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Quitting smoking. And eating like it is my job.

HELP. I was doing fine when the weather was warmer...and now with this cold blast I'M GOING CRAZY. I know all the tips and tricks etc ....I know to carry healthy snacks like carrot sticks etc. But its like my appetite never dies. what I'm really looking for is something that truly works to suppress ones appetite. and dont tell me water...because water isnt working for me anymore.I apologize...I'm cranky from the nicotine withdrawl and also I'm upset that I ate an entire box of cookies (AN ENTIRE BOX!!!!) Its been 4 days of binging basically...and I have gained 4 pounds. I know I can turn it around if I get myself together starting now, but I'm scared for my willpower and my waistline!! any survivors of smoking+dieting out there?

Sat. Apr 7, 11:34pm

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Quitting smoking

First of all, congratulations for quitting!! I too have quit and I know how much will power and stamina it takes. Even though you're feeling ravenously hungry now, you're doing an incredible thing for your health and your weight. I used Nicorette gum in the beginning to reduce cigarette cravings and hunger. For me, this was better than the patch because when I felt a craving I could DO SOMETHING. A few weeks in, I ran for a train and I suddenly felt like I had wings on my feet. I realized how all of the tar in my lungs had weighed me down and made me feel so much older than I really was. The best thing you can do for yourself is get moving. Your body will be better athletically now that you've stopped smoking, and the high you will start to get is even better than cigarettes. Again congrats, and I promise it will get easier.

Sunday, April 08, 2007, 2:04 AM

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Been there, done that. I quit smoking after 17 years and its been 8 years now. The thing that worked for me was keeping my hands and mouth busy at something else. I chewed a lot of gum and sugarfree suckers, I also took up biting my nails, another nasty habit that has proven to be harder to quit, for me anyway. For me it wasn't a craving for cigs that I wanted but something to do with my hands. I also took up crocheting, that definitely keeps my hands busy and my fingers out of my mouth, especially when I'm watching tv.
Good luck.

Sunday, April 08, 2007, 5:23 AM

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Another quitter here (but in such a good way) - I second the 'do something with your hands that takes concentration' advice. I hate to tell you to ignore your hunger pangs, but try to eat on a strict schedule and plan out every meal and snack for the next couple weeks and then follow your schedule. I know it's hard, but if you can make it a week or two - this WILL pass. Giving into cravings and urges just prolongs the agony and keeps you in that oral fixation zone.

I took up embroidery - got some gorgeous thread, found some unique patterns and made myself an embroidered demin jacket that still draws compliments. I never tried the gum, but it's certainly worth checking out as is the patch. Watching TV in the evening was the hardest cause that's when I used to smoke the most - so having something to keeps my hands and mind occupied during that time likely kept me from taking it up again.

You CAN do this!

Sunday, April 08, 2007, 1:25 PM

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If you are quitting smoking this has nothing to do with diet but also helps of course......................DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL!!!! They say to avoid coffee and sugar too as it seems to create cravings but alcohol lowers inhabition (sp) and you forget why you really have stopped or just dont care about it at that moment

Monday, April 09, 2007, 4:06 AM

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i put on about 10 pounds when i quit smoking 6 years ago. i was pretty upset about it at first, but then i thought that the extra weight is still not nearly as unhealthy as continuing to smoke!! i bought a bunch of 10 minute exercise tapes (denise austin) and when i was at home, i threw one in and took 10 minutes to do a segment every 1-2 hours. it made me feel like i was at least countering or stabilizing the weight gain. and i chewed a lot of trident. and i got my spring cleaning down before summer!! i cleaned out my storage unit, too. i don't think you can really control your desire to smoke yet, so recognize it as a desire and tell yourself it's okay to want things. then do something to distract yourself. i read that a reason one gains weight when quitting smoking is because one's lungs are not using as many calories (or as much energy, in other words) for breathing. yikes! in any case, i really wish you the best and hope to read a thread from you in a few weeks that says "i am still not smoking!!" !! good for you!

Monday, April 09, 2007, 8:46 AM

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