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Lounge Community Board Tips for New Users:

Hi. Welcome to PT (I'm just a user, not an employee). Just thought I'd throw out some tips and FAQs for those of you who haven't done much of this before.

1 First off, there is a search engine at the top of this page which searches current and archived threads (topics). PeerTrainer has been up and running for going on two years now, and the posting is very frequent. In other words, if you have a question, or a topic you want discussed, chances are high it's been brought up before on this board. Type in a key word or two and see what you find. There is sooo much information here. If you have something to add or you feel the thread would be helpful for others, simply add to it. It will automatically show up top of the pile.

2 Vocabulary lesson. OT = "Off Topic". The person who authored this thread is telling readers before they open it, that it will not relate to fitness, diet, or weightloss. Rather, it's just been put up as an observation, opinion or invitation to discussion. OP = "Original Poster" This always refers to the person who wrote the thread to begin with. All posting here is anonymous, so often times people will refer to the "OP's question" or, if they make a second comment, the thread's author will usually indicate that they are the "OP". "Bump" means that someone didn't have anything to add to an older thread, but they thought it important enough to bring it back to the top of the page. Often their only comment will be "bump".

3. As OT discussion does take place here, sometimes there are, how shall we say, differences of opinion. Some people enjoy heated debate, but if you don't some thread are better skipped over. As far as I know, all out war has never broken out, and the site owners delete posts at there discretion. Doesn't happen tooo often, but it does happen (voice of experience here).

I've probably forgotten loads, so if any of you old timers have anything to add, crack on. Hope you have fun looking through all the old threads. If they're not helpful, they're at least entertaining.

Mon. Jan 1, 8:00am

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These are great, with the exception (and many other echo this) that I like to start new discussions and new threads. The search window doesn't always work, and sometimes I want to get answers that are new and fresh. After all, info gets old. So I start a new thread and don't be afraid to, even when the "use the search window" users shout at you. Do it anyway.

Monday, January 01, 2007, 1:37 PM

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Monday, November 23, 2020, 3:35 AM

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Saturday, November 28, 2020, 1:13 AM

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