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moth ball/ and other odd odors

I have read the threads on spouses and odors. He does, and I have told him about what I smell. He is starting to believe me, and I want to get him to the doctor about it. Though at this time he is not happy about his doctor (and his treatment and lack of fixing his concerns) now, so do we go and hunt out a new doctor.
I tried to look it up online- remedies or what might be the cause of mothball/metalicky/rubber smell in either breath or pores and have not gotten very far. I know he won't go for herbs or un FDA tested pills as he is always calling it quakery; can't even get him to take vitamins. Anyone ever been helped by this or found a solution from this type of odor?
He used to smell like sausages, even when he had not eaten any.... I had gotten used to that- but this is worse.
I feel so bad because I don't want to hurt his feelings- just want to fix it. I have tried getting him to use Axe- and he uses mouthwash and such but the smell is still there, underlying... is it better to try the dentist first?
I will try to get him to use a tounge cleaner... we have one of those auto toothbrushes.

Fri. Sep 22, 10:43am

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yeah-he might just really need to see a dentist! does he floss? use a tongue scraper on the back of his tongue? if he hasn't been to the dentist in a while it may be plaque/food building up that is giving off the odor or a rotting tooth. if he goes to the dentist and that doesn't help-get him to the doctor's-he could have a serious medical condition!

be honest with him-you don't want to hurt his feelings, but you may have to in order to get him the care he needs. tell him you are worried about his health and that the smell of his breath could be a sign of something else.

Friday, September 22, 2006, 11:30 AM

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I have heard of people smelling like acetone (or sometimes alcohol) from ketosis or diabetic ketoacidosis, but never mothballs.

Still, if he is on a high-protein/no carb diet, that could be it.

Friday, September 22, 2006, 12:32 PM

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i read that bulimia can cause someone's breath to smell like mothballs-maybe he has some GI issues?

Friday, September 22, 2006, 12:37 PM

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He really should be checked for diabetes. Please check the accompanying link and see if that describes what you smell.

As was mentioned ealier, acid reflux is a biggie and, since it doesn't always come far enough up the throat for most people to feel it, many people don't realize they have it until it gets severe. The only way to really diagnose acid reflux in that case is to get scoped and look for signs of distress around the opening of the esophagus, but he can take a low dose of prilosec first thing the morning for a couple weeks and that will generally be enough to illustrate any symptoms. That's what my husband's doctor did and my husband has since been able to control it with diet and lifestyle changes.

The flossing/toungue scraping point is also a good one since a sign of peridontal disease is bad breath and a unpleasant taste in the mouth.

Is he on any medications? That can sure do it. It's also possible that he doesn't produce enough saliva. Does he smoke or chew? Not only do they cause your breath to smell of tobacco but they cause damage to your teeth, toungue and gums that cause bad breath and increases risk or peridontal disease.

Chronic sinus problems or respiratory issues can also cause bad breath. Does he have allergies or sinus issues?

My dad has kidney problems and you can always tell when they are acting up because he gets bad breath. It makes sense since his kidneys aren't filtering out all the waste, but it wasn't something we figured out right away. He got several 'talking to's' at work after which he would brush and gargle like crazy before he finally realized what was going on (unfortunately it took complete kidney failure and a long hospital stay to show that). According to his doctors this can be a sign of liver problems too.

Best wishes to your husband and you!


Friday, September 22, 2006, 2:27 PM

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Mothball smell

I surely understand what people are saying about the dreaded mothball smell leaching from out the nostrils and mouth.

You are not crazy.It does happen to people like me I can smell it when I breathe out and then back in. I have taken the drug "metformin" recently for diabetes. I have read that it may cause that smell. anyone else?

Thursday, June 04, 2009, 2:27 AM

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