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What has your new excercise/eating routines taught you about yourself?

I have learned a lot of thins about myself form my dietting and excercise --weight loss-- and was wondering about the rest of you. What has it tauht you about yourselves?

Well like so many people I have dietted a 100 times before, but never really followed through. I was a bit disillusioned by what I thought was doing, which was never enough. This time last year I started working out and decided that I wanted to lose about 40 pounds. My goal was to fit into a pair of size 7 jeans I have had for 7 years, that wouldnt fit. I was a size 16 when I first started, but I really didnt think I could do it. I would say "I will do it" and thought failure was not an option, but then I would think "well a size 11 is good too." About 5-6 months later I was a size 7 --and those jeans were too out of style to wear-- sinec then I have dropped to about a 5 (between 4 and 6 depending on the brand) and I have learned some things about myself.

I can do it- I just have to put myself into it. This means that whatever my goals in life are, I know I can acheive them. I am actually proud of myself, which isnt something I have ever felt before. It is actually a huge thing for me.


I can't take a compliment- I get embarrassed --and at times annoyed-- with people telling me how great I look now, blah blah blah.

Sun. Jul 3, 10:09am

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Two years ago my brother died and I went through a major depression. Six months after his death I had gained about 10 pounds from using food as comfort. I was on medication for my depression, I had support groups and a counselor but my depression was still overwhelming me.

I had a job that a lot of people relied on me, I was completing my masters, and I was going to run a campaign in about six months from that time. I was overwhelmed and wanted to give up on life. Even though I knew I was never serious, death felt like such a great option.

Then I started working out. At first it was only because I had decided I needed to do something other than go home everynight and cry, so I joined an indoor soccer team. I was so out of shape I threw up after the first game. So I started exercising just so I could keep up with the others.

Once I started exercising I noticed how much better I felt, granted I was still really depressed but it brought me up a few levels so I could get through the days. I started exercising every chance I got so I could hang onto that better feeling and a higher level of depression. I read The seven habits of highly successful people for one of my classes and it inspired me to set SMART goals.

Before I knew it I accomplished my goal to lose 5 pounds, then 10 pounds, then 15 pounds. And all along the way, it gave me something else to focus on instead of constantly thinking about my brothers death. At the end of the year of his death I had my masters, I did well in my job, I sucessfully ran a campaign, and I lost 17 pounds.

I truly believe I may have given up if I had not started exercising.

Exercising taught me the importance of goal setting, that I can accomplish those goals, and I can somehow get through the hardest things in my life.

It's been two years and I still struggle with my brother's death very much. Exercising helps me keep my depression to a minimum. If I stop exercising, I immediately become really depressed. Exercising truly gives me a life worth living.

This was a long post, I'll be surprised if anyone reads it. But if you got through it, I hope it helped you in some way.

Thursday, July 07, 2005, 10:56 AM

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To the above poster

I read your whole post, and I'm sure tons of other people have and will. I think it's incredibly inspirational. Congratulations on turning such an awful experience around and achieving success!

Thursday, July 07, 2005, 12:39 PM

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That was a great post. It really demonstrates how you can use a terrible event in your life to bring something good into your life.

I have found that exercise helps a lot with depression, although I wasn't facing a situation as saddening as yours.

Thursday, July 07, 2005, 2:30 PM

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I've learned that once I am "into it" I actually do enjoy exercising!! I think it takes a bit of time and committment to get there, but once I am there/here I look forward to going for a run, a long walk, or a quick workout at the gym if time is slim. I think once it becomes a habit it is hard to take a few days off without physically and mentally wanting to be active again. Exercising also makes me feel part of something and alive.

Friday, July 08, 2005, 1:10 PM

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Lots of things that I don't even want to write down. I have some very unhealthy behaviors. It is almost like I want to punish myself when someone treats me badly. Why is that?

Friday, September 29, 2006, 10:10 AM

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to 1010 poster

i know what you mean. i used to carry around a lot of unwarranted guilt and shame-especially when my feelings were hurt. it's like i felt a little selfish or something for caring about myself. i struggled for a while to start developing and LISTENING to my internal voice instead of those external voices that only put me down. i also drastically changed my social circle. my brother and i have spent many years hanging out together, but usually at the expense of my emotional well-being; lots of criticism, put downs, negative comments. so this year, i stopped hanging around him. i feel much better! it took me some time to separate myself from this, almost constantly telling myself, in my head, that what he was saying to me was all about him and his problems, that i deserve respect, that i even though i am nice to him, he is still mean to me. finally, i stood up to his echoing voice and now i am able to do this with other people who cannot express themselves constructively. really think of your inner self as a child that needs to be nurtured, and when you begin to feel or recognize that you are feeling like you want to punish yourself, imagine that you're hearing that child asking you for help.

Friday, September 29, 2006, 10:44 AM

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