Fresh Start Cleanse

Cleanse FAQs

1. Q. Will the meals cost more money?

A. The answer to this depends on how much you typically spend on food, but in most cases, the answer will be no. In fact, you will most likely save money, because you will not be spending on processed and packaged items which are typically some of the most expensive items in your shopping cart (pound for pound).

The exception is that we will ask you to spend more than you may be used to on quality wild, organic and grass-fed meats, and on organic produce. However, minus all the extra junk in their cart, most people find that their total grocery bill actually goes DOWN by quite a bit while on the cleanse. (Also, no expensive bar tabs and few, if any, restaurant bills!)

Previous participants have told us that over the course of the month, their grocery bill savings actually more than paid for the price of the program.

Q. How long does the meal prep take?

A. Most meals should take just 15-30 minutes to prepare (cooking time may be longer). We’ve designed them to be quick, easy and delicious.

Q. Will my family eat the meals?

A. Yes, the meals have been created with families in mind. We’re both mothers so we understand that you’re not going to prepare one meal for yourself and a separate meal for the rest of the family (with an occasional exception, of course!). Now, if you have an unusually picky eater to contend with, you may find yourself making a modification here or there, but those can easily be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Q. Can I do this while traveling?

A. Absolutely. People have done this program while traveling in Europe, while on cruises, while in Hawaii, and in fact, all over the world. Depending on your exact circumstances, you may have more or less of a challenge finding some of the suggested foods, but it can be done. There are always substitutions that can be made, and we will show you how to easily “assemble” a meal from any menu so that your meal conforms to the requirements of the program. The main point is that if you are willing to bypass the cocktails and cake while on vacation, and to follow some simple eating guidelines to the best of your ability, you can do the program.

If you need any help please email us: coaching at peertrainer dot com