Weight Loss Help: The One Thing You Need To Do To Lose Weight

Learn To Use Deep Breathing To Fight The Overwhelm

By Joshua Wayne, MA

“Help! I’m afraid I’ll never lose the 85 pounds for good!”

That was the subject line of an email I received the other day.  I’m sharing my response here publicly because I hope many others may be able to benefit from it as well.  I think my suggestions can be applied even if you’re just trying to lose 20-30 pounds. 

Dear “Jane”,

I can completely empathize with how overwhelming that must feel.  I’m sure you’ve been contemplating losing that weight for a long time, and I’m sure this isn’t your first attempt to do so.

First things first: take a deep breath.  I know that may sound a little cliché and you may be asking, “how is that going to help me lose the 85 pounds?!” 

I understand that is not the solution in and of itself, but I think it’s a good first step.  Why?  Because contemplating losing 85 pounds is going to overwhelm just about anybody.  You’re jumping too far ahead into the future by contemplating how you will lose ALL that weight. 

Thinking about your weight loss that way is actually complicating the issue for you because you don’t really know yet how you’d be able to successfully do it, and because it will involve some lifestyle changes that may be uncomfortable to make at first.  So thinking this way is not useful, and it’s actually contributing to your sense of feeling overwhelmed. Stop doing it! : )

So back to my suggestion about taking a deep breath.  It’s important that you slow down and start taking one day at a time.  Stop worrying about losing the 85 pounds for good, and start working on the first 5.  Stop creating overwhelm and frustration for yourself by focusing on the long term goal, and just focus on the one thing you need to do next to get on a positive track.

So what is that one thing you need to do next?  Focus on getting a good support mechanism in place?  Maybe just giving up one “pitfall” food that you turn to for comfort?  Getting a good pair of walking shoes and “hitting the pavement”?

Use that deep breath to slow yourself down and to focus on the single next thing you need to do to get on track.  Forget about the 85 pounds, and instead focus on building good habits that will allow you to gradually lose weight.  Take it one day at a time, and keep adding positive behaviors into your routine.  Breathe, and smile and put your attention on the positive things you’re creating in your life one day at a time through concentration and effort.

And lastly, don’t underestimate how powerful and important having a good support system in place is.  None of us can do it alone.  You might want to look into joining a PEERtrainer
group or team.  We have also created a "Coaching Quiz" that helps you find out how "ready" you are to lose weight. Both are outstanding sources of motivation, support and encouragement.  Hope you find this useful.

All the best,


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Joshua Wayne, MA is a Personal Development Coach and trained psychotherapist with an emphasis on weight loss motivation and mind/body wellness.

In his private practice Joshua has helped his clients achieve their weight loss goals, shape their life direction and resolve a wide range of family problems from relationship difficulties to out of control teenagers.

Joshua has a Masters Degree in Counseling.    He has also been intensely interested in and studying personal development, fitness and spirituality for close to 20 years.
Joshua also heads up the PEERtrainer 12 Week "Point Of No Return" Coaching Program.

If you would like to ask Joshua a question about weight loss, motivation or personal development, please email him.  He can’t always respond to each one individually, but will incorporate the answers into future articles and blog posts.