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Crazy Hungry the Day AFTER a Tough Workout?

I do a lot of spinning and biking and right after a moderate-high intensity (80-92% max HR) workout I find that I'm not all that hungry. But the next day? Starving!

Does anyone else share this experience? How do you deal with it? Eat more protein? Biking season is starting to ramp up and it's only going to get worse. The few days following a long ride I'm ravenous. Doesn't help w/ the weight loss goals!

Interested to hear some suggestions, also wondering if it differs for men and women.


Thu. May 12, 9:42am

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After a triathlon or 1/2 marathon I too feel ravenous.
I find if I drink a protein shake within an hour or so of the big workout that the next day the cravings arent so bad. Also I find eating something salty (beef jerky is my preference) helps too, probably to get that electrolytic balance back.
If you nibble all day on healthy things like veggies and lowfat protein you won't gain weight, you'll need the calories.


Thursday, May 12, 2005, 11:05 AM

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my ideas

I like to make oatmeal (very cheap and filling) and a low fat or non fat yogurt smoothie with lots of frozen fruit (and Muscle Milk protien powder). The fiber and dairy really satisfies my hunger and sustains me all morning until I can have a big lunch between 1:00 and 3:00 with lots of steamed veggies and brown rice. Then I'll be sure to have a very small dinner like a bowl of soup (or bowl of healthy cereal :P). This way I feel like my metabolic rate is up and everything I am putting into my body is supplying me with more fuel. I also find that my body needs sleep after a long day of exercise. Trying to get by on less sleep when my muscles need to repair themselves makes me anxious and more likely to snack. Also, I find that meat at lunch offers a huge boost in my mood and energy level. Have a fajita (with no sides);fish, spinich, and squash; or grilled chicken and asparagus with wild rice. Avoid crackers, chips, baked goods, bread, cheese, and anything fried or cooked in oil. Sometimes when I am trying to eat less I just end up nibbling and grazing on less fueling food. Be sure to eat real meals after a long work out and drink lots of water.
Hope this helps.

Thursday, May 12, 2005, 1:48 PM

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I get so frustrated...

I manage to make my calories work on track until about 3pm... I have a rice/veggie meat combo for lunch, then about 2 hours before I work out, I eat a healthy frozen burrito. Then I'm still hungry so I snack... then I go work out. Then I have dinner, but I'm ravenous so I eat more... Ugh-- I end up eating pretty close to what I burned that day and don't lose anything.

Thursday, May 12, 2005, 2:09 PM

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hunger = thirst?

I can definitely relate to the crazy hungriness that comes after a heavy duty workout - The day after a leg workout (I often lift, then spin, maybe run a few minles) I am ravenous, so I focus on eating "clean", but allow a little more leeway without going crazy.

But, I've also noticed that some of that "hunger" is truly dehydration. Could that be for you?

Thursday, May 12, 2005, 3:24 PM

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Checking back..

Folks – I appreciate all the feedback so far. To share a bit more –

Some have said that it’s the high intensity (85-92% max HR) that brings on the hungry horrors. Though I notice after a 50 mile bike ride that I’m crazy hungry for at least 2 days afterwards, even if it was moderate intensity.

Definitely NOT dehydration, no way no how.

I’m trying to be more conscientious about eating lean/low fat proteins the day after. I started today w/ cereal and milk and perhaps eggs and avocado would have been better? Lunch was cottage cheese and a greek salad wrap. Hungry 90 minutes later and got into some fat free micro popcorn and that helps to feel full/satisfied. Now I’m off to the gym for 90 minutes of power yoga, so the worst (hunger-wise) is over for the day. The hunger issue should be over tomorrow, especially with just yoga tonight…

Please share more tips if you have them. I AM my own science experiment!


Thursday, May 12, 2005, 3:34 PM

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