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Youth Sports Coaching:

Health and Fitness Guide

In addition to helping children improve their fitness through regular exercise, team sports teach children important life lessons. Sports build self-confidence as players are challenged to work hard to improve their performance. The hours of practice and play teach perseverance, patience, and self-control, and the game itself teaches children how to win and lose gracefully.

Sports teach fair play and how to compete in a healthy and productive manner. Team sports are also an important social outlet for children: by working together against adversity to achieve goals, children bond with their teammates and forge important friendships.

Youth Football

  • Pop Warner: Official site of Pop Warner football and cheer, a youth football program in 42 states and various countries.

  • USA Football: Official site of USA Football, which hosts football training and skill development events for youth football league commissioners and players.

  • American Youth Football: Official site of American Youth Football & Cheer, an association of teams, leagues, conferences, and organizations that play and promote youth football.

  • NFL Youth Football: Official site of the National Football League Youth Football; includes information on skills competitions and flag football league.

  • Football for Youth: Site includes offensive and defensive plays and drills, general coaching tips, and downloads.

  • Youth Football Drills: Site includes youth football drills, coaching forums, and other resources.

  • Drills, Offensive, and Defensive Tips: Includes articles on practice drills, offenses, and defense tips.

  • Football Tips: Coaching, defense, offense, and playbook tips.

  • Winning Youth Football: Tips and strategies for youth football coaches.

  • Football Tips and Drills: Youth football tips, drills, and coaching help.

Youth Basketball

  • Youth Basketball of America: The official site of Youth Basketball of America, an association that offers tournaments, league development, clinics, and support materials for youth basketball.

  • American Youth Basketball Tour: A summer youth basketball league with a national tournament.

  • iHoops: An online youth basketball resource for coaches and players. Features articles on practice and training, blogs, and message boards.

  • Youth Basketball Drills: Drills and practice tips for youth basketball.

  • Youth Basketball Tips: Drills, coaching tips, and interviews related to youth basketball.

  • Youth Basketball Plays: Drills, plays, and practice tips for youth basketball.

  • Youth Basketball Coaching Tips: Tips for practice planning, skill development, drills, and motivation.

  • Coaching Guide: Includes practice planning tips, skill development drills, and defenses and offenses.

  • Drills: A free e-booklet of basketball drills for use with youth.

  • Youth Basketball Guide: Rules, tips, and more for players, parents, and coaches of youth basketball.

Youth Hockey

Youth Baseball

  • Little League: Little League information, information on the Little League World Series, and resources for players, parents, and coaches.

  • Super Series Baseball: Information on tournaments and winter and summer national teams.

  • World Baseball Association: A tournament association for youth baseball teams.

  • Pony Baseball: The official site of Pony league youth baseball.

  • Junior Baseball: The official site of Junior Baseball magazine. Includes a page listing youth baseball programs and contact information.

  • Basic Rules: Basic baseball rules and youth baseball rules.

  • Hitting Tips: Hitting and pitching tips.

  • Baseball Drills: Hitting, bunting, base running, and other drills.

  • Fielding Drills: Fielding drills for youth baseball.

  • Coaching Tips: Tips and drills for youth baseball coaches.

General Health & Exercise Resources

  • Health Resources: Tips and information on staying healthy, injuries and illnesses, and other health topics.

  • Exercise Resources: Fitness tips for young athletes, includes information on flexibility training, swimming, running, resistance training, and more.

  • Health and Fitness: Health and fitness information and tips for youth.

  • Tone Teen: Resources on health and fitness, includes tools and charts.

  • Nutrition: Nutrition information for athletes. Also includes fitness information.

  • Fitness: Customize a fitness calendar and learn about fitness and nutrition.

  • Flexibility for Athletes: Flexibility exercises suitable for young athletes.

  • Nutrition for Athletes: Nutrition information for youth athletes.

  • Strength and Conditioning: Strength training charts and nutrition information for youth athletes.

  • Fitness Plan: A fitness plan for teenagers; includes strength, flexibility, and cardio exercises.