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OK I apologize I have been guilty of not being as active as I could have been this past week or so.. with losing my grandmother over the fourth of July weekend. and some other things. I did some emotional eating, but thankfully I gave myself a kick in the ass and broke myself out of that .

so what this post is about.. I have noticed not only I have been quiet, but alot of others are 1. not logging 2. not commenting.. not saying anything is wrong with that, but when they are usual loggers and make normal comments than I do get a bit concerned... I usually do this when 1. I am not doing too good and I am hiding.. 2. I don;t want to ask for help.. its a leo thing

I just wanted to reach out here a bit.. I wanted to remind you no matter what your facing.. your not alone.. maybe your taking some time like I did and thats cool, but don;t hide because of shame or beating yourself up over slips and slides..

lean on your groups and teams... its never to later to reboot.. by rebooting I mean recommit.. take back control.. your choices are yours.. good.or bad.. we have to own our choices.

I am lucky since I have been quiet in my teams and groups.. I still logged, and I READ comments.. I wasn't in the right frame of mine to comment, but I stayed with PT and I still continued my journey, but you know what.. I did the first part of my journey on my own.. nooone really understanding or empathizing with what I was going through.. I don't have to do that now.. I have ALL of you..

but the good news is my journey continued.. I went from 184 to 175.. when I was hospitalized as alot of you know I had just broke my 200 pound released milestone.. well the hospital stay and meds was a set back, but I did not let it derail me. I was 169 when hospitalized and it put me back up to 185.. I was so frustrated, but I kept at it and now I am 7 pounds from my prehospital weight of 169.. I will get back to that and go from there..

to those that don't know me.. I started at 370.. so no ammount of weight is too impossible to release.. you have to believe in yourself and go for it.. make it happen.. one choice.. one step.. one moment.. one day at a time..

BUT most of all know your NOT alone.. let us be there for you every step of the way..

PT is about community, support, and being there for the good times and the bad times. weight related or not.. yes I said it.. this is not a weight site.. this is a HEALTH site and to me that involves. the mind, body and spirit.. physical and emotional well being.. so come to us.. if you are having problems . dont face things on your own.. DON''T use food as your comfort.. I know we are all guilty of that.. myself included, but food is for one purpose.. FUEL.. food is to fuel our bodies . so think before you eat.. why are you eating and should you be eating that..

not saying you can't have anything in moderation.. my philosophy is moderation not deprivation.. this is a lifestyle change not a diet.. I am in this to live it and live it to the fullest and healthiest I can be.

so please join me.. push your reboot button if you read this.. recommit to yourself and to your goals. I am back!! and I am NOT going anywhere again.. I NEED my family here.. for those that know me.. me admitting to needing help and support is not a easy step, but its true.. you guys get me through so much.. so thank you to each and every one of my family here.

were a team..lets to this together

the meaning of TEAM= together each achieves more..


Sun. Jul 11, 9:38pm

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Go, girl! You'll make it. I didn't know you were hospitalized -- I hope you're OK now. Good luck on your journey.

Monday, July 12, 2010, 3:22 PM

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