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OT: Solution to negative campaigns

Sorry off topic, and I'd rather this not be about Republicans or Democrats because all sides are guilty. But after this horrible election time and months of dirty political ads I think I've thought of a solution to the current negative campaign trend.

Campaign television commericals should be banned. I mean we have rules that pharmaceutical companies must follow to air TV commericals. Hard liquor can't advertise and then there are rules for most other types of alcohol that must be followed why can't the FCC ban campaign commercials???

I mean they do no good. They don't tell you what they stand for or what they'll do, there just isn't time, but man 30 seconds is just enough time to get a quick jab at your political opponent. The candidates should have to go back to holding rallies, and heaven forbid should actually have to debate each other. That way we can research and find out their feelings and opinions on things without of 24/7 onslaught on my opponent did this, my opponent says I did this but actually HE did this, no I never did this my opponent did it... over and over and over.

I mean where I live the two senate candidates one has spent $12MM of his own personal funds on television advertising!!! That's just insane!
Can you tell it's almost election time, I'm so darn sick of these things.

Fri. Nov 3, 8:48am

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the flip side of the argument is that those $12million in funds goes out of his bank account and back into the economy.

Friday, November 03, 2006, 10:14 AM

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I saw an ad on cable TV last night here in NYC...the candidate was a Comptroller who apparently did something wrong (judging from the content of the ad, I guess he did favors for other politicians to get what he wanted). He acknowledged and apologized for his mistake...there was a bit more about his commitment to his consitituents, but it was just so damned refreshing to see a politician acknowledge his mistakes instead of making endless excuses for them. In a very different way, it was the best political ad I've seen since the very entertaining campaign for governor by Jesse the Body Ventura, where he was posed naked like The Thinker sculpture.

Friday, November 03, 2006, 11:35 AM

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I think this is a great idea - but it is based on an assumption that I think is incorrect --- that ppl will actually take the time to read about candidates/issues before voting. People don't do this - and that's why you see tons of ads (because they are cheaper than sending direct mail) - and why you see negative ads. Negative ads work - plain and simple. I've been involved in many campaigns and have seen this many times. Once you start running a negative ad - or a shocking ad - you'll see a change in the polls almost instantly.

Friday, November 03, 2006, 3:49 PM

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