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Need help please

I ate an entire bowl of pasta last night and I'm so mad. I did well all week. I know it ruined all of my efforts. I don't have the motivation to go to my gym. I'm feeling awful.

Sat. Aug 31, 8:27am

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It was a blip... you have NOT ruined your day.. pick yourself back up and get on track asap or you WILL ruin all your efforts..

Do not feel awful, look forward and continue your good work and and go and enjoy your gym workout.. You'll feel better for it.

Saturday, August 31, 2013, 2:46 PM

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what you had is what I call a slip.. the point is not to let that slip become a landslide..

a landslide is the when you have the mindset.. ok i ate a whole bowl of pasta.. the rest of my week is ruined might as well just not do anything..

not doing anything means losing motivation and that one little slip became a landslide of bad choices.. whether its bad food choices or not exercising.

what I do is called a U turn.. its just like going down the road.. you know you missed your turn do you drive endlessly going further away from your destination or do you do a uturn and get back on track to where your heading?

eating healthy and exercising are the same way.. were not perfect.. there will be slips, but the key is doing a u turn and not letting it become a landslide..

so get up off the couch and hit the gym.. promise yourself you will do 10 min.. i swear you will do more and your body will thank you for working out..

. anyway.. thats how i do things.. its worked and continues to do so..


Saturday, August 31, 2013, 3:00 PM

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