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Knee Aches

Do any of you runners get sore knees? I have been active my entire life but I started running again about 4 weeks ago and I seem to have knee pain every night. Its not throbbing or shooting pain. Its not in one spot on the knee. Just aching annoying pain. I don't think its an injury because its in both knees.

I have tried ice and that makes it more stiff. Icy-hot had no effect at all. Do you have any advice?

Tue. Apr 11, 5:05pm

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Are you wearing proper shoes? If you have old shoes on maybe the cushioning is worn out? If your shoes are new, maybe you need to have them checked at a running store and see if you need a different type of shoe?

Also, I think it depends upon how much weight you are putting on it as well and the surface you are running on....

Make sure to stretch properly-- a little before, and more afterwards to keep the muscles from getting sore....

Tuesday, April 11, 2006, 5:18 PM

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Agree w/ the above poster. Also, to the OP, check your running technique/form by attending a running clinic. Too often I see runners with ill form and my knees ache for them after seeing them pound their feet on the pavement. Correct form is to land feet with controlled motion, not just drop them with all the weight on the pavement.

You may also want to take some Glucosamine/chondroitin supplement. It really helps restoring the cartiladge, I find it helpful when my knees hurt...

Tuesday, April 11, 2006, 5:39 PM

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I have terrible knee problems. I have gone to many a doctor and they have all said that having extra weight on your body affects your knee's most of all! I dropped 10 pounds and noticed a big difference, the next 20 i should be skipping around town

Tuesday, April 11, 2006, 5:39 PM

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One more addition

All the advice is good, but also make sure you're not doing too much too soon.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006, 5:47 PM

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Op here, I am doing a running program which has eased me into running. I got new shoes (New Balance 472) but I did not get them at a running store. I think I am gong to go check out a running store nearby tonight. I am around 140 and want to lose 10lbs, but I didn't think that would be too much weight to run with.
I will also try the Glucosamine/chondroitin supplement. Is that available in a regular grocery store?

Tuesday, April 11, 2006, 6:19 PM

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Just a quick update...went to RunTex (local running store) they said I have a normal arch and normal walking (don't overpronate). He recommended some shoes with more cushion (asics, brooks, succony). The brroks felt the best and cost $110. I bought Glucosamine/chondroitin supplement and will try that before spending the $110 on top of the money I spent for my New Balance last week.
Is $110 normal for running shoes?

Tuesday, April 11, 2006, 8:07 PM

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Also you may need to do some strengthening of your thighs. The back of the leg (hamstrings) tend to get strong faster than the front and this can pull your knee 'off-track'. Shoes have already been addressed, but just wanted to add that bit as well.

The link below has the descriptions and remedies of 3 most common knee problems for runners.

Best wishes and even though the ice may not help the pain it may help the inflamation so keep it up. If pain persists see a physical therapist or doctor. Personally I've found that a physical therapist can diagnose and treat these exercise-related conditions much quicker than a general physician, but some insurance won't cover one without a visit to the doc first.


Tuesday, April 11, 2006, 8:10 PM

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One word of advice


It could be your shoes, it could be your form, it could be the surface you are running on, you could need to stretch or perhaps try to run a bit less vigoursly so your not pounding, or maybe your doing too much too soon and should ease up just a bit for a week BUT only a physician can tell you (based on an examination) whether or not the achey-ness your experiencening is normal adjustment or a serious problem in the works. I had a similar problem and it turned out to just be adjustment but it is better to be safe than sorry.

Wow, now that I caught my breath :-) the link from above is an EXCELLENT website. Not only for advice on injuries but running in general. I started out with their couch to 5k program.

As for the expense for running shoes, yes that can be a normal price. I paid 90 for mine. Heres a good discussion about that. Same website as poster above.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006, 9:57 PM

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Op here. I have been using the coolrunning site(on C25K also)but had never seen a post with someone with my knee problems. Most have sharp stabbing pain. My pain is dull and actaully goes away when I run. Last time I went to a dr for leg pain (I was doing step aerobics at the time) she said I was overusing it and told me to cut down to 3 times a week. It was a waste of $25 copay, in my opinion.
I am going to check the return policy at my local run store and probably get the $110 shoes and see if the pain eases up. If not, return them and see the dr.
Thanks for all your help!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006, 10:27 PM

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Just a thought, but if you think it could be your shoes, you should take them back. Did you get them from a New Balance store? I know that they have an excellent return policy.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006, 10:40 PM

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No I got them from Kohls department store. I have only worn them twice on the treadmill though. I am thinking of trying to take them back. The most they can say is no, right?

Tuesday, April 11, 2006, 10:46 PM

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I know that if you get it at a New Balance store, they'll take it back, even if you've run on them. Not sure about Kohl's .

Personally, I never had fitted running shoes until last year, when I got outfitted for the 3-Day walk. What a difference that made! I won't ever put money into cheap shoes again! I paid about $85 for my Saucony Omni 4 shoes (they gave us a discount) and now have 3 Pairs. (in various stages of being worn.

Best investment I ever made.

Good luck!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006, 1:16 AM

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I have been running for years and I had on and off knee aches (one side only)
A Dr. told me I had runner's knee (breakdown of the cartilage). I take Glucosamine/ MSM combination ( can buy this at any grocery or drug store) and I have not had the pain in awhile. It never hurt while I was running, only afterwards and especially going up or down stairs. Everyone is different, but I believe that this helped me. Take care.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006, 7:39 AM

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OP, I hate to say it, but my experience is that you're right about the doctor's advice being a waste of a $25 copay. A lot of doctors will tell you, "rest, rest, rest" right up until the point you have muscle atrophy! A physical therapist can do you a LOT more good. It sounds as though you may need to strengthen the muscles crossing your knee, which means doing exercises specifically for that. A physical therapist would be able to show you how to do the exercises safely and give you a plan for increasing sets, etc.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006, 7:46 AM

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I love Saucony's to run in and to me they are worth the $110+. To me shoes that fit are always worth the money.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006, 8:39 AM

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Op here, I tried on a few pairs of shoes yesterday, Asics, Succony, Brooks, New Balance. I liked the Brooks best because they seemed to be made for wider feet, which feel better to me. At our running store there is a running Dr that comes on friday morning (free of charge). I think I may go see him and at the same time pick up some shoes.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006, 8:58 AM

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My favorite running shoes are Asics. And Kayano is the cushioniest shoe ever! A clerk in a running shoe store convinced me to try them (they were the most expensive pair in the store), but the minute I put them on I didn't want to take them off! I also read that the best time to buy sneakers is June/July, that's when this year's models come in and they older models go on sale (usually very insignificant changes like color).

Re: Doctor/physical therapy. The only sure way to know what's wrong with your knee is to get an MRI and run them by an orthopaedic surgeon. I had an MRI taken on both knees and they found couple of tears of ligaments. Docs said they were not significant enough to get a surgery (make sure you get a surgeon you trust, not ones that trying to put anyone under the knife for more profits). I take Glucosamine/Chondroitin and it really helps (I buy at Costco - it's the cheapest I have found in my area).

Since you get a similar dull pain in both of your knees, I don't think you need an MRI etc. (unless you have a history of some bad accident involving both knees). Goggle up some 'knee strength exercise's to strengthen your knees.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006, 10:11 AM

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I have similar knee aches. I've been taking glucosamine/chondroitin. I find that if I take it slowly and don't run every day (more like every other day) my knees don't ache as much. Last night I ran after running a long run on Sunday and my knees are definitely achey today when they normally aren't when I give myself more time in between runs. I've seen a Physical Therapist and he was very helpful. He gave me exercises to build the muscles of other parts of my legs and hips that help take the pressure off of my knees.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006, 10:54 AM

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To the OP,
I have wide feet, but narrow heels, New Balance shoes felt nice, but the Saucony ones fit me better... :-) (Narrower heel than the NB shoes, but extra wide...)

It's definitely important to try on a variety and to walk around in the store (or if they let you run on a treadmill in the store, you can do that.)

I think it's a good idea to go to see the doc at the store--he can probably help you get the shoes you need. :-)

Wednesday, April 12, 2006, 11:47 AM

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OP again. UGHH! Who would have thought buying a pair of running shoes would be so hard. I went to the store downtown this morning and they had me try on about 10 different shoes. I could only tell the difference in one shoe, which had a high arch, which I didn't like. All the other felt about the same. I took home NB 856 but I am still not sure I like them and better than my other NB. I will try them today, this is so frustrating!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006, 12:04 PM

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To the poster with the Saucony's...what model are they? I want to try something with a narrow heel.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006, 4:08 PM

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I would google something called "patello femoral pain syndrome". This is commonly called "runner's knee" I have had it for sometime.
I get this dull, aching pain behind the knee cap that gets worse when I'm sitting still for long periods but I am pain free during activity. I often feel like I have to stretch my legs/straighten them when sitting for long periods to relieve the pressure/discomfort.
I visited a sport med MD who diagnosed me and gave me some information. I learned exercises which are a combination of stretches and strengthing that target the muscles/ligaments around the knee cap(patella). He also suggested that I try some shoe arch inserts to give me support. I iced after activity for a while, and also took an NSAID (ie, ibuprofen, etc)for a bit.
Certain atributes can put you are risk for this condition such as over/under pronation, knee caps that don't track properly, flat feet, etc......
If the symptoms match what you are describing, I would suggest going to see a sport med doctor, someone other than a gp who would see this condition on a regular basis. all of the other suggestiong about shoes are great. Keep in mind that some people require othotic shoes to help some problems. If your knee is ever swollen/red/hot to the touch then this does indicate serious inflammation and you should seek medical attention and rest as prescribed!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006, 7:09 PM

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Op again. I made an appointment with a sports medicine dr tomorrow. I am hoping he will actually figure out what is going on and not just tell me to exercise less. I am young and should be able to run 3 times a week with no problem, in my opinion =)

Wednesday, April 12, 2006, 7:27 PM

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Hi I have the Saucony Omni 4. I really like them! ;-)

Also, I wasn't really used to the arches at first (never had shoes with such high arches before) But now that I've walked 500 miles in them, I wouldn't trade them! They keep my feet from being tired at the end of the day (and I have high arches, too!)

Shoes are a nightmare in general for me-- dress shoes tend to be Medium or narro widths (at least the cute ones) but I need Wide in the toe area and narrow heels. I've learned along the way that I won't buy shoes that aren't comfortable in the store!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006, 11:09 PM

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Thanks to whoever told me to see a doctor. I went today and he said I have fluid on my knee and scheduled an MRI for next week. I really didn't realize it was that bad. Hopefully the MRI will crear me to run again.

Thursday, April 13, 2006, 5:53 PM

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Keep us updated! I have similar problems and am curious what you find out.

Friday, April 14, 2006, 10:39 AM

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You must have injured your knee somehow! I was in a bike accident and had fluid on my knee for at least a month afterwards. I found that hiking actually strenghtened the muscles around the knee and helped it heal faster.

Glad to hear you got it checked out -- It's always better to be cautious in self-medicating for things such as knee and back pain-- those are vital parts of your body that offer support to your frame-- if you damage them and don't get the damage repaired, it could lead to future problems!

Hope you feel better!

Friday, April 14, 2006, 10:42 AM

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Op here. Just wanted to let the people who were going through the same thing know that after doing an MRI yesterday, the Dr. said he didn't see anything torn which is great. He did however, give me a Cho-Pat strap to use while running. It feels like it holds the knee cap up a little. I tried it out at lunch and it totally worked for me. I didn't have any knee pain. If any of you feel like yours might be the same thing, I would recommend the Cho-Pat strap.

Friday, April 21, 2006, 2:31 PM

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knee aches

I have a funny story about knees. I twisted my right terribly skiing, took a month off due to the severe pain but it would not abate. Every step at work or wherever was pain. Then one day I ran to catch the bus against my better judgement and tripped and landed right on the knee with excrutiating pain. I cursed myself until the next day when my knee felt better than it had for the past month and was back in shape in no time. I think there is certainly a knee track which can cause this, as I have remedied runners knee with a bicycle ride as well.

Saturday, April 21, 2007, 10:46 PM

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Minutes to run

I run every morning for the last 9 months. my knees started to feel bad. it hurts everytime i get up while seating. i am using a saucony shoes thou. i am new at this. i think it has something to do with the long minutes that i ran.

Please. can you give me a good estimate "time" on how many minutes for a day to day running.

i usually do 40 to 45 minutes non stop.


Wednesday, May 30, 2007, 9:26 AM

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008, 8:56 PM

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Hey Op- I have the EXACT same sore knee as you, exept that mine is only in my right knee. What type of cho-pat band didyour dr recommend. I want to get one, but there are 5-6 different kinds.... Thanks for you helpful information!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009, 4:05 PM

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