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When writing your essay, focus on yourself, not on what you think educational institutions want to hear about who you are, what you want them to know about you.
Think about the qualities you would like to talk about free essay writer review.
Then think about how to present those qualities by answering the question.
Ideally, your essay should illustrate your strengths by example, not just state them.
A lot of good essays are essentially stories based on personal experience.
It is very important to make it lively and interesting to read.
The reader should have the thought, "I wish I'd met this person," or "She sounds like she'd be fun to learn and work with."
Very often applicants write about famous people, books, or events.
There's nothing wrong with that, as long as you take some original approach.
If not, it is advisable to write about something or someone less famous than Shakespeare or the Bible.
You can even write about going for a walk with your grandfather every Sunday, or about making dinner for a special friend.
Remember, there are no bad topics! The important thing is that your essay shows that you are a unique and interesting person.
Some topics should still be avoided, despite the originality of your vision.
You should not write about your sexual experiences, rape, incest, abortion, or mental illness.
If you choose to express your opinion about a political or social event, don't be categorical.
The reader should see that you also consider the opposite opinion and not be a detached theorist whose opinion is the only correct one.
If you are unsure of your objectivity, such topics are best avoided.
Although the questions are all directly or indirectly about you, the format is different.
So be careful to answer the question in the manner in which it was asked.
Also, the same essay may work for several universities, but you need to rework it a bit to accommodate the specifics of a particular institution.
This is especially true for essays that fall under the second group of "Why us?" topics.
After all, although you have chosen a biology major, one university suits you because it is close to the sea, and another because it is in the woods.
Undoubtedly, the essay should be your own work.
But this does not mean that you cannot discuss writing topics with your family and teachers or give them your drafts to check and consider their comments.
In fact, it's even advisable to do so. Many professional writers do this.
The main condition is that the essay should be yours, it should feel like you are the author, not someone two or three times older than you.
A standard application includes one or two essays of 500 to 650 words, and a few questions that also require answers.
Many students direct all their efforts to the larger essays, leaving the shorter ones without much attention.
In fact, the shorter questions are also important. After all, both small and large essays give the reader an understanding of who you are.
In most cases, an essay should be 250-650 words.
That's about 2-2.5 pages of typewritten text in 14-page, single-spaced font.
Try to stay within these limits.
Try to avoid the passive voice. Also, don't write conclusions or morals at the end, such as: "What I learned was...".
The essay is too short for that. You are not writing Aesop's fable.
Think about how to make it easy and fun to read, not just how to express yourself.

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