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Working out causes breaking out

Exercising seems to cause my chest to break out in red bumps, and they take days to go away. Does anyone else experience this? What is this? What can I do to clear up my skin? Thanks!

Thu. Feb 9, 5:54pm

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I have the same issues, working out and sweating causes overall skin instability, itching etc. Really would love to figure out what is going on.

Thursday, February 09, 2006, 6:05 PM

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water, water, water...

Drinking at least 64 oz. of water everyday has done wonders for the skin all over my body... Have you tried that?

Could it be your bra? Do you have a good workout bra that is made with some kind of breathable fabric?

Thursday, February 09, 2006, 6:05 PM

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well, I'm a guy, and I'm pretty certain my break outs have NOTHING to do with bras. LOL
I break out when I start exercising/dieting. My theory, whiched is PURELY made up and based on nothing but a hunch, is that working out causes one to sweat, and with in that sweat is "stuff", "toxins", the body is getting rid of.
maybe as we start to eat better, and exercise more, and drink more water, our bodies are purging, getting rid of some nasty junk, and the result is skin irritation, or break outs?
Just a thought. I'm not a Doctor, nor do I play one on TV. I'm just making a guess. LOL

Thursday, February 09, 2006, 6:44 PM

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I drink 64+ oz of water a day and I work out all the time. I tend to be breaking out more on my face and extremly odd places on my body. I think my body is having a reaction to all the sweating I do during a work-out. I also noticle that while I am working out my arms itch like crazy, and its not the fabric because I am wearing a tank top. :p

Thursday, February 09, 2006, 6:46 PM

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I'm the second poster and I generally do not wear bras- I'm a guy. The last time I wore one was in college, whole other story.

But yeah, water seems to help. I also lived in lower manhattan during 9/11 and my skin issues have popped up since then. I'm not sure if there is a connection because most of the heavy metals associated with the towers coming down would have left my body no later than a few months after. So it might be a total coincidence. But its really cut down on my working out because my skin is a mess for many days after.

Thursday, February 09, 2006, 6:58 PM

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If you're new to working out...well, I had this problem in the first few weeks on my chest, upper back and hairline, but it's fine now. I drink 100-120oz of water a day, and my body recently discovered how to sweat out of every pore; it kicks in pretty early in my workouts now.

So, to the guy poster who had a crossdressing moment in college, I think you might be right about the toxins/minerals in your sweat -- you just need to dilute them more.


Thursday, February 09, 2006, 7:09 PM

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breaks out occur when your body's oil mixes with dead skin cells forming a plug in the pore(s).

Drinking water is helpful not because it 'cleanses your sweat' or some such thing but because a properly hydrated body has soft, pliable, non-oily (non-flaky) skin.

Vigorous exercise can stimulate oil production (in some more than others), which when combined with heat, persperation and friction (rubbing against clothing) aggravate acne. Wearing loose cotton clothing and showering immediately after a work out can help.

Some good info and advice here:

Thursday, February 09, 2006, 7:44 PM

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Try washing with some kind of scrubby or loofah (or even just a washcloth) to help unclog some of those blocked pores. Maybe that will help as well! ;-)

Thursday, February 09, 2006, 7:54 PM

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I have to be careful about rashes when I work out. Here is what I find helpful -

1) Normally I can lift weights - it is the sweeting and heat that causes the rash for me.
2) Always wash off with at least a washcloth right after working out.
3) I make sure to drink a lot of water.
4) I work out for short periods of time.
5) If it is hot, I'll swim - that won't give me a rash.

Thursday, February 09, 2006, 8:10 PM

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breaking out

i believe you are stirring up the toxins in your body and this is one way how your body is cleansing itself. drink more water.

Thursday, February 09, 2006, 8:32 PM

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