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Any help with those? Mine are usually triggered due to heat/stress/lack of sleep
And it becomes too severe for me to concentrate on anything else..
any cures, remedies, precautions?

Mon. Oct 24, 12:59am

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I have them too

I'm currently struggling with the same problem. Mine have recently changed though, so I'm going through a slew of tests with my doctor to find the cause. I've read that they can be triggered my food a lot of the time. I've started to keep a journal. I log everything I ate, how I felt that day, any medicines/vitamins I took, when I went to bed, when I woke up, etc. I'm hoping I'll be able to find a pattern that way.

I've read that the main triggers for most people seem to be red wine, chocolate, caffeine, MSG, high nitrate foods (hot dogs, sausage), nuts, and smoked or pickled foods.

Monday, October 24, 2005, 6:08 AM

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Tracking helps

I have suffered from migraines since I was a child and I was diagnosed with migraines only last year but have finally gotten them under control. The biggest tip that I find contributed to helping me was tracking your foods and stresses. My doctor had me keep a "headache diary" for 6 weeks. Everything I ate, drink, felt a headache, symptoms, things I was doing, stress levels for the day, ANY & EVERYTHING I could think of. While it was a very daunting and time consuming activity my doctor was able to take it and build a medication regiment that has gotten my migraines under control. I used to get them 3 - 5 times a week and now I am getting them 3 - 5 times a year.

The best medication I am on now is Amitriptyline, which I take nightly at 30 mg doses; it helps with sleep and headaches. Since I have been on this I have barely had migraines. The other is Isometh, which I only take during a migraine occurrence but it makes me nauseous so there is anther pill for that, but it makes me dizzy and there is another pill for that, so I avoid taking it unless I absolutely cannot deal with the migraine. I would recommend talking to your doctor.

The other important aid was the food diary. Tracking what foods you ate right before you started getting symptoms will help a lot. I discovered that hot dogs & caffeine (in excess) were problematic is the amounts I was in taking. There are many websites that list foods that are triggers. You can google them.

Monday, October 24, 2005, 11:46 AM

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I also suffer from migraines-I had a major one just 5 weeks ago that lasted a full week. the doctor prescribed something (sadly, I don't remember the name) that did no good at all. The food journal is an excellent idea. I'm keeping track of what I've been eating this week as I have an appointment on Thursday with a new doctor for a physical, and I'm going to mention my migraines. My one weakness is peanut butter, but I am trying to just limit myself to a spoonful on my oatmeal in the mornings. I also know that exercise helps, but that's almost impossible when a migraine wakes me in the mornings!!!

Monday, October 24, 2005, 4:12 PM

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I had migraines for years and tried everything. I would get one and not be able to function for a few days. I would need complete quiet, sleep and darkness, sometimes I would get sick, dizzy and see double. They went away when I left my husband, imagine that. I was so stressed and miserable it was making my have migraines. I recently started getting a different kind of headache, my doc still isn't sure what they are. I have tried 4 different kinds of meds, none of which work. I have been tracking my food and everyday feelings for a while now and the only thing I can see is that I usually get them on days I eat dairy and don't get enough sleep. I will be having a scan done to make sure i'm ok. Hopefully they will just go away as well.

Monday, October 24, 2005, 4:35 PM

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You sound almost like me! I've had regular migraines (with aura) my whole life, but just recently have started getting a different kind of headache. My new ones occur every day. I am going on Friday for a full blood test and for an MRI to see if they can find the cause.

Isn't it stressful? I keep going online and getting myself all worked up over everything under the sun that I could possibly have. It's ridiculous. I hope they can just tell me what's causing it so that I can relax.

Good luck to you...I feel your pain.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005, 2:22 PM

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