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do your surroundings support your weight loss efforts?

we are continuing our effort to offer a systematic program for new PT members by asking them a series of questions to help bring awareness to their decision making process each day. we have some ideas, but your ideas are so valuable. Thanks for the continued participation!



Tue. Oct 21, 4:14pm

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I would not have started really trying until my office started a short term "biggest loser" type competition. Having many people in the office dieting has been very helpful. Once I get home though, things get a little trickier and there are more tempations.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008, 9:15 AM

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Let me put it this way....

(I'm cutting and pasting from a comment that I made in my Beck team. Both busy and lazy today, so I cannot write very coherently right now. Perhaps you can glean something from the following):

When I did the [Beck Diet Solution] diet coach exercise, I hesitated at first, too, thinking that the coach had to be some ideal, perfect thing or relationship. But then I just told myself to at least just go through the motions of the exercise so that I could move on to the next day.

So, I decided to just asked my roommate to read the diet coach chapter and pretty much made him say "yes." I think just knowing that he's there really helps - I'm not really sure how much I consult with him. Actually, he's pretty cool about me kicking him out of the apartment when I need to do my strength training! And he doesn't judge or pick on my healthy food choices which is VERY important to me. [Wow! I just remembered how hard it was to stick with anything when I lived with my family or with my ex-boyfriend. Someone ALWAYS had some snide remark about my attempts at healthy eating.]

So, I guess by hanging back and letting me do my thing, he actually really does help a lot! (A couple of weeks ago, he was a "wine pusher," pushing me to have an extra glass of wine that was not on my plan. After we had a little talk - "You're supposed to be my coach!" - he eased off, fortunately). Sometimes I catch myself being his unsolicited diet coach - "No eating while standing up!" I should probably knock that off.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008, 9:46 AM

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9:46 here, again. Ugh! I misread your question!

I didn't click on the link and read the topic wrong. Too embarrassed to say how I read it.

Nevertheless, I DO have people in my surroundings! And the main person in my current surroundings supports me!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008, 9:51 AM

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I have been very busy with work and school lately and the kitchen and dining room got out of control. The dinner table was covered with papers and books. The kitchen got piled up with stuff not put away and dishes in the sink. I came home yesterday and had just had it. I cleaned up the kitchen and finally uncovered the dining room table. Then I noticed how I a weight had been lifted. Dinners had been very hodge-podge..whatever was in the fridge. But after my whirl wind cleaning...I cooked..made a good dinner and plan to do the same again. I noticed how my physical surroundings affect my attitudes towards eating and how I feel.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008, 9:59 AM

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That's a great point, 9:59.

I think physical surroundings can also *reflect* how I feel!

Right now, I have this one bedroom dresser drawer where I'm piling up a lot of important stuff. I try not to think about this drawer but I had to face it again today when I decided I wanted to wear a different pair of earrings. I took one look inside and instead decided to go with my old standby hoops that were on top of the dresser.

Because when I looked in that drawer, I felt myself getting all irritated and yucky- it was a stressful experience that showed me how stressed I am while stressing me out at the same time.

I know if I clean that drawer it will make me face certain things that I'm tucking away and putting off until later. I also know that if I clear the darn thing, I'll feel 100 times better.

I really believe that cleaning it would automatically take at least a half a pound off my scale!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008, 10:16 AM

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This is off topic, but in reply to the PP about her untidy drawer; I read about an interesting technique for getting through tasks that seem insurmountable; it's called "eating an elephant". The idea is to just commit to 5 minutes of it, then go back to doing something else. Then after a while, spend another 5 minutes on it, and so on until it's done. The idea being that you couldn't eat a whole elephant at once, but if you tackle it bit by bit, you get through it.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008, 11:04 AM

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Well if my surroundings include the topic threads in this forum, then NO. There's too much picking on people. Actually it's much worse than just picking on people. It's publicly taunting and even humiliating them.

I don't see how in the world I can feel good about being here in this forum, or about sharing my thoughts and feelings about my struggles or successes, in such an environment.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008, 11:08 AM

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Thanks, 11:04

But, trust me, I have plenty of tricks up my sleeve regarding how to get rid of stuff, including using the flylady methods (see link below), which are quite simlar to the eating an elephant technique.

Intellectually, I know how to get rid of stuff.

But I can only put that know-how into play when I'm emotionally ready for it!


Wednesday, October 22, 2008, 11:22 AM

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11:08- this is why we have been taking a much harder line on personal attacks. Anything you see like that please email us and we will delete the persons account.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008, 11:29 AM

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Not really

It use to cross my mind that I needed to kick my partner out of the house because of the way he eats. We've been together, oh, 11 years? And up until a couple of weeks ago he would leave to get breakfast and lunch from Carls Jr. almost every single day. And a year ago I almost did ask him to leave. And I still wonder sometimes if love is enough. Recently he has started shopping, and he keeps the freezer full of kashi pizza and lean cuisine type meals and his shelf in the cupboard is full of 'healthy' soups.This is actually worse for me because now I have access to his junk food. And while I support his way of 'leaning' into nutrition, he does nothing to support mine. Ok, that's not true, he doesn't order in pizza more than once a month anymore. But he won't cook a vegetable or make a salad, or wash a dish, and while love often wins the day, sometimes I don't cook enough veggies on purpose so there is none to share, and I never offer to make him a salad anymore, and that is hurtful and contrary to my nature.

My honey remains the elephant in the room of my eating healthy lifestyle, and I find myself building emotional walls so that his eating style won't interfere with mine. I know this isn't good for my mental health or for our relationship, and every once in a while it even has me questioning how selfish I am to put my quest for a more trim and healthy body above everything else. I have always believed that love was enough....and it hurts to be in a place where I begin to doubt that.

What a long winded way of saying, not really. And a part of me resents it fiercely. So bottom line, my partner not being a part of my supportive environment is a big problem. On a positive note, I work with a young woman who is my mentor when it comes to eating healthy, and seeing her once a week is like a shot in the arm, and I have found several women on PT that inspire me to keep trying; so this is now my supportive environment :)
ps I agree, it's always easier to make healthy food when the house is clean!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008, 11:59 AM

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