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What Is PEERtrainer?

PEERtrainer is a highly effective system to faciliate long term weight loss. It works because it combines two of the most proven tools for weight loss- a free weight loss journal and online weight loss support. If you look around the site ( you will see people who have been here since the launch early in 2005. Every day people make PEERtrainer a part of their life. The daily journaling becomes a habit for your health, much like brushing your teeth. The people in your groups form a social layer in addition to your existing friends and family. The power of PEERtrainer is that you have total control over how you construct and manage those relationships. You can be totally anonymous, or you can make your profile public and make personal friends with your group members. If you develop the PEERtrainer habit, the odds are very good you will lose weight.

"I joined Peertrainer in June 2005, weighing 198lbs and feeling somewhat hopeless, helpless, embarrassed and alone in my obesity predicament. Since joining I've lost 33lbs, added regular exercise into my life, and most importantly learnt new strategies, new recipes and new ways to cope with a whole range of life's challenges, not just the weight-related ones. The diversity of the community on Peertrainer, and the ample opportunities to interact and seek advice or share problems/stories/ideas/experiences is one of its major strengths. I feel like I have a whole new support system in my life. My world is richer for learning about others' weight loss journeys and commiserating or congratulating them and just cheering each other on in our groups and teams. It feels very inclusive.

The format is extremely easy to use and adaptable to how you wish to use it. You can be as anonymous or as open as you wish, as private or as public as you like, and interact with as many or as few people as you desire. Best of all, Peertrainer customer service listens to feedback and is always updating its features. For instance, a while ago some of us suggested being able to print out our entire log record at a click of a button, and sure enough within a month the new functionality was there!"

How and Why Does PEERtrainer Help You Lose Weight? Unlike other online journals, PEERtrainer integrates the log into groups and teams. Those groups and teams are full of real people who are there to help you. And you are there to help them! Daily logging and journaling is effective, but it is much more effective when you know someone will read the log. The simple thought that someone else will be reading what you are writing, will add a layer of accountability to your daily food and exercise habits.

When you sign up for PEERtrainer, you enter your thoughts, goals, workouts and meals each day in an easy to use (Quick) format. Your group members and team members will be reading your log and offering you daily support, motivation and advice. This unique combination is highly effective in helping you lose weight and meet your fitness goals. It can be a lot of fun, and you'll meet a lot of new people.

PEERtrainer Helps Both Men and Women

This is a testimonial/success story from a male college student:
"I made the decision to finally lose weight about 1 year ago after I was worried about all the health issues related to being overweight and I wanted to be more physically active. I had tried a variety of different diets before which failed because I would revert back to my old habits. I knew I had to take control of my life.

I started out slowly, trying to eliminate fast food and soda and exercising more. It was tough the first few months with all the stress and work from school, but I made progress. During the summer, I had a lot more time and I was able to devote myself more to my weight loss. In July, I heard about PEERtrainer while watching TV, and I thought I would give it a try because it seemed like a good site.

I've lost 85 lbs total with 51 of those lbs through the help of PEERtrainer. I am only a couple lbs away from my goal weight and I know I will get there soon. I would never have thought I would have made this much progress in a year. I feel 10 times better then I did a year ago.

Using PEERtrainer has really helped because of the added accountability and support I received from other members. I finally realized that I needed to make more lifestyle changes to be more successful at managing my weight. Daily logging really helped me see what/when I was eating and it helped focus on healthier eating choices.

Thank you Peertrainer and all of its members for helping in my weight loss journey.

For anyone thinking about joining, I would strongly suggest you do. Start right away and be active in your groups, we are all here for the same reason, to lose weight."

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zone pilates? 0 Wed. Jan 10, 12:18pm
Outing the Geeks 26 Wed. Jan 10, 11:13am
My husband caught me eating a pop tart this morning. 29 Wed. Jan 10, 11:09am
The Master Cleanser 3 Wed. Jan 10, 10:07am
Substi tutes for a favorite food 19 Wed. Jan 10, 9:37am
meetin g people when you run 11 Wed. Jan 10, 12:04am
Less of me 0 Tue. Jan 9, 11:29pm
Beader s! 0 Tue. Jan 9, 8:56pm
time sucking people 2 Tue. Jan 9, 8:27pm
OT - A Series of Unfortunate Events - Lemony Snicket 1 Tue. Jan 9, 4:55pm
Had to laugh-even ad sponsor can't spell "lose" 7 Tue. Jan 9, 11:22am
Succes s stories 4 Tue. Jan 9, 9:21am
I don't get it! ! I now someone who got that rubber band surgery 10 Tue. Jan 9, 1:27am
Beauti ful Dammit 1 Tue. Jan 9, 1:22am
Any recommendations for portable DVD for workout videos? 5 Mon. Jan 8, 9:02pm
lose vs. loose 3 Mon. Jan 8, 9:00pm
pregna nt and feeling fat! 4 Mon. Jan 8, 8:50pm
Food that will absolutely put on the pounds, regardless of exercise 7 Mon. Jan 8, 6:59pm
Is Bob Greene Selling A Diet or His Smile? 0 Mon. Jan 8, 6:49pm
any cigarette smokers out there? 14 Mon. Jan 8, 5:29pm
Anyone have goal dates of early March? 9 Mon. Jan 8, 3:18pm
lose vs. loose 50 Mon. Jan 8, 10:45am
welcom e 1 Mon. Jan 8, 9:18am
How much do you want to lose vs. how much do you expect to lose 18 Mon. Jan 8, 8:52am
Do men get attracted to fat women? 15 Mon. Jan 8, 12:12am
What do you do when you feel like a failure! 12 Sun. Jan 7, 11:38pm
Does money stress make you lose weight or gain weight? 3 Sun. Jan 7, 10:15pm
Need 2 more! 3 Sun. Jan 7, 8:52pm
Join in 0 Sun. Jan 7, 8:47pm
Should you eat before or after exercising? What is the benefit? 1 Sun. Jan 7, 2:48pm
new team for march goals 1 Sun. Jan 7, 1:58pm
"Losin g" a long comment or a log post 2 Sun. Jan 7, 1:39pm
inspira tional quote of the day? 78 Sun. Jan 7, 11:40am
what are some good reading materials? 16 Sun. Jan 7, 12:07am
? ABOUT WW POINTS 5 Sat. Jan 6, 11:45pm
all it takes... 1 Sat. Jan 6, 3:09pm
Powerf ul excerpt from Kate's blog today 15 Sat. Jan 6, 3:07pm
My husbands 55 and never in the mood? 9 Sat. Jan 6, 12:16pm
Constr uctive PT wish list... 24 Sat. Jan 6, 8:52am
Pagans for healthy living... 0 Sat. Jan 6, 1:10am
Callin g all in South Carolina 3 Fri. Jan 5, 11:10pm
Profil e picture 1 Fri. Jan 5, 9:01pm
Oil of olay anti wrinkle cream 1 Fri. Jan 5, 6:17pm
Long Island Ladies 9 Fri. Jan 5, 3:30pm
How do I leave a "group"? 2 Fri. Jan 5, 2:42pm
Is Olive Oil Good For The Skin? 37 Fri. Jan 5, 1:56pm
Questio n about early morning workouts 9 Fri. Jan 5, 1:12pm
Runnin g and shins 11 Fri. Jan 5, 12:05pm
hooray for success!!! 3 Fri. Jan 5, 6:37am
Tips for avoiding temptation 6 Fri. Jan 5, 1:06am
Overwe ight Teens!!! 0 Thu. Jan 4, 11:05pm
New to the site..Need friends 13 Thu. Jan 4, 9:26pm
Did you see todays Oprah? 2 Thu. Jan 4, 6:16pm
Snorin g 13 Thu. Jan 4, 5:35pm
Making a new belt hole 6 Thu. Jan 4, 5:28pm
Dr. Oz refresher tip 9 Thu. Jan 4, 4:50pm
Red Bull 14 Thu. Jan 4, 4:47pm
Active teams / groups ???? 7 Thu. Jan 4, 4:38pm
Come join the L C way of life! 4 Thu. Jan 4, 1:49pm
Popcor n - Low Cal, But High Fat? Good or Bad Treat? 18 Thu. Jan 4, 1:08pm
what groups / teams are active 2 Thu. Jan 4, 11:08am
New group focused on short term goals! 0 Thu. Jan 4, 12:55am
Way OT: What was your reaction to Saddam's hanging? 40 Wed. Jan 3, 11:45pm
New Member Introductiont 2 Wed. Jan 3, 11:33pm
Dietin g vs. Getting Healthy 5 Wed. Jan 3, 8:05pm
Ready to Lose it 0 Wed. Jan 3, 6:07pm
Walk (or run) across the US with our PT team 3 Wed. Jan 3, 5:40pm
420 Poll: How many here indugle? 28 Wed. Jan 3, 3:26pm
OT: Iran helping both sides in the Iraq mess 2 Wed. Jan 3, 1:29pm
are you a "fainting dieter"? 0 Wed. Jan 3, 12:15pm
How to change your username 3 Wed. Jan 3, 1:59am
PCOS 0 Wed. Jan 3, 12:53am
25 pounds + 0 Wed. Jan 3, 12:52am
So...h ow's 2007 going so far? 1 Wed. Jan 3, 12:42am
Weight Watcher Recipes... 23 Wed. Jan 3, 12:14am
Effect of Alcohol on your body? 8 Tue. Jan 2, 10:49pm
Walkin g group needs members 1 Tue. Jan 2, 10:33pm
Why water? 4 Tue. Jan 2, 4:40pm
Come together to support each other and loose those extra lbs 0 Tue. Jan 2, 4:07pm
Hi everyone! 1 Tue. Jan 2, 3:45pm
Too young to be here? 14 Tue. Jan 2, 1:35pm
New Year Challenge 2007 13 Tue. Jan 2, 7:52am
i'm new here... 9 Tue. Jan 2, 1:35am
Favori te Running Shoe Other than New Balance 991? 15 Mon. Jan 1, 11:14pm
Gained 5lbs 2 Mon. Jan 1, 8:43pm
Crappy groups or Xmas lethargy? 9 Mon. Jan 1, 8:32pm
Shift work 2 Mon. Jan 1, 4:24pm
Lounge Community Board Tips for New Users: 1 Mon. Jan 1, 1:37pm
Pilate s ((Help)) 4 Mon. Jan 1, 1:22pm
Recomm endations for non chemical or non sugar carbonated drinks 6 Mon. Jan 1, 11:39am
New group for gals in their 20s/30s who want to be healthy, sexy and full of energy! 2 Mon. Jan 1, 11:36am
lookin g to lose that extra weight 0 Mon. Jan 1, 1:55am
Lookin g to start up my group again! 0 Sun. Dec 31, 10:06pm
Weight Watchers Points 4 Sun. Dec 31, 6:32pm
Woman' s World Readers.... 14 Sun. Dec 31, 4:33pm
Recove ry from an accident 3 Sun. Dec 31, 2:39pm
Best Arm Exercises 7 Sun. Dec 31, 12:13pm
to keep up the good work and then some 0 Sun. Dec 31, 9:57am
Exerci se ideas for the broke? 8 Sun. Dec 31, 8:45am
Dairy and Weight Loss 7 Sun. Dec 31, 8:42am
Pilate s 6 Sun. Dec 31, 8:07am
Good sources of food enzymes? 1 Sun. Dec 31, 3:55am
help lose baby weight 0 Sun. Dec 31, 1:53am
help lose baby weight 0 Sun. Dec 31, 1:53am
Cold Gym Clothes 3 Sat. Dec 30, 9:11pm
welcom e new members. 0 Sat. Dec 30, 6:06pm
Keep the Resolution This Time!! :) 0 Sat. Dec 30, 5:07pm
OT: Paris Accommodation 6 Sat. Dec 30, 3:10pm
Hawaii an Call Out 0 Sat. Dec 30, 2:27pm
You On a Diet! 7 Sat. Dec 30, 9:29am
2007 my year of CHANGE 0 Sat. Dec 30, 8:58am
When you eat fruit, eat it as a snack not part of a meal... 3 Sat. Dec 30, 8:43am
has anyone used DrNatura colon cleanse? 1 Sat. Dec 30, 5:23am
Hot Salt Baths with Lavendar Oil 1 Sat. Dec 30, 4:41am
Lookin g for...... 2 Fri. Dec 29, 8:14pm
OT- John Edwards Needs Tighter Jeans! 1 Fri. Dec 29, 7:30pm
Polar Fitness Watch 6 Fri. Dec 29, 6:48pm
can drinking too much water be bad for you? 2 Fri. Dec 29, 5:13pm
OT Divorce and Child Support 14 Fri. Dec 29, 4:51pm
no matter what i do i keep gaining! 4 Fri. Dec 29, 3:28pm
Jewelr y and Make Up at the Gym 9 Fri. Dec 29, 3:18pm
Poll: What Herbs do you take on a regular basis? 3 Fri. Dec 29, 2:10pm
Desper ately seeking my old figure!!! Sugar is the thief... 8 Fri. Dec 29, 1:59pm
A question for major losers who've maintained 8 Fri. Dec 29, 11:15am
quick fix for new years eve 1 Fri. Dec 29, 10:27am
What Are Your New Year Resolutions??? 12 Fri. Dec 29, 9:49am
What DOESN'T work? 10 Fri. Dec 29, 9:40am
Thyroi d Blues 6 Fri. Dec 29, 3:08am
Breakf ast Bars 3 Fri. Dec 29, 2:22am
Boston area - looking for swimming pool 3 Fri. Dec 29, 1:00am
Member s Needed 0 Thu. Dec 28, 11:37pm
jelly belly!! 7 Thu. Dec 28, 10:50pm
Lose alot with little effort! 3 Thu. Dec 28, 8:15pm
How long can bloat from sodium-intake last?? 1 Thu. Dec 28, 12:50pm
New Yar Challenge 2007 starting January 1 0 Thu. Dec 28, 8:41am
Nike + iPod Shoes 7 Thu. Dec 28, 8:39am
Chicke n Broth/Beef Broth 1 Wed. Dec 27, 11:54pm
The zone diet 1 Wed. Dec 27, 9:11pm
2007 team? 2 Wed. Dec 27, 9:04pm
Relora ? 0 Wed. Dec 27, 5:07pm
I LOVE my shape 4 Wed. Dec 27, 3:52pm
prenat al vitamins 13 Wed. Dec 27, 3:45pm
Butter fly Life 3 Wed. Dec 27, 3:02pm
Merry Christmas morning or happy chanukah/movies/chinese food 10 Wed. Dec 27, 10:52am
anyone else having trouble leaving comments?? 5 Wed. Dec 27, 9:39am
FYI, Protopic and Elidel link to cancer 0 Wed. Dec 27, 9:14am
awesom e soap 6 Wed. Dec 27, 8:41am
Too much water leads to... 8 Wed. Dec 27, 1:40am
Dr Oz/Perricone/Detox Diets-- What CAN I eat?? 1 Wed. Dec 27, 12:34am
Checki ng for anyone having turbo jam promo codes 5 Tue. Dec 26, 9:58pm
I still want to be Hollywood skinny. 38 Tue. Dec 26, 10:30am
Resent ment! 2 Tue. Dec 26, 10:18am
New Team - New Year Challenge 0 Tue. Dec 26, 9:10am
food and or work out 3 Mon. Dec 25, 10:35pm
lose (20 pounds or less) weight together, change ur lifestyle, and get in shape! 0 Mon. Dec 25, 10:26pm
Lose 10 to 20 in a positive on line group 0 Mon. Dec 25, 10:09pm
double chin trouble, what to do? 2 Sun. Dec 24, 12:15am
HELP me.. Transition from FINE to Toned :( 12 Sat. Dec 23, 9:58pm
in need of help 2 Sat. Dec 23, 9:43pm
Gym Bag 7 Sat. Dec 23, 8:42pm
Get healthier for the new year! 0 Sat. Dec 23, 5:28pm
Moms who support other Moms in their weight loss/fitness journey! 0 Sat. Dec 23, 1:45pm
Friday Weigh-In! 0 Fri. Dec 22, 5:54pm
Newbie Advice 4 Fri. Dec 22, 1:50pm
Need new members! 2 Fri. Dec 22, 12:47pm
Ready to get started, get a jump on 2007! 0 Fri. Dec 22, 11:51am
What works? 38 Fri. Dec 22, 2:43am
Rosie vs. Trump 7 Fri. Dec 22, 12:21am
Tell a friend how much you mean to them 1 Thu. Dec 21, 7:57pm
What happened to walking cross country thread? 2 Thu. Dec 21, 7:47pm
weight maintance 0 Thu. Dec 21, 7:11pm
new group 1 Thu. Dec 21, 1:42pm
Is this a Lounge Community or a Research Archive? 21 Thu. Dec 21, 12:41pm
wu long tea 0 Thu. Dec 21, 11:50am
Promo Codes 2 Thu. Dec 21, 9:39am
The Cheesecake Factory 12 Thu. Dec 21, 9:24am
To much fitness for woman!!! 12 Thu. Dec 21, 9:22am
Workin g out with sore muscles? 7 Thu. Dec 21, 9:19am
Gym Pet Peeve 16 Thu. Dec 21, 9:01am
argh bloat. 2 Thu. Dec 21, 8:28am
to lose wight, does water temperature matters? 5 Thu. Dec 21, 12:46am
can you keep your diet on track while drinking? 2 Thu. Dec 21, 12:04am
I don't like my shape 5 Wed. Dec 20, 10:40pm
Oats versus oats 10 Wed. Dec 20, 4:27pm
using Olive Oil on the Face? 8 Wed. Dec 20, 4:11pm
Trans fats article 0 Wed. Dec 20, 4:07pm
Myoma + bulging belly 7 Wed. Dec 20, 4:05pm
Garden burger portabella veggie burgers 5 Wed. Dec 20, 1:46pm
OT co-signer 39 Wed. Dec 20, 1:41pm
Walk across country 1 Tue. Dec 19, 9:51pm
Effect ive Calorie Burning? 4 Tue. Dec 19, 5:39pm
My husband is always cranky. 6 Tue. Dec 19, 5:30pm
"Bache lor Chow" -Purina Can Expand Into a Whole New Market! 4 Tue. Dec 19, 5:15pm
Callan etics? 0 Tue. Dec 19, 4:32pm
PT problem? 13 Tue. Dec 19, 1:37pm
Lookin g for members 0 Tue. Dec 19, 1:32pm
how to improve my terrible posture? 14 Tue. Dec 19, 12:06pm
How do I try to start a new group. 2 Tue. Dec 19, 11:08am
Get off your butt!!! 0 Tue. Dec 19, 10:17am
Purina Naturally Complete- would you eat this? 4 Tue. Dec 19, 10:06am
Workin g Out at Home 9 Mon. Dec 18, 10:06pm
What have you added to your diet? 6 Mon. Dec 18, 9:23pm
Januar y 1st, 2007 New Year's Resolution Team 3 Mon. Dec 18, 8:19pm
treadm ill determined 2 Mon. Dec 18, 5:54pm
Skin Care Product You Swear By 15 Mon. Dec 18, 5:40pm
Best 0 Mon. Dec 18, 12:46am
I'm thinking about doing Atkins, or should I do South Beach instead? 35 Sun. Dec 17, 10:50pm
Mental Block 8 Sun. Dec 17, 10:41pm
weight routine 14 Sun. Dec 17, 10:25pm
Found husbands porn-what should I do? (possible offensive thread) 99 Sun. Dec 17, 8:48pm
New Years Goals? 11 Sun. Dec 17, 6:48pm
What qualifies as a binge? 5 Sun. Dec 17, 6:46pm
ate horribly for 3 days... disaster. what would you do tomorrow? 4 Sun. Dec 17, 6:39pm
Need New Motivation (re-motivation) 3 Sun. Dec 17, 5:24pm
Exerci se when you are sick? 12 Sun. Dec 17, 2:55pm
way OT...lindsay lohan 16 Sun. Dec 17, 2:51pm
24hr fitness 10 Sun. Dec 17, 1:54pm
Reason for tummy weight gain? 10 Sat. Dec 16, 9:10pm
OT: 15% drop in breast cancer rates -- that's HUGE! 5 Sat. Dec 16, 8:26pm
20-Som ething and Jewish 5 Sat. Dec 16, 3:48pm
gift suggestions for my wife for christmas 19 Sat. Dec 16, 2:15pm
Do you have Diabeties? 0 Sat. Dec 16, 11:45am
the workout mouse- funny 3 Sat. Dec 16, 10:36am
What waist size is a "size 4"? 18 Sat. Dec 16, 8:43am
After Pregnancy Bell Fat - due to weight issues before pregnancy? 1 Sat. Dec 16, 2:17am
Christ ian Believers United in Christ 0 Fri. Dec 15, 3:43pm
Help! I'm my only group member! 12 Fri. Dec 15, 3:38pm
the genes that allow some of us to live on dairy 11 Fri. Dec 15, 1:52pm
snowbo ard recs 2 Fri. Dec 15, 10:41am
New group 0 Thu. Dec 14, 11:08pm
New Group 0 Thu. Dec 14, 10:33pm
post c-section pot bellies? 2 Thu. Dec 14, 7:12pm
Foods that make you feel great? 10 Thu. Dec 14, 2:52pm
I want to run a marathon...and my SO is against it 8 Thu. Dec 14, 2:13pm
runnin g in the winter...scares me. tips? 2 Thu. Dec 14, 11:22am
OT what most men want 8 Thu. Dec 14, 8:18am
OT - Attention Span 9 Wed. Dec 13, 8:42pm
Heart rate monitor results 9 Wed. Dec 13, 7:38pm
Lookin g for other ladies in the Chicago area 2 Wed. Dec 13, 3:44pm
Number of "treats" in a week? 1 Wed. Dec 13, 3:17pm
Why wait? 0 Wed. Dec 13, 2:01pm
specia l strategies to lose weight over christmas 2 Wed. Dec 13, 1:13pm
Bench press with Herniated disc 3 Wed. Dec 13, 11:08am
soda 20 Wed. Dec 13, 10:22am
Eggs: full of cholesterol + to be avoided or OK? 11 Wed. Dec 13, 6:01am
WW leader making disparaging remark when I gained weight from my period 12 Tue. Dec 12, 11:27pm
ROAD TRIP! 13 Tue. Dec 12, 3:54pm
cardio exercises for women with big chests 15 Tue. Dec 12, 2:08pm
This weight loss kind of kicks all of our butts 27 Tue. Dec 12, 11:46am
How to avoid a 'Santas Belly' over Christmas.... 4 Tue. Dec 12, 11:43am
Mood swings and ToM 37 Tue. Dec 12, 10:46am
Ab Exercises? 9 Tue. Dec 12, 10:35am
ugh 15 Mon. Dec 11, 7:45pm
metabo lism question 9 Mon. Dec 11, 4:10pm
Numb Foot and Elliptical 8 Mon. Dec 11, 2:46pm
electr ic razor question . . . 3 Mon. Dec 11, 2:44pm
How do I make my log public? 1 Mon. Dec 11, 2:03pm
Curves Fitness for Women 1 Mon. Dec 11, 11:10am
master cleanse 3 Mon. Dec 11, 11:02am
Bigges t Loser - casting for Season 4 0 Mon. Dec 11, 9:40am
Avoidi ng holiday "grazing" 6 Mon. Dec 11, 1:20am
trans fat banned in nyc 16 Mon. Dec 11, 12:12am
Rejion Weight Watchers 3 Mon. Dec 11, 12:07am
pilate s headache ?? 8 Sun. Dec 10, 9:23pm
phenom enal workout music 27 Sun. Dec 10, 6:53pm
Join: Asians Breaking Weight Barriers 1 Sun. Dec 10, 12:19pm
Cookin g funk 13 Sat. Dec 9, 6:50pm
How do you pick yourself up when you're having a bad day? 9 Sat. Dec 9, 6:00pm
ellipt ical vs. treadmill or rower? 10 Fri. Dec 8, 2:29pm
swimmi ng pools...regularly cleaned? 7 Fri. Dec 8, 7:21am
lookin g for a workout buddy in beaverton, oregon 0 Thu. Dec 7, 8:16pm
The pursuit of happiness 7 Thu. Dec 7, 10:17am
Kickst arting the Routine 1 Wed. Dec 6, 11:34pm
why am I producing more oil? 6 Wed. Dec 6, 4:12pm
need help staying committed to exercise over winter? 0 Wed. Dec 6, 12:42pm
bench press and pain 1 Wed. Dec 6, 8:37am
OT Grad School 3 Tue. Dec 5, 10:43pm
Ideas for snacks at office 24 Tue. Dec 5, 7:26pm
Peole who love to exercise! 3 Tue. Dec 5, 6:14pm
Join my group. 0 Tue. Dec 5, 1:57pm
OT- going back on the pill... 2 Tue. Dec 5, 1:42pm
workou t partner question 6 Tue. Dec 5, 11:08am
Oprah' s Dr. Oz on cravings 9 Mon. Dec 4, 4:18pm
OT Any Pharmaceutical Sales Reps here? 1 Mon. Dec 4, 4:00pm
New Spotlight Today 0 Mon. Dec 4, 2:38pm
Weight loss retreat/bootcamp 3 Mon. Dec 4, 11:13am
OT: Toddler Girls Ice Skates 4 Mon. Dec 4, 10:09am
Treadm ill 5 Mon. Dec 4, 6:14am
losing weight without traditional dieting or crazy exercises! 2 Mon. Dec 4, 5:50am
So OT..bad haircut 11 Mon. Dec 4, 5:40am
Digest ion question! may be too much info for some. 11 Mon. Dec 4, 1:59am
menstr ual bloat = inches??? 5 Sun. Dec 3, 3:45am
MP3 Recommendations w/ Radio 16 Sat. Dec 2, 10:11pm
backwa rds and upside-down question 3 Sat. Dec 2, 10:44am
I have 2 questions 7 Sat. Dec 2, 7:51am
Vitami n E 6 Sat. Dec 2, 5:24am
I have thyroid disease and the weight keeps piling on 4 Fri. Dec 1, 11:56pm
tersie where are you? 12 Fri. Dec 1, 10:14pm
one spot left in the spotlight, starting monday 1 Fri. Dec 1, 7:55pm
I'm getting pissed off 27 Fri. Dec 1, 6:54pm
Dealin g with weight loss and hypothyroidism 9 Fri. Dec 1, 2:56pm
Advice re Personal Trainer / Mountain Climbing 4 Fri. Dec 1, 10:50am
Ready to form three new good habits or break three bad ones? 0 Thu. Nov 30, 11:26pm
Why exactly does water help you lose weight? 10 Thu. Nov 30, 8:35pm
Join Team Dallas 0 Thu. Nov 30, 7:27pm
Join Christian Believers United in Christ 0 Thu. Nov 30, 7:25pm
red faced during exercise . . . 11 Thu. Nov 30, 3:29pm
MP3 workout "coaches"? 5 Thu. Nov 30, 3:02pm
advice for getting over 3week drop out 4 Thu. Nov 30, 3:01pm
lookin g for group/team 5 Thu. Nov 30, 12:08pm
Sick from Multivitamin? Is that possible? 8 Thu. Nov 30, 12:05pm
runnin g teams 0 Thu. Nov 30, 9:33am
Health y Holiday Traditions 11 Wed. Nov 29, 11:54pm
Tasti- D-Lite 12 Wed. Nov 29, 7:32pm
Quitti ng coffee 5 Wed. Nov 29, 6:18pm
What do you do when you fail ! 5 Wed. Nov 29, 5:26pm
Ski season is almost here! 14 Wed. Nov 29, 3:51pm
Winter bathing suits? 10 Wed. Nov 29, 10:03am
any little tricks? 17 Wed. Nov 29, 8:22am
Pickle s 7 Tue. Nov 28, 11:13pm
OT: my boyfriend makes me wear his underpants 11 Tue. Nov 28, 10:39pm
Let's get fit in Philadelphia 0 Tue. Nov 28, 9:30pm
Frustr ation with BMI 7 Tue. Nov 28, 8:13pm
Women who are 5'8"... or around there and under 160.. how did you get there? 18 Tue. Nov 28, 8:07pm
Husban ds/Men on here? 5 Tue. Nov 28, 7:02pm
For Those of You Who Quit PT for a period and then came back 12 Tue. Nov 28, 11:02am
calori es in white rice 1 Tue. Nov 28, 5:39am
Cottag e Cheese Diet? 11 Mon. Nov 27, 4:16pm
"Shape " of ab muscles 14 Mon. Nov 27, 3:28pm
Runner 's High - Need members!!! 0 Mon. Nov 27, 1:52pm
Body fat % - how do you reduce this? 7 Mon. Nov 27, 1:46pm
Sweetner s vs Sugar 37 Mon. Nov 27, 1:45pm
New spotlight! Sorry about the delay 0 Mon. Nov 27, 1:30pm
5'5" and 149 pounds. Am I fat? 10 Mon. Nov 27, 1:04pm
PT Profile "Description" Question 2 Mon. Nov 27, 12:45pm
measur ements-suck in or let it all hang out? 10 Mon. Nov 27, 11:45am
The average calorie consumption on Thanksgiving Day is 5000-6000 7 Mon. Nov 27, 11:19am
Is my goal realistic? 6 Mon. Nov 27, 11:05am
a good problem with no good solution 9 Mon. Nov 27, 9:57am
I look sexy!!!! 5 Mon. Nov 27, 8:58am
half and half or milk? 9 Mon. Nov 27, 8:56am
I wish I'd known... 27 Mon. Nov 27, 8:55am
Starbu cks strategies 74 Mon. Nov 27, 8:54am
New group for the Holidays 2 Sun. Nov 26, 10:14pm
OT: new relationship 5 Sun. Nov 26, 9:12pm
Sweati ng at the gym 19 Sun. Nov 26, 8:31pm
Probio tic foods? 0 Sun. Nov 26, 12:20pm
Core Rhythms 2 Sun. Nov 26, 12:29am
PT, why won't you let me voice my excitement? 42 Sat. Nov 25, 10:53pm
Swimmi ng... 24 Sat. Nov 25, 8:37pm
The smaller I get the less I burn? 4 Sat. Nov 25, 7:35pm
I wish I had..... 2 Sat. Nov 25, 5:13pm
Managi ng tummy problems & getting lighter! 0 Sat. Nov 25, 3:02pm
Gained 5 pounds and friends are unsupportive. 7 Sat. Nov 25, 10:12am
man kicked out of gym for grunting 18 Fri. Nov 24, 8:04pm
happy thanksgiving 3 Fri. Nov 24, 6:07am
It's Thanksgiving and I'm thankful for... 10 Thu. Nov 23, 9:11pm
Lookin g for power members! 3 Thu. Nov 23, 9:04pm
no meat, no wheat, please... 13 Thu. Nov 23, 12:40pm
Soluti on to hunger besides drinking more water 15 Thu. Nov 23, 9:59am
THANKS GIVING 1 Thu. Nov 23, 9:49am
where is everyone? 3 Thu. Nov 23, 8:28am
How many people listen to Music or watch TV during a workout 8 Thu. Nov 23, 8:26am
how to bake yams 5 Wed. Nov 22, 3:54pm
Fiber and BM's 6 Wed. Nov 22, 3:42pm
Help! I'm Looking for a relatively inexpensive getaway in Vermont in January or February. 3 Wed. Nov 22, 3:32pm
PT, how do I get myself out of public log? 1 Wed. Nov 22, 2:35pm
Which is better, Chocolate Bar or a slice of Cake or scoop of your Fav. Icecream? 15 Wed. Nov 22, 8:40am
Thank You! 0 Wed. Nov 22, 6:05am
food substitutions 0 Wed. Nov 22, 2:42am
What's your food plan look like? 17 Tue. Nov 21, 6:13pm
Water Weight? 6 Tue. Nov 21, 4:55pm
New Source of Carbs? 5 Tue. Nov 21, 2:32pm
Intere sted in keeping the lbs off this holiday season? 0 Tue. Nov 21, 12:55pm
A bit overweight and now thin 16 Tue. Nov 21, 10:39am
Anythi ng bad in eating hard boiled sweets? 6 Tue. Nov 21, 8:16am
Lookin g for member Nikson 0 Tue. Nov 21, 12:25am
Using weight watchers system to lose weight 0 Mon. Nov 20, 10:07pm
holida y eating strategies? 16 Mon. Nov 20, 9:59pm
Low-Ca l Pizza Recommendations? 21 Mon. Nov 20, 8:45pm
turkey day strategy 6 Mon. Nov 20, 7:30pm
is this gross? 7 Mon. Nov 20, 5:45pm
join 3 Mon. Nov 20, 3:09pm
weird allergy? 7 Mon. Nov 20, 1:43pm
new spotlight starting soon?? 1 Mon. Nov 20, 1:27pm
new 0 Mon. Nov 20, 11:42am
beg for forgiveness or ask for permission? 5 Mon. Nov 20, 9:45am
happy anniversary to the NYT joiners! 3 Mon. Nov 20, 9:35am
PILATE S 30 DAY CHALLENGE TEAM 15 Mon. Nov 20, 9:14am
Laxativ es?? 39 Mon. Nov 20, 8:43am
coffee and weight loss? 4 Sun. Nov 19, 2:33pm
DID I GAIN 6 POUNDS IN ONE DAY?? 6 Sun. Nov 19, 1:43pm
Gettin g rid of fat 0 Sun. Nov 19, 11:29am
Drinkin g green tea 28 Sun. Nov 19, 11:05am
Health y Holiday Recipes 10 Sat. Nov 18, 8:54pm
Office party ideas for potluck 3 Sat. Nov 18, 1:32pm
Has anyone tried "fluidity"? What do you think about it? 1 Sat. Nov 18, 1:23pm
Pain while running 9 Sat. Nov 18, 11:46am
ipod for dummies 7 Fri. Nov 17, 8:45pm
GOOD WORKOUT SONGS! 14 Fri. Nov 17, 3:37pm
New Team: Turkey Trotters! 0 Fri. Nov 17, 12:05pm
Sugar is the root of all evil 14 Fri. Nov 17, 7:01am
Recomm endations for iFit? 0 Thu. Nov 16, 11:41pm
The horrors of the Gym 10 Thu. Nov 16, 11:26pm
warnin g this is a little gross but I cant find answers. 1 Thu. Nov 16, 11:14pm
Dancin g with the Stars 7 Thu. Nov 16, 10:19pm
Lose Weight and Enjoy the Holidays 0 Thu. Nov 16, 9:41pm
Anyone doing The Biggest Loser diet? 0 Thu. Nov 16, 5:11pm
Calori es Burned During Basic Activities? 5 Thu. Nov 16, 1:47pm
Traine r confidentiality: Does your trainer gossip about you? 3 Thu. Nov 16, 11:22am
OT: pt deadheads will like this 2 Thu. Nov 16, 9:48am
questi on for runners 4 Thu. Nov 16, 8:22am
Lookin g for group members in their 20's 0 Thu. Nov 16, 7:04am
sexles s marriage 22 Thu. Nov 16, 1:52am
Weight/ Height/Size 281 Wed. Nov 15, 11:09pm
Where are all the South african girls? 2 Wed. Nov 15, 4:10pm
Pregna ncy workouts? Suggestions needed! 1 Wed. Nov 15, 3:02pm
What on earth is the Special K Challenge? 4 Wed. Nov 15, 1:02pm
Body Fat % 7 Wed. Nov 15, 12:34pm
20 pounds in 3 months 8 Wed. Nov 15, 10:59am
Pilate s 5 Wed. Nov 15, 9:53am
Is salsa a vegetable? 8 Wed. Nov 15, 2:11am
How much sugar should I get? 9 Wed. Nov 15, 12:37am
not eating after a certain time 28 Tue. Nov 14, 10:55pm
ode to my collar bone 2 Tue. Nov 14, 10:50pm
Check out Peer Trainer Veterans Team 1 Tue. Nov 14, 8:35pm
LA Weight Loss Team/Group? 3 Tue. Nov 14, 8:26pm
There' s a guy doing 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 consecutive days! 26 Tue. Nov 14, 8:05pm
GOT iPod workout playlist 4 Tue. Nov 14, 2:22pm
spam 13 Tue. Nov 14, 1:59pm
Pictur e in Public Log 5 Tue. Nov 14, 1:45pm
Increa se in protein leading to weight gain? 6 Tue. Nov 14, 1:34pm
wheat free 1 Tue. Nov 14, 11:59am
Most Ridiculous Infomercial Claim Yet 10 Tue. Nov 14, 11:39am
wheat and hives 3 Tue. Nov 14, 9:39am
metabol ism boost 16 Tue. Nov 14, 7:20am
Metabo lism and dieting 15 Tue. Nov 14, 7:09am
Help me lose weight 2 Mon. Nov 13, 9:05pm
Lost TV show 21 Mon. Nov 13, 7:29pm
Come join us! Bikini Reveal Summer 2007! 0 Mon. Nov 13, 6:51pm
Need an extra motivating factor/challenge to get you to your goal? 2 Mon. Nov 13, 6:48pm
Best ways to stay in shape with an injury?? 9 Mon. Nov 13, 4:43pm
i can't get my butt to the gym 23 Mon. Nov 13, 3:32pm
Any Weight Watchers Close to goal or maintaining? 0 Mon. Nov 13, 2:10pm
any splenda addicts? 11 Mon. Nov 13, 12:14pm
Videos instead of a gym? 6 Mon. Nov 13, 12:10pm
Stretc hes for a herniated disc 3 Mon. Nov 13, 12:45am
Leah Remini's custom diet? saltines? 11 Sun. Nov 12, 11:34pm
Tailbo ne Pain 7 Sun. Nov 12, 4:08pm
Cooking red meat 14 Sun. Nov 12, 3:43pm
new one day fat flush plan 5 Sun. Nov 12, 3:40pm
How quickly can you REALLY lose? 4 Sun. Nov 12, 3:07pm
Sexies t Politician 15 Sun. Nov 12, 3:04pm
What to do about wrinkly facial skin after weight loss 8 Sun. Nov 12, 1:58am
Doctor s using Google to diagnose illnesses 3 Sat. Nov 11, 11:05pm
Am I gaining Muscle or fat? 5 Sat. Nov 11, 11:04pm
Chromi um Picolinate 7 Sat. Nov 11, 10:54pm
Diasta sis Recti 7 Sat. Nov 11, 7:52pm
Psylli um? 5 Sat. Nov 11, 7:46pm
Anyone give up caffeine? 11 Sat. Nov 11, 7:12pm
so i have 'velcro-fat' and i can't get it off... 6 Sat. Nov 11, 12:36pm
Any Asian Indians out there? 5 Sat. Nov 11, 11:48am
I need lunch ideas-Please help! 14 Sat. Nov 11, 11:34am
yester day's Got Nothing On Me 1 Fri. Nov 10, 10:20pm
hip pain 1 Fri. Nov 10, 6:48pm
Age appropriate exercises? 8 Fri. Nov 10, 5:15pm
what's with all the quick-fix threads? 10 Fri. Nov 10, 3:37pm
NEW GROUP 1 Fri. Nov 10, 2:22pm
anyone have a success story this morning? I need to 10 Fri. Nov 10, 2:01pm
OT -Disney World 11 Fri. Nov 10, 2:01pm
Please Start More Groups, Thank You 3 Fri. Nov 10, 12:56pm
Poll: Have You Lost Weight Switching to Diet Soda 5 Fri. Nov 10, 12:06pm
ever feel out of touch with your body? 4 Fri. Nov 10, 11:37am
Pooja Where Are You??? 5 Fri. Nov 10, 2:04am
Jen8/2 6 Happy Anniversary! 0 Thu. Nov 9, 11:19pm
Weight Watchers Activity Points-Please Explain 13 Thu. Nov 9, 7:20pm
OT: Need help making stromboil! 3 Thu. Nov 9, 2:11pm
grad school hotties 1 Thu. Nov 9, 12:44pm
Before and After claims 12 Thu. Nov 9, 11:33am
Politc al thread 8 Thu. Nov 9, 10:30am
Out of Control 6 Thu. Nov 9, 10:09am
People into Video workouts? 0 Thu. Nov 9, 4:44am
10 ways to burn an extra 100 calories 9 Thu. Nov 9, 12:15am
Poll: Should We "Retire" the Political Threads? 19 Wed. Nov 8, 10:19pm
How much water should I drink per day? 5 Wed. Nov 8, 9:15pm
Questi ons for PT 3 Wed. Nov 8, 8:41pm
I love John stewart (OT) 3 Wed. Nov 8, 8:20pm
Dem Victory Would In Fact Be A Victory For The Terrorists. 18 Wed. Nov 8, 6:26pm
wheat germ, flax seed, others? 1 Wed. Nov 8, 6:02pm
why do lunges and squats hurt my knees? 9 Wed. Nov 8, 5:02pm
need to lose by thanksgiving and dont know what to do. HELP 5 Wed. Nov 8, 3:30pm
Carrie Anne, got bumped out 0 Wed. Nov 8, 1:33pm
Poll: Vitamins and Minerals 12 Wed. Nov 8, 12:24pm
Any fast food addicts here? 23 Wed. Nov 8, 11:01am
VOTE DEMOCRAT TOMORROW 7 Wed. Nov 8, 10:01am
Lose the Weight...Lose the Republicans! 20 Wed. Nov 8, 8:43am
Exerci sing with herniated disc 1 Wed. Nov 8, 2:04am
OT: mold allergies, and getting rid of mold in the house 4 Wed. Nov 8, 12:48am
All Athletes welcomed 0 Tue. Nov 7, 10:18pm
post menopausal bleeding 30 Tue. Nov 7, 10:07pm
New local team for Grayson County, Texas 0 Tue. Nov 7, 9:40pm
essent ials for weight loss list? 9 Tue. Nov 7, 8:36pm
Questi on for PT 2 Tue. Nov 7, 7:36pm
Why do carbs fill you up so much more than protein? 4 Tue. Nov 7, 7:00pm
How long does it take to see results? 11 Tue. Nov 7, 6:05pm
Electi on Day 1 Tue. Nov 7, 6:00pm
Dining out... 7 Tue. Nov 7, 4:52pm
perime nopause advice? 7 Tue. Nov 7, 3:31pm
OT Reccommendations for a Romantic Restaurant in Chicago 6 Tue. Nov 7, 3:24pm
Stay at home moms who love to log 2 Tue. Nov 7, 3:11pm
Streng th Training Videos with Resistance Bands? 2 Tue. Nov 7, 3:03pm
When did PT get so political? 11 Tue. Nov 7, 11:30am
Anothe r 'ol birth control question 1 Tue. Nov 7, 8:59am
Lookin g for some ladies or men that are serious! 0 Mon. Nov 6, 10:44pm
Activi a anyone? 3 Mon. Nov 6, 9:19pm
IBS 4 Mon. Nov 6, 9:00pm
VOTE and VOTE REPUBLICAN NEXT WEEK 22 Mon. Nov 6, 8:24pm
what literature do you follow?? 6 Mon. Nov 6, 7:39pm
tree nut allergies 1 Mon. Nov 6, 2:29pm
Lookin g hot for your 10 year Reunion - 2007 7 Mon. Nov 6, 1:41pm
Stress ful Weight Gain 1 Mon. Nov 6, 11:32am
what is more important? advice really needed. 9 Mon. Nov 6, 11:28am
Vitami n C Crystals vs. Calcium Ascorbate Crystals 2 Mon. Nov 6, 9:14am
It's not the critic who counts.... 0 Mon. Nov 6, 8:19am
Inacti ve members - advice needed 8 Mon. Nov 6, 8:15am
Managi ng a hiatal hernia or Acid Reflux (GERD) 14 Sun. Nov 5, 3:21pm
Stress ful Weight Gain 3 Sat. Nov 4, 7:49pm
Here's a new group looking for members! 4 Sat. Nov 4, 6:59pm
STOCKT ON WOMEN 0 Sat. Nov 4, 10:06am
Cali Girls Especially Stockton WELCOME! 0 Sat. Nov 4, 9:32am
VOTE and VOTE DEMOCRAT NEXT WEEK! 21 Sat. Nov 4, 7:43am
macrob iotic diet 1 Fri. Nov 3, 5:54pm
Diabet ic Cake??? 4 Fri. Nov 3, 5:24pm
Pregna ncy weight gain 9 Fri. Nov 3, 5:20pm
OT: Solution to negative campaigns 3 Fri. Nov 3, 3:49pm
PSA: if you order a PEERtrainer tshirt 2 Fri. Nov 3, 10:34am
muscle gain? 3 Fri. Nov 3, 7:36am
Team Dallas 0 Thu. Nov 2, 10:24pm
come join me 0 Thu. Nov 2, 9:30pm
New Team: Challenge Yourself 1 Thu. Nov 2, 9:20pm
running in the cold weather. 17 Thu. Nov 2, 7:30pm
It PAYS to be good-looking -- and CONFIDENT 6 Thu. Nov 2, 4:54pm
BM issues 9 Thu. Nov 2, 4:49pm
Intere sted in joining our desert group? 0 Thu. Nov 2, 4:36pm
Recipe Organizing Software 8 Thu. Nov 2, 4:31pm
Obsess ed and little sex 14 Thu. Nov 2, 1:03pm
Ok, whatever, French women do get fat. 7 Thu. Nov 2, 12:12pm
fat smash diet - after reading, seems like a habit, not a diet 0 Thu. Nov 2, 11:52am
Mental y abusive boss 18 Thu. Nov 2, 11:13am
Politi cal Wisdom from Chris Rock: 2 Thu. Nov 2, 11:09am
What do you do when you feel like giving up? 8 Thu. Nov 2, 8:47am
Can I count this as exercise? 3 Wed. Nov 1, 6:04pm
So SORE 7 Wed. Nov 1, 4:06pm
OT: Roommate Stress/On-topic: Stress & Weight gain 4 Wed. Nov 1, 4:06pm
no pain no gain? 3 Wed. Nov 1, 3:07pm
A note from the self professed laziest woman in the world 5 Wed. Nov 1, 2:57pm
Do people treat you differently now that you are skinnier? 8 Wed. Nov 1, 2:41pm
Cardio Training 2 Wed. Nov 1, 1:42pm
UNO's pizza and other secrets 2 Wed. Nov 1, 12:44pm
actual weight gain or scale being mean?is it water? 2 Wed. Nov 1, 12:28pm
swolle n belly 2 Wed. Nov 1, 10:44am
why am i gaining? i need opinions! 17 Wed. Nov 1, 10:20am
OT: Is Reese Going To Be Walking The Line? 6 Wed. Nov 1, 12:20am
Is 60 better then 30? 7 Tue. Oct 31, 10:55pm
New team: The Power of Three 0 Tue. Oct 31, 10:38pm
weight training question 6 Tue. Oct 31, 5:23pm
Anyone have health/fitness software recommendations? 9 Tue. Oct 31, 4:08pm
What to do when wedding ring is too loose after losing weight? 26 Tue. Oct 31, 1:56pm
Recent ly single? 0 Tue. Oct 31, 1:55pm
Red Exerciser 13 Tue. Oct 31, 11:44am
New Team: Peer Trainer Veterans 3 Tue. Oct 31, 11:42am
PT page display problems 1 Tue. Oct 31, 11:18am
Plan B 6 Tue. Oct 31, 9:16am
Newspa per series following obese teens 24 Tue. Oct 31, 2:25am
Slim in 6 with Weight Watchers... 2 Mon. Oct 30, 6:47pm
OT- Pedestrian Crossing 11 Mon. Oct 30, 6:40pm
Hallow een tips 8 Mon. Oct 30, 5:54pm
Wishli st for PT - downloadable version for mobile phones/pdas?? 3 Mon. Oct 30, 3:05pm
Boosti ng Energy 5 Mon. Oct 30, 1:33pm
Advice - skincare 53 Mon. Oct 30, 12:46pm
Why are we doing this anyway? 84 Mon. Oct 30, 12:41pm
Attent ion Brides! 0 Mon. Oct 30, 8:22am
New Team for Military Members 1 Mon. Oct 30, 8:21am
6 minutes, 6 minutes, 6 minutes dougyfresh you're on 3 Sun. Oct 29, 1:53pm
Clarif ying "Blog" vs "Community Page" RE: Censorship 3 Sun. Oct 29, 10:31am
Treats for Ice Cream Junkies 21 Sun. Oct 29, 8:11am
Awesome low-cal, high fiber & great tasting flatbreads 7 Sun. Oct 29, 7:50am
I mean, "PeerTrainer" Veterans Team, anyone? 2 Sat. Oct 28, 6:47pm
Miles in a week 5 Sat. Oct 28, 5:18pm
Vetera ns team, anyone? 2 Sat. Oct 28, 10:03am
Adjusti ng Calorie intake for building muscle And Losing Weight 2 Fri. Oct 27, 9:14pm
What are your weekend exercise plans? 4 Fri. Oct 27, 7:51pm
Lost & Grey's Anatomy 3 Fri. Oct 27, 6:25pm
Favori te Exercise 11 Fri. Oct 27, 6:17pm
Blogs with anonymous posts 10 Fri. Oct 27, 5:42pm
Cortis ol - cortislim etc 14 Fri. Oct 27, 5:14pm
OT: studio 60 0 Fri. Oct 27, 4:49pm
Is anyone on the FAT SMASH DIET, BY DR IAN SMITH 17 Fri. Oct 27, 3:18pm
First time on a Cruise: Need Advice! 9 Fri. Oct 27, 3:16pm
fat smash diet 1 Fri. Oct 27, 2:55pm
questi ons about divorce 17 Fri. Oct 27, 2:54pm
wiki problem? 1 Fri. Oct 27, 2:10pm
Hypnos is? 9 Fri. Oct 27, 1:59pm
OT - friend who talks a lot 16 Fri. Oct 27, 12:10pm
weight watchers Points in corn? 2 Fri. Oct 27, 12:02pm
ByPass Surgert 11 Fri. Oct 27, 11:10am
hi i'm new 4 Fri. Oct 27, 9:58am
Monday 's Dr. Phil 2 Fri. Oct 27, 7:03am
Did you try something this year that you didn't think you could do or were afraid to do or haven't done because you haven't got around to it? 24 Fri. Oct 27, 4:04am
Always Hungry 20 Fri. Oct 27, 2:49am
Why do you love working out? 16 Thu. Oct 26, 7:06pm
Knee pain when using the bike. 8 Thu. Oct 26, 5:03pm
Men in media: why are they portrayed as dumb? 14 Thu. Oct 26, 3:58pm
Is the success story from the home page real? 9 Thu. Oct 26, 12:48pm
don't you just hate... 104 Thu. Oct 26, 12:41pm
help! how do I use this? 6 Thu. Oct 26, 12:18pm
New group - join only if you are good looking 1 Thu. Oct 26, 11:28am
OT: Great Drink Names 6 Thu. Oct 26, 9:52am
This is gross 20 Thu. Oct 26, 9:18am
Splend a, the good and bad and the ok in moderation. 1 Thu. Oct 26, 9:01am
Is shellfish really that bad for you? 13 Thu. Oct 26, 5:04am
Ready for your maintenance phase? 0 Wed. Oct 25, 3:51pm
"servi ng"? 3 Wed. Oct 25, 1:42pm
Are you a giver or a taker? 5 Wed. Oct 25, 1:07pm
alcoho lic 10 Wed. Oct 25, 11:52am
Need to gain weight 2 Wed. Oct 25, 9:55am
Coffee /caffeine abuse for weightloss.. 5 Wed. Oct 25, 9:13am
Should I log sex as workout/exercise? 81 Tue. Oct 24, 8:16pm
Best way to find healthy ideal weight 3 Tue. Oct 24, 7:30pm
10 minute mile 15 Tue. Oct 24, 6:37pm
Low point, filling breakfast ideas 2 Tue. Oct 24, 4:26pm
this may be the group for you 1 Tue. Oct 24, 2:05pm
New Team: 1000 Miles of Walking for Breast Cancer! 2 Tue. Oct 24, 1:10pm
Are there any teams that are very active? 3 Tue. Oct 24, 10:53am
NYT article alarm on menopause and weight 5 Tue. Oct 24, 8:25am
embarr asing yoga related question 23 Mon. Oct 23, 9:31pm
Change in diet + skin problems? 1 Mon. Oct 23, 8:08pm
Wiki 2 Mon. Oct 23, 7:19pm
Lookin g for new group 8 Mon. Oct 23, 3:06pm
Breast Cancer Awareness Month 9 Mon. Oct 23, 10:20am
Envy as motivation? 3 Mon. Oct 23, 10:18am
Effect of Alcohol on the Skin? 5 Mon. Oct 23, 9:52am
OT - prayers please 12 Mon. Oct 23, 9:44am
Weight loss 0 Mon. Oct 23, 12:26am
Abnorm al Pap Test? 62 Mon. Oct 23, 12:10am
Positi ve People Wanted! 0 Sun. Oct 22, 10:31pm
A new group for thse with a history of Yo-Yo Dieting 1 Sun. Oct 22, 9:07pm
Relati onship Between Exercise and Healthy Skin? 1 Sun. Oct 22, 8:15pm
For dieters who find themselves gaining and losing weight over and over 0 Sun. Oct 22, 8:13pm
Exerci ses to help your Posture 1 Sun. Oct 22, 8:10pm
Winsor Pilates - does it work? 21 Sun. Oct 22, 4:14pm
Favori te workout videos? Suggestions please?GREATLY appreciated!!! 14 Sun. Oct 22, 3:48pm
Love with a PT? 97 Sun. Oct 22, 1:50pm
Motivati onal Music 26 Sun. Oct 22, 11:22am
How to lose weight at a desk job? 11 Sun. Oct 22, 10:39am
'creat ing' beauty 9 Sat. Oct 21, 2:35pm
Pregna ncy groups/teams? 3 Sat. Oct 21, 2:01pm
I want to lose 25 pounds 6 Sat. Oct 21, 1:05pm
Is giving your body a shock once in a while in terms of diet or exercise good? 1 Sat. Oct 21, 12:58pm
Need Energy Fast!! 12 Sat. Oct 21, 12:14pm
why are people obsessed with their dogs? 46 Sat. Oct 21, 9:58am
Fat Smash diet detox phase 2 Sat. Oct 21, 12:40am
Narrow -Grip Bench Press 3 Sat. Oct 21, 12:37am
Body Pump - searched previous DVD threads - didn't find the info 5 Sat. Oct 21, 12:33am
Which artificial sweeteners are OK for pregnancy? 11 Fri. Oct 20, 8:26pm
exerci se balls vs. desk chairs 9 Fri. Oct 20, 5:45pm
FYI - if you post a long url in the comment section, the entire thing gets messed up 4 Fri. Oct 20, 5:08pm
Clenbu terol - Celebrity horse asthma pill... 7 Fri. Oct 20, 4:50pm
Ideas for lunch today - Going out... 3 Fri. Oct 20, 4:36pm
30 Minutes or 60 Minutes 5 Fri. Oct 20, 9:36am
8 weeks to optimal health - andrew weil team 6 Thu. Oct 19, 10:59pm
pms and wild dreams 4 Thu. Oct 19, 10:48pm
out of town dating and weight gain 4 Thu. Oct 19, 10:39pm
Digby, where are you? 2 Thu. Oct 19, 9:14pm
Does diet soda have negative affects on weight loss? 18 Thu. Oct 19, 5:00pm
calori es in sushi? 6 Thu. Oct 19, 12:37pm
South beach 0 Thu. Oct 19, 9:32am
6 pounds of water weight? DURING A FAST 3 Thu. Oct 19, 6:23am
Last bit of weight to lose 5 Wed. Oct 18, 8:28pm
line in the twin cities?? 1 Wed. Oct 18, 6:58pm
Grey hair 13 Wed. Oct 18, 5:21pm
low impact cardio? 8 Wed. Oct 18, 5:20pm
Cottag e Cheese - check out website 1 Wed. Oct 18, 3:50pm
Pictur es in daily logs? 2 Wed. Oct 18, 3:23pm
Freezi ng Meals 3 Wed. Oct 18, 1:18pm
Cho-Pa t Strap for Running? 4 Wed. Oct 18, 12:17pm
cant seem to incorporate diet w/ weekends. 12 Wed. Oct 18, 9:41am
Do interactions w/your parents trigger binges? 14 Tue. Oct 17, 7:01pm
I added my Success Story! 5 Tue. Oct 17, 3:34pm
Yogurt - Good? Bad? Recommendations? 45 Tue. Oct 17, 3:20pm
New Group - "No Counting" 0 Tue. Oct 17, 2:57pm
OT - libido and meds 7 Tue. Oct 17, 2:30pm
Going crazy 2 Tue. Oct 17, 12:21pm
cross country skiing 2 Tue. Oct 17, 10:58am
6 small meals vs. 3 big ones 11 Tue. Oct 17, 10:19am
Vegeta rians/Vegans and anyone else who wants to get healthy! 0 Tue. Oct 17, 9:58am
Vegeta rians/Vegans and anyone else who wants to get healthy! 0 Tue. Oct 17, 9:58am
oil n vinegar 13 Tue. Oct 17, 9:36am
Lets get it off again! 0 Tue. Oct 17, 9:18am
50 - 60 year old Members 10 Tue. Oct 17, 9:00am
12 week program!! 1 Mon. Oct 16, 4:32pm
New Calorie Wiki Contest.... 22 Mon. Oct 16, 4:26pm
how many weeks is the body for life program? 0 Mon. Oct 16, 2:48pm
lookin g for a support group. 13 Mon. Oct 16, 2:15pm
bad relationships and overeating 5 Mon. Oct 16, 11:59am
Intere sted in doing The Master Cleanse.... 3 Mon. Oct 16, 9:11am
15 days.... 6 Mon. Oct 16, 8:43am
Join the club! 0 Mon. Oct 16, 12:03am
breast plants 14 Mon. Oct 16, 12:01am
Politi cal Intensity 17 Sun. Oct 15, 10:00pm
sugges tion to peertrainer--dictionary of terms 25 Sun. Oct 15, 2:54pm
eek... 32 Sun. Oct 15, 11:59am
Join Me if you are just getting started or getting re-started. 0 Sat. Oct 14, 9:30pm
Dancin g with the stars .. 0 Sat. Oct 14, 6:24pm
Happy 1 Yr PT Anniversary to me 5 Sat. Oct 14, 5:33pm
? for the Guys - Pounds per Pants Size 4 Fri. Oct 13, 4:53pm
tough love 21 Fri. Oct 13, 4:49pm
Totall y Bizarre 4 Fri. Oct 13, 4:36pm
New and Previous Spotlighters- A Question 5 Fri. Oct 13, 4:02pm
Lost thread 9 Fri. Oct 13, 2:52pm
is it just me or is it the men i date 35 Fri. Oct 13, 12:12pm
Come join us 3 Fri. Oct 13, 10:57am
Any Long Island Ladies out there? 0 Fri. Oct 13, 8:05am
How Many Groups and Teams? 5 Thu. Oct 12, 9:45pm
OT: Bathroom Remodeling 5 Thu. Oct 12, 4:20pm
averag e age here on PT 113 Thu. Oct 12, 3:12pm
Dietin g is similar to Grieving 27 Thu. Oct 12, 3:01pm
dexatr im natural 5 Thu. Oct 12, 11:11am
could this be a sign of diabeties or something else?? 4 Thu. Oct 12, 8:41am
Spirit ual Take 0 Thu. Oct 12, 2:51am
OT-Can 't Concentrate 6 Thu. Oct 12, 1:03am
Experi enced Weight Trainers - Help! 3 Wed. Oct 11, 10:29pm
spinac h and safety! 5 Wed. Oct 11, 8:54pm
Lookin g for members! 0 Wed. Oct 11, 8:18pm
NYT Article: Seduced By Snacks? 5 Wed. Oct 11, 4:27pm
Join my group! 0 Wed. Oct 11, 4:24pm
Gym membership initiation fee 12 Wed. Oct 11, 3:28pm
Advice on recurring dream 10 Wed. Oct 11, 2:42pm
Mindle ss eating 1 Wed. Oct 11, 11:15am
obsess ion with food 6 Wed. Oct 11, 9:37am
$3 Off Bertolli Frozen Dinners 0 Wed. Oct 11, 8:45am
Baby Food 6 Wed. Oct 11, 7:48am
typica l weight of gym shoes 12 Wed. Oct 11, 4:41am
someon e join me! 2 Wed. Oct 11, 2:28am
Curiou s: how did you hear about Peer Trainer? 68 Wed. Oct 11, 1:19am
Body Fat % Question 5 Tue. Oct 10, 5:38pm
Slimfa st...New Thread 6 Tue. Oct 10, 3:31pm
Glycem ic Index or Glycemic Load? 2 Tue. Oct 10, 12:11pm
Rant- please read. 12 Tue. Oct 10, 10:51am
OT: At What Age is "Peter Rabbit" Appropriate for Kids? 10 Tue. Oct 10, 10:33am
This just in.... 3 Tue. Oct 10, 10:30am
Crap! I just saw my life and my family's life flash before my eyes! 19 Tue. Oct 10, 10:00am
Celsiu s or other "calorie burning" drinks 3 Tue. Oct 10, 8:49am
Hot flashes. 0 Tue. Oct 10, 8:43am
Dealin g with coworkers you dislike 7 Tue. Oct 10, 4:19am
Hot Plus Halloween Costumes! Motivation to keep paws out of the candy 8 Tue. Oct 10, 3:47am
WW Points Value 5 Tue. Oct 10, 2:58am
Is the Fat Smash Diet a total fraud? 3 Tue. Oct 10, 12:55am
Nike+ and Nano 5 Mon. Oct 9, 10:03pm
Active posters 0 Mon. Oct 9, 6:24pm
Exerci ses to increase core strength? 2 Mon. Oct 9, 4:16pm
I've eaten horribly for 3 days, and I want a freakin' choc. donut 12 Mon. Oct 9, 4:10pm
Living in Oregon doing WW join our group 0 Mon. Oct 9, 12:33pm
Abusin g the "on vacation" 2 Mon. Oct 9, 10:50am
Job advice...OT 20 Mon. Oct 9, 8:59am
Does Water Consumption Offset Sodium Intake? 11 Mon. Oct 9, 8:42am
OT: Psychotherapy 7 Mon. Oct 9, 12:45am
Im lookin for an easy solution to lose weight! 24 Sun. Oct 8, 10:56am
I can't count the times I have given my kid a Dannon Frusion Yogurt 1 Sun. Oct 8, 8:49am
lo-cal alternate to coffee drinks? 3 Sun. Oct 8, 8:43am
Maple Syrup as substitute sweetner? 10 Sat. Oct 7, 11:43pm
Join me 0 Sat. Oct 7, 10:31pm
healthy chinese food? 4 Sat. Oct 7, 10:34am
rude rude 13 Sat. Oct 7, 9:38am
Stop night-time snacking!! 18 Sat. Oct 7, 12:19am
Can someone explain the basics of the Fat Smash Diet? 4 Sat. Oct 7, 12:10am
Is anyone on the FAT SMASH DIET, BY DR IAN SMITH 9 Sat. Oct 7, 12:10am
too much pressure to be thin 3 Fri. Oct 6, 11:24pm
For all you chocolate lovers out there…. 2 Fri. Oct 6, 11:21pm
Should s vs Wants 2 Fri. Oct 6, 5:44pm
Oregon WW Points or Core 3 Fri. Oct 6, 4:45pm
For those posting 3xweek or more, looking to make Atkins a life choice 9 Fri. Oct 6, 2:18pm
Body For Life 10 Fri. Oct 6, 1:05pm
TV AND WEIGHT LOSS 7 Fri. Oct 6, 1:04pm
What has helped you the most? 10 Fri. Oct 6, 9:42am
Lookin g for new group members - WW Close to Goal or maintaining 0 Fri. Oct 6, 9:18am
ANTM 12 Thu. Oct 5, 9:09pm
HELP ! 4 Thu. Oct 5, 2:17pm
New group for folk trying to overcome chronic cheating 0 Thu. Oct 5, 2:04pm
avacad o how many calories 4 Thu. Oct 5, 1:52pm
Dancin g with the stars .. 3 Thu. Oct 5, 1:28pm
In Case of Emergency - READ this 9 Thu. Oct 5, 11:48am
OT-abn ormal vaginal bleeding 6 Thu. Oct 5, 11:40am
Echinac ea and other immune boosters 5 Thu. Oct 5, 9:23am
Streng th Training vs. Resistance Training 2 Thu. Oct 5, 9:12am
What do you do about being too sensitive ! 8 Thu. Oct 5, 5:01am
Best lean beef? 9 Wed. Oct 4, 11:25pm
Nutrit ional Advice- What should I really be eating? 3 Wed. Oct 4, 10:59pm
advice for order of workout 4 Wed. Oct 4, 10:55pm
OT: Trust your instinct? 6 Wed. Oct 4, 7:18pm
Looking for a better body in 2006? 1 Wed. Oct 4, 4:27pm
bigges t loser on NBC TONITE 2 Wed. Oct 4, 2:36pm
What foods are you avoiding completely? 31 Wed. Oct 4, 12:24pm
Extrem e Fatigue 11 Wed. Oct 4, 10:17am
bad, bad teeth problems 7 Tue. Oct 3, 4:52pm
to the women- how many have actually cheated 43 Tue. Oct 3, 4:12pm
Healia , new Health Search Engine 1 Tue. Oct 3, 2:33pm
Slim Fast Team/Group 10 Tue. Oct 3, 2:31pm
Anyone in NJ doing PT? 0 Tue. Oct 3, 12:34pm
Women in Society 18 Tue. Oct 3, 12:16pm
bumpin g 3 Tue. Oct 3, 12:09pm
kids say the darndest things... 15 Tue. Oct 3, 11:37am
Women - deodorant suggestions 13 Tue. Oct 3, 11:18am
More water? 16 Tue. Oct 3, 10:28am
Help for Soda Lovers 1 Tue. Oct 3, 10:00am
my mini revelation 1 Mon. Oct 2, 10:47pm
Are we raising a nation of wimps? 23 Mon. Oct 2, 5:24pm
What does it feel like to be fat? 10 Mon. Oct 2, 4:08pm
Red River Rules! 0 Mon. Oct 2, 2:13pm
For those who have given up sweets... 5 Mon. Oct 2, 1:52pm
do you log everything? 13 Mon. Oct 2, 12:05pm
Does anyone know of anything that will do this? 7 Mon. Oct 2, 11:45am
THE NEW CELEBRITY FIT CLUB DVD featuring Harvey Walden IV 7 Mon. Oct 2, 11:44am
Not satisfied during the day 19 Sun. Oct 1, 10:23pm
Golden Go To Foods (GG2Fs) 9 Sun. Oct 1, 9:37pm
Poor Oprah 28 Sun. Oct 1, 8:05pm
What does OP meaN/ 4 Sun. Oct 1, 7:55pm
I have 30 days please give me suggestions!!! 6 Sun. Oct 1, 4:42pm
New group. Join me! 0 Sun. Oct 1, 11:49am
hiking alone? 10 Sun. Oct 1, 10:34am
Meanin g 8 Sun. Oct 1, 9:27am
Goal clothes 15 Sun. Oct 1, 9:09am
The PT Community is great! 13 Sun. Oct 1, 3:06am
TV Workouts 1 Sat. Sep 30, 3:42pm
low fat vs. low calorie 2 Sat. Sep 30, 1:47am
overwe ight vs. being old 8 Fri. Sep 29, 11:40pm
You go with your big bad self 0 Fri. Sep 29, 7:14pm
How do you feel when your group falls apart? 8 Fri. Sep 29, 1:57pm
what do you think about?????? 4 Fri. Sep 29, 12:17pm
For Poor Oprah 17 Fri. Sep 29, 12:11pm
Pilate s 30 Day Challenge 18 Fri. Sep 29, 11:55am
apple a day not working 1 Fri. Sep 29, 11:24am
What has your new excercise/eating routines taught you about yourself? 6 Fri. Sep 29, 10:44am
Calori e Wiki tutorial? 2 Fri. Sep 29, 9:13am
Foam Roll for Bridges and Stretching the Legs 9 Fri. Sep 29, 9:09am
instru ctors...question 0 Thu. Sep 28, 6:18pm
Crazy Hungry the Day AFTER a Tough Workout? 11 Thu. Sep 28, 5:53pm
depres sing comments 9 Thu. Sep 28, 4:00pm
PT tip - personal notes section 3 Thu. Sep 28, 3:57pm
What do you do when you feeldown 8 Thu. Sep 28, 3:23pm
Fruity Cheerios-- thanks guys 43 Thu. Sep 28, 2:22pm
Making friends 7 Thu. Sep 28, 1:10pm
Should I be weighing myself every day? 23 Thu. Sep 28, 12:29pm
Long Beach NY 4 Thu. Sep 28, 9:57am
anonym ous postings 9 Thu. Sep 28, 9:09am
PT and blackberry 2 Thu. Sep 28, 6:21am
Happy Hour Survival 15 Wed. Sep 27, 7:42pm
tips on fasting 7 Wed. Sep 27, 6:14pm
Dimini shing Returns 4 Wed. Sep 27, 5:32pm
how many steps does a pedometer count? 3 Wed. Sep 27, 3:53pm
911 7 Wed. Sep 27, 2:15pm
2 active members wants to 2 more active members 0 Wed. Sep 27, 1:56pm
ab video 9 Wed. Sep 27, 12:44pm
Even the NY Times messed this one up! 8 Wed. Sep 27, 12:19pm
Platea u Busters! New group! 1 Wed. Sep 27, 11:02am
Best Personal Trainer Certifications 2 Wed. Sep 27, 10:17am
octopa t: thanks! 0 Wed. Sep 27, 9:49am
My Story / Rapid Weight Loss / Concerns? 10 Wed. Sep 27, 9:16am
bigges t threat to our health 0 Tue. Sep 26, 11:16pm
Best Body Fat Reading? 2 Tue. Sep 26, 2:28pm
Avoidin g Holiday Goodies -- Pats on the back 43 Tue. Sep 26, 10:18am
I just went emotional eating crazy... :( 6 Tue. Sep 26, 8:56am
ot-eve r record your spouse yelling at you? 14 Tue. Sep 26, 3:10am
open space 2 Tue. Sep 26, 3:09am
If you live in Texas 0 Tue. Sep 26, 2:53am
what does OT mean? 5 Tue. Sep 26, 12:21am
How much can your body fat fluctuate in 24 hours? 6 Mon. Sep 25, 6:59pm
healty at 100 by john robbins must read 6 Mon. Sep 25, 4:49pm
not accepting lack of control. 15 Mon. Sep 25, 3:21pm
Confro ntation as a "new married" 14 Mon. Sep 25, 1:43pm
home remedy cures for diarrhea? 13 Mon. Sep 25, 10:51am
which hollywood hottie is most desirable looks wise? 13 Mon. Sep 25, 10:26am
Group Member making poor choices 18 Mon. Sep 25, 8:54am
OT relationships 6 Mon. Sep 25, 12:27am
Binge eating 10 Sun. Sep 24, 3:24am
Can sugar do this? 5 Sun. Sep 24, 2:24am
Peer Trainers meeting each other in person 4 Sat. Sep 23, 8:22pm
idea's for sweet snacks 7 Sat. Sep 23, 12:57pm
Rachae l Ray 15 Sat. Sep 23, 9:22am
Other than coffee... 9 Sat. Sep 23, 8:46am
Weight Watchers Mommies 4 Fri. Sep 22, 10:16pm
Speaki ng of diet drinks.... 11 Fri. Sep 22, 4:56pm
moth ball/ and other odd odors 4 Fri. Sep 22, 2:27pm
school lunches made me sick so I didn't eat and my teachers thought I was anaorexic 3 Fri. Sep 22, 1:13pm
hyper extending joints 2 Fri. Sep 22, 12:14pm
callin g all men... 32 Fri. Sep 22, 10:49am
anyone else gonna start fasting for Ramadan this sunday? 9 Fri. Sep 22, 9:43am
Water Aerobics 9 Fri. Sep 22, 5:53am
Must log food daily! 0 Fri. Sep 22, 12:59am
Diet soda makes me hungry... 3 Thu. Sep 21, 5:21pm
questi on regarding track distance 2 Thu. Sep 21, 2:46pm
Please settle a dispute: which is more important, your diet or working out when it comes to losing weight? 39 Thu. Sep 21, 12:37pm
stadiu m food 7 Thu. Sep 21, 12:03pm
Funny< /a> 1 Thu. Sep 21, 10:40am
green tea 4 Thu. Sep 21, 4:54am
Bigges t Loser Fans - Fall 2006 12 Wed. Sep 20, 10:11pm
Need new people 0 Wed. Sep 20, 9:58pm
Rant: 'On Vacation' tab 5 Wed. Sep 20, 9:52pm
5 Foods That Fight Hunger Pains 2 Wed. Sep 20, 8:27pm
Speedi ng up your metabolism 2 Wed. Sep 20, 5:30pm
It's LOSE, not LOOSE. 6 Wed. Sep 20, 1:15pm
do You think it is OK to let your self go once in a while ? 7 Wed. Sep 20, 12:37pm
Which is better going downstairs or walking? 5 Wed. Sep 20, 10:27am
ot-wou ld you donate your body to science? 16 Wed. Sep 20, 8:04am
can men and women really be just friends? 62 Wed. Sep 20, 1:32am
Top 20 Web 2.0 Companies 0 Tue. Sep 19, 4:21pm
poking fun at people 6 Tue. Sep 19, 4:06pm
The 15 Questions from OA 12 Tue. Sep 19, 2:31pm
OT-Tam my Bruce-The Death of Right and Wrong: Exposing the Left's Assault on our Culture & Values 1 Tue. Sep 19, 1:42pm
ot-spe ed limit 30 Tue. Sep 19, 12:43pm
Thanks but no thanks 11 Tue. Sep 19, 8:11am
Vacati on Is Over 0 Tue. Sep 19, 4:55am
Group for College Runners 1 Tue. Sep 19, 12:35am
Where are you from 34 Tue. Sep 19, 12:11am
First Half Marathon! 10 Mon. Sep 18, 7:40pm
OT: What is your opinion/experience on living with someone before marrige? 37 Mon. Sep 18, 5:25pm
Secret 's of the blah-blah sisterhood...what's up? 3 Mon. Sep 18, 1:26pm
Fatty armpits anyone? 6 Mon. Sep 18, 1:25pm
I need help & advice. 12 Mon. Sep 18, 11:28am
tips for success in Weight Watchers 3 Mon. Sep 18, 10:59am
Weight loss while home in bed with a cold? 4 Mon. Sep 18, 10:57am
Is Christ calling you to be encouraged here! 15 Mon. Sep 18, 9:51am
Team Dallas 2 Mon. Sep 18, 9:39am
Best Way to Build Muscle? 3 Mon. Sep 18, 8:54am
Calori es per day 1 Sun. Sep 17, 10:33pm
Run, Bike, Swim.....New Group.....Triathletes come join! 3 Sun. Sep 17, 9:18pm
Arc Trainer-Calories burned 4 Sun. Sep 17, 8:27pm
God's help 41 Sun. Sep 17, 7:31pm
Hello< /a> 3 Sun. Sep 17, 12:20pm
Eating before a workout? 1 Sun. Sep 17, 7:45am
Ellipt ical pains? 8 Sun. Sep 17, 3:03am
NEW TEAM : For People that love to log! 1 Sat. Sep 16, 9:59pm
When did you "get" it? 8 Sat. Sep 16, 8:57pm
Coffee Nutrition Info 12 Sat. Sep 16, 6:55pm
Fresh, Bagged Spinach & E Coli - THROW IT AWAY 22 Sat. Sep 16, 6:10pm
Poor circulation: Foods or vitamins that help? 2 Sat. Sep 16, 12:19pm
weight watcher group available 2 Sat. Sep 16, 11:30am
Hi We really need new members 0 Sat. Sep 16, 11:28am
Good arm toning excersises? 9 Sat. Sep 16, 10:29am
postin g comments to someone's public log - etiquette question 2 Sat. Sep 16, 10:16am
who do you tell you are dieting? 9 Sat. Sep 16, 9:08am
What keeps you motivated? 15 Sat. Sep 16, 2:08am
Do you take supplements?? What kind do you take? 13 Sat. Sep 16, 12:07am
health y grab-n-go snacks 7 Fri. Sep 15, 9:57pm
OT - What to do in Seattle & Vancouver 13 Fri. Sep 15, 5:39pm
Help with my unmotivated hubby 5 Fri. Sep 15, 5:13pm
WAKE UP!! 21 Fri. Sep 15, 2:20pm
passin g up the sweets 9 Fri. Sep 15, 12:24pm
cardio kickbox sneakers? 2 Fri. Sep 15, 11:05am
victim mentality 1 Fri. Sep 15, 10:51am
NYT article on exercise and weight loss 3 Fri. Sep 15, 10:46am
Quinoa 9 Fri. Sep 15, 5:35am
zig zag diet 1 Fri. Sep 15, 1:40am
lookin g to stay healthy 0 Thu. Sep 14, 6:15pm
Roomma te nightmare 9 Thu. Sep 14, 1:02pm
STOMAC H ISSUES 12 Thu. Sep 14, 11:20am
White Rice or Brown Fried Rice? 8 Thu. Sep 14, 8:56am
Orange County Team 1 Thu. Sep 14, 2:29am
poll: known or hidden 20 Thu. Sep 14, 1:24am
knee problem 4 Thu. Sep 14, 1:07am
fish taco calories 4 Thu. Sep 14, 12:22am
AB question 3 Wed. Sep 13, 10:58pm
Most insane amount of points in a small amount of food? 13 Wed. Sep 13, 10:07pm
Just found out im pregnant and have questions.......... 11 Wed. Sep 13, 9:47pm
welcom e compulsive overeaters 2 Wed. Sep 13, 8:30pm
We Need new Christian Believers ! 0 Wed. Sep 13, 7:35pm
Join me in my journey! 0 Wed. Sep 13, 7:35pm
Diabet es websites/cookbooks 1 Wed. Sep 13, 4:09pm
Stress 5 Wed. Sep 13, 2:45pm
Look awesome for the holidays. Join my team 2 Wed. Sep 13, 2:25pm
beginn ers training for tri 4 Wed. Sep 13, 1:31pm
TV Mini workouts 7 Wed. Sep 13, 11:00am
Downlo adable iPod Workouts 2 Wed. Sep 13, 10:42am
Torn between guys... 15 Wed. Sep 13, 8:21am
overco ming fear... 3 Wed. Sep 13, 3:55am
veins in muscles (vascularity) 0 Tue. Sep 12, 9:49pm
Tannin g and execising... 8 Tue. Sep 12, 9:49pm
the Laurel MD area 0 Tue. Sep 12, 9:25pm
Speaki ng of Apples 16 Tue. Sep 12, 6:44pm
anothe r calorie question... ingredients 5 Tue. Sep 12, 4:50pm
Nutrit ion for Endurance Athletes? 3 Tue. Sep 12, 4:18pm
Hotdog or Hamburger 6 Tue. Sep 12, 2:26pm
cardio & aerobic activity for weightloss?? 12 Tue. Sep 12, 12:19pm
Draini ng tofu - help! 4 Tue. Sep 12, 10:37am
How to resist tempting foods? 8 Tue. Sep 12, 9:03am
100 calorie snacks 13 Mon. Sep 11, 11:16pm
seawee d anti-obesity tablet hope! 0 Mon. Sep 11, 10:19pm
My weird brain.......... 2 Mon. Sep 11, 8:23pm
Why I'm going to the gym tonight - thanks "phatty" 1 Mon. Sep 11, 7:41pm
Women with Shorter bf/husbands 9 Mon. Sep 11, 1:49pm
Any SWIMMERS out there? 0 Mon. Sep 11, 12:39pm
calori e question 3 Sun. Sep 10, 7:18pm
lookin g for fitness and health peers 0 Sun. Sep 10, 5:56pm
The Lights Just Went On.... 1 Sun. Sep 10, 3:13pm
OT: Top ways to defend the status quo 0 Sun. Sep 10, 10:47am
where IS everyone??? 9 Sun. Sep 10, 10:13am
HELP!! I AM DOING IT... AGAIN 9 Sun. Sep 10, 8:35am
Bosu 9 Sun. Sep 10, 7:00am
ENOUGH with the PMS threads!!! 8 Sun. Sep 10, 3:56am
Intuit ive eating. stop spamming. 9 Sat. Sep 9, 10:49pm
A nice way of say no to someones dinner... 4 Sat. Sep 9, 10:14pm
don't feed the humans 0 Sat. Sep 9, 7:17pm
Fat Flush Book? 1 Sat. Sep 9, 4:14pm
Do you think if I lost weight I wouldn't have to take pills for my indigestion? 10 Sat. Sep 9, 2:40pm
monthl y cramps-don't read if not interested... 8 Sat. Sep 9, 2:34pm
Lookin g for a group that logs daily and on weekends. 7 Sat. Sep 9, 11:52am
"Suppo rt" 10 Sat. Sep 9, 7:37am
Boston MSPCA walk on Sunday??? 1 Fri. Sep 8, 7:21pm
how can I keep eggplant from turning brown and what about those seeds?? 3 Fri. Sep 8, 6:06pm
write a review of pt 5 Fri. Sep 8, 12:23pm
Need exercise? 6 Fri. Sep 8, 12:15pm
Body For Life Team! "BFL" 0 Fri. Sep 8, 12:06pm
Proble m food. Cold Turkey or gradual? 14 Fri. Sep 8, 10:50am
PEERtr ainer @ Work 0 Fri. Sep 8, 10:17am
Want to try Intuitive Eating? Join the group! 1 Fri. Sep 8, 5:45am
Lookin g for new group members - 40+ active women in New England 2 Thu. Sep 7, 10:10pm
What does "Join Me" mean? 2 Thu. Sep 7, 3:00pm
really upset about lack of support. 19 Thu. Sep 7, 1:46pm
Any FIRM video lovers here? 7 Thu. Sep 7, 11:48am
mosqui the house?! 2 Thu. Sep 7, 10:45am
who loses weight faster if truly dedicated 8 Thu. Sep 7, 10:10am
Old post on daily weigh-in and calculating an average daily loss 12 Wed. Sep 6, 9:44pm
Probab ly for the women only! 10 Wed. Sep 6, 6:34pm
2 Groups 6 Wed. Sep 6, 6:21pm
How soon does your PMS start? 7 Wed. Sep 6, 6:13pm
my email 5 Wed. Sep 6, 4:55pm
my email 0 Wed. Sep 6, 2:27pm
Do you burn more calories during PMS and your period? 2 Wed. Sep 6, 1:46pm
fat burners? 4 Wed. Sep 6, 1:11pm
PMS cravings- it ain't all in your mind! 8 Wed. Sep 6, 1:03pm
Are you a hungry beast during your period? 12 Wed. Sep 6, 1:03pm
Steroi ds 4 Wed. Sep 6, 12:29pm
Triath alon 15 Wed. Sep 6, 12:22pm
How do I make my log show up in the public logs? 3 Wed. Sep 6, 12:20pm
should I buy a scale? 6 Wed. Sep 6, 11:38am
boyfri end advice 7 Wed. Sep 6, 11:26am
join us - MWWTLW & Vacation Is Over 1 Wed. Sep 6, 2:04am
Netfli x workout DVDs 9 Tue. Sep 5, 10:50pm
cucumb er 6 Tue. Sep 5, 9:09pm
how to best support? 3 Tue. Sep 5, 8:50pm
a wolf in sheep's clothing! 19 Tue. Sep 5, 7:47pm
Portab ella Mushrooms..... 11 Tue. Sep 5, 3:46pm
Intuit ive Eating & Weight Watchers 9 Tue. Sep 5, 12:49pm
Lookin g for 3 workout diet buddies 0 Tue. Sep 5, 12:38pm
OT: posh spice is pregnant again 0 Tue. Sep 5, 12:30pm
You're so vain, you probably think this thread is about you... 13 Tue. Sep 5, 12:26pm
how long does it take till you gain the weight from a binge 2 Tue. Sep 5, 11:42am
My Summer Vacation... 3 Tue. Sep 5, 11:40am
Negati ve Calorie Foods? 12 Tue. Sep 5, 10:51am
Info on weight loss benefits of antioxidants? 0 Tue. Sep 5, 10:00am
Free nestles baking chocolate 4 Tue. Sep 5, 7:36am
Housew ork 14 Tue. Sep 5, 4:57am
Maineb ird, where did you go? We miss you! 0 Tue. Sep 5, 4:33am
invinc ible - the movie 3 Tue. Sep 5, 2:33am
what is the better increase?: weights 4 Mon. Sep 4, 9:09pm
Rear Delts 2 Mon. Sep 4, 9:07pm
Did you "Get The Edge"? 0 Mon. Sep 4, 8:56pm
Poll: Are groups you start better than groups you join? 2 Mon. Sep 4, 8:11pm
Green Tea- believe the hype? 10 Mon. Sep 4, 12:55pm
Big Butt! but all muscle... 2 Mon. Sep 4, 12:41pm
evil bananas... 30 Mon. Sep 4, 5:30am
Sugar in Cereal 1 Sun. Sep 3, 10:15am
ddr (dance dance revolution) video game? 3 Sun. Sep 3, 8:04am
Ladies Workout Express 0 Sun. Sep 3, 1:13am
The 10-10-10- question 10 Sat. Sep 2, 3:40pm
What's a nice way to tell someone to stop being preachy? 13 Sat. Sep 2, 5:15am
I think I might quit paying to lose weight! 12 Sat. Sep 2, 4:26am
Bienve nidos 2 Fri. Sep 1, 11:17pm
new group - join me! 0 Fri. Sep 1, 2:28pm
How quickly do you lose weight? 4 Fri. Sep 1, 1:27pm
New group started 0 Fri. Sep 1, 12:37pm
master cleanse? 0 Fri. Sep 1, 12:33pm
richar d simmons 16 Fri. Sep 1, 11:58am
Team Dallas 5 Fri. Sep 1, 10:48am
losing weight and giving blood 10 Fri. Sep 1, 10:14am
Geneti cally Modified food agrument 9 Fri. Sep 1, 9:35am
Chipot le Ideas? 9 Fri. Sep 1, 9:26am
Hallow een 18 Fri. Sep 1, 5:59am
Pineap ple question! 3 Thu. Aug 31, 11:59pm
Yay, Me! 9 Thu. Aug 31, 11:55pm
I love peer trainer ! 4 Thu. Aug 31, 11:46pm
skinny jeans 5 Thu. Aug 31, 11:11pm
Confus ed - Scale Weight Fluctuations - Water Weight? 14 Thu. Aug 31, 10:16pm
Not a weight loss question but I value your opinions.... 6 Thu. Aug 31, 9:46pm
Is it wrong to weight yourself after a workout? 11 Thu. Aug 31, 6:16pm
photo editing in magazines 15 Thu. Aug 31, 2:09pm
Recrui ting new members... 0 Thu. Aug 31, 4:08am
You all are ruining my appetite which may be a good thing 8 Thu. Aug 31, 12:37am
awesom e easy veggies 12 Thu. Aug 31, 12:05am
Extrem ely silly way to avoid temptation; cellulite is sexy! 15 Wed. Aug 30, 11:17pm
Calori e Wiki Contest - question for PT 5 Wed. Aug 30, 4:54pm
OT: How do you avoid getting depressed by all the bad news in the world (Terrorism)? 44 Wed. Aug 30, 4:06pm
New Years Challenge 0 Wed. Aug 30, 2:31pm
Should I be counting a portion of sugar as fat? 2 Wed. Aug 30, 1:28pm
Yogurt 1 Wed. Aug 30, 1:25pm
diet + exercise?? 22 Wed. Aug 30, 1:05pm
(Gross ) Question About Health (Not Weight Loss) 14 Wed. Aug 30, 11:58am
comple tely off base- but anyone here in Pharmaceutical Sales? 3 Wed. Aug 30, 11:48am
Motiva tion to do your cardio or your workout! 7 Wed. Aug 30, 9:58am
name this tune... 3 Wed. Aug 30, 9:29am
Moms with kids 2 Wed. Aug 30, 9:02am
Are humans meant to digest dairy? 17 Wed. Aug 30, 6:44am
sick of feeling sick 5 Wed. Aug 30, 12:59am
Possib ly gross for some! 18 Wed. Aug 30, 12:14am
"I am my own worst enemy" 3 Tue. Aug 29, 11:10pm
Nooooo oo!!!!! 4 Tue. Aug 29, 10:49pm
Sugar Free foods? 6 Tue. Aug 29, 9:55pm
Group of three looking for number four! 0 Tue. Aug 29, 9:40pm
Do you have a secret? 7 Tue. Aug 29, 4:47pm
WTF!? Stupid foods you love to hate 23 Tue. Aug 29, 4:41pm
I'm new 5 Tue. Aug 29, 4:40pm
I'm sick of being fat 17 Tue. Aug 29, 4:24pm
Intuit ive Eating 11 Tue. Aug 29, 3:14pm
Yogurt Burst Cheerios 0 Tue. Aug 29, 3:06pm
This is for the MEN on PeerTrainer 7 Tue. Aug 29, 12:45pm
way off-topic. bad food experiences... 11 Tue. Aug 29, 10:18am
do you shave your legs? 23 Tue. Aug 29, 2:03am
Crossi ng the starting line w/10,000 runners 11 Mon. Aug 28, 11:34pm
Pregna ncy and Obesity 6 Mon. Aug 28, 7:06pm
Guilty Pleasures Anonymous: Potentially Off-Topic 7 Mon. Aug 28, 6:52pm
Booo!! ! 12 Mon. Aug 28, 6:44pm
I want a snickers for breakfast. Stop me now. 12 Mon. Aug 28, 2:34pm
Pretze ls 4 Mon. Aug 28, 2:16pm
anyone know the points for turkey pastrami? 2 Mon. Aug 28, 12:32pm
Footba ll and eating 4 Mon. Aug 28, 11:57am
Orland o/Winter Park Team 1 Mon. Aug 28, 11:28am
frustr ated 7 Mon. Aug 28, 10:34am
is this okay? 8 Mon. Aug 28, 10:27am
Letter boxing 6 Mon. Aug 28, 9:52am
New Weight-Watchers Close to Goal Group 1 Mon. Aug 28, 9:31am
Want do you really want to say, but can't? 31 Mon. Aug 28, 9:27am
who is powerfrau? I have to have that sachetorte 1 Sun. Aug 27, 10:49pm
Quince recipes! 3 Sun. Aug 27, 3:39pm
Period question - sleep-related 15 Sun. Aug 27, 12:52am
ladies - whats 1 thing that catches ur attn? 55 Sun. Aug 27, 12:32am
weight loss webpage 0 Sat. Aug 26, 11:51pm
Raleig h/Durham Team? 1 Sat. Aug 26, 5:36pm
Ladies who go to the Ladies Workout Express 2 Sat. Aug 26, 1:53pm
Is doing it for someone else really THAT bad? 11 Sat. Aug 26, 9:33am
Smoker s? 9 Sat. Aug 26, 9:29am
Who wants a challenge with their weight loss? 0 Sat. Aug 26, 7:24am
Bowel Movements and Belt Holes (a little graphic) 8 Fri. Aug 25, 7:31pm
What percentage of your friends and relatives are nuts.... 8 Fri. Aug 25, 4:48pm
workin g out more = eating more, OK? 7 Fri. Aug 25, 3:52pm
So.... should members in public groups be removed from the system in less than 7 days? 20 Fri. Aug 25, 11:59am
Vacati on is Over 2 Fri. Aug 25, 3:57am
no one is too fat to exercise... 15 Thu. Aug 24, 9:42pm
Philly Weight Loss 0 Thu. Aug 24, 5:36pm
When to stop? 2 Thu. Aug 24, 11:57am
I don't get why people use the word "fat" or "can'tlose" for their member names 1 Thu. Aug 24, 11:55am
For the Veg-Challenged 0 Thu. Aug 24, 11:12am
HOusto n and Surrounding areas 2 Thu. Aug 24, 9:07am
lousy excuses 21 Thu. Aug 24, 6:59am
favori te chili ingredients? (hot but NOT offensive :-) ) 14 Thu. Aug 24, 5:11am
chirop ractors...helpful? 11 Thu. Aug 24, 1:40am
How do you use whey protein? 5 Thu. Aug 24, 1:12am
don't you just love... 30 Wed. Aug 23, 10:20pm
OT: would you ever vote for Rudy Giuliani as president? 18 Wed. Aug 23, 7:23pm
Organi c Multi Vitamin 0 Wed. Aug 23, 6:17pm
To eat all food as if it's tiramisu... 2 Wed. Aug 23, 6:09pm
Anyone interested in joining this group? 0 Wed. Aug 23, 11:53am
I need serious help- Please read!!! 7 Wed. Aug 23, 10:37am
mini revelation 3 Wed. Aug 23, 3:01am
ISO pmoseman 2 Tue. Aug 22, 10:26pm
Salt alternative? 11 Tue. Aug 22, 9:41pm
I want a dog but my husband is allergic 18 Tue. Aug 22, 4:23pm
Soy Milk 11 Tue. Aug 22, 3:40pm
Cuttin g back on sugar? 3 Tue. Aug 22, 2:18pm
Need new members 0 Tue. Aug 22, 1:58pm
Exerci ses for a sore shoulder? 1 Tue. Aug 22, 7:44am
Help? My bf found a weird lump on his testicle 17 Mon. Aug 21, 6:01pm
Annive rsary!!! :D 5 Mon. Aug 21, 4:44pm
Need advice for this weekend~~ 17 Mon. Aug 21, 4:28pm
my date is too aggressive 19 Mon. Aug 21, 3:38pm
Thick brows are in. 6 Mon. Aug 21, 12:45pm
techno logically impaired 1 Sun. Aug 20, 11:25am
How repeatable is your weight measurement? Scale problems. 17 Sat. Aug 19, 4:48pm
Height - Weight - Body Fat - Body Water 1 Fri. Aug 18, 9:38pm
Rant.. . 36 Fri. Aug 18, 9:32pm
Low Cal Alcoholic Drinks 8 Fri. Aug 18, 8:36pm
Miller Lite? 2 Fri. Aug 18, 3:50pm
Let's try and total up how much we've all lost. Is this crazy? 30 Fri. Aug 18, 1:49pm
How often should you change your workout routine? 7 Fri. Aug 18, 1:39pm
Calori e Wiki Suggestions 2 Fri. Aug 18, 12:34pm
Ice Cream Recipe anyone? 4 Fri. Aug 18, 11:23am
just search once before posting... 3 Fri. Aug 18, 11:21am
Birth control weight gain 6 Fri. Aug 18, 10:55am
Nomina te your favorite, creative wiki entry 42 Fri. Aug 18, 9:40am
Learni ng to maintain while losing. 8 Fri. Aug 18, 9:32am
Workou t Rut? 4 Thu. Aug 17, 11:55pm
Bald men 27 Thu. Aug 17, 11:45pm
headac he help 4 Thu. Aug 17, 10:39pm
OT: heard of snakes on a plane? This is a funny parody 1 Thu. Aug 17, 10:38pm
good work-out shoes?? 4 Thu. Aug 17, 10:32pm
altern atives to doing lunges 1 Thu. Aug 17, 10:15pm
The winner of the IPOD is.... 4 Thu. Aug 17, 9:45pm
Actual Calories or Net Calories 7 Thu. Aug 17, 7:14pm
What does it mean when your stomach grumbles? 3 Thu. Aug 17, 5:00pm
Helpfu l Running Tip!!!! 1 Thu. Aug 17, 4:05pm
Want to get fit? 0 Thu. Aug 17, 3:48pm
headac he remedies? 12 Thu. Aug 17, 1:19pm
Podfit 3 Thu. Aug 17, 12:45pm
how many calories burned in a mile? 11 Thu. Aug 17, 12:41pm
Unheal thy obsessing with weight/body image. Help? 3 Thu. Aug 17, 12:29pm
Only one more week left for the calorie wiki contest 2 Thu. Aug 17, 12:10pm
The Contest 25 Thu. Aug 17, 12:06pm
footwe ar for sweaty feet 3 Thu. Aug 17, 11:48am
lets talk about sex ( some may be offended) 18 Thu. Aug 17, 11:35am
Fight on the wiki thread. 0 Thu. Aug 17, 11:20am
Philly Team 3 Thu. Aug 17, 11:10am
NYC Team 1 Thu. Aug 17, 9:52am
What would you do if fear wasn't holding you back? 31 Wed. Aug 16, 11:59pm
If they don't log, how long before PT kicks them out? 10 Wed. Aug 16, 11:21pm
Pressu re to be thin in New York? 13 Wed. Aug 16, 10:32pm
The voting booth is closing for the most creative caloriewiki entry. 2 Wed. Aug 16, 9:23pm
Anyone up for a PEERtrainer dinner? 29 Wed. Aug 16, 8:56pm
adding a comment to a TEAM 1 Wed. Aug 16, 5:29pm
Peertr ainer Gear..... 21 Wed. Aug 16, 4:31pm
tofu question 2 Wed. Aug 16, 3:23pm
Counti ng Calories 5 Wed. Aug 16, 1:39pm
Has anyone used Curves Phase III to break a plateau? 0 Wed. Aug 16, 11:05am
Going camping - strategies? 12 Wed. Aug 16, 10:11am
Health y Camping Food 9 Wed. Aug 16, 10:11am
it's late. i'm hungry. 2 Wed. Aug 16, 9:03am
Boston area PEERtrainer dinner 10 Wed. Aug 16, 8:57am
Did the "Biggest Loser" show get cancelled? 20 Tue. Aug 15, 11:22pm
Dizzy after drinking water 3 Tue. Aug 15, 9:48pm
coffee , the miracle drink! 2 Tue. Aug 15, 9:44pm
Motiva tion 0 Tue. Aug 15, 6:23pm
Just 5 0 Tue. Aug 15, 3:55pm
Best of PT Wiki? 1 Tue. Aug 15, 3:25pm
Deodor ant 11 Tue. Aug 15, 2:08pm
More comfortable in other contries..........with less clothes 7 Tue. Aug 15, 10:44am
The Ultimate Compliment 19 Tue. Aug 15, 10:33am
More 20 somethings needed! (Active Poster! Come on!) 6 Tue. Aug 15, 9:56am
Sharin g the talking to I gave myself, and I hope it sticks.... 3 Tue. Aug 15, 9:45am
Last day for CALORIEwiki entries! get them in.... 0 Tue. Aug 15, 9:38am
Lookin g for Active PT'er using WW 2 Tue. Aug 15, 7:25am
Hello anyone out there from the Atlanta Area? 5 Mon. Aug 14, 9:45pm
Is there anyone else out there? 0 Mon. Aug 14, 7:42pm
Dallas Fort Worth 0 Mon. Aug 14, 3:54pm
CALLIN G ALL STITCHERS! 0 Mon. Aug 14, 3:40pm
chitow n Peertrainer Dinner? 4 Mon. Aug 14, 3:12pm
Does anyone skip dinner? 17 Mon. Aug 14, 2:56pm
How many of you actively weigh in on Monday? 7 Mon. Aug 14, 2:52pm
global warming continued 1 Mon. Aug 14, 1:45pm
NY Times article 14 Mon. Aug 14, 1:16pm
Health y4Life group 0 Mon. Aug 14, 1:03pm
The last 10 pounds... 6 Mon. Aug 14, 10:58am
Vegeta rian-to-be 7 Mon. Aug 14, 10:57am
Colora do I love your peaches!! 4 Mon. Aug 14, 10:43am
The new SPOTLIGHT 2 Mon. Aug 14, 10:00am
Which label is lying? 2 Mon. Aug 14, 9:37am
Questi on for those of you who have already lost a lot... 7 Sun. Aug 13, 4:26am
4 LB Weight gain in 1 day after 6 miles on my Treadmill yesterday? 13 Sun. Aug 13, 4:22am
Can I print out all of my logs? 5 Sat. Aug 12, 10:13pm
How many calories do you add for exercise? 14 Sat. Aug 12, 6:47pm
progre ss pictures 10 Sat. Aug 12, 1:22am
vacati on status? 1 Fri. Aug 11, 9:54pm
How many calories in eggs? 1 Fri. Aug 11, 4:49pm
Shavin g or Waxing 14 Fri. Aug 11, 4:23pm
ATTN: Calorie Counters! 20 Fri. Aug 11, 4:03pm
What do you eat for breakfast? 33 Fri. Aug 11, 3:41pm
vegeta rian food 8 Fri. Aug 11, 3:10pm
Join in! 12 Fri. Aug 11, 1:58pm
Soda?< /a> 15 Fri. Aug 11, 1:30pm
Big on Top 29 Fri. Aug 11, 1:25pm
Rough Guide to Calculating Points? 1 Fri. Aug 11, 10:32am
Comple tely off top-domestic partner benefits 19 Fri. Aug 11, 9:17am
Anyone have experience with TOPS 12 Fri. Aug 11, 5:32am
Yogart - Low fat or Light? 8 Thu. Aug 10, 3:50pm
How do I remove a photo from my profile? 5 Thu. Aug 10, 2:37pm
Gu Energy Gels 10 Wed. Aug 9, 10:22pm
what supplements do you use in daily routine? 2 Wed. Aug 9, 9:56pm
JOIN US 0 Wed. Aug 9, 7:16pm
Feels so good to confront problems 3 Wed. Aug 9, 6:31pm
intere sting "ideal body weight" calculator 9 Wed. Aug 9, 10:19am
What happens if you leave a team when you're the only one? 6 Wed. Aug 9, 5:14am
3-Day Walkers (Think Pink!) - Open for members! 1 Tue. Aug 8, 11:42pm
Platea u Busters? 4 Tue. Aug 8, 6:03pm
Recipe for meals with 5 or less ingredients ??? 25 Tue. Aug 8, 2:55pm
Hey! My skin looks better! Thanks PT! 24 Tue. Aug 8, 2:48pm
Back Exercises?? 5 Tue. Aug 8, 2:06pm
Appeti zers for dinner 10 Tue. Aug 8, 12:47pm
Gym Memberships 9 Tue. Aug 8, 10:36am
How much weight gain during PMS? 6 Tue. Aug 8, 10:33am
Gluten -free/ Wheat-free 4 Mon. Aug 7, 3:14pm
I had a great weekend! 7 Mon. Aug 7, 11:16am
Studen ts - How do you do it? 11 Mon. Aug 7, 8:18am
back pain 13 Sun. Aug 6, 9:24pm
tiny steps to progress (just a thought I had....) 3 Sun. Aug 6, 1:11pm
any suggestions for low-sodium lunches? 7 Sun. Aug 6, 3:53am
Gaela, Where are you?? 4 Sun. Aug 6, 12:02am
any suggestions for a good multivitamin? 4 Sat. Aug 5, 1:21pm
Quick fix for 40-50grams of protein 4 Sat. Aug 5, 7:24am
yoga practice 0 Sat. Aug 5, 7:00am
When to stop 17 Sat. Aug 5, 5:59am
live in the twin cities???? 0 Fri. Aug 4, 11:52pm
180's and dropping- Previous group member! 3 Fri. Aug 4, 8:58pm
let hear them ladies... 22 Fri. Aug 4, 7:51pm
Advice on filling up for lunch 6 Fri. Aug 4, 3:56pm
treadm ill and knee pain 3 Fri. Aug 4, 1:19pm
poll: do you prefer a guy who's buff or one who could lose a few? 21 Fri. Aug 4, 12:32pm
exersi ze in the heat 10 Fri. Aug 4, 11:54am
What Emotions are Controlling you? 9 Fri. Aug 4, 10:04am
Seattl e "Adventure Boot Camp" 2 Fri. Aug 4, 9:15am
weight loss retreat 6 Fri. Aug 4, 8:17am
How many points am I allowed on Weight Watchers? 4 Fri. Aug 4, 6:19am
Carbs/ Fat/Protein 7 Thu. Aug 3, 12:59pm
in a rut 9 Thu. Aug 3, 11:30am
search before adding new thread 7 Thu. Aug 3, 11:11am
This heat is a great excuse to not exercise. 2 Thu. Aug 3, 10:35am
It's Official 8 Thu. Aug 3, 10:34am
Oatmea l! 5 Thu. Aug 3, 9:45am
swimme rs' ear 8 Wed. Aug 2, 10:00pm
Newbie Running Advice Needed 9 Wed. Aug 2, 9:13pm
How much do breast implants weigh? 25 Wed. Aug 2, 9:10pm
Calori e burn link 4 Wed. Aug 2, 7:03pm
To work out or not to work out...that is the question... 11 Wed. Aug 2, 6:56pm
Will I still burn calories doing the same exercise every day? 7 Wed. Aug 2, 4:38pm
How many calories in a turkey burger vs. a regular hamburger? 4 Wed. Aug 2, 9:07am
One a day Weight Smart 6 Wed. Aug 2, 8:53am
counting calories is exhausting! 17 Wed. Aug 2, 8:30am
How many calories should I be consuming? 4 Tue. Aug 1, 7:38pm
OT- The keys on my laptop suddenly stopped working. 4 Tue. Aug 1, 5:18pm
Remind er.... 0 Tue. Aug 1, 4:33pm
Anyone in the Lower Bucks area? 0 Tue. Aug 1, 3:32pm
Anyone in my area? 0 Tue. Aug 1, 3:13pm
Partia l Hunger Strike??? 3 Tue. Aug 1, 2:48pm
Epipha ny 24 Tue. Aug 1, 1:38pm
how do I get in the logs/blogs? 2 Tue. Aug 1, 1:11pm
Flaxse ed Oil? 3 Tue. Aug 1, 11:33am
Is Beer really that bad if you count it in your calorie count? 25 Tue. Aug 1, 12:04am
person al trainer survey 2 Mon. Jul 31, 6:07pm
Who's in the running for the wiki contest IPOD? 0 Mon. Jul 31, 4:33pm
Advice from personal trainers... 7 Mon. Jul 31, 3:57pm
OT - Trading Spaces 9 Mon. Jul 31, 3:23pm
Best golf resort on the east coast? 4 Mon. Jul 31, 2:40pm
What if I'm not eating enough calories while working out? 7 Mon. Jul 31, 1:27pm
How much weight should one gain during pregnancy? 4 Mon. Jul 31, 12:00pm
bathin g suit ideas 18 Mon. Jul 31, 1:45am
It's saturday night and I'm about to go out.. 5 Sun. Jul 30, 4:28pm
Is your significant other smaller than you? 14 Sun. Jul 30, 1:01pm
Diabet ics wanted 1 Sun. Jul 30, 9:00am
any herb garden growers? 5 Sun. Jul 30, 6:22am
Newbie question about chatting/logging 6 Sun. Jul 30, 6:08am
Anyone try naturopathy or similar to help with weight loss? 5 Sat. Jul 29, 8:59pm
Slim Fast Diet 8 Sat. Jul 29, 7:13pm
health y comfort foods 17 Sat. Jul 29, 2:16pm
pick up lines 12 Sat. Jul 29, 9:15am
By pop. demand: you can now invite a PT user by username 2 Sat. Jul 29, 8:06am
How many PT members are there? 14 Sat. Jul 29, 7:52am
ice on an injury 10 Fri. Jul 28, 9:39pm
lipo 6 vs hydrocut? 4 Fri. Jul 28, 6:17pm
censor ship 30 Fri. Jul 28, 2:30pm
bliste r 3 Fri. Jul 28, 2:26pm
Congra tulations ALESTER! 0 Fri. Jul 28, 2:05pm
What do I REALLY look like? 5 Fri. Jul 28, 1:51pm
A PT Member turns 50 today 3 Fri. Jul 28, 1:50pm
heartb urn following exercise 2 Fri. Jul 28, 12:04pm
A funny thing happened to me on the way to nowhere (treadmill) 11 Fri. Jul 28, 10:56am
Group members wanted at Summer's comin! 2 Fri. Jul 28, 10:48am
Calori e wiki tip: use the pulldown 0 Fri. Jul 28, 10:01am
callin g all guys!!! 12 Fri. Jul 28, 10:00am
OT: how thin do I have to be to get a boyfriend? 24 Fri. Jul 28, 8:35am
OPEN WATER SWIMMERS! 0 Thu. Jul 27, 9:38pm
Albuqu erque road bikers!! 1 Thu. Jul 27, 8:41pm
Canoei ng and rafting 3 Thu. Jul 27, 7:36pm
Join a team in the 505! 0 Thu. Jul 27, 6:09pm
Are baked potatoes bad when dieting? 9 Thu. Jul 27, 4:55pm
How many WW points in a piece of grilled chicken? 13???? 10 Thu. Jul 27, 4:35pm
Why is Diet Soda bad for you? 16 Thu. Jul 27, 11:40am
Advice needed for first time open water swim competition 8 Thu. Jul 27, 10:29am
Manore xia 17 Thu. Jul 27, 9:35am
perpet ual vacation? 2 Thu. Jul 27, 8:13am
How many WW points in sugar free jello? 8 Thu. Jul 27, 7:12am
For WW, how many points can I deduct for exercise? 1 Thu. Jul 27, 4:34am
Celiac Disease 13 Thu. Jul 27, 1:16am
vein surgery -- any experience? 4 Wed. Jul 26, 11:45pm
great new find- vegetarian beans! 9 Wed. Jul 26, 10:15pm
Reward s! 18 Wed. Jul 26, 8:09pm
Lookin g for a very active group! 11 Wed. Jul 26, 6:35pm
OT: how do i attach a link to my comment? 2 Wed. Jul 26, 4:02pm
Kashi Bars? 3 Wed. Jul 26, 2:48pm
Censor ship on PT -- NOT COOL 3 Wed. Jul 26, 1:39pm
Health y food to pack for day-long plane ride? 8 Wed. Jul 26, 12:36pm
though ts on diet coke vs. coffee 5 Wed. Jul 26, 11:55am
New boyfriend thinking of leaving the state 9 Wed. Jul 26, 11:25am
How many calories should I have each day to lose weight? 5 Wed. Jul 26, 10:19am
Where can I find low carb pitas? 0 Wed. Jul 26, 10:09am
How much do clothes weigh? 6 Wed. Jul 26, 8:30am
releas e 5 Tue. Jul 25, 11:49pm
Desser t recipes 11 Tue. Jul 25, 5:14pm
Good meatless burger? 10 Tue. Jul 25, 4:45pm
How do I find out my body fat percentage? 2 Tue. Jul 25, 4:05pm
Do any of you work out twice in a day just so you can splurge on Supper? 7 Tue. Jul 25, 4:04pm
Anybod y 5'5, 176 with a goal of 130? 7 Tue. Jul 25, 2:46pm
PT vs exercise 6 Tue. Jul 25, 2:43pm
Creme Brulee Recipe 1 Tue. Jul 25, 2:30pm
5'9" - 175 - short term goal: 165 - long term goal:150 7 Tue. Jul 25, 1:56pm
Should I be this sore? 3 Tue. Jul 25, 11:57am
coconut oil 7 Tue. Jul 25, 11:13am
Curren t: 5'5 145lbs, GOAL of 120lbs - Start Today 8 Tue. Jul 25, 9:53am
What to do with a bunch of fresh Basil? 9 Mon. Jul 24, 5:59pm
How do I post a picture in my profile? 1 Mon. Jul 24, 4:53pm
Can I belong to more than 1 group at a time? 3 Mon. Jul 24, 4:21pm
How many calories in NY strip steak? 1 Mon. Jul 24, 4:15pm
Recrea tional cyclists group 0 Mon. Jul 24, 2:20pm
Anybod y get, or plan to get, a new skinny drivers license pic? 5 Mon. Jul 24, 12:39pm
Only way to flatten your tummy -- a tummy tuck? 6 Mon. Jul 24, 11:30am
Effect s of Sodium on Weight loss? 4 Mon. Jul 24, 9:38am
late night snacking 1 Mon. Jul 24, 8:48am
How can I give up bread??? 10 Sun. Jul 23, 9:05pm
Can some one please explain how the Wiki works? 5 Sun. Jul 23, 2:16pm
Recomm endations for vacations with optional sporty activities? 3 Sun. Jul 23, 1:56pm
caffie ne withdrawal headaches!!!! 9 Sun. Jul 23, 1:20pm
fat calories verses foods with sugar but zero fat calories? 1 Sun. Jul 23, 11:30am
having a problem with bingeing and would love some advice 5 Sun. Jul 23, 11:20am
weight loss on a budget 10 Sun. Jul 23, 8:13am
Just tagged Sluttony's wiki entry 1 Sat. Jul 22, 6:40pm
Thick everywhere how do I make it thinner 3 Sat. Jul 22, 12:34pm
Has anyone tried the new Starbucks Frappuccino Juice Blends? 4 Sat. Jul 22, 9:27am
R U looking for a group to join? 0 Sat. Jul 22, 8:17am
Questi on about amount of protein intake. 2 Sat. Jul 22, 1:06am
What is the best way to flatten your tummy???? 4 Fri. Jul 21, 8:01pm
Dramat ic weight loss in first week normal? 6 Fri. Jul 21, 7:43pm
Questi on about exercise schedule? 4 Fri. Jul 21, 6:11pm
Someon e please tell me the arm fat goes away... 13 Fri. Jul 21, 6:07pm
Can you have Alcoholic Drinks When Dieting? 6 Fri. Jul 21, 5:28pm
Anyone in the area 1 Fri. Jul 21, 4:09pm
Orange Peels lowering Cholesterol? 2 Fri. Jul 21, 4:00pm
New here - question? 0 Fri. Jul 21, 3:08pm
Questi on about weight and marriage 1 Fri. Jul 21, 2:27pm
How Much is too much Exercise? 2 Fri. Jul 21, 2:12pm
New version of weight/height/size thread 13 Fri. Jul 21, 12:56pm
Intuit ive Eaters 1 Fri. Jul 21, 12:55pm
Carbs< /a> 4 Fri. Jul 21, 11:41am
Favori te low calorie snacks? 10 Fri. Jul 21, 10:55am
Food recommendation to um...get things moving 32 Fri. Jul 21, 10:03am
Lose 20lbs by Labor Day! 0 Fri. Jul 21, 9:24am
What's with all the size 4 pants? 15 Fri. Jul 21, 7:58am
Win the battle of the buldge 0 Thu. Jul 20, 11:35pm
Win the battle of the buldge 0 Thu. Jul 20, 11:35pm
Win the battle of the buldge 0 Thu. Jul 20, 11:35pm
Fit to be tied.... Advice please? :( 8 Thu. Jul 20, 10:23pm
Questi on about Texas - Dallas/Plano Area 0 Thu. Jul 20, 10:08pm
Does Birth Control effect weight? 11 Thu. Jul 20, 9:54pm
ANY KNITTERS OUT THERE? 5 Thu. Jul 20, 5:52pm
Need 2 new group members 2 Thu. Jul 20, 3:47pm
Nutrie nt Density 2 Thu. Jul 20, 3:20pm
prover b 3 Thu. Jul 20, 2:52pm
Where do alcohol calories come from? 1 Thu. Jul 20, 2:31pm
KNITTE RS- Are there enough of us to form a good team? 3 Thu. Jul 20, 11:46am
Descri be the motivation and support you get from peertrainer. 4 Thu. Jul 20, 11:20am
P'frau s wiki-ode to Trader Joes Popcorn Shrimp 2 Thu. Jul 20, 11:04am
Is anyone from the Ma/Nh boarder? 3 Thu. Jul 20, 9:48am
Room for 2 members 0 Wed. Jul 19, 5:47pm
OT - Ebay... Anyone have advice? 3 Wed. Jul 19, 5:41pm
Need motivation for exercise 0 Wed. Jul 19, 4:19pm
Questi on about loosing weight fast? 2 Wed. Jul 19, 11:19am
though ts on flavored water vs. diet soda 5 Wed. Jul 19, 11:15am
Long Weekend Juice Fast 30 Wed. Jul 19, 10:45am
HELP!! ! I want to eat and it's 10:30pm:( 5 Wed. Jul 19, 10:11am
to gym or not to gym 26 Wed. Jul 19, 2:29am
someon e who hates workouts 9 Wed. Jul 19, 2:24am
RE: Looking for Motivated People 3 Tue. Jul 18, 7:45pm
Did you gain more weight in your 2nd pregnancy than your 1st? 5 Tue. Jul 18, 6:27pm
Favori te foods remembered by the log? 0 Tue. Jul 18, 3:53pm
Slutto ny, I loved reading your "my notes" section this morning 3 Tue. Jul 18, 3:38pm
need some advice please 4 Tue. Jul 18, 3:37pm
Fitnes s Magazine deals 1 Tue. Jul 18, 2:56pm
Which do you like better, a team or a group? 4 Tue. Jul 18, 1:52pm
health y chocolate??? 6 Tue. Jul 18, 8:59am
Lose 50+ pounds. 0 Tue. Jul 18, 8:51am
low fat dressings 6 Tue. Jul 18, 4:45am
Quiche crust substitute? 10 Mon. Jul 17, 6:25pm
how do I make my log appear in the member logs and blogs? 1 Mon. Jul 17, 1:23pm
Counti ng points vs counting calories 6 Mon. Jul 17, 9:54am
I'm plateau-ing 3 Mon. Jul 17, 9:48am
Exerci ses for someone with a sprained ankle? 6 Mon. Jul 17, 9:45am
V8-- better than drinking OJ? 5 Mon. Jul 17, 5:53am
Any members that are seniors here from las vegas? 0 Sun. Jul 16, 10:53pm
Are you prepping for a long distance event? Join Us! 0 Sun. Jul 16, 9:42pm
What is your one Healthy food staple in your house? 10 Sun. Jul 16, 9:37pm
Favori te 1 and 2 point foods and snacks? 9 Sun. Jul 16, 9:35pm
What happened to................ 1 Sun. Jul 16, 9:08pm
OT: I know there are some big hearts here... 5 Sun. Jul 16, 6:12pm
GET ME BACK!! 11 Sun. Jul 16, 11:00am
I have got to stop smoking 38 Sun. Jul 16, 9:04am
Hello! 0 Sat. Jul 15, 7:29pm
Starbu cks Coffee Cakes- an eye opener 3 Sat. Jul 15, 1:01pm
Dunkin Donuts nutrition pdf link 0 Sat. Jul 15, 12:25pm
Motiva tion for today 4 Sat. Jul 15, 10:38am
This was sent to me.... 3 Sat. Jul 15, 10:35am
anyone here? I can't sleep. 3 Sat. Jul 15, 8:44am
ideas for eating less sugar and white flours 2 Sat. Jul 15, 2:04am
no, i'm actually NOT pregnant 18 Fri. Jul 14, 7:48pm
think you don't like to exercise? 6 Fri. Jul 14, 6:58pm
Wasa Crackers added to the Wiki 7 Fri. Jul 14, 11:28am
Lose the buldge forever 0 Fri. Jul 14, 11:13am
Lose the buldge forever 0 Fri. Jul 14, 11:13am
PT suggestion - editing 1 Fri. Jul 14, 9:22am
I just joined today:) What do you think of the 3 day on 3 day off plan? 7 Fri. Jul 14, 7:19am
clothe s fitting survey 11 Fri. Jul 14, 4:11am
Not attracted to husband 14 Fri. Jul 14, 4:09am
CONGRA TS TIFFANY!!! 2 Thu. Jul 13, 5:35pm
Bloggi ng - What do I do when only 2 out of the 4 blog??? 17 Thu. Jul 13, 3:58pm
help- i have fallen off the wagon and i can't catch it!! 7 Thu. Jul 13, 3:49pm
The 100-mile Diet -Has anyone tried it? 7 Thu. Jul 13, 10:53am
any moms from nw suburbs chicago ? 1 Thu. Jul 13, 9:47am
Trish, I just saw your pounds lost comment: 0 Thu. Jul 13, 9:34am
1700 cal/ day. working out. seven days. the scale is stuck. thoughts? 16 Thu. Jul 13, 9:26am
Calori e Wiki 14 Wed. Jul 12, 3:42pm
Pilate s for Pink 0 Wed. Jul 12, 2:16pm
How does one email PeerTrainer? 1 Wed. Jul 12, 1:41pm
Warm lemon water 9 Wed. Jul 12, 1:24pm
How many groups are you in? 10 Wed. Jul 12, 12:28pm
A Question About Pasta 13 Wed. Jul 12, 10:24am
what happened to Elle? 2 Wed. Jul 12, 9:49am
weight loss since anti-depressants 9 Wed. Jul 12, 9:18am
lazy metabolism 8 Tue. Jul 11, 10:58pm
Where do you store your fat? 20 Tue. Jul 11, 4:38pm
(Where 's the) Love with a PT? 5 Tue. Jul 11, 3:21pm
How do I leave a team 1 Tue. Jul 11, 11:20am
ACTIVE POSTERS 0 Tue. Jul 11, 9:53am
Weight training 21 Tue. Jul 11, 9:18am
a question for maintainers 6 Tue. Jul 11, 8:26am
Proof/ motivation that it's all worth it. 4 Mon. Jul 10, 9:20pm
Coldst one Creamery Singing 6 Mon. Jul 10, 5:07pm
How many calories in Thai Chicken? 3 Mon. Jul 10, 2:07pm
when were you determined and focused? 7 Mon. Jul 10, 1:33pm
swimmi ng and intensity 4 Mon. Jul 10, 1:32pm
Questi on for professors? 11 Mon. Jul 10, 1:15pm
Menopa usal Babes Unite! 0 Mon. Jul 10, 1:04pm
losing weight in AZ and dealilng with its summer heat & moonson 0 Mon. Jul 10, 11:37am
open water swimming 5 Mon. Jul 10, 3:42am
remedy for a weekend recovery? 2 Sun. Jul 9, 8:45pm
Whats your reason for losing weight? 32 Sun. Jul 9, 4:14pm
six rules for eating wisely 13 Sun. Jul 9, 3:39pm
Indian food for lunch? 13 Sun. Jul 9, 2:00pm
I don't have health insurance (I'm self employed) and it drives me nuts - help 7 Sat. Jul 8, 11:16pm
indian food? 2 Sat. Jul 8, 2:49pm
add and eating disorders? 5 Sat. Jul 8, 11:38am
New Group - Getting Fit Before Pregnancy 1 Sat. Jul 8, 10:20am
ever happen to you? 8 Fri. Jul 7, 4:32pm
Intere sting Foods 4 Fri. Jul 7, 4:31pm
need a t-shirt to explain being overweight? 6 Fri. Jul 7, 12:24pm
Slim-F ast versus Store Brand 3 Thu. Jul 6, 10:38pm
Cheesc ake factory strategies 8 Thu. Jul 6, 2:32pm
Should I cut out dairy? 11 Thu. Jul 6, 1:29pm
Come and Join 0 Thu. Jul 6, 12:33pm
eating before a race 8 Thu. Jul 6, 10:55am
Hulk does pilates? 2 Thu. Jul 6, 10:43am
FITNES S IN THE OC 3 Thu. Jul 6, 9:46am
Pounds Lost Research Study Members 1 Thu. Jul 6, 6:34am
Lookin g for new members 0 Wed. Jul 5, 5:56pm
bout to go out to dinner with the fam 4 Wed. Jul 5, 5:36pm
Check out the new UltraMetabolism Team! 0 Wed. Jul 5, 10:22am
Anyone reading UltraMetabolism? 3 Wed. Jul 5, 8:37am
How do I leave a team? 1 Tue. Jul 4, 11:41pm
Join me and loose 0 Tue. Jul 4, 9:14pm
Anyone feeling calorie-obsessive? 2 Tue. Jul 4, 5:27pm
Happy Canada Day! 3 Tue. Jul 4, 3:06pm
Weight Watchers Men 0 Tue. Jul 4, 12:01pm
Let's get fit BEFORE we get pregnant! 0 Tue. Jul 4, 10:52am
bob greene's total body makeover 0 Mon. Jul 3, 4:50pm
Hawkey e Weight Loss 0 Mon. Jul 3, 4:40pm
Firewo rks 4 Mon. Jul 3, 11:33am
Waterw orkouts at home 1 Sun. Jul 2, 11:22pm
unsupp ortive sibling! 5 Sun. Jul 2, 10:23pm
Join Muscle gainers 0 Sun. Jul 2, 9:59pm
Binge Eater Looking For Help 8 Sun. Jul 2, 8:50pm
Saran wrap anyone? 24 Sun. Jul 2, 5:35pm
Intuit ive Eating by Tribole and Resch 11 Sun. Jul 2, 1:06pm
How often to workout? 2 Sun. Jul 2, 1:02pm
A prayer for world peace 1 Sat. Jul 1, 8:41pm
OT: Still not over him? 18 Sat. Jul 1, 3:00pm
Anyone in college? Join the group! 0 Sat. Jul 1, 11:26am
Lookin g for like minded people 0 Fri. Jun 30, 10:21pm
How to tell spouse/significant other he/she has bad breath? 16 Fri. Jun 30, 9:58pm
ranch dressing 12 Fri. Jun 30, 4:45pm
Loose that baby weight and keep fit 0 Fri. Jun 30, 2:21pm
Hoodia 1 Fri. Jun 30, 2:07pm
bridal shower gift suggestions 14 Fri. Jun 30, 1:32pm
Anyone in the CA Bay Area? Join our team! 0 Fri. Jun 30, 12:33pm
Help with your in put please 11 Fri. Jun 30, 12:25pm
protei n powder/supplements 12 Fri. Jun 30, 11:40am
Binges . What constitutes as one? 4 Fri. Jun 30, 10:55am
Join us 0 Fri. Jun 30, 9:52am
No Gym or Lean Cuisine! Help! 10 Thu. Jun 29, 11:16pm
nutirt ionist/personal trainer as a career? 3 Thu. Jun 29, 10:26pm
Could this be? 3 Thu. Jun 29, 5:43pm
The incredible egg... 11 Thu. Jun 29, 3:59pm
fat genes? 13 Thu. Jun 29, 3:51pm
Can I drop some weight in one week?!?!?! 16 Thu. Jun 29, 3:29pm
New Team- DC Area Meetup and Workout 0 Thu. Jun 29, 10:00am
party and socializing strategies 8 Thu. Jun 29, 9:49am
Streng th training while travelling 2 Thu. Jun 29, 5:00am
metfor min, Glucophage 2 Thu. Jun 29, 2:58am
We can work together to lose weght! 0 Wed. Jun 28, 11:49pm
AMAZIN G 100 CALORIE SUMMER DESSERT 2 Wed. Jun 28, 11:11pm
"I want YOU to get in shape" -Uncle Sam 0 Wed. Jun 28, 10:58pm
Sore nipples 16 Wed. Jun 28, 10:46pm
Anyone else in the 170's? 18 Wed. Jun 28, 4:14pm
exerci sing when pregnant 3 Wed. Jun 28, 3:03pm
How do I upload a pic to my profile? 3 Wed. Jun 28, 2:15pm
though ts on... 3 Wed. Jun 28, 11:29am
Team Boston 2 Wed. Jun 28, 10:33am
Health y, inexpensive foods 10 Wed. Jun 28, 4:35am
Midlan d, MI Tri-cities 0 Wed. Jun 28, 1:53am
WW Core vs Flex 3 Tue. Jun 27, 11:25pm
minnea polis 7 Tue. Jun 27, 11:21pm
yay for me! and berry recipe;) 5 Tue. Jun 27, 9:24pm
I am confused over how many cals are in turkey breast!! 3 Tue. Jun 27, 4:20pm
techie question 1 Tue. Jun 27, 3:03pm
lookin g for missing member 1 Tue. Jun 27, 1:04pm
sleep and weight gain 15 Tue. Jun 27, 11:25am
Is it better to exercise for longer at a slower pace or shorter at a faster pace? 5 Tue. Jun 27, 11:15am
Has anyone tried to invite a member 2 Tue. Jun 27, 10:21am
Triath lon Relays? 5 Tue. Jun 27, 9:13am
The cost of eating organic? 4 Tue. Jun 27, 9:05am
CA Bay Area Fitness- A forum and motivational portal 0 Tue. Jun 27, 12:27am
CA Bay Area Fitness- A forum and motivational portal 0 Tue. Jun 27, 12:27am
Heart Rate Question 6 Mon. Jun 26, 9:55pm
New Port Nowhere 0 Mon. Jun 26, 7:02pm
New Port Nowhere 0 Mon. Jun 26, 7:01pm
A call to "Greater Bostonians"! 0 Mon. Jun 26, 5:28pm
A call to "Greater Bostonians"! 0 Mon. Jun 26, 5:28pm
Weigh in here--What scale do you recommend? 6 Mon. Jun 26, 4:58pm
Yo Peoples 1 Mon. Jun 26, 4:09pm
Editin g public log? 1 Mon. Jun 26, 4:04pm
Recove ring from a tough workout? 5 Mon. Jun 26, 1:10pm
Best Resistance Band? 1 Mon. Jun 26, 12:42pm
a great quote for inspiration 5 Mon. Jun 26, 10:51am
New Group- Start your engines! 0 Mon. Jun 26, 8:29am
Nervou s to meet BF's Friends 3 Sun. Jun 25, 11:10pm
Commit to loose 2 lbs a week 6 Sun. Jun 25, 9:31pm
spinni ng butt 10 Sun. Jun 25, 5:45pm
50 consecutive days of exercise starting July 1st. 0 Sun. Jun 25, 4:58pm
Best Spotlight Yet... 0 Sun. Jun 25, 1:27pm
do exercise balls really help or are they just a passing fad? 13 Sun. Jun 25, 8:08am
new moms in the 20something age group looking to retrieve their prepregnancy shape and lose weight. 0 Sun. Jun 25, 12:31am
new moms in the 20something age group looking to retrieve their prepregnancy shape and lose weight. 0 Sun. Jun 25, 12:31am
angry/ frustrated about current politics and want to lose weight 0 Sat. Jun 24, 1:00pm
thanks .... 1 Sat. Jun 24, 2:58am
Drinki ng and weight loss 13 Fri. Jun 23, 10:49pm
Check out the new Member Logs.... 5 Fri. Jun 23, 11:37am
Intent ional rest days from working out- any benefit? 7 Fri. Jun 23, 11:12am
Get rid of your fat clothes! 11 Fri. Jun 23, 11:00am
How much water? 14 Fri. Jun 23, 9:28am
Losing weight and promiscuity... 22 Fri. Jun 23, 6:47am
Anyone in Colorado 4 Fri. Jun 23, 5:00am
bad habit HELP 12 Fri. Jun 23, 2:11am
Slutto ny, you've lost 42.5 pounds? 2 Fri. Jun 23, 12:15am
WHY, WHY, WHY?!?!?! 17 Thu. Jun 22, 11:31pm
What do you like about your body? 9 Thu. Jun 22, 9:49pm
stop smoking and not gain/lose weight???!!! 0 Thu. Jun 22, 4:53pm
You asked, we listened. 2 Thu. Jun 22, 4:50pm
Dips- how low should you go? 6 Thu. Jun 22, 3:43pm
Calori es intaken vs calories used 6 Thu. Jun 22, 3:21pm
Check out Alester's Pics in the Spotlight 4 Thu. Jun 22, 1:38pm
OT: Gels or Acrylics 9 Thu. Jun 22, 1:26pm
Tip of the Day 1 Thu. Jun 22, 11:12am
Every woman should watch this! 1 Thu. Jun 22, 8:05am
Workin g out cramps? 4 Wed. Jun 21, 3:13pm
Half Marathon Team 0 Wed. Jun 21, 2:23pm
Lookin g for some new people 0 Wed. Jun 21, 1:09pm
Stayin g motivated when your job sucks... 10 Wed. Jun 21, 12:17pm
1 space open in group - Are you a WW member? 0 Wed. Jun 21, 10:46am
Starti ng out abdominal exercises? 2 Wed. Jun 21, 10:30am
Work Out Song!!!! 1 Wed. Jun 21, 10:14am
Realiz ing stuff 6 Wed. Jun 21, 10:11am
i'm a cookie monster... 8 Tue. Jun 20, 11:52pm
I wish peanut butter and jelly didn't taste sooooo good 5 Tue. Jun 20, 8:28pm
PMS craving strategies 13 Tue. Jun 20, 5:51pm
Lookin g for one active member 0 Tue. Jun 20, 5:24pm
my butt is flabby and so is my motivation 7 Tue. Jun 20, 11:33am
Annoye d by these new popup Advertisements?!! 10 Tue. Jun 20, 11:30am
New Spotlight is up and running! 2 Tue. Jun 20, 9:27am
a confession 8 Tue. Jun 20, 7:18am
lamisi l monster to the right... 6 Tue. Jun 20, 12:00am
STARVI NG in the afternoons 18 Mon. Jun 19, 3:20pm
Busine ss trips generally and San Antonio Texas specifically 4 Mon. Jun 19, 1:29pm
Starti ng New Groups 0 Mon. Jun 19, 12:41pm
Shangr i La Diet 7 Mon. Jun 19, 10:14am
fast food.. . . ??? 14 Mon. Jun 19, 2:03am
Fun Goal for 40... 4 Mon. Jun 19, 1:03am
OT... 1st Fathers Day without Dad 12 Mon. Jun 19, 12:43am
Treadm ill Recommendations 4 Mon. Jun 19, 12:42am
Health y Cooks Let's Team Up! 0 Sun. Jun 18, 7:45pm
Health y Cooks Let's Team Up! 0 Sun. Jun 18, 7:45pm
Guy's perspective - Father's Day 9 Sat. Jun 17, 11:49pm
workou t music - what do you listen to? 18 Sat. Jun 17, 1:24pm
What should I order for lunch? 6 Sat. Jun 17, 11:17am
Need Nutritional Info on healtfood store stuff.. 6 Sat. Jun 17, 10:41am
Newbie Questions 2 Sat. Jun 17, 10:15am
Need some suggestions!! 5 Sat. Jun 17, 4:28am
Meal planner, grocery list, nutritional info. 3 Fri. Jun 16, 6:47pm
Make a Private Group Public 2 Fri. Jun 16, 12:34pm
PEERtr ainer Spotlight... looking for a few good men 0 Fri. Jun 16, 10:35am
Anyone tried eating the same thing everyday? 11 Fri. Jun 16, 5:34am
Intres ted in trying the Fat Flush Planwith a slight twist? 8 Thu. Jun 15, 10:07pm
Emotio nal Eating.... 8 Thu. Jun 15, 9:03pm
Motiva tion 14 Thu. Jun 15, 8:30pm
To women over 32 30 Thu. Jun 15, 2:29pm
Why won't the weight come off? 9 Thu. Jun 15, 1:13pm
DVD Workouts? 11 Thu. Jun 15, 12:01pm
Stubbo rn fat- and at goal weight 4 Thu. Jun 15, 10:17am
MSG proven to cause obesity in rats? 4 Thu. Jun 15, 8:21am
Intest inal Bacteria May Explain Obesity 3 Wed. Jun 14, 8:14pm
Don't know squat 2 Wed. Jun 14, 3:50pm
A congratulations is in order!!!!!! 6 Wed. Jun 14, 3:20pm
Intuit ive Eating 0 Wed. Jun 14, 2:40pm
USMC vets (reserve or active) 0 Wed. Jun 14, 1:14pm
Stupid and Contangious 1 Wed. Jun 14, 11:30am
How many myspace friends do YOU have? 4 Wed. Jun 14, 11:13am
Gettin g Started 5 Wed. Jun 14, 10:42am
I HATE THE GYM /CARDIO 16 Tue. Jun 13, 5:41pm
Anyone Pro-Diet Pills? 17 Tue. Jun 13, 4:45pm
proble m logging 5 Tue. Jun 13, 3:44pm
How do YOU motivate yourself to exercise? 17 Tue. Jun 13, 3:41pm
PT bug - personal notes 3 Tue. Jun 13, 3:14pm
anyone ever get a hernia from exercise? 5 Tue. Jun 13, 3:13pm
Runnin g Question...please help! 6 Tue. Jun 13, 1:59pm
How often do you indulge? 7 Tue. Jun 13, 1:56pm
Run LIke a Girl 0 Tue. Jun 13, 9:34am
all you can eat pregnancy 11 Tue. Jun 13, 7:37am
Better to give in once or grin and bare it? 11 Tue. Jun 13, 4:27am
energy drinks-are they ok? 6 Mon. Jun 12, 11:47pm
PROBLE MMMMMMMM 11 Mon. Jun 12, 5:47pm
Exerci se = Pimples??? 16 Mon. Jun 12, 5:15pm
To lose 10 lbs this month 0 Mon. Jun 12, 4:14pm
Rumsfe ld & Aspartame 4 Mon. Jun 12, 2:23pm
Mommy Pounds Chicago 5 Mon. Jun 12, 10:40am
Beer vs. Ice Cream 5 Mon. Jun 12, 10:36am
"What to Eat" nutritionist Marion Nestle tells you how to keep junk food from sneaking into your cart 0 Mon. Jun 12, 9:55am
Speaking of Organic Foods... 8 Mon. Jun 12, 9:33am
normal sodium in mg 6 Mon. Jun 12, 4:36am
Swimme rs in Streamwood? 0 Sun. Jun 11, 1:44pm
I LOVE this site 7 Sun. Jun 11, 12:51pm
bloati ng problems 1 Sun. Jun 11, 12:50pm
Whoeve r wrote this...thanks! 0 Sat. Jun 10, 8:54pm
The Cost of Weight Watchers 12 Sat. Jun 10, 6:57pm
I totally disagree *#@! 22 Sat. Jun 10, 6:55pm
Intres ted in a ............... 3 Sat. Jun 10, 3:14pm
Pat Salber blogging from the American Diabetes Association annual meeting. 0 Sat. Jun 10, 8:38am
Q&A - hilarioius 2 Fri. Jun 9, 7:47pm
Weeken d logging/commenting team 1 Fri. Jun 9, 7:34pm
invisi ble spotlight? 9 Fri. Jun 9, 7:34pm
MYSPAC E JUNKIES UNITE 0 Fri. Jun 9, 7:34am
MYSPAC E JUNKIES UNITE 0 Fri. Jun 9, 7:34am
Sexles s Marriage 62 Fri. Jun 9, 5:44am
Can your job make you dumb? 10 Thu. Jun 8, 11:04pm
Inviti ng People to Groups 6 Thu. Jun 8, 10:41pm
I want a sticker. 6 Thu. Jun 8, 10:24pm
Birth control and loss of sex drive 9 Thu. Jun 8, 9:49pm
washin g sneakers? 10 Thu. Jun 8, 7:28pm
Bridal Shower Quandry 7 Thu. Jun 8, 6:17pm
What to do when food is "pushed" on you? 7 Thu. Jun 8, 6:15pm
"Helpf ul" people 33 Thu. Jun 8, 12:37pm
Resist ing free food 20 Thu. Jun 8, 11:03am
Wirele ss Bra recommendations 3 Thu. Jun 8, 7:16am
Depriv ation: How do you deal with it? 11 Wed. Jun 7, 7:28pm
Ellipt ical Trainer 10 Wed. Jun 7, 7:18pm
Pushup s-- reps vs a lot at one time 2 Wed. Jun 7, 6:13pm
Tush Training 7 Wed. Jun 7, 3:58pm
sports bra suggestions? 14 Wed. Jun 7, 12:52pm
pedome ter recommendation? 3 Wed. Jun 7, 12:44pm
Good Soup Recipes? 7 Wed. Jun 7, 12:15pm
chicag o is such a cool city! 14 Wed. Jun 7, 11:20am
Need Info on losing weight the healthy way 5 Wed. Jun 7, 10:32am
politi cs vs. cursing 2 Wed. Jun 7, 10:05am
Enell Bras 6 Wed. Jun 7, 6:22am
Fitnes s Mags 0 Tue. Jun 6, 9:31pm
Seriou s question - My Glass of Wine Depends on it! 2 Tue. Jun 6, 4:44pm
Your Age in Chocolate (for fun) 6 Tue. Jun 6, 3:49pm
Diabet ics Welcome 0 Tue. Jun 6, 2:30pm
Lost 12 Tue. Jun 6, 1:36pm
pictur es not uploading? 3 Tue. Jun 6, 11:14am
A tale of two cheeses... 7 Tue. Jun 6, 10:41am
New, lower target for bad cholesterol 2 Tue. Jun 6, 10:25am
1000 pound man, 600 something pound woman 5 Tue. Jun 6, 4:41am
No chocolate challenge -new team 0 Mon. Jun 5, 6:01pm
Motiva tion! 0 Mon. Jun 5, 12:49pm
Eating out strategies 8 Mon. Jun 5, 10:52am
3 reasons treadmills are good 14 Mon. Jun 5, 1:47am
pregna nt? 5 Sun. Jun 4, 6:55pm
Pregna ncy Team Started 0 Sun. Jun 4, 4:29pm
Hellll llppp!!!! diet peer pressure 4 Sun. Jun 4, 1:55pm
Great expectations 7 Sun. Jun 4, 12:48pm
Huge lunch, but I'm hunrgy 6 Sun. Jun 4, 10:40am
PMS 14 Sun. Jun 4, 8:32am
Restau rants in NYC? 8 Sat. Jun 3, 8:14pm
Only liquids for a few days? 11 Sat. Jun 3, 11:03am
Taking a break? 6 Fri. Jun 2, 9:50pm
Donati ng eggs? 9 Fri. Jun 2, 7:54pm
What to do with frozen cut up yams 7 Fri. Jun 2, 4:59pm
Join :) 0 Fri. Jun 2, 1:10pm
I need...a life 22 Fri. Jun 2, 12:20pm
Losing weight while in European vacation? 8 Fri. Jun 2, 10:55am
keep seeing these south beach ads. 11 Fri. Jun 2, 10:36am
Top 3 Favorite "Diet" Foods 36 Fri. Jun 2, 10:05am
breaki n up is hard to do 6 Thu. Jun 1, 3:57pm
One spot open in our group for an active poster 0 Thu. Jun 1, 1:27pm
New group for vegetarians 0 Thu. Jun 1, 11:45am
Daily workouts-dry hair 13 Thu. Jun 1, 11:40am
South Beach Dieters Group 2 Thu. Jun 1, 10:49am