) : complete trust

Working on making eating and exercising a smooth easy part of my life style while simultaneously not obsessing over food and rarely feeling satisfied.
Some life goals:
1) Update the apartment (by the end of March 2013)
a) new towels, rug and shower curtain for the b-room[CHECK Feb. 2013]
b) new throw rugs for kitchen and closet (between 3 to 6
c) pictures
i)re-frame one picture,
ii)get a second framed
iii)buy one more picture and rearrange pictures in living room
d) candles
e)update/ add new pictures to the fridge
f) some new linens(pillow cases and a duvet cover) for the bed[CHECKJan. 2013]
g) a new throw blanket for the couch [uncheck had to uncheck the one I bought the threads kept on snagging so I returned it]

2) better retirement planning . . .(by the end of February 2013)[CHECK Feb. 2013]

3) keep my heart, eyes and ears open to a new romantic love

4) join a dating website perhaps match or catholic singles

5) plan a summer adventure


my notes
Made it to the personal trainer last night really did a good job working out . . . .but it was weird I have been craving avocados . . . I guess the fat?
Who knows? So I had one ½ w/ dinner yesterday on some organic tortilla chips and the other half with crackers after working out.

My Dad’s b-day dinner tonight(a lot less stress than last years) it is at a fish place, so that is not too bad.
Happy he likes fish not southern fried food, makes it easier for me to make better choices.
New Year’s resolution #3
A little progress. . There is a new teacher at my work . . . I have thought he is cute for a while . . so I was brave and asked a co-worker (who is facebook friends w/ him) to check him out for me. Yea! So happy I did that, for a multitude of reasons.
Found out he is young a decade younger than me so I can check him off my list, he was of a fundamentalist Christian religion and he has a photo of him with a woman so prob his girlfriend.
Why am I happy bz even though it is a HUGE step removed and in the grand scheme of things such a little fleck. I put myself out there as opposed to keeping my wants private. Doing something is way better than nothing and I did a little something.
Big step for me.


an organic apple
made coffee at home (w/ some 1%organic milk in it)

a TJ veggie burrito(picked out some of the potatoes)
carrots and celery
a rectangle of 73% organic chocolate

am- 7 organic almonds
took my vitamins drinking water


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