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My boyfriend proposed this weekend. We are planning a Fall 2007 wedding. We will be on a tight budget and would welcome any cost saving tips or tips in general!


Wed. Apr 19, 11:12am

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OMG!!!! Congratulations!!!!

Tight budget:
My friends that try to conserve money have had their wedding at a restaurant, with the person conducting the ceremony doing it right there. Usually restaurants have separate rooms and they usually have flowers, etc and they charge one flat fee which is KEY!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006, 11:16 AM

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CONGRATULATIONS!!! The money saving idea that we to vegas! LOL. We were married in Vegas and a lot of our friends and family came. It was a blast. And SO cheap compared to a traditional wedding. The whole trip probably cost $2000

Wednesday, April 19, 2006, 11:41 AM

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I'm working on a fall 2006 wedding (been engaged since last August). I can tell you - seriously - we wish we had planned a destination wedding somewhere. Go somewhere, to a beach, etc., for a long weekend and at the end of the weekend, the last night everyone's there, get married on the beach. Then send everyone home the next morning and stay for a bit longer for your honeymoon. The people you really care about will come, and you won't have to pay for your coworkers' dates, and other random people, who you've never met!

Additionally, see what you can do yourselves. For example, we bought a case of mini wine bottles (the kind with like 2 glasses in a bottle), at about $1 a bottle, from a liquor store, and a box of those name tag stickers, blank, and my sister made a "label" using a picture of a rose, and a text box over it with our names. Now we have personalized wine for every guest! If you took a little bit more time, you could print the guests' name on each bottle, with their table, and then it's their placecard too, if you're doing something sit-down, for $1 a guest!

Target has a surprisingly good selection of paper for things like programs, etc.

Unless you're very very social, consider having a very small wedding. We're inviting about 175, and honestly, I know that 80% of them, I really don't care if they share my wedding day with me or not. Think about who you really care about being there, rather than who you're going to offend if you don't invite them. It's your day, not theirs.

We have an opening in one of my groups, "Wedding Slimming" if you're interested!

Good luck!


Wednesday, April 19, 2006, 12:21 PM

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not really a money saving thing but something good to do in general

keep a notebook with everything from flowers to tux. Log everything in the notebook and use sheet protectors to put invoices, recipets, cards whatever. The more organized you are the less money you'll spend- that's been proven

Wednesday, April 19, 2006, 1:04 PM

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how to save money? elope! seriously. that's what i did. my husband and i wanted to buy a house at the same time. we had a housewarming party/wedding reception at our house after the wedding.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006, 1:16 PM

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I could give you LOTS of tips.

I had a big wedding (350 people), due to the number of people in hubby's family--(75 for HIS family alone) and the number of friends in my parent's community that had to be invited...

We did lots of things to cut costs... if you are truly in need of help, I could write a book-- I've been to over 40 weddings in about 14 years--and have seen the gamut--from spray cheese on club crackers in an unconditioned 10x10 room-- Not good in 100 degree/100% humidity August weather (Tacky and CHEAP--NOT recommended if you want any style what-so-ever!) , to a wedding of 500-600 people (just throw your bank account out the window!)...

Some ways to cut down the costs:

1) have a tea reception or a dessert reception. i.e. don't serve a full meal. However, you'll want to make sure not to have the reception during a meal time. Keep your eye on the costs, though, sometimes, it can be just as costly depending on what you order.

2) Flowers--depending on the time of year and the formality of the wedding, lots can be done here-- i.e. if it's a late spring / early summer wedding and an informal outdoor wedding, you could have friends bring bouquets of cut flowers from their garden and put into those in-expensive glass vases... (One friend went to Garage sales & estate sales and bought old tea pots and coffee pots and used them as vases for cut flowers from the garden.--very pretty AND cheap!)

At my wedding, my mom opted to create the centerpieces (I opted to stay as far away as possible on that day-- too much stress for the bride.) She had a friend whole-sale order the fresh flowers, candles, floral foam and trays. We must have saved at least $2000 on flowers alone!

For one event, I went to the local farmer's market and bought some flats of flowers (this was in spring) and then got some mini flower pots and just re-potted the flowers into the pot... Used them for centerpieces with some baby's breath. they looked very informal for a spring event.

3) Cakes - watch for places that charge a cake-cutting fee.. PER SLICE...
One friend opted for a "tower of cupcakes" - each frosted like little flowers--- very pretty and no cake cutting fee!

4) Timing: An "off night" such as a Friday or Sunday wedding is usually less expensive than a Saturday wedding. Planning around a holiday can sometimes be beneficial-- 1) the guests may already have time off, so more may come (as long as you give them ample notice) and 2) Some places have discounts on particular holidays because traffic may be low at that time of year.

If you're Christian, then having the wedding around the time of a high holiday like Easter or Christmastime means that the church is already decorated (and you don't have to get flowers for the ceremony).

5) Location: Restaurants may be cheaper than banquet halls. Ethnic restaurants tend to be of good value... Also if you want something more informal, how about an outdoor "picnic" type wedding or a BBQ vs. a sit-down formal wedding?

6) Consider having a friend make the cake as their gift. I was lucky, my sis-in-law was an awesome baker and she made me a beautiful cake! :-) It was probably worth at least $500... AND it tasted and looked great! Of course, you have to be absolutely sure that whoever is baking your cake is reliable!

7) if you want live music and have friends who are musicians--consider having them give the music as their gift...

8) Limit your bar (if you intend to have one) to beer and wine vs. premium liquor and close the bar down early. (i.e. at midnight instead of 1 a.m.) 2 good things come of this-- 1) it's cheaper, 2) less likelihood of friends over-indulging.

9) Instead of a limo, if you have a friend with a nice car (maybe a nice minivan, so that it's easier to get into and out of.) have them wash it up nice and shiny and decorate it and have them be your "chauffer" instead of renting a limo. Cheaper, and you don't have to worry about how long you have the car! (Make sure, however, they will be sober when driving!)

10) Consider creating your own wedding cards vs. ordering from a catalogue. These days, there are lots of ideas in scrapbooking magazines, rubber stamping, computer clip art, digital photos, etc. all you have to do is to make 1 original, scan it into the computer and print out on card stock. :-)

11) Make your own veil! Not all that difficult. A little hot glue, rhinestones and a pre-made netting and you're all set.

12) Save on a garter-- get a cheap garter, glue on some fancy ribbon (blue) and rhinestones, etc. You're all set!

13) Book your honeymoon way in advance (if you're doing a get-away trip or a cruise, etc.) Usually, there are discounts for booking early and cruise-lines will upgrade you if you book early.

14) Bridal Gowns-- Make sure that wherever you get your dress, the salon INCLUDES alterations. it's insane how much places will charge you to put on a button or to raise a hem! If you're going for a less formal wedding-- don't shop in the wedding salon, but look in you local department stores for a nice white dress or suit--they tend not to be as expensive. If you have a family member who is a seamstress, you could always get your dress made as well!

15) Tuxes - lots of tux rental shops give the groom a tux for free with a certain number of groomsmen. OR, one of my friends had her fiance Buy a tux--if you look for sales, sometimes they are not that expensive, ANd he'll have it for later! If you're doing something less formal--your fiance could buy a suit instead...

Do splurge a little on a good photographer--make sure you get someone reliable. If it's a friend who's shooting the wedding, make sure that they are responsible enough that they will shoot the photos you need. (and make sure that you are confident of the quality of photos they will be shooting!

I could go on and on... :-) but hope this helps!! :-)

Irissvb If you're in need of other ideas, just make a comment in my log. :-)

Wednesday, April 19, 2006, 4:23 PM

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Oops, I just noticed that you are planning a fall wedding... The flower ideas will still work-- just use fall flowers instead.. :-) (depending on how late in the fall!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006, 4:24 PM

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My fiance and I live in one location while our parents live 2 hours away. The majority of our family lives by our parents with only a few friends and limited family by us. Is it wrong if we decide to have it where we currently live? I know our parents would rather it be by them. But it would make things very difficult to plan. What are your thoughts?

Wednesday, April 19, 2006, 9:46 PM

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your wedding, not your parents. do what you want

Thursday, April 20, 2006, 12:07 AM

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The last poster is right. It's your wedding, your day, it's all about you. Don't try to please anyone else especially if it will make it more difficult for you. 2 hours away is nothing. The people who love you will come. Most people have many family members and friends flying in, so if a 2 hour drive is too much, oh well. You can also find some great dresses in consignment shops, I found mine there and it was stunning and only cost $350, in fact I turned around and sold it in a price war for $700, crazy huh? Another tip, small quiet hotels, they usually have great rooms and most are already decorated and its usually a flat fee.

Thursday, April 20, 2006, 1:46 AM

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