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click to see larger image tweaknee's daily log...more > Sat, Jul 23 4:57PM - ...more >
click to see larger image sarah1234's daily log...more > Sat, Jul 23 10:21AM - Loved seeing the lower scale reading today! I kept a calorie deficit yesterday despite eating takeout (Subway, including 3 cookies!) and having a high stress event. I failed one of the tests I took yesterday. It's not the end of the world, just embarrassing, and it can happen to anyone, especially someone who is going through a divorce that week and didn't have access to information to prepare for the test. I got there and found out it was not what I...more >
click to see larger image molined's daily log...more > Sat, Jul 23 9:51AM - "It is harder to hide feelings than to feign those we lack." ­­ La Rochefoucauld...more >
I am a professional living in Greater Vancouver, BC. I am 151 cm (4' 11.5") and small framed, so my RMR is very low and I burn far fewer calories in exercise. I might mention here that the bit of brain which controls appetite strongly believes that I am a 6'8" lumberjack. Other important tidbits about me: - I stay in groups in which we mutually support each other. - I am completely open to new ideas if evidence based. I am not cool with woo. Please read the rest of my group member...more > Sat, Jul 23 8:44AM - 163 DAY COUNT DOWN TO FINAL GOALS: Jun 20 to Dec 01 need min. average 400 cal deficit daily. Day #       ymd    =  lbs   (food - xrz) = cal deficit Day 130 160723 = 108.2 Day 131 160722 = 110.2 (932-301) = -472 (social meal) Day 132 160721 = 110.2 (784-543) = -862 (social meal) Day 133 160720 = 112.0 (929-768) = -942 ...more >
click to see larger image lyness71's daily log...more > Wed, Jul 20 11:23PM - ...more >
click to see larger image I'm 38, 5'5", married with 2 little ones (5 and 2 and a 1/2 , co-founder here at PT. I was at 185 at the height of both my pregnancies and now I'm 125 give or take a pound or two. It was a very long road to get to 125 and I'm VERY happy to be here. I feel like I rarely have a free moment to myself and I'm working on that. This year I will have the same energy I had when I was 20. I have, I can and I will!...more > Wed, Jul 20 9:59AM - 1st day of no wine. I'm so done with being low energy....more >
I'm 46 years old, married and a mother of an eight year-old daughter, ten-year-old son and 19 year-old step-son. I have been freelance writting since leaving my career to be home with my kids in 2004. I started on Peer Trainer in Fall 2007 and lost 65 pounds by the following May by logging my food and exercise daily. I became a regular exerciser until I tore my ACL skiing in 2010, I'm still going through PT after my surgery in Sept. 2011, but am working back to a daily routine of vigorous...more > Mon, Jul 18 4:18PM - ...more >
cheryl's daily log...more > Sun, Jul 17 7:37PM - ...more >
I am a 72 year old college teacher, with a wonderful husband who is a great cook. I have been weight conscious since I was 13, but managed to stay between the top edge of normal and below obese range until my 50s. I am a fallen-away lifetime weightwatcher and a relapsed Carbyhydrate Addict. I rejoined Weight Watchers (after around 15 years lapse) and regained my lifetime status after FOUR years of gradual, little by little losses and lots of plateaus. I am so happy to be just under...more > Sun, Jul 17 4:38PM - Weeks of driving, visiting.......more >
click to see larger image jana*'s daily log...more > Fri, Jul 8 3:09PM - :) Just one ... >


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