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Do people have a "right" to be supported forever?

I was at a party last night and heard something that made me need to vent, or I was gonna explode. I didn't say anything cause it wasn't my party but man I wanted to. This guy was moaning about how the gov't sucked and how we need more programs for the poor. Now I'm basically a social liberal/fiscal conservative. The puts me in and out of both parties. I'm for keeping social programs at the level where a person can survive but not pay forever. So I would cut some social programs (free cell phones comes to mind). I would also clean house at the top, cutting a lot of tax deductions (I chose to have 2 kids, so why should I get a deduction for my choice, I chose to buy a house so why should I get deduction for paying a mortgage, those were both my choices and I have no right to expect someone w/ no kids or that rents subsidize my decisions). Anyway, this guy was on permanent disability and has been for years. The guy runs for exercise, is reasonably intelligent, has a cell phone and home internet. He does nothing. I don't know what his disability was but he was obviously intelligent enough to get some type of job and was in good enough shape to run. Might not be the most desireable job, but I've worked plenty of undesirable low paying jobs in my time. Or he could do volunteer work. I've known lots of people on permanent disability that had more than enough capacity to do volunteer work. Heck, I've seen mentally challenged people doing volunteer work. Instead, this guy was bitchin and moaning about how there weren't enough gov't programs, yet he contributes nothing to society. I'm all for helping people, but if a person can't work a job (many, many, that are on disability could easily work at McDonalds (which I have)), would asking them to contribute to society by doing some volunteer work be too much to ask? Its true that some people are totally disabled (confined to a wheel chair, extremely low IQ, incredibly bad health), I'm not talking about them. But just because you can't work full or even part time doesn't mean you can't give back to society by volunteering.

OK, I've vented. Now I feel better.

Sat. Oct 19, 5:09pm

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No one says you have to take those deductions, but you probably do, don't you? And you probably do Because they're available...and you probably will, forever, as long as they're an option...

Monday, October 21, 2013, 6:49 AM

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You are right. I will continue to take whatever deductions the law allows. I want to be on an even footing as everyone else. I just want the footing to change. I believe cost savings in gov't spending need to come from all income ranges and all special interests. For me, thats the problem with the dems and repubs. One wants to cut costs by reducing only spending on lower incomes and the other wants to cut costs only by increasing taxes (which is the same as removing deductions) on higher incomes. I think we need both. I'm not rich, but I am solidly upper middle class (although you would never be able to tell by the way I am frugal w/ my spending). I have been seeing an investment advisor who is showing me ways to legally "hide" wealth (not pay taxes on income generated). There are so many ways for wealthier Americans to avoid paying taxes (again, I'm not wealthy, but I have enough to start using some of the legal means to avoid taxes). I'd like to see things at the bottom of the income scales as well. I'm glad to have support systems in place, but I worked at a grocery store for 10years and I have seen plenty of abuse. I also believe in giving back. If a person isn't able to find a job and isn't going to school, they should be doing volunteer work or something that gives back to society (yes, I realize some people are not functionally capable of this, but its a small percentage).

I would also cut huge amounts of special interests. I love ww kayaking. But I go to towns that spend 1-2 million dollars diverting water around dams to build ww kayak courses. Then maybe 200 people a year come kayak on them. Thats a waste. So is govt funding for the arts. I enjoy classical music, but if ticket prices can't sustain something, then its obviously something the people don't support.

Oh well, time to get off the soap box. I doubt there will ever be a political party that supports my ideas. They would never get any campaign contributions because they would tick off everyone from both ends of the spectrum.

Monday, October 21, 2013, 7:32 AM

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