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bridal shower gift suggestions

anyone have any that is cheap but a great gift for a bridal shower?

Mon. Jun 26, 7:08pm

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Check the bride's gift registry! Even a cheap item on the registry is appreciated.
I alway give the book linked below called Advice for a Happy Marriage : From Miss Dietz's Third-Grade Class. It is darling!
Also for the last shower I attended, I gave the bride magnets, 1 of a Boston Terrier, 1 of a Black Lab, to symbolize the "marriage" of her dog and his dog. The groom loved it too. Something personal like that is appreciated.


Monday, June 26, 2006, 7:17 PM

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I always thought gift registries were in such poor taste. Its sort of like, oh this is what I want so you can get it for me.
You must know these people get them something you think they would like or appreciate, just don't forget a gift receipt. Money is always good as well.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006, 1:38 AM

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As a soon-to-be bride, who had a shower in May, I whole-heartedly agree with the poster that suggested looking to the bridal registry. Find something on the registry that's unique and fun, if you don't like registries in general b/c they're so generic.

The idea of a bridal shower, traditionally, is to help a new bride set up a new household. That's really what they're for. The gifts aren't really supposed to be "fun" and "original." Traditionally, gifts are things like pots, pans, tupperware, silverware, etc. Very basic stuff. Now that people are marrying later, living together, etc., most have the basics already, but still, that's what a shower is really for.

Everything that I got for my shower was off of my bridal registry (or gift cards/checks) except for three items. Everything from my registry I love! One non-registry item was a very fancy serving plate from a very upscale brand (Kate Spade). I love the piece! It's probably more expensive than what I think it's worth, and that's why it wasn't on my registry, but still I love it!! Another was a handmade afghan that a friend's mom made for me. Again, I love it! The third was a set of dessert plates. They're cute, but, I registered for other ones that I like better, and still want. Unfortunately, these dessert plates will likely never be used. They were probably cheaper than the plates on my registry, but, there are plenty of items on my registry in the $20 range, and I would've been happy with any of those as well!

In short, if a bride wants something, it's probably on their bridal registry. And unless you have a special talent - i.e. making a homemade afghan - you're really best off sticking to the registry. Unless, maybe if the bride is your best friend in the world and you know her taste better than anyone. Then you can stray a little. But, don't get her, for example, a set of dessert plates with one pattern on them when she's already registered for a set with a different pattern. She doesn't need two sets, and she likes the ones she picked. Plus, if she's your BFF, you're probably not looking for a cheap gift.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006, 10:40 AM

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my cousin got married last year and i did not know what to get for her. so, since i am a chef, i gave her cooking lessons. she married a man from puerto rico and he loves beans-n-rice. so i taught her those basics and other staples, as well as a couple main courses. she and her husband were very grateful! think about your talents and maybe give them something of yourself.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006, 10:47 AM

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I've been to about 50 weddings in the past 15 years...I have loads of ideas.

Here is a good question though-- how "cheap" is "cheap"? $10, $25, $50? What's your budget?

Here are some ideas I use...

I, too, HATE shopping off of a registry-- I feel like it requires no thought from me. What I do, however, is to look at the style of items that they have and go with something similar in style.

Some of the things I like to give:
Crystal or glass bowls or serving plates, etc. for entertaining. Note: these don't really even have to be very expensive, but make sure you look at the brides' taste in things. If she likes conservative things, don't get her something ultra contemporary and vice versa. I find that crystal is usally a good choice (unless you know that the person is super casual) because if you get clear crystal fruit bowls, platters, etc. then it should match any type of decor. Mikasa often times is on sale and has both contemporary and more traditional lines.... You can also find some really great deals at someplace like Marshall's or TJ Maxx...

If you have other friends or are throwing the shower, I suggest gathering recipes from family and friends. This is a very unique and personal gift. You could either have the people email or hand write them and send them to you (maybe on an 8-1/2 x 11 sheet of paper). Then, put them into sleeve protectors and a pretty binder. It's personal, and the bride & groom will have something from family and friends for the future. Add some measuring spoons or a small mixing bowl...

Picnic basket - something romantic that the bride and groom might use, but might have never thought of. If they like to drink wine or beer, add their favorite beverage. You can buy pre-made baskets or make your own. :-) Add some napkins in her favorite color... Try someplace like TJ Maxx, Marshall's, Cost Plus World Market, etc....

Kitchen towels (i.e. the ones for drying dishes). You can never have enough of these! Look on her registry and find ones in a color that matches her linens if she hasn't registered for them. Add some measuring spoons or some spatulas and a mixing bowl. OR, get some plain white kitchen towels, buy some rubber stamps and fabric paint and make something unique for her.

Recipe books. I go to Barnes and Noble and Borders' books and scan their "discount" tables. Generally, there are a gazillion recipe books on sale! Find something in a cuisine that she likes. Add that to some small kitchen gadgets, or maybe the ingredients for a recipe, small platter, etc.

Find out if she has toasting glasses for her wedding. You can usually find nice simple ones and they don't have to be too pricey, either. Tie a nice bow around the stem, and include a mini bottle of champagne.

Something for her honeymoon--If she's going somewhere warm, get her some sunscreen and a nice body lotion or a scented candle or 2. For fun, I will oftentimes get some "temporary tatooes" and add them in the gift with the note that they are to wear only the tatooes on their honeymoon. ;-D Lacy underwear (panties) might also be nice, too-- just make sure you know her size. Body gels and fun little oils might also be fun (beware of the audience, though--don't get too racy if grandma and mom are there!) Another fun "food" for a honeymoon-- a bottle of hershey's syrup...especially if she is a chocoholic :-)

How about spices for a favorite recipe? I.e. if she likes fajitas, get her things to go with making fajitas? maybe with the small cast iron fajita pan as well? If she and hubby are coffee drinkers-- maybe go with a nicer quality coffee and his and her coffee mugs (or even one of those 2-serving coffee makers-- that make 2 cups of coffee in 2 of the insulated mugs)--I think you can get that for about $20-25...

BTW-- I disagree one of the replies about giving money-- Generally, I find that if I'm giving money, I need to be MORE generous. I also feel that it takes very little effort on my part. (for instance, 4 of our friends gave my hubby and me $40 at our wedding--we know that at the time, they were not overly wealthy, but $40 between 4 people seemed a bit on the chintzy side.) ON the other hand, if I buy something, I can get something on sale and pay 1/2 the price and get double the gift. (i.e. crystal--I've gotten $100 crystal for $30 depending on the sale.)

If your friend is a gardener, how about a nice house plant or packets of seeds and some small gardening tools? You could find a special pot, so that she thinks of you whenever she is watering the plant?

Tuesday, June 27, 2006, 1:56 PM

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soon-to-be bride again

I just read the 1:56pm poster's message, and I love her ideas!!! Anything that takes time/effort and is something that cannot be registered for, like the picnic basket filled with goodies, or the book of recipes, sounds awesome!! I would've loved to receive things like that!

I agree with the above poster on all points EXCEPT the underwear/Hershey's syrup thing. Give that at a bachelorette party, or if a group of friends throw a lingerie shower. Do not give gifts like that at a normal shower that includes family, coworkers, acquaintances, etc. It's not appropriate, and in addition to embarassing the bride-to-be and maybe some of her relatives, you'll also look like a shmuck who doesn't know what a shower is. Showers are formal/traditional - think High Tea. Cheesy, yes. But, that's what it is. Unless the theme specifically says something else.

I guess the summary of my post should've been - don't get her something that belongs on a registry but isn't on hers. If you're going to get her a platter or bowl,or linens, etc., get something from the registry. But if you're going to get something original, or homemade, then by all means, go that route!

I *think* my post was the only one that referred to giving money. It wasn't a suggestion for the OP to give; it's just, that's what I got from, like, older relatives who didn't go online to the registry and don't know me well enough to go shopping, and weren't coming to the shower anyway.

For everyone who's anti-registry, though, think about if you were going to have a wedding, and get 100 wedding gifts and 30 shower gifts. At the end, you could have a household filled with decor and kitchen items that you want, that you don't already have, and that match. Or, you could end up with 130 salad bowls, or half sets of many things that don't match, because people don't check the registry. What would you rather?

Tuesday, June 27, 2006, 2:43 PM

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gift ideas

The victoria secret semi annual sale is going on now. I use this time to get gifts for people. The lotions, soaps, etc are usually like 2 bucks a piece.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006, 2:47 PM

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Not for a bridal shower! Bridal showers are for household items! B-days, X-mas, etc., you can do lotions. But definitely NOT for a bridal shower! Get something that 1) stays in the kitchen or dining room (usually), and 2) something that you don't use up. Your friend should be able to keep it forever, not use it in the shower!

Just my opinion... We all received so much VS body lotion when we were like 14 for birthdays, etc., that, years later, we still have baskets full of it under the sink... Buy for yourself, but don't give the rest of us more lotion!!!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006, 10:41 AM

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1:56 poster here again.

To the Soon to be Bride--

Once I reread the post, yes, you are right about the Hershey's syrup...My bad... I was having so much fun thinking of things that I like to give that I went a little overboard with the syrup... :-)

When I was getting married almost 14 yrs ago, I had 350 people at my wedding and about 50 at my shower.... After opening about 47 gifts of dishes and corning wear (I have enough corning wear to serve 200 people), I was actually tickled to get some lingerie from a few of our guests... My sister bought me panties--no thongs or crazy crotchless bachelorette types, but some nice (modest) but pretty underwear. One of my parent's friends bought me a beautiful white teddy with a lacy jacket--again, not the too over-the-top bachelorette type, but someting that was very soft, pretty and bridal.

I didn't mean to suggest that the person attending get something that's kinky or raunchy, but something that's tasteful (and appropriate if grandma was there or if you have young kids there at the shower.)

I don't see anything wrong with getting something that's more modest, but still romantic. Of course, you need to know your bride as well-- if she's the type who only wears long flannel pajamas to bed, I wouldn't get her something that would embarrass her! ;-)

I totally agree when it comes to dishes, though. An Aunt, who was well meaning, ordered me an entire set (I'm talking 10 place settings) of Dansk stoneware. Because my hubby & I planned to entertain quite a bit, I had registered for 12 settings of Corelle, 12 of Mikasa and 12 of Sasaki (which I received.) Although I love her, she chose to give me a set that was none of the above. It was way heavier and bulkier than what I chose...

Long story short-- she had ordered it from the factory and there was NO WAY that I could send it back (my mom basically told me that my aunt would be very insulted if I did)! I've been married almost 14 years and used the set only once-- about 2 years after my wedding when my aunt came to visit. I still have the set, but it has not been used since..... So, in that regard, it was not good to buy something off the registry when it's a big item like dishes or other types of things like that. :-)

The other thing is that inevitably, you'll get duplicates off of your registry--even if it's all there plain as day. Obviously I had a big wedding, so that's partly why, but I ended up with 3 juicers and 5 crockpots. (Only 1 toaster, though!)

I do notice that many people will register for only "practical every day" items and not for some of the "luxury" items (such as crystal bowls for fruit or a nice serving platter). That's why I look at their registry for an idea of their taste and style before going off registry.... ;-)


By the way, yesterday I found the coolest gift! I was in a small shop and found some pewter measuring spoons with a heart motif. I'm planning to give that to my best friend along with the "family & friends" cookbook for her "surprise shower." (Her bridesmaids and I are going to surprise her and her hubby with a mini shower at her rehearsal dinner--she and her fiance are both doctors and they decided not to have a shower. However, the bridal party will be surprising them with some "honeymoon gifts" and other small shower gifts at their rehearsal dinner-- the cookbook is an idea I've used at other friends' showers, and is usually a great hit and a fun way to give the couple something more personal AND useful!) Again, this is a conservative friend--I'm going to get her some lingerie, but nothing that would embarrass her in front of family and friends!)

Wednesday, June 28, 2006, 12:05 PM

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My favorite was a spa gift certificate. LOVED it.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006, 12:07 PM

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Regarding Lotions

I suggest that if you are getting lotions or soaps, make that a part of a gift of towels, soap dish, etc. so that the bride also has something of permanence for her home, too.

When I give consumable gifts, its along with something that's more permanent. ;-)

Wednesday, June 28, 2006, 12:07 PM

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do you know where they are going for their honeymoon? if so, you could purchase a girt certificate for a restaurant or shop so they could enjoy a meal or buy some souveniers.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006, 4:29 PM

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two book ideas - one is a "cooking for two" cookbook that is fantastic. i'm sure you can find it a lot of places, but i got mine at william-sonoma. it has a lot of good recipes that total 2-4 servings each (instead of your traditional 8-12 in most cookbooks). in addition, it has things many new brides appreciate like "how to stock your pantry" and what, exactly, those cooking instructions really mean.

the other book is one i got at barnes & noble (or was it borders?) called "all about us." it's a small, hard-back, workbook with cute questions you and your significant can ask each other and fill in on the book. some questions are just silly, while others can be pretty deep. my husband and i learned a lot about each other.

Friday, June 30, 2006, 7:16 AM

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message center/junk drawer... Get a dry erase board with a cork board... some dry erase pens... a caddy that holds useful things like pens-tape- and a screwdriver set that goes all the way down to the teeny tiny screw size... Oh and stamps to help with all those thank you notes!

And if anyone would like a cheap version of a large size dry erase board... at home improvement stores they sell a really basic white showerboard with a very basic surface, this 4x8 sheet works really well as a dry erase board and only costs about $12. I held one up in my sons room with strips of industrial 1 1/2" wide velcro- that way when it gets really tattered we can peel it off and replace it with another sheet with minimal fuss.

Friday, June 30, 2006, 1:32 PM

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How about a cute handmade fifties style apron?

I noticed these really cute ones recently:

"Honey I'm Home", so cute!


Friday, March 04, 2011, 9:24 PM

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that is a pretty cute idea for a gift. Stylishly retro.


PS: good luck with the business!

Saturday, March 05, 2011, 7:14 AM

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