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click to see larger image lyness71's daily log...more > Fri, Oct 9 9:56PM - well Sunday would have been my weigh in trainer and i had a talk about the scale.i have really let the scale affect my attitude. he told me that a scale shouldn't have that much power over anyone's moods.. i have really been beating myself up over the fact that i reached the 200's again. a place i swore i would never see again. well he always has a different perspective on things.after i bitch and have my fit about it.. he asked me if i have...more >
I am a professional living in Greater Vancouver, BC. I am 4' 11.5"(151 cm) and small framed, so my RMR is very low and I burn far fewer calories in exercise. I might mention here that the bit of brain which controls appetite strongly believes that I am a 6'8" lumberjack. Other important tidbits about me: - I stay in groups in which we mutually support each other. - I am completely open to new ideas if evidence based ("woo-woo" is not cool) - see below "what I need help with" section....more > Fri, Oct 9 9:59AM - DAILY THIS WEEK: yymmdd = weight (food - xrz) = cal balance 151009 = 115.8 151008 = 116.8 (1427-274) = +8 151007 = 116.0 (1060-279) = -364 151006 = 117.2 (1132-264) = -277 151005 = 118.6 (1015-243) = -373 151004 = no data WEEKLY THIS MONTH y-m-d = weight [cal balance & xrz] 151003 = no data 150926 = 116.2 [-1789 & 2970] 150919 = 115.8 [missing data] 150912 = 115.2 [-561 & 2468] 150905 = 116.6 [-677 & 1898] MONTHLY WEIGHT 150901...more >
click to see larger image sarah1234's daily log...more > Fri, Oct 9 7:27AM - Early morning appointment, and then I'll work on the move. Ankle is getting much better. I gave up wearing the boot - I don't feel like I need it anymore (as long as I'm careful) and walking does not seem to hurt. I'll probably get Panera or Subway for my food today....more >
click to see larger image tweaknee's daily log...more > Thu, Oct 8 9:57PM - still sick...more >
click to see larger image molined's daily log...more > Thu, Oct 8 2:59PM - "We have fewer friends than we imagine, but more than we know." ­­ Hofmannsthal...more >
click to see larger image sandykay's daily log...more > Thu, Oct 8 1:14AM - ...more >
I am a 72 year old college teacher, with a wonderful husband who is a great cook. I have been weight conscious since I was 13, but managed to stay between the top edge of normal and below obese range until my 50s. I am a fallen-away lifetime weightwatcher and a relapsed Carbyhydrate Addict. I rejoined Weight Watchers (after around 15 years lapse) and regained my lifetime status after FOUR years of gradual, little by little losses and lots of plateaus. I am so happy to be just under...more > Wed, Oct 7 7:34PM - Hang in' in there......more >
I am a 75-yr-old retired child development specialist. Since retirement I have been a docent at San Diego Botamic Garden. I do a story time there for preschoolers once a week I also have a large container garden at my son's house, where I garden with my grandsons..I have 2 grandsons, ages 4 and 8, who live 3 miles from me. I volunteer in their schools 3 times a week and care for them 2 or 3 afternoons a week. I have 2 granddaughters, ages11 and 14, who live 3,000 miles away in Washington,...more > Tue, Oct 6 12:30AM - Doing pretty well, but just binged on brown sugar while drinking tea after dinner. The rest of the day was just fine. No time to overeat....more >
I am a 53yo mom with a 27 yo son and 23 yo daughter. I have been married for 30 years. I work full time in a Library and I love books. I joined a gym and have used the treadmill, elliptical and cardio wave. I also love rebounding on my small trampoline. We live north of Boston near the ocean which is a great place to walk....more > Mon, Sep 21 8:19AM - Beautiful Fall day!...more >
mitraseo's daily log...more > Fri, Sep 4 7:55AM - Terima kasih telah diberi ijin untuk bergabung, silahkan anda suka dengan Belanja di Elevenia Gratis Voucher 1 Juta serta tak lupa dengan agen judi ceme blackjack, agen poker domino qq online karena semua hal ada...more >


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