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Treatment and Prevention of Hypertension

By Roger London, MD

What Is Hypertension?

Hypertension, or high blood pressure, means that the force of the blood inside your blood vessels is too high. It makes your heart work harder than it needs to. Hypertension effects 25% of adults worldwide, and is the major risk factor for heart disease. This article contains a wide variety of information related to hypertension, and discusses approaches for treatment and prevention.

Treating Hypertension without Drugs

If blood pressure levels are close to 130/80 (within 10mmHg) then a behavioral approach alone may be used. Behavior changes recommended include dietary sodium restriction, weight loss, increased physical activity, quitting smoking, and moderation of alcohol intake. Dietary changes that massively increase the consumption of fruits, vegetables and beans while dramatically lowering the consumption of everything else is critical. The loss of one kilo of weight results in a decrease of arterial blood pressure of ~1 mmHg. Physical activity also lowers blood pressure. The odds of successfully implementing and following through with behavior changes goes up with participation in programs that engage the person in self-monitoring and group support such as PEERtrainer. Daily logging alone on PEERtrainer increases your odds, and daily group participation boost these odds further.

Treating Hypertension with Drugs

Patients with blood pressure higher than 140/90 are considered candidates for drug treatment for hypertension in addition to behavioral treatment, according to the American College of Cardiology. At currently perscribed doses, most anti-hypertensive drugs will produce a reduction in overall blood pressure of between 5 and 10% in people with mild or moderate hypertension. Many people will need more than one drug, many people will need three or more. Drugs that are considered appropriate include ACE inhibitors, angiotensin receptor blockers, low-dose thiazide diuretics, and beta blockers. ACE inhibitors tend to be the first drugs perscribed.

Side Effects Of Blood Pressure Medication

The benefits of lowering your risk of a catastrophic event should be clear, but there are side effects with different hypertension medications. This is a link to Pateint Discussion on The Side Effects of Blood Pressure Medications

The Latest Research--The Interplay Between Sodium and Potassium

In their recent review article on sodium and potassium in the pathogenesis of hypertension in the New England Journal of Medicine, Drs. Adrogue and Madias make several important points regarding the role of dietary intake and the development of hypertension. Hypertension is a significant health problem world wide affecting one in four adults which is expected to grow to 3 in five adults by the year 2025. 95% of all hypertension is known as primary, essential or idiopathic and results from internal derangements and the external environment. The authors cite recent evidence as well as classic studies which point to the interaction of sodium and potassium, as compared with an isolated surfeit of sodium or deficit of potassium, as the dominant environmental factor in the pathogenesis of primary hypertension and its associated cardiovascular risk. They conclude their review with recent recommendations from the Institute of Medicine concerning the dietary intake of sodium and potassium.

Implications for Prevention and Treatment

A modified diet that approaches the high potassium:sodium ratio of the diets of human ancestors is a critical strategy for the primary prevention and treatment of hypertension. Weight loss with diets rich in fruits and vegetables has been attributed both to the low caloric density and to the high potassium content of these diets, which tend to increase the metabolic rate.95

In its 2002 advisory, the coordinating committee of the National High Blood Pressure Education Program identified both a reduction in dietary sodium and potassium supplementation as proven approaches for preventing and treating hypertension.96 The Institute of Medicine recommends an intake of sodium of 65 mmol per day (approximately 3.8 g of sodium chloride per day) for adults 50 years of age or younger, 55 mmol per day (approximately 3.2 g of sodium chloride per day) for adults 51 to 70 years of age, and 50 mmol per day (approximately 2.9 g of sodium chloride per day) for those 71 years of age or older. The institute also advises adults to consume at least 120 mmol of potassium per day (approximately 4.7 g of potassium per day, which is about twice the current U.S. average).10 These targets would require modifications for special groups, including competitive athletes, persons working in hot environments, patients with chronic kidney disease or diabetes, and persons taking medications that affect potassium balance. Adoption of the institute's recommendations would increase the dietary potassium:sodium ratio by a factor of 10, from approximately 0.2 to approximately 2.0, which is much closer to our ancestral standard.

The concern that sodium restriction might increase cardiovascular risk by activating the sympathetic and reninangiotensin system and by adversely affecting blood lipids and insulin sensitivity appears to be groundless for the recommended sodium intake.10 Forms of potassium that do not contain chloride, such as those found naturally in fruits, vegetables, and other foods, offer larger cellular entry in exchange for sodium and greater antihypertensive effects.10,97

Following these recommendations would require a comprehensive, culture-sensitive campaign targeting both the general public and health care professionals. Food processing drastically changes the cationic content of natural foods, increasing sodium and decreasing potassium. Only approximately 12% of dietary sodium chloride originates naturally in foods, whereas approximately 80% is the result of food processing, the remainder being discretionary (added during cooking or at the table).98 Apart from educating the public, an agreement by the food industry to limit the deviation of the cationic content of processed foods from their natural counterparts is essential.

The Effect of Hypertension/ High Blood Pressure in People with Diabetes

Hypertension is extremely common in people with diabetes, it is estimated that two out of three adults with diabetes have high blood pressure. Both high blood pressure and diabetes increase your risk of heart disease, stroke, eye problems, kidney problems and nerve disease. Most people with diabetes do not know this. A recent survey among people with diabetes found that 68% were not aware of their increased risk. Unsurprisingly, the survey showed that people are largely unaware of ways to reduce their risk, (which generally involve taking the right medications and making the right changes in lifestyle).

Diagnosis and treatment of hypertension is important in preventing macrovascular events such as heart attacks and strokes. Studies show that people with both hypertension and diabetes have roughly twice the risk of cardiovascular disease and mortality as non-diabetic people with hypertension. According to the Diabetes & Cardiovascular Disease Review, the greatest reduction in cardiovascular mortality occurs at a diastolic blood pressure level of ~80 mmHg, and a systolic blood pressure level below 130 mmHg. Anyone with diabetes should work to aggressively control blood pressure.

About The Author

Roger is VP and Medical Director of Flagship Global Health. Prior to joining Flagship, Dr. London was VP and Medical Director of the Lenox Hill Healthcare Network and VP Quality and VP Medical Management for Oxford Health Plans of NY/NJ/CT. He helped found, direct, restructure, and refinance Atlantic Stem Cell Technologies, which merged with Anthrogenesis Corporation and was then acquired by Celgene Corporation. He has served as a consultant to Amgen, Fresenius Medical Care, and two start-up companies, Covance and Colorado Biosciences. He holds a BA in History from Cornell University and an MD from Mount Sinai School of Medicine. After completing his internship and residency at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center, he did post doctoral research in renal physiology and a clinical nephrology fellowship at Yale University. He also holds an MBA from Columbia University and is board certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine.

Last Updated June 22nd, 2007.

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Question about leaving a group 2 Tue. Jun 5, 10:07pm
Body, Mind, & Spirit Connection 0 Tue. Jun 5, 9:35pm
Grossed out by spouse's table manners 11 Tue. Jun 5, 9:26pm
Need a 1 minute vacation? 6 Tue. Jun 5, 9:22pm
Uber Tan, Bright White, Lipo, Highlighted! 13 Tue. Jun 5, 9:16pm
New Group! Join me 0 Tue. Jun 5, 7:16pm
marketing food to kids should be illegal 8 Tue. Jun 5, 6:04pm
PRETZELS 3 Tue. Jun 5, 5:53pm
Dr weigh in? 2 Tue. Jun 5, 4:06pm
off topic 5 Tue. Jun 5, 3:51pm
What is that one thing you always mess up when trying to lose weight? 20 Tue. Jun 5, 3:47pm
How To Start A Blog On Here 0 Tue. Jun 5, 3:44pm
Search function for groups/teams 1 Tue. Jun 5, 3:38pm
contest questions 1 Tue. Jun 5, 3:08pm
Shin Splints!! 4 Tue. Jun 5, 3:01pm
How To Get Fat Without Really Trying 1 Tue. Jun 5, 2:29pm
Cookbook with healthy, tasteful meals 15 Tue. Jun 5, 2:12pm
fruits/veggies that don't go bad quickly 2 Tue. Jun 5, 2:09pm
WW question/ Please help~! 7 Tue. Jun 5, 1:59pm
Stuck On the Last 15lbs - Thinking about OTC Weight Loss Drugs 11 Tue. Jun 5, 1:20pm
The Single Most Important Factor in Weightloss 16 Tue. Jun 5, 11:30am
cool website 0 Tue. Jun 5, 11:30am
New member 4 new members 2 Tue. Jun 5, 11:29am
Sensitive Skin Issues 8 Tue. Jun 5, 9:51am
What happened to???? 0 Tue. Jun 5, 12:28am
How to add photo to team listing? 2 Tue. Jun 5, 12:26am
looking for riders 0 Mon. Jun 4, 11:46pm
grilled veggies? 20 Mon. Jun 4, 11:01pm
flavoured any suggestions? bored of plain water! 23 Mon. Jun 4, 11:00pm
Kiddies in College 0 Mon. Jun 4, 9:31pm
Caloric Needs Calculator 6 Mon. Jun 4, 6:23pm
Trying to stay consistant with diet and exercise. 0 Mon. Jun 4, 6:10pm
Exercise overrated? 12 Mon. Jun 4, 5:58pm
I broke my neck twice can't exercise upper body any answers 4 Mon. Jun 4, 5:42pm
Men of faith: New team 1 Mon. Jun 4, 5:17pm
lets get moving !! 0 Mon. Jun 4, 2:46pm
Okay, I know it's a dumb question.... 0 Mon. Jun 4, 2:46pm
lets get moving !! 0 Mon. Jun 4, 2:46pm
Vitamin Brands 0 Mon. Jun 4, 2:22pm
Calling all Vegans!!!! 0 Mon. Jun 4, 1:54pm
Vitamins 8 Mon. Jun 4, 1:40pm
Commited to loosing those pounds 0 Mon. Jun 4, 11:20am
Working out with sore muscles? 8 Mon. Jun 4, 10:38am
For all those involved in the constant religious/political debate here. 23 Mon. Jun 4, 9:58am
Should I be honest with my daughter? 20 Mon. Jun 4, 9:54am
Delaware Engages: New Group Looking for members 1 Mon. Jun 4, 8:47am
For mothers who need to loose 25 or more pounds please join 0 Mon. Jun 4, 7:32am
help me out 2 Mon. Jun 4, 2:01am
Are you ready to lose and learn??? 0 Sun. Jun 3, 11:29pm
Tasty Protein Powder 9 Sun. Jun 3, 11:16pm
work at home or uncommon work schedule challenges/benefits 4 Sun. Jun 3, 4:06pm
Come on and join us! 0 Sun. Jun 3, 3:17pm
Anyone have advice for finding cheap airfare? 12 Sun. Jun 3, 2:56pm
Abusive relationships 2 Sun. Jun 3, 2:19pm
Let's work together to break the "binge/guilt" cycle! 0 Sun. Jun 3, 10:23am
Does drinking coffee make one more likely to drink alcohol? 12 Sun. Jun 3, 9:55am
What waist size is a "size 4"? 19 Sun. Jun 3, 9:44am
Depo shot 16 Sat. Jun 2, 11:53pm
How do you make it past plateaus? 25 Sat. Jun 2, 11:33pm
loving your physical therapist 2 Sat. Jun 2, 11:17pm
STILL LOOKING FOR..... 1 Sat. Jun 2, 10:03pm
Never maintained healthy habits? 0 Sat. Jun 2, 9:01pm
Eating Habits 0 Sat. Jun 2, 7:33pm
Looking for team to achieve our fitness goals together! 0 Sat. Jun 2, 6:51pm
OT - Need a nice dress in a plus size 13 Sat. Jun 2, 5:53pm
Scared to lose weight? 19 Sat. Jun 2, 5:37pm
Hard to lose lbs with SLOW results 0 Sat. Jun 2, 1:52pm
Any great recipes for making "energy bars" at home? 1 Sat. Jun 2, 1:46pm
Over 35 Mom's 0 Sat. Jun 2, 9:26am
Serious Team looking to Seriously lose 52 Sat. Jun 2, 8:31am
Wheat or oat in ceral for breakfast? 2 Sat. Jun 2, 7:31am
When you don't get support at home 13 Sat. Jun 2, 1:28am
Do you count the weight/calories of food before or after cooking? 7 Sat. Jun 2, 12:45am
Sweat marks 6 Sat. Jun 2, 12:23am
Advertising a New PEERtrainer Group 0 Fri. Jun 1, 11:06pm
TUCSON, AZ 0 Fri. Jun 1, 8:21pm
Please join our group 0 Fri. Jun 1, 7:13pm
Stay at home moms to lose 30+ pounds 0 Fri. Jun 1, 6:56pm
Is 1000 calories/day enough?? 14 Fri. Jun 1, 6:13pm
please join our group 1 Fri. Jun 1, 6:01pm
Is it running or is it jogging? 8 Fri. Jun 1, 5:26pm
Very filling bars 7 Fri. Jun 1, 5:15pm
GOOD WORKOUT SONGS! 18 Fri. Jun 1, 4:38pm
Wanting to constantly feed other people just because i'm on a diet... 6 Fri. Jun 1, 2:49pm
Did you find out about PT from people magazine?? 30 Fri. Jun 1, 1:26pm
Nutrisystem is just weird 1 Fri. Jun 1, 1:25pm
Weight Watchers points system FAQ 5 Fri. Jun 1, 1:24pm
O'Donnel vs Hasselback 33 Fri. Jun 1, 1:04pm
Do you gain calories while cooking? 8 Fri. Jun 1, 12:13pm
Calling all Vegans!!!! 2 Fri. Jun 1, 11:30am
when to measure 2 Fri. Jun 1, 11:14am
How many people weigh daily? 14 Fri. Jun 1, 10:08am
Moms: How do you avoid or get out of the 3:00 pm slump? 8 Fri. Jun 1, 9:39am
help with weight loss 4 Fri. Jun 1, 1:45am
For those over 50 yrs old and have more than 100 lbs to lose 7 Fri. Jun 1, 12:12am
Sex and Weight Issues 16 Thu. May 31, 10:26pm
adkins regain 3 Thu. May 31, 9:47pm
Lovin' Life and Losin' old Habits 0 Thu. May 31, 8:10pm
Get Healthy! 0 Thu. May 31, 6:55pm
things I won't miss about being fat... 50 Thu. May 31, 6:20pm
The Real World- How Old Should Kids be to watch? 23 Thu. May 31, 5:48pm
Sciatic Nerve 7 Thu. May 31, 5:23pm
35+ year old women who live in the midwest 0 Thu. May 31, 5:19pm
young mothers looking to loose 20 lbs or more 0 Thu. May 31, 5:07pm
Excess Protein Leads to Calcium Loss? 4 Thu. May 31, 5:03pm
Loosing weight and looking for support in Canada 4 Thu. May 31, 3:57pm
Kids menus in restaurants 4 Thu. May 31, 3:30pm
What is a 5 K 1 Thu. May 31, 2:48pm
healthy workout or hiking snacks 8 Thu. May 31, 2:48pm
Having issues lossing the hard 10 or 20 lbs 0 Thu. May 31, 2:18pm
red faced during exercise . . . 16 Thu. May 31, 12:49pm
OT: Watch out for Kinz Clubhouse in WebKinz 4 Thu. May 31, 12:41pm
Women- what body part do you find most noticeable? 10 Thu. May 31, 12:21pm
Master Cleanse 1 Thu. May 31, 10:09am
swimsuit bottoms 7 Thu. May 31, 7:30am
cool article on marathon training 0 Thu. May 31, 7:14am
Exercise problems since i'm in awheelchair. 4 Thu. May 31, 1:01am
Fiber = GAS 5 Wed. May 30, 9:32pm
ideas for Biggest loser competition 5 Wed. May 30, 9:05pm
Moving out before finishing high school 8 Wed. May 30, 8:32pm
Is it possible to get booted from a group? 1 Wed. May 30, 8:18pm
knee pain 4 Wed. May 30, 7:49pm
Sweetners vs Sugar 50 Wed. May 30, 7:17pm
How hard is it to use a capital letter at the beginning of a sentence and 36 Wed. May 30, 5:55pm
How toxic is sodium for your body? 5 Wed. May 30, 4:27pm
Milk preventing the absorption of flavinoids and anti-oxidants? 3 Wed. May 30, 3:29pm
Goodbye Letter to 140's 20 Wed. May 30, 2:05pm
How many group members does it take to change a light bulb? 21 Wed. May 30, 1:45pm
Hello??? Where Did My Metabolism Go? 5 Wed. May 30, 1:44pm
calories in NY style slice of pizza? 14 Wed. May 30, 1:35pm
What I've learned on week 1 of my "diet" 12 Wed. May 30, 12:58pm
List the things you love about getting thin 15 Wed. May 30, 12:05pm
Interesting Reading - The Hacker's Diet. 3 Wed. May 30, 12:02pm
Need some encouragement 1 Wed. May 30, 11:52am
Water with Crystal LIght 5 Wed. May 30, 11:21am
Come Join up! 1 Wed. May 30, 11:13am
european cigarettes better for you? 2 Wed. May 30, 10:46am
The GOD squad returns? I thought they left us. 21 Wed. May 30, 10:44am
how to cut body fat percentage? 3 Wed. May 30, 10:22am
For anyone needing moral support and a friend!!! 1 Wed. May 30, 9:51am
Knee Aches 30 Wed. May 30, 9:26am
How many calories does one burn per minute from arguing? 1 Wed. May 30, 5:21am
Prozac and weight loss 2 Wed. May 30, 5:12am
everybody do some exercise 0 Wed. May 30, 2:24am
Book recommendations? 3 Wed. May 30, 12:27am
Comeraderie and confidantes in the Last Frontier 0 Tue. May 29, 9:17pm
Hypothyroidism 17 Tue. May 29, 8:51pm
High Cholesterol 7 Tue. May 29, 8:48pm
Has anyone used a PowerPlate? 3 Tue. May 29, 6:13pm
FIT FEMA FEMS 2 Tue. May 29, 5:55pm
cutting 500 calories out of daily diet? 4 Tue. May 29, 5:13pm
essentials for weight loss list? 19 Tue. May 29, 5:05pm
Diastasis Recti 14 Tue. May 29, 4:44pm
Pathfinder reviews? 3 Tue. May 29, 2:41pm
How to get rid of flab/fat under the arms? 1 Tue. May 29, 2:20pm
peppery lettuce 3 Tue. May 29, 1:43pm
Lets make a change together 0 Tue. May 29, 1:27pm
Attention: College freshmen 0 Tue. May 29, 1:16pm
Diet friendly aphrodisiacs 4 Tue. May 29, 1:11pm
Dancing to lose weight 2 Tue. May 29, 11:27am
Need Members! 0 Tue. May 29, 10:28am
Let's do it together, ladies!! 0 Tue. May 29, 10:24am
Welcome Equine Fanciers and Riders! 0 Tue. May 29, 3:30am
Good Things to Say About FitDay Diet Management Software 9 Tue. May 29, 2:13am
How to find privat group? 1 Tue. May 29, 1:38am
My husband caught me eating a pop tart this morning. 30 Mon. May 28, 8:20pm
New Group 0 Mon. May 28, 6:24pm
Be a healthy survivior of BC 0 Mon. May 28, 5:11pm
new members welcome. 0 Mon. May 28, 4:06pm
Join up- it is awesome and free!! 0 Mon. May 28, 3:36pm
Get it done!!! 0 Mon. May 28, 3:12pm
Diet Coke junkie 2 Mon. May 28, 2:56pm
does it get easier? 2 Mon. May 28, 1:53pm
Is is possible to lose weight and not eat less? 17 Mon. May 28, 1:47pm
Question About Groups 3 Mon. May 28, 12:41pm
how to lose lovehandles? 1 Mon. May 28, 11:49am
Is there a group for me? 1 Mon. May 28, 11:30am
New member needed 0 Mon. May 28, 11:26am
Had a Gastric Bypass? 0 Mon. May 28, 8:54am
Join me in the continual fight 0 Mon. May 28, 8:48am
Serious about it?? 0 Mon. May 28, 8:44am
Eating frequent meals 7 Mon. May 28, 8:24am
Coffee is okay, isn't it? 12 Mon. May 28, 4:58am
I've graduated -- now what?! 0 Mon. May 28, 4:30am
Can't stand the weight and ready today... 2 Sun. May 27, 9:17pm
Eating for your blood type. 7 Sun. May 27, 8:10pm
New group: Sugarholics Anonymous 3 Sun. May 27, 7:28pm
A Healthy Lifestyle 0 Sun. May 27, 2:16pm
Leaving the industrial food chain 1 Sun. May 27, 2:03pm
apple cider vinegar? 7 Sun. May 27, 1:09pm
lifting your heels on the elliptical 3 Sun. May 27, 12:40pm
IBS, Chrohn's, Ulcers, etc and Weight Loss 0 Sun. May 27, 12:40pm
New group! Come join me! 0 Sun. May 27, 9:28am
Tough Being Young and Overwight 12 Sun. May 27, 3:54am
Anyone in a wheelchair trying to lose weight? 0 Sun. May 27, 1:50am
Leptin 0 Sun. May 27, 1:10am
Converting group to team? 0 Sat. May 26, 11:45pm
Numbness on balls of foot and two toes 7 Sat. May 26, 9:27pm
Word of support 3 Sat. May 26, 7:32pm
poll: team logging and members 37 Sat. May 26, 7:31pm
younger men and older woman 16 Sat. May 26, 2:15pm
Natural Beauty Recipes 6 Sat. May 26, 12:19pm
Looking for a few good Average Janes... 0 Sat. May 26, 12:08pm
placing a link from tickerfactory 6 Sat. May 26, 12:08pm
stretch marks 10 Sat. May 26, 12:03am
Onward Christian Soldiers 0 Fri. May 25, 11:04pm
looking for new group 3 Fri. May 25, 10:27pm
You Want To Lose Weight ? Stop Eating Out!!!!!! 18 Fri. May 25, 10:14pm
Numb Foot and Elliptical 9 Fri. May 25, 6:26pm
Not a mother/father or a wife/husbad? 17 Fri. May 25, 5:30pm
Gaining muscle before losing fat? 4 Fri. May 25, 5:05pm
TIPS & TRICKS! 8 Fri. May 25, 2:57pm
Bald men 37 Fri. May 25, 2:42pm
I Am a Good Person, BUT My Personality SUCKS :( 43 Fri. May 25, 1:57pm
Resisting tempatation at special events 2 Fri. May 25, 1:52pm
Seeking active members for new group 0 Fri. May 25, 12:23pm
spot training 1 Fri. May 25, 12:04pm
Group member under eating- what to do? 8 Fri. May 25, 11:43am
A list of ways sugar can negatigvely affect your health: 3 Fri. May 25, 11:08am
Share some of your weight loss/Lifestyle tips :) 5 Fri. May 25, 10:56am
Men with back hair and perfection 10 Fri. May 25, 10:31am
Anyone have breast implants?? 38 Fri. May 25, 7:47am
Ravenous during Period... HELP! 8 Fri. May 25, 4:05am
Let's lose weight 0 Fri. May 25, 2:29am
Anyone read the 28 day body makeover????????? 0 Thu. May 24, 11:58pm
Looking for members 1 Thu. May 24, 11:43pm
Is setting a goal setting yourself up 4 Thu. May 24, 10:52pm
what kind of scale do you have? 3 Thu. May 24, 9:43pm
want to lose 100lbs!!!!!!!! 1 Thu. May 24, 9:35pm
To Eat or Not to Eat 6 Thu. May 24, 6:49pm
Lost 18 Thu. May 24, 6:10pm
Come and join! 0 Thu. May 24, 6:04pm
Detox7 anyone tried it? 0 Thu. May 24, 5:33pm
Looking for members 0 Thu. May 24, 4:57pm
leaving vs. staying 5 Thu. May 24, 4:26pm
Motivate each other to greatness 0 Thu. May 24, 3:00pm
How do I stop eating so much at night? Please help! 43 Thu. May 24, 2:46pm
new members welcome. 0 Thu. May 24, 2:41pm
New group! 0 Thu. May 24, 2:37pm
30s, engaged, want to lose 50+ 0 Thu. May 24, 2:21pm
stupid question 4 Thu. May 24, 2:19pm
OT - allergies!!! 12 Thu. May 24, 2:15pm
Should inactive users be removed after 5 days? 6 Thu. May 24, 1:54pm
Frustrated!! 7 Thu. May 24, 1:20pm
the search window can offer additional information 7 Thu. May 24, 12:55pm
Do you think your "ideal weight" follows your age? like 20's, 120's 6 Thu. May 24, 12:42pm
Blog Censorship! 53 Thu. May 24, 12:39pm
Ok it’s time to rant! 14 Thu. May 24, 12:37pm
Censorship on PT -- NOT COOL 7 Thu. May 24, 12:30pm
How serious is hypertension really? 11 Thu. May 24, 8:56am
Warm lemon water 15 Thu. May 24, 8:04am
Weightlifting or cardio? 9 Thu. May 24, 7:37am
Looking for SUPPORT! 0 Thu. May 24, 3:55am
"I don't like vegetables" 8 Wed. May 23, 11:32pm
Appetite suppressants 4 Wed. May 23, 11:24pm
WELCOME 0 Wed. May 23, 10:21pm
Inviting Members! 0 Wed. May 23, 8:10pm
Inviting Members! 0 Wed. May 23, 8:10pm
Let's get healthy with each other's help 0 Wed. May 23, 4:10pm
Poll: how much weight did you gain at the end of your pregnancy? 43 Wed. May 23, 3:10pm
Antidepressants 29 Wed. May 23, 2:30pm
Mommies, join up! Our group is for Strict Atkins Induction only! 0 Wed. May 23, 2:26pm
Beck Diet Solution - New Team 4 Wed. May 23, 2:22pm
Looking for a group 0 Wed. May 23, 1:50pm
if you have goofy errors with your browser, you might want to install SmitFraud Fix 2 Wed. May 23, 1:45pm
weigh in 13 Wed. May 23, 1:32pm
Poll: How often do you weigh? 1 Wed. May 23, 12:30pm
Thinking of changing my resistance workout schedule 3 Wed. May 23, 12:29pm
Has anyone seen real results with SlimFast shakes? 6 Wed. May 23, 11:18am
Husband's comment 40 Wed. May 23, 11:05am
can we drop the word... 80 Wed. May 23, 10:39am
No Pudge Brownie Recipe 11 Wed. May 23, 10:35am
Working Out 1 Wed. May 23, 9:33am
Get Fit, Get Happy 0 Wed. May 23, 9:15am
oldies but goodies 5 Wed. May 23, 8:14am
coca cola - does one can really have 8 teaspoons of sugar? 20 Wed. May 23, 8:03am
double postings 2 Wed. May 23, 7:12am
Active Teen PEERtrainer users 0 Wed. May 23, 12:01am
looking for members! 0 Tue. May 22, 11:28pm
thighs... 7 Tue. May 22, 8:31pm
Join me if you have 100 lbs or more to lose. 0 Tue. May 22, 8:16pm
Yogurt - Good? Bad? Recommendations? 46 Tue. May 22, 7:24pm
New to this 0 Tue. May 22, 6:56pm
Let's get on the same page 0 Tue. May 22, 6:02pm
For those moms who want to loose the major weight from having babies before we hit 30 0 Tue. May 22, 5:03pm
Please Join 0 Tue. May 22, 4:02pm
overweight children 5 Tue. May 22, 3:58pm
New to peertrainer 3 Tue. May 22, 3:30pm
Getting motivated (help wanted AND needed!) 1 Tue. May 22, 3:03pm
Different diets for different people 0 Tue. May 22, 2:25pm
GLBTQ & Straight Allies Connect for Well-Being 0 Tue. May 22, 2:10pm
A good thing about PT 9 Tue. May 22, 1:50pm
Weight Training 4 Tue. May 22, 12:24pm
Let's lose 50 pounds! 0 Tue. May 22, 12:10pm
Psychology of Food 17 Tue. May 22, 11:51am
This may sound stupid, but I really would like to know. 6 Tue. May 22, 11:05am
Any Chi Omegas out there that are trying to get fit? 0 Tue. May 22, 11:02am
You CAN do it 0 Tue. May 22, 10:44am
To Each His/Her Own But.. 9 Tue. May 22, 10:30am
Join this group and win a million dollars!! 0 Tue. May 22, 9:24am
ready to kick your diet and workout into high gear? 0 Tue. May 22, 9:12am
Lets run! 23 Tue. May 22, 9:09am
Is The Average American Stupid? 21 Tue. May 22, 8:43am
Great Book to Check Out 1 Tue. May 22, 8:43am
Helpw/PT site 1 Tue. May 22, 12:27am
I need help with researching Hoodia 0 Mon. May 21, 11:44pm
how do we get smaller 1 Mon. May 21, 11:37pm
Lets Run 0 Mon. May 21, 11:20pm
Lets Run Team 0 Mon. May 21, 11:06pm
scale recommendations 0 Mon. May 21, 10:37pm
Looking for older Moms 0 Mon. May 21, 9:54pm
3-Hour Diet/ Jorge Cruise? 1 Mon. May 21, 7:31pm
Over commited and feeling miserable. 3 Mon. May 21, 6:45pm
Why is Diet Soda bad for you? 19 Mon. May 21, 6:09pm
Movtivated to loose! 5 Mon. May 21, 5:41pm
Breakfast 9 Mon. May 21, 4:47pm
Juicer 3 Mon. May 21, 4:22pm
Ticker Factory Rulers 5 Mon. May 21, 3:40pm
Looking for an active group! 2 Mon. May 21, 3:16pm
I'm new! does anyone want to talk to me and show me how this works? 5 Mon. May 21, 3:09pm
Oh my goodness - you have to see Kate's latest blog post 8 Mon. May 21, 12:55pm
Zumba (aerobics) 2 Mon. May 21, 11:34am
New Study on Genetic Basis of Obesity 5 Mon. May 21, 10:49am
lose vs. loose 56 Mon. May 21, 9:49am
Starbucks strategies 80 Mon. May 21, 5:03am
Has anybody tried TaeBo Amped? Thums up/down????? 0 Mon. May 21, 2:18am
Breakfast 6 Mon. May 21, 12:06am
please join 0 Sun. May 20, 10:47pm
Let's Lose Together! 0 Sun. May 20, 10:40pm
Weight Watcher diet weight loss seems slow..... 13 Sun. May 20, 10:21pm
lose 100 lbs before 30 0 Sun. May 20, 9:21pm
Let's Start Together....Today 2 Sun. May 20, 8:23pm
please help me 1 Sun. May 20, 8:06pm
Ideas for home exercise equipment? 9 Sun. May 20, 7:32pm
calling all servers and bartenders! 0 Sun. May 20, 7:28pm
Any peertrainer Mainers??? 2 Sun. May 20, 3:33pm
Please read...please laugh 1 Sun. May 20, 1:43pm
wu -long tea 2 Sun. May 20, 12:43pm
Looking for members! 0 Sun. May 20, 11:58am
P90X 2 Sun. May 20, 11:41am
sleep and weight gain 17 Sun. May 20, 7:38am
Whisper 2 Sun. May 20, 12:57am
HELP!!!!! needing to lose weight for myself and future MARRIGE PROPOSAL in 87 days 8 Sat. May 19, 11:35pm
Post baby body needs serious help!! 0 Sat. May 19, 10:10pm
start feeling great and be motivated. 1 Sat. May 19, 10:08pm
It's OUR turn now!! 0 Sat. May 19, 9:34pm
Open to men or women who want to get in shape and stay there! 0 Sat. May 19, 7:55pm
More importantly... 25 Sat. May 19, 7:13pm
ATKINS? 5 Sat. May 19, 6:51pm
LA Weightloss secrets! 16 Sat. May 19, 6:37pm
Southbeach - thoughts, opinions? 11 Sat. May 19, 4:55pm
yay! Sluttony's back! 5 Sat. May 19, 4:28pm
dating suggestions for over 40 5 Sat. May 19, 4:25pm
There's a skinny girl stuck inside of me, dying to get out! 1 Sat. May 19, 2:04pm
Desperate to Lose 50 plus 0 Sat. May 19, 1:55pm
Lets knock off those pounds! 0 Sat. May 19, 11:20am
Trying a New Approach 0 Sat. May 19, 9:56am
Best get started advice I saw today in a team. Click to read. 3 Sat. May 19, 9:30am
Hatha yoga 4 Sat. May 19, 8:13am
Join Team South FL 3 Sat. May 19, 7:12am
Only need to lose about 10 pounds but can't seem to do it? 0 Sat. May 19, 2:11am
Come and join! 0 Sat. May 19, 1:09am
How do you put the weight tracker on your goal? 3 Sat. May 19, 1:02am
Motivation, Encouragement and Advice 0 Sat. May 19, 12:26am
OT: Permanent Hair Removal 11 Fri. May 18, 10:31pm
Getting motivated (help wanted AND needed!) 6 Fri. May 18, 10:24pm
Any 40 somethings out there?? 6 Fri. May 18, 9:29pm
just had a baby 7 Fri. May 18, 8:59pm
being happy! 4 Fri. May 18, 8:02pm
Bottle tans 8 Fri. May 18, 7:39pm
I am done with PC's 0 Fri. May 18, 7:17pm
active group 0 Fri. May 18, 4:57pm
***PT Experts Team - A Team For New Members... 10 Fri. May 18, 4:01pm
have you seen ricki lake lately? 1 Fri. May 18, 2:02pm
Only need to lose about 10 pounds but can't seem to do it? 0 Fri. May 18, 1:52pm
Active Weight Watchers 0 Fri. May 18, 12:50pm
Can't stop eating 21 Fri. May 18, 12:39pm
Weight loss and breastfeeding 2 Fri. May 18, 11:43am
skinny on water? 3 Fri. May 18, 11:21am
LOOKING FOR...... 1 Fri. May 18, 10:42am
wu-long tea 2 Fri. May 18, 10:38am
Anyone interested in joining?????? 0 Fri. May 18, 9:35am
starting out 0 Fri. May 18, 9:34am
Hi there 0 Fri. May 18, 8:48am
New Team 0 Fri. May 18, 7:15am
how to chart weight loss on website 1 Fri. May 18, 1:51am
Workout music! 3 Fri. May 18, 12:09am
what is so great about sushi? 28 Thu. May 17, 11:47pm
Diabetes Team 0 Thu. May 17, 9:58pm
College Graduation Present Question.......... 14 Thu. May 17, 9:46pm
do you think my needing tose 80lbs is keeping from getting the job? 6 Thu. May 17, 9:01pm
Oh so lonely! 12 Thu. May 17, 8:33pm
If you're a diet coke drinker, are you skinny? 39 Thu. May 17, 7:49pm
It's raining, it's pouring 9 Thu. May 17, 7:18pm
Christian Women 50+ want to loose weight 3 Thu. May 17, 5:24pm
Epiphany: DIET vs. LIFESTYLE CHANGE 7 Thu. May 17, 5:09pm
new member 0 Thu. May 17, 3:08pm
if you don't have something nice to say... 34 Thu. May 17, 2:20pm
Pity Party - Apologies in Advance 34 Thu. May 17, 2:09pm
How Do I Tell Someone I'd Rather Not Workout With Them? 7 Thu. May 17, 1:20pm
JOIN MY GROUP 1 Thu. May 17, 11:59am
Pot(s) Calling The Kettle Black 29 Thu. May 17, 11:58am
What does a Lifestyle Change Mean to You? 6 Thu. May 17, 11:55am
Hey guys!! 0 Thu. May 17, 11:32am
Can't figure out the calorie thing 11 Thu. May 17, 10:47am
Confused--Artificial Sweeteners 1 Thu. May 17, 10:26am
JOIN TODAY 0 Thu. May 17, 9:20am
need advice on stress eating during finals 9 Thu. May 17, 7:33am
Maybe fat people ARE angry? 5 Thu. May 17, 6:34am
Looking to get fit and stay in shape? 0 Thu. May 17, 2:09am
Colonostic 52 Thu. May 17, 1:41am
Looking for distance trail/road runners 1 Thu. May 17, 1:38am
Come Join! We Can Help Each Other Get Fit! 0 Thu. May 17, 1:29am
Losing Weight This Summer? 0 Thu. May 17, 1:11am
Full-Time Workers/Students wanting to lose 30 or more pounds 0 Thu. May 17, 12:15am
I need some support 1 Wed. May 16, 11:11pm
GR8 TEEN GROUP 0 Wed. May 16, 10:52pm
plyometrics resources? 2 Wed. May 16, 10:08pm
I need your encouragement!! 8 Wed. May 16, 10:06pm
Calling all West Riverians...SD that is :) 0 Wed. May 16, 7:25pm
Problem with food cravings when I KNOW I am NOT hungry 10 Wed. May 16, 7:01pm
members wanted 3 Wed. May 16, 6:56pm
considering a body wrap 2 Wed. May 16, 6:37pm
Workouts while at ur office desk 3 Wed. May 16, 5:44pm
Motivated mommies please join!!! 1 Wed. May 16, 4:56pm
Poll for the day 11 Wed. May 16, 4:52pm
Where are you? 1 Wed. May 16, 4:49pm
Question about group 4 Wed. May 16, 4:46pm
GMA and People Magazine 33 Wed. May 16, 4:36pm
Moms Get Fit! 6 Wed. May 16, 4:27pm
Reaching the goal 0 Wed. May 16, 4:25pm
Nursing Moms wanting to lose 0 Wed. May 16, 4:25pm
New to Site, Need new Members 2 Wed. May 16, 3:15pm
From Glennville, GA? 0 Wed. May 16, 3:09pm
Public logging 1 Wed. May 16, 2:28pm
Join Team Spider Monkey!! 0 Wed. May 16, 1:57pm
I'm ALWAYS hungry. 19 Wed. May 16, 1:43pm
Do you want to lose it for good? 0 Wed. May 16, 1:35pm
Different diets? 2 Wed. May 16, 12:35pm
We Can Do It 0 Wed. May 16, 12:35pm
OT: Baby shower game ideas 3 Wed. May 16, 12:34pm
New here... 0 Wed. May 16, 11:34am
I am limited right now for exercises.... 1 Wed. May 16, 11:32am
Moms wanting to shed the a few extra pounds 0 Wed. May 16, 11:20am
Simple and effective! 0 Wed. May 16, 11:04am
Simple and effective! 0 Wed. May 16, 11:04am
type a long comment - then lose it to an error message?? 0 Wed. May 16, 10:38am
lynned looking for poseymom and/or jodster 2 Wed. May 16, 10:33am
Hey you... yes you... check this out! 4 Wed. May 16, 10:32am
Unsure of where to start... 8 Wed. May 16, 9:40am
Any tips for finding new, fun ways to exercise? 0 Wed. May 16, 2:42am
Yogurt...regular, lowfat, or nonfat? 9 Wed. May 16, 2:19am
"If you're not first, you're last!!" 0 Wed. May 16, 12:07am
weight watchers rant.. I am ALWAYS hungry 10 Tue. May 15, 10:52pm
A new group 0 Tue. May 15, 10:44pm
You a gamer? Need a team? 0 Tue. May 15, 10:42pm
Frustrated with the struggle 4 Tue. May 15, 10:31pm
i need help and support to lose weight!!! 1 Tue. May 15, 9:44pm
PT Dialectic- A Plea For A Return to Classical AValues in Argument and Dialogue 7 Tue. May 15, 9:22pm
Baby Step 17 Tue. May 15, 9:20pm
Bye Bye Baby Weight! 0 Tue. May 15, 9:18pm
Adding a Weight Loss Signature Tracker 1 Tue. May 15, 9:12pm
Los Angeles Area -- Walking Dog is My Exercise 1 Tue. May 15, 8:58pm
I am so confused... 6 Tue. May 15, 8:39pm
Spell check refresher for new (and old) members... 0 Tue. May 15, 8:28pm
have you changed just to please others? 5 Tue. May 15, 8:06pm
Newbie looking for inspiration 4 Tue. May 15, 8:00pm
Not received update emails?? 1 Tue. May 15, 7:51pm
My boyfriend doesn't want me to lose any more weight. 16 Tue. May 15, 5:59pm
need support of group members 0 Tue. May 15, 5:50pm
Question- How to add Weight Loss Ticker to my profile. 16 Tue. May 15, 5:37pm
arm jiggle 4 Tue. May 15, 4:44pm
Strange Hours 6 Tue. May 15, 4:41pm
please only put your ticker in the my goal part not my notes 0 Tue. May 15, 4:19pm
Workn' 9-5 in florescent spotlights? 1 Tue. May 15, 3:55pm
Type 1 Diabetics who would like to lose 20-30 lbs 0 Tue. May 15, 3:54pm
Have you lost 100 pounds? 16 Tue. May 15, 3:44pm
Obsessed 2 Tue. May 15, 3:30pm
thoughts on self-sabotage? 14 Tue. May 15, 2:49pm
How do I leave a note to a fellow group member? 2 Tue. May 15, 2:31pm
How many groups do you really need to be in? 8 Tue. May 15, 2:30pm
Looking for other stay at home moms from the midwest! 0 Tue. May 15, 2:29pm
Looking for other stay at home moms from the midwest! 0 Tue. May 15, 2:29pm
Lose 20-40 pounds through eating well and exercise 1 Tue. May 15, 2:25pm
Serious about losing weight 6 Tue. May 15, 2:09pm
Any one out there from Bay Area 0 Tue. May 15, 1:37pm
weight 0 Tue. May 15, 1:32pm
DYK: WW and Mountain Dew 4 Tue. May 15, 1:09pm
ISO "poseymom" and "jodster" 0 Tue. May 15, 12:59pm
Exercise ideas for non-athletic? 5 Tue. May 15, 12:23pm
Come and join the team today 0 Tue. May 15, 12:18pm
I'm looking for members 0 Tue. May 15, 12:18pm
Please Join 0 Tue. May 15, 12:18pm
What Food Do You Wish McDonalds had on their menu? 13 Tue. May 15, 11:54am
Come look at my team!!! 0 Tue. May 15, 11:50am
I hate vegetables 5 Tue. May 15, 11:44am
Join Our Team of Midwest Mommies trying to get fit! 0 Tue. May 15, 10:56am
Fruits in my diet 5 Tue. May 15, 10:55am
Allergic to Soy... 2 Tue. May 15, 10:43am
help 5 Tue. May 15, 10:28am
Small Goals! 13 Tue. May 15, 10:16am
Calling All Midwest Mommies! 0 Tue. May 15, 9:29am
Weekends are so hard 11 Tue. May 15, 8:43am
Lack of motivation.. 3 Tue. May 15, 8:28am
Looking for members with same situation 0 Tue. May 15, 8:05am
Need members for support 0 Tue. May 15, 6:49am
reliving you childhood and keeping a waist! 1 Tue. May 15, 5:14am
Just a group of average guys... 0 Tue. May 15, 3:45am
HELP! My Groups won't stick! 0 Tue. May 15, 1:04am
Never Satisfied 5 Mon. May 14, 11:07pm
weight watchers core plan 0 Mon. May 14, 10:55pm
Come join the Group 0 Mon. May 14, 10:18pm
Eating Healthy At a Mobil Mart? 6 Mon. May 14, 10:07pm
Poll: What's your favorite ODD food? 88 Mon. May 14, 9:59pm
Heart Attack Survivors--+--Patient with Stents Unite! 0 Mon. May 14, 9:12pm
arthirtis 1 Mon. May 14, 8:22pm
the 3 day diet 0 Mon. May 14, 7:50pm
gerd 0 Mon. May 14, 7:45pm
Lets loose it! 0 Mon. May 14, 7:43pm
Kissmekate on GMA 9 Mon. May 14, 7:30pm
Lets be friends and support systems 0 Mon. May 14, 7:17pm
GERD 0 Mon. May 14, 6:40pm
Come join me 0 Mon. May 14, 6:08pm
welcome new members!!! 4 Mon. May 14, 5:21pm
25-35 year olds looking to lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle 0 Mon. May 14, 5:21pm
lose 30 or so pounds by 30th birthday 0 Mon. May 14, 5:04pm
Manifest your destiny 0 Mon. May 14, 5:00pm
Virtual running partners - news story 1 Mon. May 14, 5:00pm
Calling all dancers...! 0 Mon. May 14, 4:55pm
Getting Started 2 Mon. May 14, 4:53pm
Strong women support group 0 Mon. May 14, 3:48pm
Teamwork makes the Dreamwork 1 Mon. May 14, 3:45pm
Need 3 more people for our group 0 Mon. May 14, 3:43pm
Please come join! 1 Mon. May 14, 3:25pm
Vitamins?? 4 Mon. May 14, 2:12pm
Weight Loss to become a happier and healthier you 0 Mon. May 14, 2:10pm
Would you allow your 11 year old to shave her legs? 62 Mon. May 14, 2:03pm
Newlywed group - pls join! 0 Mon. May 14, 1:56pm
How much does the weight watchers program cost? 1 Mon. May 14, 1:41pm
Why is Jay Z sooo good? 0 Mon. May 14, 1:32pm
South Beach Starters!! 0 Mon. May 14, 12:55pm
Join 0 Mon. May 14, 12:41pm
Be a more fit you. Healthier and Flexible. 0 Mon. May 14, 12:10pm
Any Boot campers out there? 0 Mon. May 14, 11:06am
How much do you weigh? How much do you wish you weighed? 98 Mon. May 14, 10:54am
Older Folk who want to lose 50+ lbs. 0 Mon. May 14, 10:43am
What am I doing wrong? 14 Mon. May 14, 10:11am
New singles weight loss group 0 Mon. May 14, 10:09am
CHECK OUT MY GROUP.... 0 Mon. May 14, 8:34am
Focus on Being Healthy to Lose Weight 0 Mon. May 14, 6:42am
Looking for Members to Support and Encourage Each Other 0 Mon. May 14, 5:55am
love.. 8 Mon. May 14, 2:31am
Article: thin people may be fat internally 7 Mon. May 14, 2:06am
Lose 50 pounds 1 Mon. May 14, 12:00am
I have stopped eating brown rice... 6 Sun. May 13, 11:54pm
Weight loose 0 Sun. May 13, 11:48pm
Need Help from other moms 0 Sun. May 13, 9:24pm
Zune MP3 Player 7 Sun. May 13, 9:21pm
Join me! 0 Sun. May 13, 8:43pm
CUTE AND FAT AND TIRED OF IT! 0 Sun. May 13, 8:30pm
young and wanting to lose a seriouse case of the CHUBS 0 Sun. May 13, 8:28pm
Pregnant wife, sympathetic weight gain. 15 Sun. May 13, 7:38pm
Lets help each other acheive our goals! 0 Sun. May 13, 3:18pm
favorite treats 3 Sun. May 13, 3:15pm
lets start the change!!! 1 Sun. May 13, 11:57am
taking it day by day 0 Sun. May 13, 10:03am
Thought of the day 1 Sun. May 13, 8:30am
I need help 1 Sun. May 13, 8:24am
i need members! 0 Sun. May 13, 7:30am
Paris Hilton Jail Diet? 1 Sun. May 13, 1:49am
Kellogs Water 3 Sun. May 13, 1:25am
Join Democrats Unite! 16 Sun. May 13, 12:48am
kissmekate02 on the COVER of People Magazine 38 Sun. May 13, 12:30am
Whole wheat bread recommendations? 7 Sun. May 13, 12:12am
Equation for calculating calories (lose 10 lbs in 6 weeks) 17 Sat. May 12, 11:45pm
Are Personal Trainers Worth The Money? 1 Sat. May 12, 11:34pm
gaining weight from working out 6 Sat. May 12, 11:25pm
any armchair psychologists out there? 2 Sat. May 12, 11:08pm
weight watchers should have Whole Foods make its food 1 Sat. May 12, 10:58pm
looking for other 30 something women with this same struggle 0 Sat. May 12, 10:21pm
Comment about 100lb weight loss issue of People 3 Sat. May 12, 9:26pm
New and Hello 4 Sat. May 12, 9:24pm
how old are you 50 Sat. May 12, 8:45pm
Needed: Motivated newlyweds! 0 Sat. May 12, 6:23pm
Eastern Athletic, Brooklyn heights 0 Sat. May 12, 5:38pm
Looking for dedicated P90X members working towards fitness and health. 0 Sat. May 12, 3:48pm
Looking for dedicated members toward fitness and health. 0 Sat. May 12, 3:46pm
What is your favorite item or feature of Trader Joe's? 2 Sat. May 12, 3:39pm
Need a lot of involvement and motivation? 0 Sat. May 12, 3:29pm
Teenagers looking to lose weight? 0 Sat. May 12, 3:02pm
let get faboulous 0 Sat. May 12, 2:38pm
inspirational quote of the day? 84 Sat. May 12, 12:22am
the Dead are a treasure.. 3 Sat. May 12, 12:19am
vent here 56 Fri. May 11, 11:53pm
Help yourself (and me) lose weight/keep weight off, without losing our sanity too 1 Fri. May 11, 11:25pm
Gym bag that does not look like a gym bag! 7 Fri. May 11, 8:39pm
Baby Boomers Battling Weight 0 Fri. May 11, 8:11pm
Genes and losing weight. 1 Fri. May 11, 7:28pm
A tip for motivation :-) 17 Fri. May 11, 1:25pm
those of us who have loved and lost with Duke...come chat! 0 Fri. May 11, 12:44pm
TV - let's talk TV! 1 Fri. May 11, 11:57am
American Idol 1 Fri. May 11, 11:53am
working mom tips for losing weight? 6 Fri. May 11, 8:44am
It's not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbled, or when the doer of deeds could have done better. 5 Fri. May 11, 12:05am
For previous spolight members 8 Thu. May 10, 7:20pm
Managing a hiatal hernia or Acid Reflux (GERD) 15 Thu. May 10, 7:19pm
Lets get together and run! 0 Thu. May 10, 6:28pm
I am responding to your post 28 Thu. May 10, 4:49pm
Newbie question 2 Thu. May 10, 2:55pm
Why Is Nutrient Density Important? 22 Thu. May 10, 12:07pm
Join me! 0 Thu. May 10, 11:39am
Live a healthier life. 0 Thu. May 10, 10:25am
Get ready for the summer racing season 0 Thu. May 10, 10:23am
Squanto?? Are you here?? 4 Thu. May 10, 10:22am
What percentage of your diet is plant based? 8 Thu. May 10, 3:28am
Winsor Pilates - does it work? 26 Thu. May 10, 12:50am
I need to confess... 7 Wed. May 9, 7:04pm
spotlight? 0 Wed. May 9, 3:46pm
Weight Training for Beginners 6 Wed. May 9, 3:02pm
romaine lettuce 1 Wed. May 9, 2:51pm
Good sources of Zinc? 4 Wed. May 9, 1:41pm
When does the next spotlight start? 1 Wed. May 9, 11:37am
To pill or not to pill ... that is the question 5 Wed. May 9, 11:01am
Brand new... looking for Christian men 0 Tue. May 8, 11:34pm
How much does a women with a 32 inch waist weigh? 11 Tue. May 8, 10:31pm
Weight Watchers Question 2 Tue. May 8, 9:55pm
dinner dilemma, what should i do? 12 Tue. May 8, 9:42pm
Article about weight loss in the NY Times 3 Tue. May 8, 9:08pm
OT-gross! pus on tonsils 8 Tue. May 8, 9:06pm
help! 25th school reunion! i gained 100lbs! 10 Tue. May 8, 5:51pm
Is Olive Oil Good For The Skin? 49 Tue. May 8, 5:00pm
protein in peas 9 Tue. May 8, 4:10pm
What diet worked the best for you? Long Term 6 Tue. May 8, 2:49pm
Chips 4 Tue. May 8, 10:01am
Hoodia? 20 Mon. May 7, 11:26pm
i need a good group! 14 Mon. May 7, 9:35pm
If you want a Good Group-- Start One!! 0 Mon. May 7, 3:28pm
Get support and ideas from people going through what you're going through 0 Mon. May 7, 1:38pm
Belly preganancy question 5 Mon. May 7, 12:18pm
What is this obsession with spelling and grammar? 15 Mon. May 7, 9:59am
The additives and chemicals in Diet food are TOTALLY safe... 1 Mon. May 7, 9:37am
how do u remove yourself from peertrainer? 2 Sun. May 6, 1:49pm
OMG! I'M 30! 1 Sun. May 6, 1:38pm
Carbohydrates in fruits? 1 Sun. May 6, 9:59am
Any "Whole Foods" store lovers? 31 Sun. May 6, 4:51am
val 1 Sat. May 5, 6:29pm
So....should members in public groups be removed from the system in less than 7 days? 21 Sat. May 5, 5:33pm
Glyconutrients? 5 Sat. May 5, 11:14am
Looking for Members 0 Sat. May 5, 7:33am
a whole bottle of whip cream 13 Fri. May 4, 11:45pm
OT: 5 Fri. May 4, 6:35pm
PED RECOMMENDATION 4 Fri. May 4, 4:07pm
Pain while running 12 Fri. May 4, 12:29pm
Namaste! 1 Fri. May 4, 11:13am
What do you think? 100 Fri. May 4, 10:54am
Welcome! 0 Fri. May 4, 10:25am
I BET IF.... 8 Fri. May 4, 5:58am
OT and sensitive 7 Fri. May 4, 2:46am
JUST STARTING 0 Fri. May 4, 2:27am
Good arm workouts to help remove the flab? 6 Fri. May 4, 1:07am
morning workout challange 3 Thu. May 3, 10:01pm
I need a motivation to get back to my old good habbits... 27 Thu. May 3, 2:40pm
alert - curse word in thread 7 Thu. May 3, 12:56pm
Looking for weight loss approaches beyond WW? 0 Thu. May 3, 10:05am
headaches during cardio 13 Thu. May 3, 7:28am
Has anyone tried "fluidity"? What do you think about it? 4 Thu. May 3, 2:37am
15 Best Diet Tips Ever 13 Wed. May 2, 11:18pm
Why did you quit Weight Watchers? 15 Wed. May 2, 7:18pm
nutrition 1 Wed. May 2, 7:08pm
WHY ARE FAT PEOPLE SO MEAN? 10 Wed. May 2, 5:41pm
Why my threads disapper? 29 Wed. May 2, 1:35pm
Let's knock this weight out of the park 0 Wed. May 2, 10:24am
workout song list 5 Tue. May 1, 11:15pm
Is Baby Formula Safe?? 9 Tue. May 1, 9:42pm
Cooking Delicious Meat -Help 5 Tue. May 1, 5:35pm
thread about nothing... 12 Tue. May 1, 3:57pm
OT --> NYC Ladies: SOS! 7 Tue. May 1, 11:59am
OT - Breast Pain 3 Tue. May 1, 11:31am
do you weigh yourself everyday? 13 Tue. May 1, 10:08am
My pants are too tight again. 9 Mon. Apr 30, 11:11pm
Come Join me... 0 Mon. Apr 30, 11:01pm
I am new 3 Mon. Apr 30, 1:45pm
WELCOME TO THE JOURNEY 0 Mon. Apr 30, 1:09pm
Honestly, do you find Peertrainer helpful? 21 Mon. Apr 30, 10:42am
Help to Lose weight 0 Mon. Apr 30, 9:45am
how many dates a month 6 Mon. Apr 30, 3:24am
OT - Virginia Tech Shootings 34 Mon. Apr 30, 1:22am
New Group : Fit Through Menopause 25 Sun. Apr 29, 4:30pm
Healthy Attitude for Living with Food Allergies 0 Sun. Apr 29, 3:01pm
interesting "ideal body weight" calculator 12 Sun. Apr 29, 12:55pm
Frustrated - constructive input, please 20 Sun. Apr 29, 12:36pm
TOPS 12 Sun. Apr 29, 5:37am
HOW MUCH PROTEIN IN A DAY 10 Fri. Apr 27, 6:28pm
Bush: Job well done. 16 Fri. Apr 27, 4:51pm
calculating calorie loss from exercise? 5 Fri. Apr 27, 3:52pm
Are you short and looking for motivation to lose weight? 12 Fri. Apr 27, 1:12pm
How to eat a healthy, low points meal at a Mexican restaurant? 10 Fri. Apr 27, 12:56pm
Sleep problem...never feel rested! 6 Fri. Apr 27, 12:09pm
looking for an active group! my searches come out with only 1 result??! 4 Fri. Apr 27, 10:32am
Article in NYTimes about food politics 10 Thu. Apr 26, 7:11pm
what is wrong with watching American Idol? 11 Thu. Apr 26, 5:30pm
Calorie Counting for Newbies! 2 Thu. Apr 26, 3:44pm
Diet Advice to help improve allergies and asthma 0 Thu. Apr 26, 2:58pm
Health problem. input? 2 Thu. Apr 26, 12:58pm
exercise video game 9 Thu. Apr 26, 10:33am
question about menopause 5 Thu. Apr 26, 9:30am
Does anyone know of a successful weight loss pill? 21 Thu. Apr 26, 4:33am
Anti-anxiety drug Ativan 8 Wed. Apr 25, 10:54pm
How To Gain Weight, without dairy and sugar? 7 Wed. Apr 25, 10:08pm
losing weight together 0 Wed. Apr 25, 9:14pm
If your tying to loose 50 or 5. giving each other a little motivation and a lot of fun! 0 Wed. Apr 25, 1:21pm
Looking for new members!! 1 Wed. Apr 25, 12:51pm
STILL have holiday weight on? 1 Wed. Apr 25, 12:03pm
Softball team in Lexington, KY 0 Wed. Apr 25, 11:46am
OATMEAL 6 Wed. Apr 25, 10:18am
OT: waxing 4 Wed. Apr 25, 7:33am
Does anyone else do this 7 Wed. Apr 25, 1:52am
Interesting Article about Calorie Restriction 1 Wed. Apr 25, 12:25am
beautiful liar... 4 Tue. Apr 24, 10:41pm
Looking for other extremly over weight people 0 Tue. Apr 24, 7:27pm
Anxious and feeling like I'm running out of time. 4 Tue. Apr 24, 4:44pm
weight watcher 0 pt question 3 Tue. Apr 24, 2:30pm
Safety while walking/jogging 8 Tue. Apr 24, 12:31pm
Confused - Scale Weight Fluctuations - Water Weight? 16 Tue. Apr 24, 8:41am
Favorite 1 and 2 point foods and snacks? 17 Tue. Apr 24, 7:13am
nursing and weight watcher points 4 Tue. Apr 24, 7:12am
affordable (CHEAP) workout clothes 21 Tue. Apr 24, 5:49am
WW point booster question? 2 Tue. Apr 24, 2:01am
Do you want to make a change in your life? 0 Mon. Apr 23, 11:30pm
The place for techies 0 Mon. Apr 23, 11:11pm
lose weight by gaining muscle! 0 Mon. Apr 23, 9:33pm
how can i lose 35 pounds in two months? 23 Mon. Apr 23, 9:20pm
last 10lbs 2 Mon. Apr 23, 8:22pm
getting rid of belly fat 24 Mon. Apr 23, 5:18pm
Favorite Trader Joe's Food? 29 Mon. Apr 23, 5:06pm
Underwire vs Wireless Sports Bra 9 Mon. Apr 23, 4:45pm
Shouldn't they delete these groups?? 12 Mon. Apr 23, 3:12pm
Your recommendations are solicited - Best workout tape you've done 25 Mon. Apr 23, 2:54pm
work-outs.... 4 Mon. Apr 23, 2:29pm
work out clothes 6 Mon. Apr 23, 12:18pm
Good arm toning excersises? 11 Mon. Apr 23, 12:17pm
need your help/input 6 Mon. Apr 23, 11:33am
How long does it take to see results? 18 Mon. Apr 23, 6:50am
Extreme Fatigue 17 Mon. Apr 23, 1:22am
Could be diabetic! 5 Mon. Apr 23, 1:13am
beef with organic 1 Sun. Apr 22, 8:40pm
What to do when wedding ring is too loose after losing weight? 28 Sun. Apr 22, 4:53pm
OT: relocating Iris and lillies 2 Sun. Apr 22, 2:43pm
What Fats are Essential For Brain Function? 1 Sun. Apr 22, 2:00pm
THE BEAN 1 Sun. Apr 22, 10:12am
Oats versus oats 11 Sun. Apr 22, 10:07am
I was told that all of our meats are shoot up with harmones 1 Sun. Apr 22, 8:17am
Poly and Monosaturated Fat 7 Sun. Apr 22, 2:18am
Grains Guide? 2 Sun. Apr 22, 1:08am
Coke vs. diet coke 26 Sun. Apr 22, 12:48am
Eating Healthy For Cheap 46 Sun. Apr 22, 12:36am's everywhere! 12 Sat. Apr 21, 8:43pm
Join this fun new group! 0 Sat. Apr 21, 6:27pm
Join this fun new group! 0 Sat. Apr 21, 6:27pm
What's better, whole wheat or multi grain? 15 Sat. Apr 21, 5:41pm
POLL: Jeans that fit real women 58 Sat. Apr 21, 5:38pm
Those of you who need a new sportsbra 7 Sat. Apr 21, 12:26pm
If you have dry itchy skin, try cutting sugar out from your diet for a bit. 0 Sat. Apr 21, 11:05am
Cleansing diets 33 Sat. Apr 21, 10:36am
What fish doesn't taste fishy? 17 Sat. Apr 21, 10:26am
Healthy food choices when shopping at Wal Mart? 19 Sat. Apr 21, 1:55am
7 Habits of Highly Successful PEERtrainers? 8 Sat. Apr 21, 1:31am
Why do 1 in 10,000 Chinese Women Die of Breast Cancer? 4 Fri. Apr 20, 9:18pm
How many calories a day? 13 Fri. Apr 20, 6:46pm
Insurance blues 6 Fri. Apr 20, 6:29pm
Alkalizing vs. acidizing foods 0 Fri. Apr 20, 5:07pm
Trimp Spa 3 Fri. Apr 20, 2:13pm
Article on Sodium Reduction and Health 2 Fri. Apr 20, 1:55pm
Come Join! 0 Fri. Apr 20, 11:42am
Language - A request 47 Fri. Apr 20, 9:04am
overall fitness 0 Fri. Apr 20, 8:59am
A little gimmick that's helping me focus 5 Fri. Apr 20, 5:00am
Your Thyroid Issue-- Is Probably Not The Issue 15 Fri. Apr 20, 1:43am
have you achieved near permanent weight loss via changes in your diet? 6 Thu. Apr 19, 11:22pm
Is peanut butter bad to eat? 13 Thu. Apr 19, 10:45pm
Deoderant... 5 Thu. Apr 19, 10:36pm
Lowfat salad dressing- what's a good one? 17 Thu. Apr 19, 8:51pm
List of Alkalizing Foods, Spices and Minerals 4 Thu. Apr 19, 12:53pm
Master Cleanse Question 0 Thu. Apr 19, 12:29pm
anti-inflammation diet 14 Thu. Apr 19, 11:59am
Almond Butter vs Peanut Butter? 1 Thu. Apr 19, 10:50am
Why are artichokes good for you? 7 Thu. Apr 19, 9:18am
List of Acidic Foods, Spices and Minerals 5 Thu. Apr 19, 8:42am
Chocolate covered Altoids-good way to fix chocolate cravings 1 Thu. Apr 19, 8:32am
low circulation 1 Thu. Apr 19, 6:00am
To our group member who decided to drop out of PT 10 Thu. Apr 19, 4:19am
favorite quotes 11 Wed. Apr 18, 9:33pm
good sources of magnesium, calcium and potassium? 5 Wed. Apr 18, 6:34pm
The Detox Diet 8 Wed. Apr 18, 6:03pm
Be a loser and feel great! 0 Wed. Apr 18, 5:53pm
how many posters in the forum are members? 12 Wed. Apr 18, 5:22pm
Join the gym but can't find the courage to go; feel to fat (I mean fluffy) 31 Wed. Apr 18, 2:30pm
Days of our lives charity event in August! It's going to be awesome! 1 Wed. Apr 18, 2:12pm
Fish Oil/ Omega 3 Supplement 0 Wed. Apr 18, 11:06am
OK girls - how many do you have? 16 Wed. Apr 18, 11:04am
Why is it important to reduce the levels of acidity in my food and body? 0 Wed. Apr 18, 10:39am
How much salt should I consume when on a diet? 5 Wed. Apr 18, 10:06am
Paper Towel Theory 5 Wed. Apr 18, 10:00am
Mean People Suck 2 Wed. Apr 18, 5:49am
Have an IBS or UC issues?? 5 Tue. Apr 17, 10:58pm
"Fat - What No One is Telling You" 7 Tue. Apr 17, 10:52pm
weight loss and breast/shoe size 21 Tue. Apr 17, 10:01pm
How do you delete a screen name? 2 Tue. Apr 17, 7:32pm
Foot Numbness During Work Outs 16 Tue. Apr 17, 4:27pm
the Imus controversy.. are the big issues being ignored? 25 Tue. Apr 17, 3:39pm
Vacation?? 3 Tue. Apr 17, 3:33pm
Authentic self 3 Tue. Apr 17, 3:04pm
my foot hurts when I walk 18 Tue. Apr 17, 1:55pm
diane55 please don't leave 0 Tue. Apr 17, 1:54pm
saggy butt after losing weight? 4 Tue. Apr 17, 12:49pm
Circuit Training Ideas 0 Tue. Apr 17, 8:59am
YEAST INFECTIONS !!! (HELP) 13 Tue. Apr 17, 1:42am
It's been 15 days now and I don't know how to stop 16 Tue. Apr 17, 1:34am
Question about Heart Rate Monitors and BMR 1 Tue. Apr 17, 1:18am
How Adult Are You? 14 Mon. Apr 16, 6:13pm
Real Miracles? 30 Mon. Apr 16, 6:02pm
self improvement ideas and goals 10 Mon. Apr 16, 5:13pm
Activia anyone? 5 Mon. Apr 16, 3:33pm
Offended? 1 Mon. Apr 16, 1:33pm
Slow cooker - recipes 3 Mon. Apr 16, 11:51am
Snoop Dogg's Important Contribution to the Imus Controversy 1 Mon. Apr 16, 11:47am
Technical Help 2 Mon. Apr 16, 10:21am
songs for... HELP ME PLEASE! 5 Mon. Apr 16, 10:10am
dating.... uhhhgggg 8 Mon. Apr 16, 10:00am
Bhindi Masala mix from Whole Foods- tasty, cheap and quick recipe idea. 3 Mon. Apr 16, 8:40am
question about jump rope workouts 4 Mon. Apr 16, 8:38am
healthy recipes. and good for those with uc or ibs, but can be used by anyone 0 Sun. Apr 15, 6:14pm
Food Intake to Weight 2 Sun. Apr 15, 3:24pm
an active team 3 Sun. Apr 15, 2:27pm
Active group formed 0 Sun. Apr 15, 2:11pm
For those who still need to loose 8 Sat. Apr 14, 11:46pm
Fabulous Fifties (49 is okay!) 0 Sat. Apr 14, 7:10pm
Last 5 pounds 4 Sat. Apr 14, 4:19pm
OT- dating a sexual abuse survivor 5 Sat. Apr 14, 7:59am
Is shellfish really that bad for you? 15 Fri. Apr 13, 11:21pm
overweight kids 3 Fri. Apr 13, 8:57pm
When Jesus's glory fills me from head to toe.... 11 Fri. Apr 13, 6:37pm
What makes a great day? 6 Fri. Apr 13, 5:25pm
deadbeat that ruin a group 5 Fri. Apr 13, 4:26pm
Nervous habits.. 6 Fri. Apr 13, 4:16pm
Weight - loss interference! 5 Fri. Apr 13, 4:15pm
Are you all getting ready for church tomorrow morning? 49 Fri. Apr 13, 1:13pm
jesus, schmeessus 1 Fri. Apr 13, 12:42pm
Is the teachers union racist? 0 Fri. Apr 13, 12:00pm
selfish group members? 4 Fri. Apr 13, 11:54am
Symbols of American Mediocrity 18 Fri. Apr 13, 11:44am
selfish group members? 9 Fri. Apr 13, 6:48am
Weight watchers core plan 1 Thu. Apr 12, 7:42pm
Completely off top-domestic partner benefits 26 Thu. Apr 12, 5:25pm
what frustrates you the most about doctors? 16 Thu. Apr 12, 3:24pm
green tea - TMI 4 Thu. Apr 12, 1:43pm
Help! I need suggestions for a BBQ... 18 Thu. Apr 12, 1:34pm
Egg Guilt 17 Thu. Apr 12, 1:14pm
How do I get my toddler to stop speaking like my Caribbean nanny? 21 Thu. Apr 12, 12:25pm
The Police Diet... 7 Thu. Apr 12, 10:41am
Complaint about Whole Foods 10 Thu. Apr 12, 10:11am
tnt 2 Thu. Apr 12, 9:18am
Friends United 0 Thu. Apr 12, 9:14am
For those suffering from an ED 5 Thu. Apr 12, 8:52am
Running songs 38 Wed. Apr 11, 7:47pm
Exercising correctly 6 Wed. Apr 11, 4:41pm
Cutting out the trash 7 Wed. Apr 11, 2:34pm
Calorie counting 6 Wed. Apr 11, 1:40pm
soccermom to a MILF 9 Wed. Apr 11, 10:32am
kitana 4 Wed. Apr 11, 5:35am
I hate housework 25 Wed. Apr 11, 4:35am
Just a little adivice 2 Wed. Apr 11, 2:16am

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