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Scared to weigh myself

Hi Everybody

I am 24 and am overweight. I eat healthy, but I have a problem not binging/purging. I am in overeaters anon to help out on that end. But lately, I have been avoiding weighing myself. I also have been running low on the motivation. Eating less healthy, etc. It's very strange.

I know that the only thing that could get me back on track would be weighing in. However...I am frightened. I havent done so in about four-six weeks, and the way I binge/purge, I am capable of gaining 8 pounds in a week.

I guess I'm just looking for some motivation to get back on track. I work out six times a week, attend meetings three times a week, and eat three, well-rounded healthy meals about 5 times a week. I don't do drugs and I drink twice a week (usually just diet coke and vodka).

Kind words and motivation are appreciated. Please no lectures. :)

Sun. Feb 17, 3:27pm

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if you're not interested in the truth (lectures) and only want kind words (acceptance), lack of motivation is the least of your problems. As nike says, "just do it" quit the whining, quit looking to others for "kind words", just do what you already know you need to do.

Sunday, February 17, 2008, 4:45 PM

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A few ideas...

Could you try setting a no-excuses weigh-in deadline for a couple days from now? Until then, you might feel more motivated to eat healthier and workout, so you can get back on track and will be in a better position to deal with a weight gain if it comes up. Or weigh yourself the morning of an OA meeting, so if it does make you depressed and you feel a binge coming on, you'll have an outlet that might help you avoid those destructive behaviors. Gather all the motivation that's helped you in the past (websites, weight-loss books, success stories, images of clothing you'll be able to wear when you lose weight, etc) and surround yourself with those things that remind you how good it feels to be on track, and how your life will be so much more comfortable, fun, and healthy when you are in control. Good luck!!

Sunday, February 17, 2008, 4:56 PM

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I have struggled with bulimia for 8 years - I went to a treatment center 4 years ago and it helped SIGNIFICANTLY but one thing they taught there is to stop weighing yourself. That was great advice to help with the obsessive behaviors and probably a good life-long habit for the patients that were more anorexic - but I used it as an excuse to let myself go. I have started weighing myself a few times a week and it has greatly helped me stay on track wtih weight loss. When the numbers aren't "doing what I want them to" I can't let it stress me out (stress=binging), I just have to move on and make smarter choices moving forward. I found that when I have a bad binge/purge week the number goes up and that is HUGE motivation to stop those behaviors. I know I will slip - this is part of my life - but the important part is that I have an increasing higher number of good days as time goes on.
My advice to you - suck it up, weigh yourself, don't obsess, and use it as a tool to a healthier you!

Sunday, February 17, 2008, 7:01 PM

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I struggled all week wanting to weigh....weigh... weigh I realized an old behavior trying to peek its ugly head out again. You ARE stronger the that urge and can weigh once aweek make it one day same one, each week no exceptions...And whats the worst thing that can happen if you weigh.... You'll either gain or loose...either way you will know what needs to be done after be kind to yourself and go day at a time...

Sunday, February 17, 2008, 9:00 PM

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Definitely throw out the scale.

OP, I commend you for being so honest and brave about your current problem. I have to agree with (most of) the early posters, thought. I struggled with mild anorexia for many years, and then "fixed" my problem in the opposite direction by completely stopping exercise and stopping controlling my eating. I'm just now trying to begin developing healthy habits without sliding into the dangerous ones. For me, by far the most important thing I've done for myself this time around is to THROW OUT THE SCALE. Never weigh myself. I thought for a while that if I just weighed myself once every other week, that would provide a check without a constant stress level, but IT WAS WORSE. I would stop eating for the two days before my "deadline" weigh-in. So, I am focusing on getting to a "size 6." I refuse to associate a weight with it, I refuse to tell people what I weigh, etc.

As for motivation, this may be completely off-base, but is there any chance you can take a weekend to do some sort of crazy new sports/workouts? I was super low on motivation recently; then I took an "adventure" vacation to Belize, where I went rapelling, hiking, horseback riding, spelunking, and on ziplines. I was so proud of myself that I was in good enough shape to do it (trust me, everyone who knew me was shocked I would try this), and it was so fun, that I've been really enjoying the workouts since I got back. So maybe if possible, try to do something *really* new this weekend, like indoor rock climbing at your gym or hiking/skiing if it's not your usual. Just one alternative idea ...

Monday, February 18, 2008, 10:10 AM

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