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How to Cut Down Calories to Lose Weight

There is a simple equation that governs every weight loss regime; lose more calories than what you take. Now the question is how to determine the number of calories to lose weight?

Determining the Calorie Numbers
The number of calories to lose weight varies from person to person and the easiest way to determine that is to know the Basal Metabolic Rate. The Basal Metabolic Rate tells us the amount of calories needed to maintain our present weight without involving into any activity. The activity multiplier can then be used to determine the exact number of calories needed to maintain the current weight. Having this information we can now decide how much calories to consume and take.

According to an estimate, cutting down 3500 calories we can lose 1 lbs. of weight on average. But how low can we go down with cutting the calories to lose weight in a healthy manner. Experts say that it shouldn’t be more than 1200 calories per day because a lower calorie intake could result in decrease in iron level in the body which decreases the metabolic late. Now you certainly wouldn’t like that to happen.

According to a healthy diet plan you should reduce your daily calorie intake by 500 and another 500 should be expended by some sort of physical activity like sports or exercise. By working on this plan you are well on your way to lose 7000 calories per week which by calculation should result in to two pounds of weight loss. Yes you heard me right, that’s 2 pounds of weight loss in just a week.

Here are some suggestions to help you reduce your daily calories intake

Avoid Alcohol
A 5 ounce glass of light beer or wine can pack 100 calories easily. These calories can add up very fast and if consumed daily you are inviting 10 pounds of weight to your body every year.

Cut Your Carb
Carbs are necessary for your body but what I’m asking you is to cut it down to half. Eat half of the rice, bread or pasta, you would normally take. You can add some extra veggies to fill you up. Whole wheat grains are also a good choice. You’ll feel fuller because of the fiber inside them.

Use Salad for Lunch
Taking fresh salad is ideal if you want to cut down calories to lose weight. It contains both protein and fiber which are essential for a lean muscular body that you are after.
Spread your Meals

When you are looking to cut calories to lose weight, it is important not to go for a heavy meal. Spread your meals to every 3-4 hours so that you don’t feel hungry. A snack or meal every few hours would keep your hunger well in check.

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Sat. Jun 29, 4:58am

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Everyone is different and so everyone has a different kind of nutrition and diet requirements. But I diet plan mentioned above would work for everyone because is a complete meals.
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Thursday, July 04, 2013, 3:26 AM

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Cut your food portions in half. If you are not losing weight, you are still eating too much.

Saturday, July 27, 2013, 10:50 PM

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