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Thanks once again the great Dr samura I am faith krotov I want to
share my testimony to every one here about what this great man did for
me I was married for more than six years now know child with this, my
heart has been trouble so I don’t know what to do. And I have gone
from one place to another still I did not found the solution of my
problem on till one day in my office when a friend of mine came for a
visit so I have been hiding this for every body not to share this
problem to any one so when I see the situation on ground now my
husband is about getting another woman, I try my best to share this
with a friend so she advise me to contact this great man for a spell
cast so I was not my self of telling her my problem so I ask her what
we it take me? She said it we not take much time just three days it we
be done then I look up and down were we I start from now? She insist
for me to try him the I ask her for his contact she gave me his number
and his email address his number +2347030410643 and here is the email
SAMURATELLERSPELL100@GMAIL.COM so I called him first before I email
him to know if his the write person so he cast the spell and am so
happy with my husband with two kids with this, the man is great and
his spell casting is real thanks to my friend may God almighty bless
you all from Nana hill

Wed. Mar 6, 6:05pm

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i thank God

I want to thank God & dr.obosi madu for all that he has been doing for me all these years. I'm thankful for all the time, money & effort you & the Spirits have put into my case. I will always be grateful. Sincerely, Sandra Aanchez...Brazil...dr.obosi madu could also be of help to you,you can contact him on his personal email address at his mobile number is +2348167408137.

Friday, March 08, 2013, 3:59 AM

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"I had my doubts about magic spells and I never think I would have dared to just hire any spell caster randomly. That's why I consulted Doctor Obosi Madu first. I mean, it is my life we are talking about! I can't just let any goof mess with my future. Long story short: Doctor Obosi Madu did his analysis and then told me what specific spell caster that would work BEST for me. For ME and my specific case. Well, he was correct and now, 4 weeks after I had the spell cast, my EX broke up with his girlfriend and came running. He BEGGED to come back to me! That's exactly as I wanted it to be ;)you could also contact Doctor Obosi Madu on +2348167408137" Elizabeth Achums California.

Friday, March 08, 2013, 4:02 AM

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Dr.Obosi Madu cast a Lover Spell for me back in February. And I'd like to thank you for it. My ex and I have been back together for a month now. And it's been even better than before. I think this time it's forever. We've been talking of moving in together, and maybe getting married in the future. Things between us are great. I thank you Doctor Obosi Madu for helping to bring him back to me. After our time apart, we've learnt to appreciate each other more, and not take anything for granted. Thank you. Doctor Obosi Madu after trying and falling through other spell casters and witch doctors i had lost hope , but i thank God for giving me the ability to find you to solve my problems i now can't imagine that my business is doing better than i thought and i will always live to praise you.he could also be of help to you and your him on +2348167408137... kwaraku Sandora South Africa.

Friday, March 08, 2013, 4:03 AM

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We tried many spell casters to help us sell our farm at a high price but for almost 7 months all the buyers were not meeting our price, then my husband came across Doctor Obosi Madu's post and we gave it a try and ordered a spell to attract customers to buy our farm, within 12 hours after he cast the spell on our behalf an investor from AUSTRALIA who lives in Cape town now contacted us and He paid twice the price we wanted for our farm, from that day Dr.Obosi Madu is part of our lives and presence is always in our lives.Why don't you contact Dr.Obosi Madu today,he could be of help to +2348167408137 julianna..South Africa Cape Town.

Friday, March 08, 2013, 4:03 AM

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I am Sarah Malik from Toronto Canada.I want to thank Dr.Obosi Madu for what he did for me for

bringing back my lover James back to me.James and I have been in a relationship for over 3 years

now and he have even engaged me to get married to me soon.Suddenly he started changing,he no

longer call me and he stopped visiting me for a very long time.I was feeling heart broken and i

needed to know what was wrong with James because i don't wanna loose him.I told a friend of

mine about James and she told me about Dr.Obosi Madu,that he is a strong and reliable man that

he has done so many good works for people.At first i didn't wanna believe her because i don't

believe most people in the internet.But i finally emailed Dr.Obosi Madu on

dr.obosimadusolutionmaster@yahoo .com and he immediately answered me and told me that all

my problems will be solved.He prepared something for me and sent it straight to me,he also gave

me directives on how i was gonna use the things he prepared for me fews days after i strated using

the things he sent for me,i was so surprised that James came back to me and apologised to

me.Right now as i send this post,i will be getting married by june 2013 and i am so happy.I want to

say a big thank you to Dr.Obosi Madu for all he did for me.I really appreciate.....You could contact

him on dr.obosimadusolutionmaster@yahoo .com or you can also call him +2348167408137.

Friday, March 08, 2013, 4:04 AM

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I am Christiana Damian from California USA. I want to thank dr.obosi madu for all he has done for me..few years ago i have been having series of problems in my marriage.My husband just suddenly turned to a beast and he beats me up on a regular basis.any time he beats me up i am always very surprised because he wasn't the one i used to know.i started noticing that things were going wrong in my marriage till finally my husband left me and the kids.i was so depressed that i have lost my marriage and my husband till i went to the internet to search for a good spell caster to help me bring back my husband.i saw so many comments about this particular Dr.Obosi Madu and how he has helped so many people.without fear or doubt i emailed him instantly on his personal email i explained everything to him,he asked me not to worry any more and promised to bring back my husband in safe hands to me...he prepared some things for me and sent it straight to me,i used it just the way i was directed and i tell you two days after,my husband came back home to me and the kids and he apologised for all he made us pass through...right now i feel like i am the most happiest woman on earth now because i have got my husband Dr.Obosi Madu on his personal email today could really be the solution to all your marital and relationship problems.his mobile number is +2348167408137.

Friday, March 08, 2013, 4:04 AM

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I am Justina from Australia.I want to thank God almighty and Dr.Obosi Madu for bringing so much joy to my life.Since i was divorced i have been on the internet dating site looking for a soul mate.I met one jonny who pretended he loved me so much little do i know that he was a scammer,he keeps on asking me to send him money all the time and in total i sent him $7500 till finally he opened up and told me he was a scammer.I was very heart broken because i have loved him so much..I couldn't just allow my money go like that so i came to the internet to search for a spell caster to help me get back my money and i came accross Dr.Obosi Madu's post and i saw alot of comment on the post of people thanking him for all he has done for them...with faith i decided to give him a try and i emailed him directly on explained all my problems to him and begged him to help me bring my money back...he said i shouldn't bother anymore that he is gonna help me get back my money...few days after we talked,i was so surprised to get a email from the scammer who scammed me $7500 telling me to send my account so that he could transfer my money back to me,i sent him the account and he immediately sent me back my money...Omg i am so happy i got back all those money,i was beginning to go bankrupt but all thanks to God almighty for sending Dr.Obosi Madu to help could contact dr.obosi madu on and his mobile number is +2348167408137.

Friday, March 08, 2013, 4:04 AM

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Hey, I'm your scammer and want to repay the interest on the money I scammed you out of. Please send your name, account numbers, and credit card numbers. I will really, really send you some more money.

What a crock.

Friday, March 08, 2013, 7:08 AM

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I know, I get such a kick out of this stuff.

Friday, March 08, 2013, 11:43 AM

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Dr olumba Brought Back my EX

Am now happy happy and happy, I believe Dr olumba now, After so many comments on how Dr Olumba helped alot of people got back their Ex, Jobs and properties, i contacted him and tell my story of how a lady broke my relationship, Been married for 8yrs and with 3kids, suddenly my Husband moved out and told me never to contact him again, i was so heart broken, depressed and sad, after all the story, Dr Olumba told me to put my mind at rest and told me that all my problems will be solved in 48hrs , i was still hoping until Dr called me again for my husbands picture and told me, i will have to get some items and i did all he asked me, on Sunday morning David came home by himself and knelt down to beg me, weeping bitterly and asked for forgiveness, i did forgive him and i told Dr olumba about everything and he said all he wants from me is to share the good news with the world so people out there , here is a prove that real casters are still online, for any kind of problems that need solutions, contact Dr Olumba : or cell number +2348169108089

Pamela (Canada)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013, 7:54 PM

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