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How To Make Counting Fat Grams Easy

It's Important To Have Perspective About Fat Grams Within Your Diet

By PEERtrainer Founder

There is an easy and fast way to figure out fat grams and additionally, it's important to have a perspective about fat grams within the context of your diet regimen. So instead of thinking, that has 8 grams of fat!! I can't eat that. Understand what 8 grams of fat means within the entire daily fat intake.

According to many diets/regimens, a 25 to 30% fat intake per meal is recommended. It's easy to figure out. If a food has 300 calories and has 8 fat grams, an easy (BUT NOT EXACT) way to tell the percentage of fat is to add a "zero" to the fat gram number. So for the example:

Let's say a food has 8 grams. Add an 80 to make 80 fat calories (again, not exact but pretty close and much easier to do math this way). The food has 300 calories to it has less than 30% of the total. You can do this for anything. If a 100 calorie product has 1 fat gram, add a zero to the fat grams. You get 10 calories. So that food is only 10% fat. This will keep your perspective.

And some fat is good for you, mostly the unsaturated plant fats like avocado and nuts. You need to be careful about fat from animals (including milk) because is serves as sort of a "sponge" for harmful chemicals. There are all sorts of toxins in our environment (even in plants!), but you want to try and avoid the foods that tend to provide big doses of harmful toxins like dioxin and PCBs.

According to the EPA, what happens is that toxic chemicals get released into the environment and end up in grass and animal feed. Many of these chemicals don't break down right away, but they do dissolve easily in the fatty tissues of animals. So when you eat foods like lobster, cheese, butter and ice cream you are getting a very efficient delivery mechanism for things like dioxin.

This is why there is an organic foods movement, why there is a Whole Foods and why there is organic produce in every supermarket in the country. Next: Get Moving- Easy Ways To Start Exercising

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