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You May Know What You Want,
But What Do You Expect?
By Joshua Wayne, MA

I was working with a new client recently and she asked me an interesting question.  She said,

“Why do I have such trouble following through on my weight loss plan?  I really want to lose weight.  In fact, I desperately want to lose 30 pounds!  I start out doing very well, and lose 5-10 pounds in the first couple weeks, but then I lose my focus.  I can’t even tell you why… something always comes up and I fall off course.  Am I sabotaging my success?”more>

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Learning To Inspire Others

Given how long the journey to health and self-discovery can be, embracing this role might just help to achieve your goals or further refine and clarify them.  more>

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Should I Hire A Personal Trainer?

It may be a financial investment, but an investment in your health is an investment in your life. , more>
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