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What's wrong with me?!

Hey guys I'm new to this thread and was seeking some advice from anyone. I, for some reason, am not loosing weight. I go to the gym at least five to six times a week. I start with cardio and then I strength train. I do more weight lifting than cardio.

I eat good as well. I eat a late lunch and early dinner. I usually eat healthy food like tuna, rice and noodles. I may eat fast food twice a week. I seem to be gaining weight, and body mass even though i go to the gym.

I try and get muscular, but all my friends say I look bigger. Not fatter, just look like I don't go to the gym.

Whats wrong with me?!

Fri. Sep 17, 5:00pm

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Nothing is wrong with you! Your just figuring out what will work for your body.

IMO, exercise is great, but it isn't going to help you lose weight as much as eating the right number of calories for your body. Perhaps you are eating healthy foods, but if you are eating too much, then you are going to gain weight. I count my calories using I set my activity level as sedentary and add in my exercise to figure out how many calories I should eat a day.

Also, I warm up with cardio for 10 min before weights, do my weights, then finish with more cardio. Make sure you mix up your routine every 4 weeks.

Good luck. You will figure this out as you seem very motivated!!

Friday, September 17, 2010, 6:06 PM

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First of all, how long have you been working your plan? A week, 3 weeks, three months? Losing weight takes time, (even though it feels like you are working hard enough to lose faster, time just takes time.)

Second, the PP is right, you may be eating the right TYPES of foods, but portion control may be an issue. Try using a calorie counting site like myplate or fitday to see how your intake compares with your outgo. Be honest about your portion size - measure with a measuring cup or scale until you start to "get it."

Third, I see lots of carbs and a single protein source that may be loaded with added fat and unhealthy chemicals. Are you eating fresh veggies? Food from a variety of groups and in a variety of colors will make you feel fuller and less deprived, provide you with necessary nutrients, and give you the needed energy to get through the day.

Hope this helps! Stay strong!

Saturday, September 18, 2010, 8:41 PM

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1 out of 4 women over the age of thirty are gluten intolerant and don't know it. It's the reason for the fatigue etc and belly/arm/thigh weight that is really hard to lose. I went wheat and gluten free and in 6 weeks lost 14 pounds with NO exercise. I also stopped wanting to or needing to nap completely, stopped pooping "rocks" and felt 100% more energetic.
I know its not easy but once you completely and I mean completely ( no soysauce, fried foods etc) stop eating wheat or gluten for 6 mnths your system is cleansed of it, you feel 10000 times better and you will be lean and happy.
I would suggest doing a cleanse at the same time to help. My blog on gluten free and not nuts might help.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010, 5:35 PM

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