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iv been trying to lose weight for so long now but it seems that every time i try i just fail because someone makes a harsh comment about my size and i go on some week long comfort eat, iv began to ignor these harsh coment but just end up eating out of boredom now, wat should i do iv taken up a lot of hobbies and still cant seem to stop eating, recently iv put on more weight and that got me feeling really down so i ate more and gained even more weight, please help!

Sun. Oct 14, 5:29pm

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make a list of why you want to lose weight.. more confidence, to look sexier, to be able to buy beautiful clothes..

set a goal.. I try for five pounds at a time..

if your emotionally eating write down what your feeling when you binge. if your eating out of boredom.. try going for a walk.. do a dvd workout.. start moving even if its just 15 minutes at a time.. start slow and work up to longer exercise periods.

try sitting down and eating.. eat at the table.. slow down.. your not rushing to a fire.. enjoy your food.

another thing I find that helps me is planning my meals..

LOG LOG LOG.. if you log honestly every bite you put in your mouth it makes you think twice before eating something because you know you have to log it.

drink water.. its good to help you feel full. its good for your body and weight loss.

eating more because of how your feeling is not the answer.. it wont get you anywhere.. listen to your body and eat when your hungry.. try eating something every three hours.. that way you will be getting something frequent and you wont be tempted to binge..

keep fruit and veg cut up and easy to grab..

watch your portions.. eat on smaller plates

dont deny yourself something .. if you want something have it, but only a small bit..

I follow a three bite rule on desserts. after three bites its mindless eating to me..

keep BAD foods or problem foods for you out of the house.. if its not there you cant binge on it.

take the list you made for why you want to lose weight with you. keep it where you can get to it when your tempted to binge.. think to yourself.. NOTHING taste as good as being thin feels.

if you have old pictures where you were thinner maybe dig one out for inspiration if not cut out a pic of somoene you want to strive to look like body wise.

set realistic goals.. small steps= big goals.

never give up.. its a long battle to our goals, but your worth the effort..

picture yourself thinner and how that will feel. the clothes you can wear.. the people you can walk by with pride that use to make the nasty comments.. use all that to keep you going.

take things slow.. this isnt a race .. dont set a unrealistic timetable when you want to lose weight by.. that leaves you disappointed..

remember the scale is just a tool.. its not the only means to track your progress.
take your measurments..

make today the beginning of a new lifestyle change.. its NOT a diet its a way of life...

these will be chnages you will incorporate into your daily life forever.

if you can dream it.. you can achieve it.

keep believing in yourself..

you can do this.. best of luck..

keep us updated how you go..

Sunday, October 14, 2007, 7:13 PM

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I have found one of the most important things in this journey is possitive self talk. I used to sabotage myself just by what I would say to myself. I'll never get there, I'm not worth it, no one cares anyway......
I too have fought the problem of going out walking for instance. Maybe I have lost 50 pounds or something and I am beginning to feel good about myself or just starting but making an effort to do what is good for my body and then I go out and walk or shopping or whatever and inevitably someone makes a rude comment and it cuts you like a knife. So in order to heal what do you do, eat.
But it is self defeating.
So it is good that you are learning to ignore or realize that there is always someone out there to try and cut you down but you don't have to take it as a flaw of yours. It is a flaw in them.
I don't know what to tell you to fix this.
Hobbies are good, exercise is good. But ultimately it is the change in behavior that matters. Sometimes it takes a while and you just have to make yourself not eat the high calorie or negative foods. It is hard. But you can do it.
Believe me I understand. I have lost over 100 pounds so far and I am no where near my goal. It is a day by day battle but it is worth it.
The other thing that I have found is that after a month or so of changing what you eat you don't want all the fat filled foods or sugary foods as much and the desire for it keeps decreasing.

Good luck and I hope others will have some good ideas for you too.

Sunday, October 14, 2007, 7:30 PM

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7:30 here again.
I wish I had seen the previous poster 7:13. I would have just agreed with their thoughts. Every point was hit.
Print out what was written and think about it. I have done and do most of those things but didn't even think about it.
Good job 7:13

Sunday, October 14, 2007, 7:34 PM

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7:13 you are awesome! Yeah, OP, what SHE said.

The only thing I would add is to avoid sugar completely for the first week at least. Even if you can't get yourself to make any other changes to your diet and exercise. Longer if you can manage.

Once you get going, on the days that you are most stressed or miserable, ease up and eat till you're pretty much full (but still no sugar). Hard to be miserable AND hungry. But on days where you're feeling good, crank up your efforts.

Proper nutrition, caloric reduction and exercise are "jump in where you are" types of things. Regardless of whether you ate clean and exercised, or sat around the house and ate Twinkies yesterday (or this morning, or 5 minutes ago). It's what you are going to do right now that matters.

Sunday, October 14, 2007, 7:47 PM

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thanks 7:30...7:13 here I have lost almost 200 pounds.. 165 I have maintained for over 6 six years its a everyday battle but its getting easier.. Im 40 pounds now from goal and its not any easier to lose it..
7:30 is right once you eat healthy your body will love it and wont want the sugar and processed Crap as I call it lol
I also agree with postive talk.. dont berate yourself for a bad choice. just make the next thing be a healthy choice.. were human we all make mistakes.

baby steps.. you can do this.. let me know if you need any more help if you want to check out my foods and thoughts .. username is lynneta

Sunday, October 14, 2007, 7:49 PM

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Hey 7:34 poster! Are you kidding me? What you wrote was VERY valuable. I for one am glad you didn't see 7:13 before posting. 100 pound weightloss is so inspirational!

Sunday, October 14, 2007, 7:56 PM

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7:13 here .. 7:30 I know how hard it is to lose that much weight.. congrats!!! I agree with the poster that said your advice was right on and your a inspiration for the op to keep going! I am sure you will hit your goall.. you have the determination and drive.. I wish you continued success on your journey!

to the OP.. you can do this.. we all backing you.. your not alone.. use your groups for support.. ask for advice.. get involved it all helps..

but most of all never quit and keep believing in Yourself!

you are worth this.. we all are!

Sunday, October 14, 2007, 8:21 PM

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Hi All,

I have just started my weight loss..I am a female and weighs 170 pounds..I want ot reduce as much as i can..I am so down in my emotions..tht i lack strength totally...i want to do it for the sake of my bf whom i love more than myself..please let me know how to start off this...i have avoided sugar and other calorie food stuff for almost one month now..please help me..

Monday, October 15, 2007, 12:25 AM

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7:13.. here again.. here are some things that helped me lose the 188 pounds and I use now for life..


eat on smaller plates
pour salad dressing to the side.. dip your fork in it than spear your greens ..less dressing is used
keep fresh cut veggies in the fridge so its easy to grab. baby carrots, celery hearts, cukes sliced, brocolli
use salsa and spices to season things or kick up the taste a bit.
keep fresh fruit. like grapes something you can just grab thats heathy
laughing cow light.. lower in calories than most dips.
use only skim milk. trust me your taste buds will adjust to it.
make smoothies when baking so your not tempted to eat your baked goods you made for others.
use only wheat bread.
experiemnet with other flours and grains. I have found gram flour good for coating cihicken.
fry light or pam.. less fat
use eggplant slices in place of pasta in lasagna
or zuchini.
put your fork down between bites
drink a glass of water about 10 minutes before you eat. will feel fuller and eat less.
start a three bite rule on desserts. after that three bites its mindlessly eating for me. saves calories and no guilt about trying a dessert.
eat popcorn with no butter or salt. you will adjust to the taste of natural popcorn instead of smothered in butter and salt.
if you eat out take part home with you. portions served today are huge. we dont need to eat the whole thing in one sitting.
freeze low cal fresh juices in icecubes so you can have them in your drinks without watering your drinks down.
search recipes.. get creative. I found out brownies can be made without flour. not a lowfat dessert, but something I occassionally will have .
explain to everyone arround you what you are doing so they can be supportive and not try to derail your efforts.
get off your bums and move.. no excuses. at least thats what I tell myself.
make a commitment to go to the gym or walk three times a week
do 30 minutes everyday of some sort of exercise for a month. after that month it will be a habit.

these have helped me lose alot of weight. hope that helps.. most of al keep believing in yourself

if I can help in any way..


Monday, October 15, 2007, 1:40 AM

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7:30 here again.
Thanks for your comments everyone. It is so helpful to be encouraged by people who understand.

A couple of things I would add or reiterate.
For salad dressings I do two things. I use salad spritzers first to flavor the lettuce. Then I have a dressing that will blend well with it. For instance cesear dressing and a cesear spritzer. But I use only a Tablespoon of the dressing (full fat) and then add 1 or 2 Tablespoons of fat free sour cream and 1 Tablespoon of lemon juice. Mix it all together and it is a great tasting dressing for aprox 75 cal. I have never had to use more, even on big salads. I also will dip my fork into it. That way you get the taste of the vegetable and a little dressing. It is good.

The using a smaller plate really does work. Even though you know that you are. You have a full plate you feel like you are getting more and in no time your stomach adjusts to having smaller portions and sometimes I can't even finish that.

Weigh your food. Especially meat. You think you can eyeball it but it is hard. And even an ounce makes a difference.
Also when you buy something pre packaged they say it is a certain weight but they lie. Especially if you have bread or rolls. I have had up to 30 cal more than what the package says a roll is.
When I eat rolls of any kind, hamburger, hot dog, sandwich rolls..... I scoop out as much of the middle of it as I can. All I want is the textrue of the crusty part and something to hold what is inside. It has saved up to half of the calories.
Also if using a hamburger bun, buy smaller ones. You won't miss it and flavor is the same.

I love the I can't believe it's not butter spray. I use it for butter in everything. Or rather on everything. I have cooked in it but something like pam works better.

Oh, I love to eat mexican food. Tacos and enchiladas and fajitas, all that kind of stuff. I always make my own filling with chicken breast. If you have to have ground then I dice it and put it in a food processor and let it go for a minute or so. Only do up to 2 breasts at a time. Otherwise it will still be chunky and hard on your machine. I tried the hand grinders, save your money they are SO messy. Work great but not worth it.
So I buy the pkg of boneless skinnless chicken breast and do up a familiy pack or two at a time and then vacuum seal them in single size portions and freeze them flat. They thaw out really fast that way too.
Also when I make my fillings for anything like the mexican food or lasagna or spagetti... I use a LITTLE meat. (I once made 20 enchiladas with the chicken from one breast.) I add veggies. Diced onion, celery, carrot and zucchini. It is very low in calorie and you don't miss the meat. Also you can add mushrooms and bell peppers.
Sprinkle a tiny bit of cheese if you have to.
Use fat free sour cream. It is really good. Either Tillamook or Naturally yours are my favorites.

Guacamole. Yum. I use either store bought or an avacado.
With the store bought I use 2 Tbs of guacamole, 2 Tbs fat free sour cream, a squirt of lime juice, a dash of garlic powder, a touch of salt and pepper and 1 large or 2 small diced tomatoes and 2 Tbs of fine diced onion.
Now with all of that it makes enough for 4 people at my house and about 140 cal for all of it. Using a whole avacado will be higher calories.
If you have left overs cover the surface of the guacamole with plastic wrap. Then it won't turn brown.

I understand the wanting to lose weight for someone else. But I have to say, for myself it has never worked. I always gained back what I lost. And it was a huge struggle all the way through.
This time I am doing it for me. Because I want to be able to do things and experience life. I want to be healthier. This time there has been very little time that it has been hard. I don't mean I don't get discouraged if the numbers aren't what was expected. I am still working on that. But I am enjoying the foods and most of the time I don't feel deprived. I give myself 1 day a month as a free day and I can have what I want most. In the beginning it was ice cream and such. Now it is usually kfc.But even on those days I don't go crazy with it. I just don't have the desire for the food like I did. It's been a little over 6 months and I have lost 123 pounds. And I don't feel like it was hard. Some days but not over all.

Another thing is finding what foods you love and make them healthy. That way you don't miss out.
I also allow myself a snack at night. I know most people don't eat at night but I would never be able to follow a program for any length of time if I couldn't have my night time snack. So I save 100-200 cal for night. I usually just have an apple any more but sometimes rice cakes or a 100 cal bag of popcorn.
This may sound icky to you but I have also done the hot air popcorn thing. I don't like it plain and I don't like butter on my popcorn. But I like butter flavor spray like Pam but I don't like pam. Experament until you find one you like. And Molly Mcbutter has a cheddar powder that is really good that I sprinkle on it.
But usually I prefer a piece of fruit or two. And it is better for you.

Use the whole grain or whole wheat pasta if you are making pasta.. I would never try it. I would hate it I was sure. Well one day I wasted my money and bought some. It was on sale for a buck. I don't buy regular pasta anymore. I even found whole wheat lasagna noodles last week. I think it is amazing. I wish I had tried it sooner. Two reasons. It fills you up better, it's chewier if you don't over cook it. and it is excellent. Ok that was 3 reasons.

What I do is so natural to me now that I have to really think to come up with ideas.
I hope they have helped and If I remember anything else that is important I will post it.
Good luck to you all and have a wonderful day.

Monday, October 15, 2007, 3:49 PM

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