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Are you aware of your Tipping Point?

What is meant by Tipping Point?

It's that emotional point which separates being in control of what you eat from 'letting yourself go', eating whatever is around until you feel stuffed.

Let's see what this looks like in a regular daily setting. This evening I had a couple small brownies for desert. This was OK because I had accounted for them in my daily food budget. However, as often happens, I went back for a second helping, knowing that eating more would blow my daily food budget out of the water.

Just as I placed the extra brownies on a plate, I stopped and gave myself a moment to become aware of what I was feeling and thinking. Was I hungry? No. Did I need a sugar fix? Not really. What was I saying to myself? "Oh, today doesn't matter. I can start counting food points again tomorrow." Oh, how many times have I said that line to myself !

Just then I placed them back on the tray, covered them up, and felt as though I had been released from my own personal Groundhog's Day (The title of a classic Bill Murray movie in which his character experiences the same day repeating itself over and over).

How about you? Let's hear about your Tipping Point...

Wed. Jan 6, 2:07am

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its like an additction isnt it??

Just last night i made a pasta salad. one handful of pasta, one portion of salmon, one portion of corn etc etc. Anyway, when all the handfulls were mixed together, it was ALOT more than i normally eat. But i sat there and ate the whole thing (cos it was so yummy) all the while saying to myself... "oh, i'll just work out harder tomorrow morning."
I felt terrible :(

On the other hand, there was a birthday in the office and there was cake...i went to grab a piece, and... then... with all my willpower walked away from the cake. I was so proud of myself, that i was chuffed solid for 2 whole days :)

Wednesday, January 06, 2010, 4:09 AM

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Regarding the tipping point, sometimes I'm not even at my tipping point. I just want it. So I slip into denial for a short while and eat what I want. And then the denial is over and the self-loathing kicks in. Luckily, this has been happening less and less, and I feel much more in control of myself and my choices. The Beck Diet Solution really helped me with this.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010, 10:29 AM

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The Beck Diet Solution is great for confronting all those little lies and rationales we tell ourselves to justify unnecessary eating in the moment! I'm like the OP and I acknowledge that going back for more will blow the calorie budget, but I continue and just say, 'Well, I can start back up tomorrow.' Except tomorrow rarely comes! Although, this time is different. Tomorrow is here! Right now. No more slippery slope of excuses!

Good job on turning around in the face of office cake, 4:09!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010, 12:15 PM

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