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spotlight babes 2014
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Member: gee
Member Since: 9/18/2006
City: Boston

My Goal: I have just got back into peertrainer, and I haven't yet weighed in but know I am well over 100kgs. My ultimate goal is to get down to 64 kgs

My aim is to habitually live a healthy lifestyle (and maximise my chances to live a long and active life) and to be a positive role model for my children and family.

About me: I work in health research, so know what to do, but applying it to my own life is the challenge! I've always struggled with my weight, and have often over time been a bit overweight. Prior to my first pregnancy (my daughter is now six) I was fit and a healthy weight of around 64kgs. However, three children later, plus lots of chocolate and stopping exercise, I am now at my heaviest. I am shockingly unfit, and finding that things like just getting up and down from the floor are an effort and that I am not able to keep up with my kids. I am also very concerned that obesity would lead to other conditions and that not only would I not have the energy to be the best mother I can be, but that it could take years off my life - and being an older mother of young children that is a scarey thought. So, I am restarting my journey to regaining my health and functional fitness.

Diets I like: I'm working towards a healthy wholesome way of fueling my body for life and of building habits that will make my body strong, flexible and healthy and that will support my family to live a happy and healthy life. Weight watchers has helped me in the past, and I've joined again to get me kickstarted - what mainly helps is the accountability of a weekly weigh in. So far so good.

Workout of choice: Walking Cardio machines Weights machines and free weights Swimming (I'm now mainly swimming as its the most comfortable option given my weight) Being more active in my everyday life

My plan: 1) To build up to doing two full sessions of resistance training and five cardio sessions per week (e.g. walk, swim etc) followed by stretches 2) To increase cardio sessions to 40 minutes 3) To do stretches and floor exercises daily 4) Increase my vegetable intake to three cups of vegetables per day 5) To have at least three servings of fruit per day 6 To drink eight glasses of water/milk per day 7) That chocolate, biscuits, cake, and ice cream are not habitually eaten, but are a special treat that are only eaten on occasion 8) To take my body measurements weekly and to weigh inweekly 9) To use peer trainer to log food and exercise 10) To enjoy mutual peer support from my friends who are on this journey with me If I plateau 1) change the type of exercise I'm doing 2) increase the length or intensity of exercise sessions 3) adopt the WW point system to help control my portion sizes and type and amount of food intake 4) increase my activity on peertraining by joining and additional suitable team or group 5) increase my reading on health, nutrition and fitness topics

I need the most help with: My areas for ongoing support include keeping up the regular exercise, staying away from chocolate and biscuits until healthy eating habits are ingrained, and portion control. Recording my food consistently will be a good start in addressing portion control.

Additional Info: In looking at successful losers ( from US National Weight Control Registry) they do seven things primarily; 1.) Eat low calorie ( 4 to 5 times a day) 2.) Eat consistently from day to day 3.) Eat breakfast 4.) Be physically active (11,000 to 12000 steps on pedometer) 5.) Weight themselves frequently ( weekly for me) 6.) Have limited TV/computer time ( 10 hours or less) 7.) Do not let a small weight gain become any bigger