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Unhealthy trends on peertrainer

I have left 2 groups now due to members posting unhealthy goals/practices. I really like some of my groups/teams because of the support, connection, and good ideas. I'm struggling with whether or not peertrainer is shifting to be a site that promotes unhealthy weight loss and the idealization/glamorization of disordered eating. Is there any way for peertrainer to intervene with people who log unhealthy behaviors? I have a great deal of experience with eating disorders and have concern that if someone were to die from anorexia, that her parent or partner could look towards peertrainer as a responsible party. There must be some liability involved, despite any disclaimers.
Is anyone else frustrated with people posting about not eating, restricting calories beyond healthy limits, over exercising, binging/purging?

Sat. Jun 2, 4:26pm

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This is an interesting topic.

My first thought is to tell you to ignore the unhealthy people and do your own thing but if someone is posting about binging/purging/eating 80 calories a day, geez, I don't know...

Maybe PT should make it so a person could report a user to a PT doctor or something? For a good scolding? I haven't encountered anyone like that and if I did, I know I'd have a hard time keeping my mouth/fingers shut.

Saturday, June 02, 2007, 4:37 PM

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Interesting topic indeed

It is hard to say what is the right thing to do. At least people are being honest on this website, which is what they need to do in order to discover things about themselves. If they were perfect people they wouldn't need a site like this. I would try to encourage your fellow peeps to continue being honest and to not give up on doing things the right way and having healthy goals. However, you need support as well, and you may not feel comfortable with being supported by a person who may not be able to help themselves. I'm sure you didn't set out to join a website so you can support a lot of unhealthy people's emotional and/or destructive habits, so then it is the right thing to do to switch groups. I just wouldn't worry about the other people so much and keep the focus on you. Sometimes worrying about other people's problems can keep us from dealing with ourselves. That's happened to me before, and I'm sure it can't be good for fitness and diet related goals. You sound like a smart, caring, and passionate person with regard to this subject and I bet you'll turn it around and something positive will come out of it. Best of luck!

Saturday, June 02, 2007, 4:56 PM

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I think it's blossomed a lot with all of the People magazine coverage...not that I haven't had anorexic members in my groups before, but there is suddenly quite a proliferation of the "I'm 5'9" and 135 lbs, and I need to lose 20 lbs" type. Sometimes I wonder why they join a bunch of people who are 180-200 it to feel better about themselves in an at-least-I'm-not-THAT-fat way? And then there are the ones who puke if they eat more than 800 calories in a single day and sound suicidal if they don't lose at least 4 lbs a week. Another element that the media coverage has brought is an influx of teenagers - the last thing they need is to see that you can lose 15 lbs a month if you shove your fingers down your throat after dinner every day.

So yes, a flagging system of some sort would be welcome, whether it be for legal or ethical reasons.

Saturday, June 02, 2007, 5:15 PM

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Wow, so many angry anorexics on PT on a Saturday night...

Saturday, June 02, 2007, 9:43 PM

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I am so happy this topic has been brought up. I also recently left a group because of a member who ate SO very little it was ridiculous. In no way something like this can be sustainable, or long-term, or, last but not least healthy. When I pointed it out to the person, she, first, called me jealous (WHY would I ever be?!? Jealous of what?!?), and, second, she started attacking me on my own log, and personal problems I was having at that time. I left the group immediately.

Then, for all those people who comment something like 'mind your own business', well, you know, it doesn't really work that way. If someone in your group of four people is starving herself, for me there's just no way staying in the same group. Yet, why should I be the one leaving? Especially if the rest of the group have similar goals to mine, and even the group is called, let's say, 'healthy eaters', or, I don't know, making it up now, 'long-term goals' or whatever.

Being 200 pounds is extremely unhealthy, same as is keeping oneself on 200ccal a day.

I would welcome a flagging system.

Saturday, June 02, 2007, 10:02 PM

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Yes, I am glad that this was posted because I (who needs to lose about 30 lbs) have noticed that people who don't really need to lose weight will post questions and I never know what to say. They ask if it makes sense to eat only 800 c. and of course it does not but I thinbk that it is wrong for me to tell them what to do. I don't think that PT staff will intervene at all in such a circumstance. they are trying to make money so they only intervene if a post threatens their money making potential -- like calling out spam

Saturday, June 02, 2007, 10:48 PM

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I don't really understand what the people who want a flagging system intend for it to do. I share the feeling that there are some people doing very self-destructive things, but while it's not too hard to add a button to flag something, I don't see any realistic action that the site operator can take other than to send some kind of form email to the person, or exclude them from the site. I guess I've been fortunate to not have any seriously disturbed people show up actively in my groups. Maybe something about the group profiles discourages them from joining.

Saturday, June 02, 2007, 10:59 PM

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I used to come to the community lounge to read about interesting and supportive topics with a few soap opera-like items thrown in. Now it seems that in every potentially helpful dialogue like this one, there are at least one or more really nasty and immature responses, like the mind your own business one posted before. It is quite a turn off. I wish that PT could turn these threads that contain a nasty attack on another person into another color. Then we could choose whether to read it or not without interfering in someone's ability to rant.

As for a disturbing or even unhealthy person posting in your group, I just leave those kinds of groups. I am here for my own benefit and really only feel I can help other people whose goals are similar to mine. I'm not qualified to judge another's behavior, but I certainly don't have to expose myself to it. However, I feel quite strongly that if I see some kind of behavior I don't agree with, I don't attack the person... maybe I'm a chicken, but I usually just ignore poor behavior and try to encourage behavior I think it positive. Sometimes I might say that I am concerned that a certain behavior is not healthy and give my opinion why (ie, low caloric intake and metabolic rate). But if things don't get better, I am very grateful that we can come and go as we like.

Saturday, June 02, 2007, 11:32 PM

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Wow, if this thread is anything to go by, the ED crowd is really just a bunch of teenage crackheads.

Eating 600 calories worth of Slimfast every day to become 30 lbs underweight because 10 lbs underweight isn't thin enough is a SICKNESS, not an improvement.

Now go sleep off your chemically-induced tempers and remember to eat a real breakfast in the morning, but without the syrup of ipecac chaser.

Saturday, June 02, 2007, 11:50 PM

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love the post-so so funny

Sunday, June 03, 2007, 4:48 AM

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