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Sleeping through breakfast?

I know that eating breakfast is very important, and I eat it every day. The problem is that once or twice a week, when I have a day off, I will sleep til 12 or 1 PM! I am somewhat sleep deprived and I use my days off to catch up on sleep.

Now, I'm not asking for advice about my sleep habits. What my problem is that when I eat "breakfast" on my days off is more like lunch time! I eat dinner at the same time as usual, and go to bed at my usual time. So should I still eat three meals and get in my normal amount of calories? I usually just have two meals and end up with about 800-900 calories instead of my usual 1200-1300. Is this really bad for me? What should I do? Again, I'm not really interested in getting up earlier but I want to know what to do with a shortened day.

Fri. Jul 13, 8:46pm

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I'd say - nothing. Just forget that missed meal, and eat as usual that day. I've worked nights and know how it feels For myself though, I remember I was still having all that day's calories for lunch and dinner (so no calorie saving/undereating). Although I was waitressing and always hungry.

Another thought: on the nights when you work, don't you have another meal (big or small, or even a big snack) at some point late in the evening or at night? If yes, then that 'replaces' your missed meal in the morning.

Friday, July 13, 2007, 9:49 PM

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I do the same thing quite often. Usually I just have a small 100 cal breakfast like yogurt and then in a few hours have lunch and then dinner. But my usual calorie allotment for the day is 850.
If your usual is 1200-1300 then I don't see where a day or two of 900 would hurt.
I will add though that I wouldn't go below 850. My Dr has ok'd my calorie amount but stressed not to go below 850 because damage is done if you do and the necessity of taking a daily multi vitamin.
Hope that helps

Friday, July 13, 2007, 9:51 PM

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OP here

Thanks for the advice! 9:49, even when I work late I don't eat past 8pm. The latest I work is 12pm but what's more typical is 11pm. But I know that eating close to bedtime Is bad for you so I have dinner around 7:30, and that's it even if my stomach growls!

Saturday, July 14, 2007, 1:14 PM

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