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2012 Holiday Spotlight
2012 Holiday Spotlight 2
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Thursday, April 24 
2012 Holiday Spotlight 2

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Right now... somewhere... someone is doing what it takes to get what they want... and what YOU want.
Are YOU willing to do what it takes to get what YOU want?!?!

Start August 11, 2013
End Dec 21, 2013

Phase 1 (Aug 11 - 24)
120 minutes minimum of exercise per week and 3 mile long run (that’s without walking which I have not done for a long time!)
Following phases (4 weeks each):
Phase 2: 180 minutes per week and 5 mile long run
Phase 3: 240 minutes per week and 6 mile long run
Phase 4: 300 minutes per week and 7 mile long run
Phase 5: 360 minutes per week and 8 mile long run

my notes
Well at least I managed to get up again with the alarm at 5. This is the first step to getting back to the 4am wake up time so I can workout before work.
I'm off tomorrow so I can d a workout and have a bootcamp class on Saturday and Sunday is usually my "long" run day. Then Monday I see the trainer again. I think I'm going to be dead on Tuesday! ;-)






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Posted By: ahmed2
10/26/2013 12:42:13 PM

wow. this team has died.
Posted By: lynneta6
7/28/2013 10:01:19 PM

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