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Cheap Workout Clothes

How To Start Exercising Without Spending a Fortune

You just joined your local fitness center or found easy way to start working out. You're all ready to begin working out on a regular basis. They'll provide all the equipment you need plus you can go anytime you choose. Now comes the BIG question...What do I wear?

Don't worry, you can start exercising without spending a fortune on clothing for exercising. In fact, if you visit the gym you'll find many of the regulars are wearing an old t-shirt and a pair of drawstring sweats or shorts. If you're like most people you don't want to go around looking like you just stepped out of bed, but you don't want to spend bundles on clothing that is for exercising only.

In most cases during a workout, you can't stay prim and proper. Make sure the clothing you choose gives you plenty of room for movement without getting in the way of your movement. Loose fitting but not baggy usually works best.

Your local department store most likely has a good selection of clothing for working out. Tees and tanks are great for tops. Capris, shorts, or other pants made from breathable materials works best for exercising. This will help to keep you cool and comfortable during your workout routine. Again comfort and room to move are crucial.

Many women choose to wear camis during exercising. If you choose something else, you may want to purchase a good sports bra. A sports bra will give you the support and comfort you need during a workout.

There is one area where you don't want to scrimp. If you're planning to walk, run, or jog it is crucial to spend the money for a good pair of walking shoes. Moderate to heavy walking, running, and jogging puts a heavy impact on your feet. A good pair of shoes provides you with cushioning, support, and extended comfort, so don't scrimp in the area of shoes.

Inexpensive clothing for exercise can be found almost anywhere. Just make sure you have chosen something that is comfortable, breathable, and that allows plenty of room for movement.

Find out the top recommendations of workout gear from the PT community.

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What is PEERtrainer??

If you are like most people, you know how to lose weight and get fit, but simply have a hard time following through. PEERtrainer was built to help you follow through, via daily logging and peer support. It is easy to get started--you log your food, exercise, thoughts each day. This takes about 5 minutes, and is a great habit to develop. You do this in small weight loss groups of 4 and larger "teams". The logging makes you much more aware of your habits. The group members read your logs and keep you motivated and supported. This tight integration of logging with free online weight loss support groups is very effective. It is also a unique and patent-pending process.

It is easy to get started on PEERtrainer.

1. You Sign Up. It is free.
2. Join Groups and Teams. If you don't find ones you like- Start One. Active Groups Fill Up Quickly, You Might Want To Start A Couple To Get The Perfect Mix of People.

Here Are Some Other Tips To Help You Be Successful:

3. Develop the Logging Habit. Daily logging is the cornerstone of effective weight loss, and engages you in a process called "self-monitoring." Basically a conversation with yourself each day.
4. If you are new to logging, only focus on that for the first few days. It takes a while to develop a new habit, and you want to start this process by breaking them down into easy, achievable goals.
5. Find active weight loss groups and teams. This is the SINGLE most important factor in the success of a group. Yes, you might want to find people with similar interests, geography, backgrounds etc-- but first and foremost find active members to facilitate weight loss in an online group.
6. If you don't, join This Team and you will be personally welcomed into PEERtrainer.
7. Start slow. Find achievable, short term goals. Whether you want to lose 50 pounds or train for a marathon, it is going to take time. Take your time. It will make it easier, you'll be more successful, and you'll have more fun.
8. Would you like some advice on how to get started losing weight? Click to Read this article which outlines the steps needed to achieve success.
9. The PEERtrainer "Aha Moment." The other members of your group or team can see and read your logs, and you see what you are eating. The first week on PEERtrainer is an eye opener for most people.
10. You can join as many groups as you want, our users suggest that three is a good number to be part of. The only thing we ask is to be positive and active in your groups.
11. You can invite friends directly into your group, through an "Invite a Friend" feature. Put in their email address, and they will be sent an invitation right to your group. When they sign up, they will be automatically placed in your group.

Finding the right mix of groups is well worth the effort. A broad support network is a powerful thing. If you want help getting started, email us or ask a question in the Community.

The PEERtrainer success formula-- log consistently, comment actively, commit to your'll most likely meet your diet and fitness goals. Once you get comfortable with logging and the small group interaction, you'll be hooked, and most likely find PEERtrainer to be highly effective.

Check out the Spotlight The PEERtrainer Spotlight contains three groups of four people each, logging and commenting publicly. This is a great way to see real people using PEERtrainer, and a great way to see the power of small groups interacting, where each person gets the focus they need. Its also a great way to see how different people approach weight loss, and how they are succeeding at it. It is very motivating. They are also a fun group of people!

The "Community" is a great resource. If you have created a new public group, post a note in the community. You'll get some active and helpful participants. If you are looking for a group to join, post a note and people will tell you about groups that would be a fit. The community is a great place to ask almost any question, no matter how personal. Most likely you'll get great answers. The PEERtrainer community is very welcoming to new users.

New To PEERtrainer groups and teams. PEERtrainer moderates online weight support groups for new users for free. It is a great place to get started, and get the online diet support you need. You will interact with a PEERtrainer coach whose job is to get you going. The coach will check in at least once a day, and will answer any question thrown at them. Many of our users find these groups very helpful at the beginning. To find a group, put in your zip code in "Find/Create a Group" and you will find one for your area.

Share as much info as possible. Brainstorm about different diets and fitness programs. You'll be surprised at how knowledgeable your peers are.

Mix and match. You don't need to follow the same diet or have the same weight-loss goals as your PEERtrainer group members. Not everyone wants to be Hollywood skinny, for instance. The common denominator is a shared fitness goal. Having a good mix of members may expose you to ideas you never considered.

If your group's just not clicking, you're only a few clicks away from a PEERtrainer group that's a better fit. Just like in dating, not everyone is compatible.

Your group members count on you and vice versa. Put some thought and encouragement into your comments. It'll pay off, especially when Ben & Jerry are calling your name!

Like any fitness regimen, commitment equals success. For the best chance to reach your fitness target, and to help your PEERtrainer members achieve theirs, we recommend you log on at least 4 times a week. If you haven't logged in a group in 7 days, you are removed from the group and a private group is created with your information. You can join another group or invite your friends when you're ready to be active again!