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what does your doctor recommend to help you lose weight?

curious what your experiences have been. Here is one perspective from an MD writing for us!



Wed. Nov 5, 7:53am

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counting calories carefully is the only thing that ever worked for me.

Sunday, November 16, 2008, 4:43 PM

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When I went to my Dr. for help losing weight she prescribed Meridia because she said it would help with my depression. I was so excited the first day when I was able to put my fork down half way through lunch because I no longer felt like eating. That was the first and last positive moment of my experience. I started feeling 'odd' and my eating habit's didn't improve despite my high hopes after the first day. After three weeks I said, enough, and quit taking them. I felt horrible for the next week...and ate comfort food to feel better. What a fiasco!

I told the Dr. my experience and she wanted to put me on blood pressure meds since I couldn't lose weight. She never once suggested anything but WW, which I had already tried for years without success. But I didn't want to start on the cycle of meds that often starts with BP meds - I've watched friends go down that road and no thank you. I told her I would consider it (we don't have to do what they say) while researching alternatives.

Now I'm mostly an Eat to Live gal, and looking forward to my next BP check.

Sunday, November 16, 2008, 5:02 PM

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My dr. told me to eat natural unprocessed foods and measure my portion sizes. She hadn't heard of Dr. Fuhrman but pretty much told me to eat the way he lays it out in his books. When I showed her the Eat to Live book I checked out of the library, she said "Yes! That's exactly it!"

So I've been eating lots of fruits, veggies & whole grains. Just a tiny bit of chicken or beef a couple times a month, added to a salad or brown rice. I'm not ready to be a total vegetarian, but eating this way has helped me feel a lot better and the weight is just dropping off. Also, I don't have to shoot insulin before meals anymore. Though I still have to take my oral diabetes meds and shoot the 24-hour insulin at bedtime. I'm just waiting for the day when I don't need those meds anymore.

To date I'm down 36 lbs since I started eating this way, and I don't feel the least bit deprived or like I'm "on a diet".

FYI -- my take on the reason this isn't widely adopted: nobody can make money on it. Well, except for Dr. Fuhrman's book sales. But nobody can make money on a plan membership, special foods, drugs, etc.

Sunday, November 16, 2008, 8:19 PM

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My doctor made no recommendations other than that I could stand to lose a few.

My father's doctor recommended South Beach to him. So, finding myself in need of shedding a few - I decided to check it out. I love it - I find myself actively avoiding refined carbs not because I'm 'on a diet', but because I feel so much better when I do. The diet allows healthy carbs tempered by lean protein and fiber. I eat very little in the way of processed foods and most of my meals consist of a lot of veggies and some lean protein. I watch sugar on labels like a hawk.

I can honestly say I've never looked and felt better - especially my skin (yes, I'm vain). Never, not in a million years did I think I'd be happy long-term on a low carb diet, but this is the way I was meant to live. I could actually have more carbs than I do at this phase in the diet, but I'm happier without them.

Sunday, November 16, 2008, 9:00 PM

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the PH Miracle

My doctor recommended the PH Miracle. By the way, I'm reading the Diet Evolution book by Dr. Gundry.... interesting.

Sunday, November 16, 2008, 9:15 PM

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My doctor told me that I needed to lose weight and the best way was diet and exersize. No big revelation there. I told him that I would see what I could do, but was making no promises. My problem: food! I love it all and have a raging sweet tooth. The good thing is that I love to exersize as well.

Monday, November 17, 2008, 8:13 AM

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My doctor told me to quit eating wheat, and cut back on grains.

Personally, the limited meat suggested by Fuhrman is not healthy, nor is the idea of eating so much grain. The opinion of a physician who recommends the diet after only two weeks isn't worth the bandwith it's using up. A two week trial is never considered significant in the medical community.

Monday, November 17, 2008, 10:12 AM

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the meat question is one I a definitely interested in. I totally eat in the way dr fuhrman suggests, which is basic common sense. lots of fruits, veggies, greens.

But I do eat meat, way more than he recommneds. What i do is try to go for the organic stuff and get rid of as much of the fat as possible. My own theory is that there is a ton of toxins in animal fat, simply because that is where a lot of it ends up.

it is not that animal products are bad per se, it just that you want to avoid a toxin delivery channel if you can.

Monday, November 17, 2008, 10:37 AM

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I've been very disappointed in my various doctors' advice over the years. They often seem sheepish about mentioning my weight, or don't at all, and their advice is the usual vague "eat less, exercise more". And worse, after I successfully lost and maintained 70 lbs to get to a healthy weight, they were uninterested and unimpressed. And had no useful advice about dealing with post-fat issues like being cold all the time. My conclusion has been -- the doctors with weight problems have just as much psychological projections about it as anybody else, and the thin ones think fat people are just lazy. In other words, most doctors, who should be educated and know better, just don't get it.

If *I* was a doctor, I would have a packet to give people with multiple options for all of the strategies that we know are part of effective weight loss -- for instance, "Strategy #3 Get a support network. Choose one (or more): peertrainer, weight watchers, or a weight loss buddy" (other strategies -- get more sleep, reduce stress, make daily exercise a habit, eat more veggies, etc.) People don't need to be told "Eat less, exercise more", they need to be told practical ways HOW to do that. Otherwise it's like telling a diabetic "It's simple -- just control your blood sugar!" or a cancer patient "It's simple -- just stop those cells from growing!"

Part of why I am a bit bitter -- years ago I asked doctors about my nose, which I couldn't breathe through. They said it was because I was fat -- translation, you deserve it, can't do much about it until you lose weight. Well, I finally lost weight and STILL couldn't breathe -- went to a proper ENT, he said I had a deviated septum, had some surgery and now it is much much improved. So when I was fat, every problem was due to that and implicitly my fault.

Monday, November 17, 2008, 11:41 AM

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I work in a doctors office and the #1 thing he recommends is for people to join weight watchers, because of the support it can provide.

Monday, November 17, 2008, 11:49 AM

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