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The Free PEERtrainer Cheat System

What It Is, How It Works- And How To Get Started!

The PEERtrainer Cheat System is a new, simple to follow system for eating. The objective is to help guide you towards a way of eating that will make it easier to lose weight, give you more energy and help you feel better.

We know that people are capable of making some really great changes, but we also know people need to make these changes at their own pace. The PEERtrainer Cheat System gives you that space!

"By far one of the simplest systems I've ever tried and produced the results I wanted; it helped me lose 50 pounds and transition my way into making permanent changes in my eating style."

Erin Evelyn, Flint, MI, USA


Here is a quick summary of the important details:

1. It Is Free. We reserve the right to change this in the near future, but everyone who gets on the "Cheat System" mailing list will get updates and revisions as long as they stay on the mailing list. There is a simple form at the bottom of this post to enter your email address. You'll be sent the system and you'll get on the list.

2. It Is Easy To Do. The PEERtrainer Cheat System is a 26 page PDF that consists of two lists of foods, a description of the system, and a very simple incentive system. We literally could have written a book about this, but we want to keep it as simple as possible.

3. You Can't Fail At This. A lot of people have made incredible transformations using the various tools that PEERtrainer provides. But one thing we have observed is that everyone makes progress at different speeds. It is critically important. The Cheat System allows you to go at your own pace. You can do as much or as little as you want.

4. We Guide You. We have created a Cheat System Video Instruction Series which helps you use the system. We teach you the two things that you must do to start losing weight, and then we take you on a journey to more advanced topics and tools.

This video instruction series is brand new and teaches you everything that we see set you up for success. We also teach you the exact things that set you up for failure. The video instruction series, like the PEERtrainer Cheat System is free.

When you sign up by entering your first name and email below, you will immediately be taken to the first instruction video. In that video you will get some important tips to help you get started, as well as a little intro to PEERtrainer if you are new: What Is Being Said About The PEERtrainer Cheat System

"In the beginning of my weight loss it was one of the main tools I used to figure out how I should be eating for health! 100lbs later I am a Cheat System pro."

-Alexandria Lewis Fayetteville NC

"Much easier to follow than other diets/trackers/changes I've tried, especially not having to keep track of every single morsel of food I eat. Only keeping track of cheats is SO much easier, and I always know I can eat off the free list if I'm hungry without feeling guilty!"

-AJ Kunsman; Vallejo, CA

We do have numerous premium programs on PEERtrainer, but our big idea here has always been to provide better free programs than our competition charges for. The programs we do charge for are designed to accelerate your existing success. We think this is the single best business model in the industry, and our community members appear to agree.