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a question for maintainers

hello. i'm a yo-yo dieter trying to stop the cycle. i've just come off a fab vacation where i didn't binge or anything but i ate more and exercised a little less than when i'm logging away like a geek. the scale's up a few pounds. so here's my question: how do you handle vacations? do you track your cals and exercise? does the scale go up for you, too? part of my yo-yo problem is that i used to throw in the towel if the scale went up... i'm trying to change my attitude. maybe describe your attitude? thanks for any advice/experience!

Sun. Jul 9, 9:18pm

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Giver yourself a week.

During vacations I try to relax a little, not be so strict with myself, but still watch portion sizing and try to get in a lot of functional exercise (walking, playing physical games, swim, whatever is involved in my vacation). When I get back, I promptly start to log again, exercise, drink a lot of water and give myself a few days to a week until I weigh in again, depending on how long the vacation was. Usually, it's a blip on the radar screen, if anything. You can put on a chunk of water weight easily on vacation, so don't stress too much if you get on the scale immediately afterward and see a number you don't like! Enjoy your down time and just start right back in.

Sunday, July 09, 2006, 10:56 PM

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I find time to exercise as much as possible on vacation and try and enjoy the local cuisine without overstuffing myself. Most of the places I visit I try and do the sightseeing on foot and plan to go places where you can be active - hiking, swimming, etc.

Recently I visited Mackinac Island, MI, and knew I'd be getting all my meals from restaurants and sampling fudge at every shop. To offset, I woke up each morning and did an 8-mile run around the island just to get started, and then in addition we went hiking, biking and walking everywhere we went.

Sunday, July 09, 2006, 11:23 PM

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I definitely give it a week at home, exercising and eating as usual, and getting plenty of water, before I assess to see if there's any actual damage. Usually, there really isn't. It'd be difficult to put on more than about a pound of real weight in a week on vacation. Water weight, however, is huge, b/c of additional salt you take in eating in restaurants all the time, and because traveling causes bloating as well, especially air travel.

Monday, July 10, 2006, 10:11 AM

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One thing that just sort of happened to me was that my definition of "vacation" changed. I used to go on vacation and sit around and nap and read all day on the beach, then go out to eat. That doesn't seem even vaguely interesting to me anymore. These days when I take a vacation it is built with activity as the central thing -- hiking, skiing, etc. -- and I'm more likely to lose a pound or two than to gain.

Monday, July 10, 2006, 11:09 AM

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I agree-- my weight went up quite drastically due to the bloat from eating at restaurants. I think it's especially noticable because when I'm at home I rarely salt my foods when cooking.. Restaurant foods tend to be excessively salty!

One secret, I try to limit my intake of pop (soda) when at a restaurant. Generally I will order water with a lemon instead. Occasionally, I will indulge in iced tea (non-sweetened) with a lemon. Not only does it save a few dollars, it's calories less consumed. I will drink alcoholic beverages upon occasion, but I limit that as well, because at $5-15 a drink that can add up to quite a hefty bill! :-)

I agree with the last poster about making my vacations center around something fairly active--be it hiking, visiting museum and walking in a big city, skiing, swimming, etc... :-) Just try to work in the exercise and it should help!

Another thing that's been hard for me to learn is to 1) push away the plate when I am FULL, not when it's empty... and 2) learning NOT to bring home left-overs. Many times, my hubby and I are trying new foods at a new location, so I try to be conscious of including veggies - Salad (with dressing on the side), steamed veggies (no cheese sauce), baked potato vs. fries, etc... :-) I think that really helps as well! :-)

Monday, July 10, 2006, 1:12 PM

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OP here. thanks guys. i am also at a place where i'm doing things on vacation - no lounging around on a beach chair here. i definitely need an attitude adjustment! it's good to hear how you all get right back to it when coming home.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006, 8:26 AM

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