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Sunday, January 19 
eharvo's daily log

 Last posted Sat. Apr 2, 11:48am

current GOALS

1. BIG CHANGE- find that gumption that got me with PT in an acceptable lifestyle and weight!!. Gumption coming.... loving my biggest loser team, even tho I NEVER watch that show (or any show for that matter)
2. Exercise- Goal is 1 hr/day
3. Food- log it... thinking calories and generally not too many carb... altho money is tight so that is kinda tough right now.
4. Spend TIME meal planning/ bulk/ freeze/ crockpot. How much planning? I think a several hour planning session.... with constant kid interruption cd be....4 hrs just to get a handle on the contents of my freezer/match w. healthy recipes. That's just the planning part.
5. make tickers for eating exercise, food planning

Wed- 1 hr walk-
Thurs plan = walk
Fri plan- ellipt before HS co-op
Sa plan- walk and archer
Su plan- walk... maybe try to meet someone for this

2007 joined PT 220 lbs got down to 188
2008 moved, got distracted up to 220
2009 weight was 220-230
2010 weight got up to 249.
2011 Weight got up to 265 (starting pregnancy weight)
2012 Baby in May, top preg weight 295
2013 Well...... another MOVE....more weight too! 265 most of this year

10.16.13 = 262.
10.18.13. = 265 >:(

1.20.14 = ?
Gaol stick to low carb for 6 week boost. On first week right now and I feel so good!

How to do it? Log every day..... exercise 1 hr/day....low carb

my notes
clothes dropping like crazy... 1 week low carb = Done! yes, I am awesome.... ;)

Water, water, water! 1 week down... 11 to go on ... sort extremish low carb. I know it can do it and I know the scale and my body and my husband.... oh and ME.... well we will all be so glad and so proud!

nice shortish walk... but still....

egg/veggie omelet

no crust garl chick pizza

string cheese
swiss cheese

pulled pork over green beans

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