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Embarassing sweating

Ok, so, Im 5 2" and weight 163. Im muscley but im slightly overweight. The issue is that I sweat in between my legs! Like, when I wear a dress, I literally put deoderant on the upper inner thighs bc it eventually smells like BO.

Does anyone else have this problem? I swear, it makes me feel fat just thinking about it.

Thu. Jun 28, 3:57am

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i don't have quite that problem, but i'm the same as you only 5'4" and i SWEAT. my biggest problem area is under my breasts. i get these wet spots where my shirt touches my skin just beneath my bra. so embarassing!

Thursday, June 28, 2007, 10:35 AM

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FYI, not to be shocking here, but if this stuff REALY bugs you, you can get botox injections to the skin in these areas (it is a proven perspiration solution, not just wrinkles!). I have a friend who gets this in his arm pits. His health insurance even covers it because it was causing him so much embarrassment (at work, giving presentations, etc.)

Thursday, June 28, 2007, 12:47 PM

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there is also RX grade deodorant-stuff works like a charm. I sweat, like you, in between my legs and my boobs-drives me nuts.

Thursday, June 28, 2007, 12:57 PM

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If you rather not go the Botox route go to your doctor and ask for a prescription for Drysol - it's this stuff that literally will stop the sweating practically overnight. I use to use it in my armpits when I was a teenager because I would sweat through my clothes (gross and embarassing). When you do ask your doctor for it make sure you request it in the Dab-O-Matic form since it's easier to apply. This should take care of it.

Sunday, August 26, 2007, 1:03 AM

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sweating is natural and essential. i wipe down with apple cider vinegar in between my legs after a shower (it totally neutralizes odor, but doesn't stink like vinegar), and halps to balance the ph levels. i also wear deodorant mini-pads on especially hot days. try to pinpoint if certain foods cause you to sweat more, or particular materials or specific clothes, even. and, obviously, then try to avoid the triggers. i have some bad days, but i think if you try to contain the sweating by using antiperspirants, your going to have to sweat the sweat out somewhere else..also check out the symptoms for hyperhidrosis, which is a sweating "condition" linked to some disorders.

Sunday, August 26, 2007, 11:17 AM

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I'm not overweight and I sweat between my legs, too! I hate it! I swear I had crotch envy a few weeks ago as the sweat seeped through my shorts at an outdoor event and I'm looking at all these other women and girls with nary a trace of sweat! It was 102 degrees - how do they do it?? I don't mind it at the gym - it's all part of the territory in my mind, but when I'm just out running around (or worse, not running around - just standing there! ugh.)

Sunday, August 26, 2007, 12:47 PM

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excessive sweating

I just found a website that offers a tea that is suppose to help with excessive sweating. I have the same issue with sweating between my legs and odor even though I shower regularly. Hope this helps. I will be purchasing the tea myself. I hope it works. good luck

Sunday, July 05, 2009, 11:13 PM

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I know how you feel. I'm pear shaped and most of my weight is in my thighs and hips. Even when I was a svelte 122 pounds I had issues wearing a dress. Nowadays at 137 I just don't bother with dresses - or if I must, I have to wear shorts underneath. I've used Certain-Dri under my arms which works similar to the prescription strength stuff but can be bought over the counter (its applied the night before.) Never thought to try it on my legs.

Sunday, July 05, 2009, 11:48 PM

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I sweat a lot when I'm working out, and it can be embarrassing to sweat between my legs at the gym because it can look like I peed myself!

I've found that wearing black will hide the sweat stains, so I usually wear black shorts or yoga pants when I'm working out.

Monday, July 06, 2009, 11:21 AM

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very embarassing

Im a female that 5'6 an weigh 160lbs. i also have a problem with sweating between my legs. i cant wear thin pants in the summer because it literally look like i peed on myself. im constantly check myself to see if i have any wet spot. how embarassing. for the smell i have been using vinegar down there for the pasr 4yrs and it really works.

Sunday, August 29, 2010, 2:01 PM

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Me too

Hi everybody. I have the same problem : I am sweating between my legs ! It is very embarassing because I have to buy new trausers every few months. Because of the sweating they get wet between the legs and when I am walking after 2-3 days my trausers already have a big hole beween the legs. So I have to buy cheap trausers and jeans because I know that soon they will be with a big hole between the legs. Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

Sunday, September 11, 2011, 6:44 PM

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Listerine 2x a day stops the odor from occuring. try the original brownish one or coolmint. You can try other flavors, but these work! Apply after your shower with a cotton ball and again before you go to sleep. Nothing else needed. It's a life saver!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012, 5:17 PM

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Sunday, December 06, 2020, 12:46 AM

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Friday, January 01, 2021, 11:45 PM

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