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Recipe Organizing Software

I know there are many different software programs out there that can organize your recipes and even ones that have a “pantry” section so you know what food you have on hand. What I’m looking for, is one that tells you what recipes you can make based on what’s in your pantry. Has anyone seen one like this?

Tue. Oct 31, 5:31pm

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OP here, that is a great website - thank you! I can’t seem to find the pantry feature. Am I missing something?

Tuesday, October 31, 2006, 7:33 PM

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Does anyone else know of any other programs. Thanks!

Thursday, November 02, 2006, 3:45 PM

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Stop the SPAM. please.

Thursday, November 02, 2006, 3:47 PM

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How is this spam? I actually what to find a program like this!

Thursday, November 02, 2006, 3:58 PM

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I see no spam in this thread I think someone needs to look up definition of spam but anyway...

Years ago I used a program called...

Better Homes and Gardens Healthy Cooking Deluxe - I still have the program it's sitting right here in front of me I've just had issues installing it and I'm not sure if it's available anymore but here's the features....

-What's For Dinner: Here you can select recipes by ingredient, prep time, type of dish and several nutritional factors, like low fat and low cholesterol.

-Meal Planner: Organizes your meals by day or week. Keeps track of the total calories, and fat for all the recipes you've listed.

-Recipe Index: Choose recipes from the chapters in Healthy Cooking Deluxe collection then quickly sort the recipes by fat, calories or perp time. You can also access the recipes here that you enter in the My Recipes section.

-My Recipes: Enter in your own recipes here and categorize them to make your own custom cookbook. You can also edit the Healthy Cooking Deluxe recipes.

-Recipe Viewer: Get presentation ideas with full color recipe photos and find the nutritional analysis of each recipe. Save notes, and use the send button to get the recipe to the Shopping List, Meal Planner or the My Recipes section.

-Shopping List: Send recipes here and combine them into one list that is organized by grocery store section. You'll be ready to go!

-Video Techniques: Watch the experts at work! Video tips are associated with each recipe, and are also available alphabetically if you want to browse them all.

-About Cooking: Here, an invaluable encyclopedia on food and cooking is at your fingertips. From glossary to Cooking Charts.

I REALLY hope I can get this program to install - it was a really neat program when I used to use it!!!

Thursday, November 02, 2006, 4:18 PM

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I use Neat Receipts FOR EVERYTHING


I find it is better to scan them in and save them as images. I bought a neat receipts for my tax stuff, but the scanner is only a wand, so it is easy to leave hooked up to my laptop. it has text recognition and automatically adds my files to my database of recipes, receipts, phone numbers, etc. the software is pretty good and I am really impressed.



Thursday, November 02, 2006, 4:27 PM

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4:18, thank you SO much. I hope you get it installed!

Thursday, November 02, 2006, 4:28 PM

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Thank you Amanda911!

Thursday, November 02, 2006, 4:31 PM

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