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best weight loss advice/tips

so i was just wondering what people had for succesful weightloss tips/ advice for others out there who are struggling or just starting out

1: start making changes slowly and incorporate them daily into your everday life then its not such a shock to your system and your more likely to stick with it
2: set small weekly goals. for ex: for myself i dont set a specific date to get to a certain number on th escale. i take it week by week and say ok if im 238 at the begiining of this week then then my goal for this week is to get below 238 evenif its only 1/2 a lb. ive still met my goal and its to be celebrated

3: stick to smaller meals spread out throughout the day and if your still hungry in btwn drink a glass of water

4: carry a water bottle with you all day. its easier to remember to drink it if its staring you in the face and you can easily grab it

5: even if you dont really feel like exercising get moving for even just ten min a day because youll probably feel good after that short amount of time and want to do alittle more.

6: stick with peertrainer. its a great site with lots of motivation/support

Mon. Apr 28, 6:34pm

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those are good. And read the articles here on the site too, there really are a lot of great ones.
These worked for me:

1. Pick one meal to eat the same healthy low cal. thing every day, (bkfst is good) that way you start off right and don't have to worry about that one so there is a victory right there every day!
2. Do cardio and weights FIVE TIMES a week (start out just walking and doing some basic hand weights) that way it is a REAL habit
3. Count calories and eat JUST 200 less than you burn (BMR + exercise) - no more and no less !
4. Having one cheat meal per week is a really good idea. it not only keeps you sane, but research suggests that it keeps your metabolism guessing and revved
5. Basically for weight loss - CARBS and FAT are your enemy - it is all about lean protein and a little healthy fat and a some healthy carbs (i.e. omega-3's and whole grains) I know that sounds extreme, but that is really my mentaility and I have lost 50 lbs this way...
6. have a goal, an accountability person and a timeline - and make it doable, then do it again.

GOOD LUCK - carve out those healthy habits and make them stick for the rest of your life ! !

Monday, April 28, 2008, 8:15 PM

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Things that have really stuck with me:

1) I once read: If you're 5 pounds or 50 pounds overweight, you are overeating to maintain that weight. Ouch. Didn't like reading that.
2) The Harris Benedict Calculator. When I stick to my calorie range (which is KEY) my weight loss follows just as the calculations predicted.
3) "Your body doesn't plateau, your routine does."
4) Research shows: Most people overestimate their exercise and underestimate their calories. This keeps me in check when I find myself mailing it in at the gym and taking mindless nibbles that are so easy to 'not count.' And as soon as I stop planning or logging - my calories go up.
5) Saying 'I'll try' anticipates failure. Don't 'try'; commit and say, 'I WILL.'

Monday, April 28, 2008, 11:23 PM

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