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PEERtrainer Author Bio: Jackie Wicks

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Jackie Wicks founded PEERtrainer in 2005 with the objective of helping people put their health, fitness and weight loss efforts into action. Jackie founded the site with the realization that most people have a decent idea of how to lose weight. You need to eat less, eat better and move more but people have a tough time following through.

Jackie built an entirely new system using carefully vetted experts, technology expertise and community to nail the support piece and help people successfully follow through. She and PEERtrainer have been consistently recognized by the press and industry experts. PEERtrainer recognized by US News And World Report as one of the best sites to stay on a diet and lose weight in June, 2011. is an online support system that has averaged one million people over the last 4 years visit each month to learn how to lose weight and improve their health. PEERtrainer and the success stories about helping members lose 50, 60 and even 100 pounds have been featured on the cover of PEOPLE magazine, in the New York Times, Good Morning America and Forrester Research.

Jackie is regularly quoted in the press as a healthy lifestyle expert of how people lose weight online in publications such as ABC News, Wall Street Journal Radio and hundreds of other national media outlets.

Ms. Wicks is the author of the PEERtrainer Cheat System: A Simple Guide To Healthy And Long Term Weight Loss

The PEERtrainer Cheat System is a new, simple to follow system for eating. The objective is to help guide you towards a way of eating that will make it easier to lose weight, give you more energy and help you feel better. The PEERtrainer Cheat System is a guide consisting of two lists of foods -- eat as much as you want from the unlimited left side and count the 'cheats' on the right! The cheat system is a forgiving system where you can cheat and lose weight without beating yourself up while giving you the tools to actually do this in your own life.

Additionally, Ms. Wicks has also penned the popular and innovative recipe guide: The Magic Fridge: The PEERtrainer Guide To Hungry Free Weight Loss: Easy, Fast, Healthy, Great Tasting Foods Always In The Fridge, Ready To Eat

The Magic Fridge is an ebook of recipes that help you increase the foods that you eat from the unlimited left side of the list in an easy, doable way so you actually follow through. The Magic Fridge makes your refrigerator 'magically' have high nutrient, amazing tasting foods at your fingertips.

Recipes include tips and easy 3 ingredient flavor combinations and recipes of your favorite Italian, Indian, Asian and Japanese cuisine. Learn how to make the "to die for" Tex Mex Salad, Warm Applewood Bacon Soup and lose weight in a simple, hunger free way and change the way you look at tasteless diet food forever.

Contact Info:
p. 561.623.5336
e. jwicks at peertrainer dot com
twitter: @jackiewicks

Publications by Jackie Wicks

The Cheat System Diet, St Martins Press, May 2014

Amazon: Cheat System Diet

Macmillan: Cheat System Diet

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