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Need some incentive 2 Fri. Aug 28, 4:09am
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2-week cleanse and butter 9 Thu. Aug 20, 6:29am
NEW SPOTLIGHT join me.. lynneta6 4 Wed. Aug 19, 2:17am
I'm so embarrassed and I can't figure out how to get over it 3 Tue. Aug 18, 10:35pm
when your someones Gym Crush 1 Tue. Aug 18, 11:27am
"The Great Cholesterol Myth" - Dr. Jonny Bowden 2 Sun. Aug 16, 10:45am
Looking for active loggers 0 Sun. Aug 2, 9:57pm
Ready to Log Daily & Regularly Comment? Not Into Fads? 5 Fri. Jul 31, 3:41am
Weight loss/workout motivation 0 Wed. Jul 29, 8:06am
Vitamin, B12 deficiency. 8 Wed. Jul 29, 6:56am
How our drinking habit is actually causing damages? 0 Mon. Jul 27, 1:46am
How could I get rid of my personal Bodyweight want forum member idea? 0 Fri. Jul 24, 8:12pm
Accupuncture question for anyone w/ any kind of experience with it 5 Thu. Jul 23, 1:18pm
Let's help each other with accountability! 0 Wed. Jul 22, 10:32pm
Diet and age 1 Tue. Jul 21, 4:42pm
Shake recommendations 11 Tue. Jul 21, 2:00am
Looking for an Active Group? 1 Tue. Jul 21, 1:59am
Looking for an Active Group? 1 Tue. Jul 21, 1:59am
Hey PT, the lounge is starting to look like an all scam site! 7 Tue. Jul 21, 1:59am
Members not participating 9 Tue. Jul 21, 1:59am
1200 calorie diet safe? 36 Tue. Jul 21, 1:58am
Is there a Peertrainer app in the works? 5 Tue. Jul 21, 1:58am
Why can't I stop eating? 2 Fri. Jul 17, 3:02am
The Dirty Dozen 1 Wed. Jul 15, 10:22am
Nerve damage in leg from vericose vein treatment 1 Wed. Jul 15, 9:48am
"Public" comments page 8 Sun. Jul 12, 8:29am
Best fitness routine where I can lose a few pounds? 8 Sun. Jul 12, 8:26am
Better ways to deal with all the things i have to do 5 Sun. Jul 12, 8:24am
10101 6 Sun. Jul 12, 8:23am
Need support and encouragement? Join us! 2 Sun. Jul 12, 8:22am
NEW: How To Stop Weight Loss Self Sabotage 3 Sat. Jul 11, 9:05pm
Looking for two more :) 10 Sat. Jul 11, 7:02am
Anyone out there? 1 Fri. Jul 10, 5:28pm
Strive for Five Weekly Challenge. Join Anytime 0 Sat. Jul 4, 12:20am
I have a sugar problem, And want to loose weight! How fast should it drop if I give up the sugar? 0 Sat. Jul 4, 12:07am
Jackie, could you share a bit about the process of writing a book. 3 Fri. Jul 3, 7:47am
looking to talk about staying commited 2 Thu. Jul 2, 2:51pm
Do people have a "right" to be supported forever? 3 Thu. Jul 2, 2:16am
NEW: 10 Tips To Get More Sleep 2 Thu. Jun 25, 2:33am
Great team. Active, inspirational quotes from Faith 4 Thu. Jun 25, 2:32am
tips from members? 18 Tue. Apr 28, 8:01pm
Boyfriend moved out says he needs space 5 Fri. Apr 24, 12:53pm
NEW: The 7 Rules To Stop Emotional Eating At Night 1 Wed. Apr 22, 7:29am
hey pt 5 Wed. Apr 22, 7:19am
weight loss with eggs 2 Mon. Apr 20, 7:09am
Looking to create a new group 2 Thu. Apr 16, 1:29pm
PEELOUTS CORNER 134 Thu. Apr 16, 1:28pm
A little venting about scammers and unsolicited advertisers 0 Thu. Apr 9, 7:43pm
Hey PT. Can you do something about the scammers again. 2 Tue. Apr 7, 6:28am
Need a perfect routine 0 Tue. Mar 24, 3:13am
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NEW: Crockpot Slow Cooker Chicken Recipe 1 Wed. Mar 11, 9:19pm
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Vegan? Implement ideas from Chef AJ and Dr Fuhrman 0 Thu. Feb 26, 2:30am
Better Body, and Better Healthy Snacks and Smoothies with Turmeric 0 Sat. Feb 21, 12:43am
Looking for 3 Members 0 Thu. Feb 19, 2:20pm
Looking for 3 Members 0 Thu. Feb 19, 2:19pm
Just curious, how many guys are currently on PT? 10 Thu. Feb 19, 12:36am
Why can I eat a lot of sugary crap in the hour before bed and sleep fine. 1 Thu. Feb 12, 7:26pm
What things make a man a man? 8 Wed. Feb 4, 2:20pm
pt tip of the day 5 Tue. Feb 3, 8:26pm
Wife Cheating 15 Thu. Jan 29, 6:38am
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marital issues save today 0 Tue. Jan 27, 5:38pm
I am new 7 Tue. Jan 27, 12:50pm
Better Habits for a Better Springtime Body 0 Fri. Jan 23, 4:44pm
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Join and uplift others with Multiple Sclerosis 6 Mon. Jan 19, 1:01pm
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New 0 Sun. Jan 18, 8:57pm
Join and uplift others with MS 0 Fri. Jan 16, 1:07pm
my husband snores so loud i can't sleep and i'm sick of going to the couch 16 Mon. Jan 12, 3:39pm
I would like some advice/opinions on my workout plan (in my profile) and eating plan. 5 Fri. Jan 2, 10:02pm
Turning around some bad habits 1 Wed. Dec 31, 8:30am
water fasting eat stop eat 2 Wed. Dec 31, 8:23am
Is anybody vegan? 6 Wed. Dec 31, 8:19am
Daily Logging and Consistent Commenting 1 Tue. Dec 30, 10:30am
Help? My bf found a lump on his penis 3 Thu. Dec 18, 10:48pm
healthy swaps 5 Sat. Dec 13, 4:18am
What causes people to make snide remarks? 3 Tue. Dec 9, 7:10am
How do you know if your really hungry??? 2 Mon. Dec 8, 9:44pm
Seeking people with 100 pounds to lose or close to it 1 Mon. Dec 8, 9:41pm
Has anyone tried Vida health coaching? 14 Sun. Dec 7, 3:20pm
Come on PT. Start removing the scammer members at least weekly. 4 Tue. Dec 2, 5:08pm
I'm new here 9 Fri. Nov 28, 12:56am
Exercising with big "assets". 8 Wed. Nov 19, 7:31am
Dose fat loss factor really work? 1 Wed. Nov 19, 7:26am
Vitamin, B12 deficiency. 0 Sat. Nov 15, 2:19pm
recipe for "dummies" 6 Mon. Nov 10, 3:53pm
emotional /stress eating 13 Fri. Nov 7, 7:40am
water fasting eat stop eat 0 Tue. Nov 4, 6:19pm
Christmas cheers! 2 Tue. Oct 28, 8:52pm
Anyone still around and posting? ! 0 Fri. Oct 24, 10:25am
Anyone still around and posting? ! 0 Fri. Oct 24, 10:25am
Anyone still around and posting? ! 0 Fri. Oct 24, 10:24am
Remove inactive group member 2 Mon. Oct 20, 12:27pm
How do I get through temptations 6 Thu. Oct 16, 5:02am
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Active journalers 6 Tue. Sep 30, 4:37pm
Client/Trainer relationship and boundries 4 Thu. Sep 25, 3:11pm
help!! 2 Wed. Sep 17, 12:15pm
PT, please remove the spell caster commentor again 8 Sun. Sep 14, 2:14am
Fathers Day Help :( 2 Wed. Sep 10, 2:43am
Hello! (I'm new, please help!) 2 Wed. Sep 10, 2:39am
Senior Members 65+ of Peertrainer 0 Sat. Sep 6, 1:19pm
depression 3 Wed. Aug 27, 5:41pm
Ingredients lists for the weekly menus 0 Fri. Aug 8, 9:22am
Why so few "losers"? 7 Thu. Aug 7, 2:36pm
probiotic 2 Mon. Jul 28, 5:40pm
Thanks PT 1 Sun. Jul 27, 2:13am
Come join us: Jackie's Cheat System Diet team!! 4 Sun. Jul 20, 5:58pm
Jackie's Cheat System Diet Team!! 0 Sun. Jul 20, 11:17am
sooooooooo frustrated with my job 5 Thu. Jul 17, 4:36pm
What eating plan do you follow? 16 Thu. Jul 3, 12:44am
need serious help, please 13 Tue. Jul 1, 6:31am
Calling all runners/joggers/walkers 0 Mon. Jun 30, 2:34pm
How to overcome bloating about a month in and doesn't want to go away.. Advice?? 3 Sat. Jun 28, 3:14pm
One Year Milestone 17 Fri. Jun 27, 3:40am
SPOTLIGHT IS UP!! 2 Thu. Jun 19, 7:50pm
Question About the Tex Mex Salad With Potato Chips 1 Wed. Jun 18, 1:25pm
loose weight and feel great looking to loose a few kilos 1 Sun. Jun 15, 1:51pm
Core Rule Plan 0 Fri. Jun 13, 10:52pm
Are you jogger trying to get toned and leaner? Join me! 1 Fri. Jun 13, 2:58pm
Beans 5 Thu. Jun 12, 7:31am
Will my boobs decrease when I loose weight if I'm small already? 4 Wed. Jun 11, 9:17pm
Looking for Accountability 0 Mon. Jun 9, 1:05am
share something your proud of.. fitness or nonfitness related.. lifes about balance 10 Fri. Jun 6, 12:28am
Things I think could improve PT 55 Tue. Jun 3, 1:52pm
Endurance Athletes trying to lose weight 0 Sun. Jun 1, 6:54pm
Endurance Athletes trying to lose weight 0 Sun. Jun 1, 6:54pm
Hey PT: Do I need to worry about the heartbleed virus relative to PT. 1 Sun. Jun 1, 6:13pm
Following the Cheat System? 0 Sun. Jun 1, 9:29am
New moms! 0 Sun. Jun 1, 12:48am
For busy professionals 0 Tue. May 27, 2:56pm
For busy professionals 0 Tue. May 27, 2:56pm
Need Members! 5 Thu. May 22, 7:40pm
I have this problem, am I the only one? 4 Thu. May 22, 7:39pm
Success in threes group 1 Thu. May 22, 7:37pm
Best shoes for jogging? comfort and support 6 Mon. May 19, 12:27pm
Starting the new Cheat System book? Join us & we'll learn it together! 0 Sat. May 17, 12:53pm
Looking for ADHD Support 0 Sun. May 11, 11:52am
kellz 4 Sun. May 11, 11:47am
Be Positive, Lose Weight, & Get into Shape for a Strong Happy & Healthy Body. 0 Mon. May 5, 2:50pm
For those who wish to be Healthy, Happy & Confident while losing weight, not focused on just losing weight, as that does not tend to last. 0 Mon. May 5, 2:30pm
Looking for Beth205 our lost member 0 Tue. Apr 29, 7:08am
Created group not showing up in "my groups" 5 Fri. Apr 25, 9:54am
PT - why no more daily email updates? 0 Thu. Apr 24, 1:12pm
Toned and Glowing support 0 Tue. Apr 22, 7:31pm
Toned and Glowing support 0 Tue. Apr 22, 7:31pm
Toned and Glowing for the Summer 0 Tue. Apr 22, 7:30pm
Toned and Glowing for the Summer 0 Tue. Apr 22, 7:30pm
toned and glowing cleanse 0 Tue. Apr 22, 7:29pm
toned and glowing cleanse 0 Tue. Apr 22, 7:29pm
Join Nutrarian Athlete! 0 Tue. Apr 22, 10:58am
Join Nutrarian Athlete! 0 Tue. Apr 22, 10:58am
Looking for advice from more experienced weight losers!! 4 Tue. Apr 22, 10:22am
Weight lifting 9 Thu. Apr 17, 2:54pm
Family dinner suggestions? 4 Wed. Apr 16, 3:30pm
Any Active posters out there who want a new group? 3 Tue. Apr 15, 10:43pm
New group for Fitbit users 0 Tue. Apr 15, 11:51am
When are inactive group members removed? 0 Tue. Apr 15, 11:36am
My friend always competes with me about her kids 2 Fri. Apr 11, 1:20pm
Butt exercises 7 Fri. Apr 11, 12:41pm
PEERtrainer Powerouse Spinach Dip Recipe 3 Fri. Apr 11, 10:19am
Poll: since you've started at PT, are you healthier? Do you get sick less often? 3 Fri. Apr 11, 10:15am
I'm stressed out and all i want is really bad food. 4 Fri. Apr 11, 10:06am
anyone trried PT "sleep support"? 4 Fri. Apr 4, 5:42am
Insane Man Hunger Recipe 2 Fri. Mar 28, 11:01am
Do you get water delivery? Bottled water? 1 Wed. Mar 26, 10:39am
Hi Everyone! 5 Wed. Mar 26, 10:38am
Sometimes I sneeze non-stop 1 Tue. Mar 25, 7:44pm
If you see old threads pop up>>> 0 Mon. Mar 24, 11:13am
any such way or thing you guys know to get your butt smaller? 19 Mon. Mar 24, 11:05am
This message is for you and nobody else. You know who you are. 6 Mon. Mar 24, 10:36am
Avoid Nutritional Yeast? 4 Thu. Mar 20, 2:20am
Some new thoughts on the link between meat, cancer and heart disease 3 Tue. Mar 18, 7:20pm
The best ab exercises for a woman. 8 Mon. Mar 10, 1:44pm
I'm so hungover. tequila is the devil. 1 Fri. Mar 7, 5:37pm
nwe week challenge 0 Sun. Mar 2, 11:37am
Need a new workout playlist, suggestions? 3 Fri. Feb 28, 12:47pm
I don't the name of my team. 3 Tue. Feb 25, 5:58pm
OT - Fukushima 13 Mon. Feb 24, 11:08am
new success stories on the home page! 8 Mon. Feb 24, 1:40am
Do you think sushi can make you fat? 6 Fri. Feb 21, 8:48am
Soup Recipe - Broc, cauliflower,mushroom 3 Thu. Feb 20, 9:03pm
guys please: how long do I have to wait? 3 Wed. Feb 19, 10:47pm
Looking for an open spot in an active group? Top 5 groups here 0 Wed. Feb 19, 11:38am
Time Zone 4 Wed. Feb 19, 9:56am
Come join us: Boomer Babes! 0 Tue. Feb 18, 11:07am
Why do I want cheese after I work out? 6 Sun. Feb 16, 10:02am
Fat clothes for kayaking? 6 Thu. Feb 13, 2:31am
Done with the negative people around me - how do I let them go? 2 Mon. Feb 3, 1:42pm
New group! 0 Mon. Feb 3, 1:26pm
daily weigh in, with strong signals 7 Mon. Feb 3, 8:32am
My Mom has the key to our house... 3 Sun. Feb 2, 2:41pm
Don't say what you are going to do, wait 3 days and tell what you did 5 Wed. Jan 29, 11:30pm
i'm a new member 2 Tue. Jan 28, 11:45pm
Daily Email Logs... 9 Tue. Jan 28, 10:36pm
40 something ladies 0 Mon. Jan 27, 5:21am
Waiting to see how long it takes for PT admin to respond to requests for improvements 37 Thu. Jan 23, 1:22pm
Wanted: First Time Moms-to-be 0 Fri. Jan 17, 9:16am
Walking Buddy Needed! 0 Sat. Jan 11, 2:38pm
Join me: January Reboot 0 Mon. Jan 6, 12:53pm
Join Me... 0 Sat. Jan 4, 4:48pm
PROGRESS NOT PERFECTION 2014 1 Thu. Jan 2, 11:01pm
Anyone sign up for ACA (Obamacare)? 0 Thu. Jan 2, 8:54pm
Supportive, Science-based, Dedicated 0 Wed. Jan 1, 12:59pm
Newbie looking for friends to join group 1 Sun. Dec 29, 12:16am
Clean Eating challenge.. 30 days of clean eating. dec28 0 Sat. Dec 28, 3:12pm
New Member 12 Sun. Dec 22, 11:02am
tips to get through this weekend of holiday stuff 3 Sun. Dec 22, 11:01am
real dose 3 Mon. Dec 16, 3:09pm
My daughter called a little girl fat the other day 6 Tue. Dec 3, 1:52pm
help me - I can't stop eating the chocolate chip cookies in the freezer 7 Mon. Dec 2, 12:20pm
An awesome community 2 Mon. Dec 2, 2:10am
Happy thanksgiving! 2 Sun. Dec 1, 10:28am
Is there anybody still interested in this team 0 Wed. Nov 27, 4:25am
Well if this isn't size discrimination, what is? 0 Mon. Nov 25, 6:32pm
Trouble creating private group 4 Sun. Nov 24, 10:28pm
Hey PT, this user needs to be removed from the site. 6 Thu. Nov 21, 6:24am
Need help please 2 Wed. Nov 20, 8:17am
Sugar, Carbs, Blood Sugar, Insulin Resistance 11 Wed. Nov 20, 8:09am
Join the Nov 3-10 8 Day Brutal Challenge 10 Wed. Nov 20, 8:09am
I'd like to lose 17 pounds. I don't know how long it will take 10 Wed. Nov 20, 8:06am
Lacto-ovo-vegan 4 Thu. Nov 14, 5:40pm
The Fast Diet by Michael Mosley 31 Thu. Nov 7, 8:30pm
NEED A GROUP JOIN ME 1 Wed. Nov 6, 1:17pm
PT cheat system - where or what is it? 3 Mon. Nov 4, 11:47pm
Is Peelout insensitive? 29 Sun. Nov 3, 5:08pm
Keep it Simple 0 Sun. Nov 3, 12:23pm
All the groups here already have 4 members! 1 Fri. Nov 1, 12:23pm
LOVE & LOSE 0 Tue. Oct 29, 1:57pm
Looking for an active fourth member 0 Tue. Oct 29, 8:57am
Looking for an active fourth member 0 Tue. Oct 29, 8:57am
Mo..hope all is ok 0 Wed. Oct 23, 1:05pm
Supportive, Science-based 0 Wed. Oct 23, 1:05pm
We are starting 27-Sept 0 Wed. Oct 23, 1:04pm
Cost savings ideas 2 Wed. Oct 23, 1:04pm
What do members trying to focus on eating vegetables eat for BREAKFAST? 11 Wed. Oct 23, 1:02pm
*Your help needed: "I am a teacher that gives everything and has nothing left for her family when she gets home." 12 Wed. Oct 23, 1:00pm
Coffee the good and the bad 12 Wed. Oct 23, 12:59pm
shocked after seeing myself in a photo 12 Wed. Oct 23, 12:29pm
Lead,follow, or get out of the way 15 Wed. Oct 23, 12:26pm
Is it possible??? 16 Wed. Oct 23, 12:26pm
from size 35.. to a 12.. follow the rest of my journey to a size 8.. maybe a 6.. time will tell 16 Wed. Oct 23, 12:25pm
Need a recommendation for a reliable basic pedometer 3 Sat. Oct 19, 7:13pm
can't sleep because of gym 9 Fri. Oct 18, 1:59pm
Scale showing results that aren't seen. 5 Wed. Oct 16, 1:29am
do you think coffee helps you lose weight or does it make you gain? 5 Mon. Oct 14, 12:42pm
What do you order at Subway? 9 Thu. Oct 10, 11:30am
Looking for additional people to join the Green stage of the LFG challenge. 0 Sun. Oct 6, 3:04pm
New openings for the Lead, Follow, or Get out of the way challenge 13 Sat. Oct 5, 7:23pm
Join new group using the PEERtrainer Cheat System 2 Fri. Oct 4, 10:44am
Question for those on the Lead, Follow, or Get out the Way challenge 6 Mon. Sep 30, 7:02am
Apps 1 Mon. Sep 23, 8:03pm
We are starting 27-Sept 6 Mon. Sep 23, 8:02am
Turn those bipolar issues into advantages! No whining! 0 Sun. Sep 15, 2:58am
Looking for members who like a challenge 0 Fri. Sep 13, 7:52pm
Ideas on how to make healthier pasta for my kids? 4 Thu. Sep 12, 2:47pm
Moms with young kids who want to be fit and feel good :) 0 Thu. Sep 12, 1:02pm
The Cheat System, anyone tried it? Results? 3 Tue. Sep 10, 12:09pm
Jackie: any changes to "the list" from the Cheat System? 2 Tue. Sep 10, 12:07pm
NEW GROUP!!! 0 Sat. Sep 7, 12:41pm
if you had to choose one: deep freezer or microwave? 12 Fri. Sep 6, 5:18pm
Why Coconut Milk Is An Ideal Dairy Substitute 4 Thu. Sep 5, 9:14pm
Soap opera logging bugs me 13 Sat. Aug 31, 7:41pm
Greata Plan 3 Thu. Aug 29, 3:32am
Greata Plan 0 Wed. Aug 28, 12:44pm
I there a difference between a 1000 cals of crap and 1000 cals of greens? 1 Mon. Aug 26, 8:11am
Support, Humour, & Woo-less :) 2 Sat. Aug 24, 4:08pm
Be careful sending emails to people on here who don't leave their user name 1 Mon. Aug 19, 5:15pm
Supportive, Science-based 0 Sun. Aug 18, 10:43am
Win the Sugar War! 0 Sun. Aug 18, 1:31am
Fitness 0 Fri. Aug 16, 10:02am
Just 5 1 Thu. Aug 15, 10:43am
Health Coaching.. 7 Thu. Aug 15, 2:08am
Shaking it up 0 Mon. Aug 12, 8:39pm
Cholesterol levels 1 Tue. Aug 6, 4:07pm
Members wanted 0 Mon. Aug 5, 10:54pm
Emotional eating 1 Fri. Aug 2, 4:38pm
Bendage!! 0 Thu. Aug 1, 12:23pm
How to Cut Down Calories to Lose Weight 2 Sat. Jul 27, 10:50pm
Olive Oil e-mail from PT 5 Sat. Jul 27, 9:38am
Oakland, California group 2 Mon. Jul 22, 8:35pm
Inviting members to a new group 0 Sun. Jul 14, 12:28pm
why does loneliness really sucks? 2 Fri. Jul 12, 1:21pm
Trick for finding names in the log list 1 Tue. Jul 9, 11:57am
virgin diet, jj virgin plan 0 Sun. Jul 7, 5:09pm
Kale/Spinach in smoothies 7 Sun. Jun 30, 12:58pm
Trading the readily bought bulk fiber for freshly ground flax seed? 0 Sun. Jun 30, 12:20pm
7 Secrets Of Permanent Fat Loss And Fitness - FREE Guide 0 Thu. Jun 27, 2:04am
Overwhelmed .... 2 Wed. Jun 26, 3:38am
Calorie trackers: Anyone tried Fitbit or Digifit? 2 Mon. Jun 24, 4:00pm
Obesity a disease????? 6 Mon. Jun 24, 12:34pm
Games where you got 100% trophies/achievements 0 Sat. Jun 22, 12:26am
glad to be here 0 Wed. Jun 19, 3:56pm
glad to be here 0 Wed. Jun 19, 3:52pm
Overeaters Anonymous 4 Tue. Jun 18, 1:40pm
Lose weight and get healthy! 0 Mon. Jun 17, 1:11am
yah :) 0 Sun. Jun 16, 2:19am
Join my team! Jam224 0 Sat. Jun 15, 11:40pm
Join my team! 0 Sat. Jun 15, 11:39pm
how to cook collard greens 2 Tue. Jun 11, 1:14am
Recent success stories 1 Wed. Jun 5, 12:00pm
Weight loss without fat shaming? 5 Mon. Jun 3, 1:45pm
Games You Want 1 Mon. Jun 3, 1:15pm
who likes to cook food 1 Mon. Jun 3, 1:15pm
Hi All!! I am new and looking for a weight loss partner or two that can be very accountable. 1 Wed. May 29, 1:21am
Not wanting to eat dinner past 4:00pm? 2 Tue. May 28, 8:58am
I stopped eating after 8pm and my body didn't like that idea 1 Fri. May 24, 5:52pm
Looking for a support team 0 Thu. May 23, 11:34pm
Healthy or Not Healthy...The Choice is yours! 0 Sat. May 18, 1:21pm
join us on our mission! 0 Thu. May 16, 5:17pm
join us on our mission! 0 Thu. May 16, 5:16pm
organic apples lose color after 3 days on kitchen counter 3 Tue. May 14, 4:51pm
Need new members! 0 Mon. May 13, 11:56pm
4x4 1 Fri. May 10, 7:42pm
2013 Springtime Point of No Return Group 0 Wed. May 8, 2:51pm
I'm fighting with my husband a lot and it's bringing me down 2 Sat. May 4, 10:30pm
Warning!! I'm 'Warned' Out! 1 Sat. May 4, 9:22pm
I'm so sick of the girl scout cookies and pressure to buy 5 Fri. May 3, 9:57am
Negative Pap but 1 Thu. May 2, 10:55am
female question re: detox 1 Wed. May 1, 1:10pm
New PEERtrainer Guide To Muscle Building 0 Tue. Apr 23, 12:26pm
join me 0 Fri. Apr 19, 4:15pm
Colloidal Silver Water 0 Tue. Apr 16, 8:03am
Link Between Diet and Brain Health 0 Mon. Apr 15, 9:13pm
Come Join My Group 0 Mon. Apr 15, 10:25am
need active members! 1 Fri. Apr 12, 10:54pm
Looking for people with 100lbs to lose! 0 Fri. Apr 12, 10:16pm
Questions about cheat system 3 Thu. Apr 11, 1:51pm
Memebers wanted!! 0 Wed. Apr 10, 11:10pm
exercise tips if you have a knee injury 4 Wed. Apr 10, 6:20am
Lower Mainland? 0 Sun. Apr 7, 9:31pm
Support, Humor, & Woo-less :) 0 Sun. Apr 7, 9:11pm
Logging daily 0 Sun. Apr 7, 8:54pm
Anyone tried RealDose? 1 Sat. Apr 6, 10:49am
New team members needed 0 Wed. Apr 3, 12:07am
have MS and in a w/c 7 Mon. Apr 1, 6:18pm
New Group 0 Mon. Apr 1, 1:17pm
Love Life Advice?! 7 Thu. Mar 28, 12:02pm
go-getters/unite!!! 0 Thu. Mar 28, 9:17am
hi all! Anyone in Boston? 2 Thu. Mar 28, 7:42am
Are you taking the challenge? 0 Tue. Mar 26, 11:25am
Are you taking the challenge? 0 Tue. Mar 26, 11:25am
Men's fitness 0 Mon. Mar 25, 4:16pm
Looking for serious members! 0 Thu. Mar 21, 11:37pm
Exercises for legs 3 Tue. Mar 19, 12:43pm
Which foods are healthy? 9 Tue. Mar 19, 12:31pm
To eat or not eat before morning workout? 3 Tue. Mar 19, 12:24pm
active teams? 5 Mon. Mar 18, 9:27pm
my husband is back to me today am very happy 1 Mon. Mar 18, 7:29am
Looking for accountability partners! 0 Sat. Mar 16, 11:54pm
Fitness Challenge 0 Fri. Mar 15, 11:01pm
Prostatitis- Any cure? 1 Thu. Mar 14, 10:03pm
Spending time with your to move forward with it? 4 Wed. Mar 13, 1:42am
February Cleanse Moving on 0 Mon. Mar 11, 10:18am
People loved this quote and article 1 Wed. Mar 6, 9:54pm
OT: I need help finding what I like again 7 Wed. Mar 6, 9:54pm
I'm 19 and need help 2 Wed. Mar 6, 8:07pm
just every day people 0 Tue. Mar 5, 9:04pm
Vegan Team 0 Tue. Mar 5, 7:11pm
Vegan Team 0 Tue. Mar 5, 7:11pm
Best food, to take before evening meal. 1 Tue. Mar 5, 9:27am
Chicken, benefits. 0 Tue. Mar 5, 1:48am
I'm new, and need support 9 Mon. Mar 4, 11:02am
Active loggers 0 Sun. Mar 3, 7:57pm
A team for New Zealanders 0 Sun. Mar 3, 1:32am
What do you want this week? 1 Thu. Feb 28, 7:56am
poll: short emails or long ones? 6 Tue. Feb 26, 2:51pm
Kiwi girl finally takes the plunge! 1 Tue. Feb 26, 11:47am
green drinks 0 Tue. Feb 26, 11:46am
Mind...Your Business 6 Mon. Feb 25, 11:44pm
always hungry after exercise. Am I doing the right things 2 Sat. Feb 23, 7:59am
My Goal 1 Fri. Feb 22, 2:15am
The World Revolves Around You 1 Thu. Feb 21, 11:21pm
Ideas of how to do well this week 0 Thu. Feb 21, 11:37am
Trying to Conceive - what's the best exercises 4 Thu. Feb 21, 4:33am
Members needed 0 Wed. Feb 20, 1:43pm
Weight watchers Simply Filling 0 Tue. Feb 19, 2:31pm
Help - Steroids Causing Huge Appetite 2 Sun. Feb 17, 4:02pm
Ideal Measurements 2 Thu. Feb 7, 3:28pm
Anyone using coupon for GNC or other stores 0 Thu. Feb 7, 8:58am
Carrying Currency 4 Thu. Feb 7, 7:24am
Pure and Affordable Ephedra Pills 0 Thu. Feb 7, 2:44am
8 hour diet-What is it? 0 Wed. Feb 6, 1:01pm
My first trip abroad... 0 Wed. Feb 6, 2:26am
3-D projection difficulties 0 Wed. Feb 6, 2:19am
Recording YouTube audio tracks to CD 0 Wed. Feb 6, 1:45am
Attention all survivors of abuse 0 Tue. Feb 5, 11:42am
The Worst Advice Ever For Most People... 1 Sat. Feb 2, 7:45pm
new to peertrainer 0 Sat. Feb 2, 3:23pm
Anyone had a black eye? 2 Thu. Jan 31, 5:31pm
Caught between weightloss & having another baby...dilemma 5 Wed. Jan 30, 1:06pm
We can do it! 0 Wed. Jan 30, 2:32am
New mommies 2 group! 0 Tue. Jan 29, 5:36pm
New and inviting anyone interested 2 Tue. Jan 29, 2:03pm
the 8hr diet... anyone else ever tried or hear of results 10 Thu. Jan 24, 10:01pm
Healthy store bought ice cream or sorbet 0 Thu. Jan 24, 4:30pm
Thanks PT. You know why. 1 Wed. Jan 23, 7:00pm
Salad dressings.... What's the best? 9 Tue. Jan 22, 2:44pm
Does anyone use DVD's for exxercise? 6 Tue. Jan 22, 4:26am
What made YOU say "I have had enough and need a change?" 3 Sun. Jan 20, 7:34am
How to keep leafy vegetables from spoiling? 5 Fri. Jan 18, 7:40pm
please join me to chat and support each other 3 Fri. Jan 18, 4:47pm
PT, when are you going to remove Spell Caster from this site? 2 Fri. Jan 18, 4:44pm
mobile apps - iPhone, iPad, Android 4 Thu. Jan 17, 6:51pm
BUILD MY EGO TEAM 12 Thu. Jan 17, 7:53am
Benefits of Coconut 0 Thu. Jan 17, 2:00am
Please answer if you are short and skinny... 5 Wed. Jan 16, 9:52pm
Can "Organic" also be GMO? 2 Tue. Jan 15, 8:05pm
Looking to lose that baby weight? 0 Tue. Jan 15, 10:33am
join a group 1 Sun. Jan 13, 8:59pm
Looking for a group that's active? Let's start one! 0 Fri. Jan 11, 1:13am
Looking for members 1 Wed. Jan 9, 2:39pm
How Often To Eat? New PEERtrainer Article! 1 Wed. Jan 9, 9:56am
non- meat eaters 1 Mon. Jan 7, 11:49pm
Fresh start cleanse 6 Mon. Jan 7, 11:16pm
BENDAGE 2 Mon. Jan 7, 9:53pm
You're still've still got time! 0 Mon. Jan 7, 3:17am
Calling all brides and grooms to be! (and their families) 0 Mon. Jan 7, 3:14am
why are there so many lesbians today? 6 Sun. Jan 6, 7:13pm
Should I get a slow cooker? 9 Sun. Jan 6, 6:32pm
Dedicated and supportive loggers. 5 Sun. Jan 6, 12:19am
Dedicated and supportive loggers. 0 Sat. Jan 5, 4:17pm
join our journey to weight loss! 0 Thu. Jan 3, 12:17am
Just started a new group - Under 30 0 Wed. Jan 2, 6:16pm
3 spots open for active loggers, lynneta6 3 Tue. Jan 1, 2:12pm
Creatine 5 Tue. Jan 1, 5:13am
hot breakfast? 8 Mon. Dec 31, 5:25pm
Joint pain remedys 14 Sun. Dec 30, 2:52pm
Anyone out there? 14 Sat. Dec 29, 4:06am
2013: What are we changing this year??? 6 Fri. Dec 28, 5:15pm
Jan 2nd cleanse!! anyone want to form a smaller group? 1 Fri. Dec 28, 8:10am
What do I have for Christmas dinner? 7 Thu. Dec 27, 7:31pm
Jan 5-12 Brutal Challenge - Start the new year riding a wave 3 Sun. Dec 23, 9:43pm
will my boobs go away? 4 Sat. Dec 22, 8:36pm
the tragedy in Conn 1 Tue. Dec 18, 9:09pm
JUST DIAGNOSED as female misogynist! Is bc I've always hated my mother?? 2 Mon. Dec 17, 1:49pm
PEERtrainer University 2013 4 Mon. Dec 10, 8:16am
Twenty-Somethings 0 Sun. Dec 9, 11:44pm
Twenty-Somethings 0 Sun. Dec 9, 11:44pm
T Tapp 2 Sun. Dec 9, 8:32pm
What workout have you found that you don't get bored with? 6 Mon. Dec 3, 8:42pm
energy soup 0 Mon. Dec 3, 5:04pm
age is no barrier 1 Sun. Dec 2, 9:17pm
Has anyone ever done Tabata training? 2 Fri. Nov 30, 9:40pm
How do you know when you're in pre - menopause? 4 Tue. Nov 27, 2:45pm
Weight Loss Questions 7 Sun. Nov 25, 6:47pm
We are looking for you! 0 Fri. Nov 23, 9:42pm
Do short guys like tall women? 3 Fri. Nov 23, 4:24am
Exercise Workouts that Help Teens Lose Weight 0 Mon. Nov 19, 9:14pm
Some Reasons Why Women Lose Their Hair 0 Sat. Nov 17, 12:58pm
Eating Well 0 Fri. Nov 16, 2:40pm
running for weight loss 6 Wed. Nov 14, 9:52am
Gastric Bypass Questions 1 Tue. Nov 13, 10:21pm
New spotlight 4 Tue. Nov 13, 12:18am
Is running two miles a day enough to lose weight?  4 Mon. Nov 12, 8:07pm
PNP Nov 14th - 7 Day Core Challenge 1 Sun. Nov 11, 9:13pm
Motivated to lose, this is the group for you! 0 Sun. Nov 11, 9:02pm
Spotlight - PT what's going on? 9 Fri. Nov 9, 10:17am
Help and tips with obsession with eating at night please 5 Tue. Nov 6, 11:11pm
Cleanse shakes 3 Sat. Nov 3, 12:39pm
Need Partners 1 Thu. Nov 1, 7:09am
Need Partners 0 Tue. Oct 30, 2:23pm
ultimate fat burner 0 Mon. Oct 29, 4:41am
Thank God i found you 0 Wed. Oct 24, 11:45am
I don't want sex anymore. at all. Am I the only one who feels this way? 0 Tue. Oct 23, 11:40am
PEERtrainer weight ticker on log - how to change or delete 1 Mon. Oct 22, 8:44pm
Has anyone been through Gastric Bypass surgery 1 Mon. Oct 22, 8:18pm
Vegan or wanting to learn how to incorporate more fuits and vegetables! 0 Wed. Oct 17, 7:04pm
Vegan or wanting to learn how to incorporate more fuits and vegetables! 0 Wed. Oct 17, 7:04pm
Great fitness apps 8 Tue. Oct 16, 9:20pm
Allergies! 5 Mon. Oct 15, 7:58pm
New Vegan Group 0 Mon. Oct 15, 5:29pm
Article: The Virgin Diet 0 Wed. Oct 10, 12:42pm
Article: Why Do Men Cheat 0 Wed. Oct 10, 12:40pm
Motivation to work harder! 0 Thu. Oct 4, 11:45am
Non logging members-- ruin group... 6 Wed. Oct 3, 11:56am
Just had a baby 3 Mon. Sep 24, 1:19pm
New Genetic Based Weight Management Solution 0 Sat. Sep 22, 7:22pm
New Genetic Based Weight Management Solution 0 Sat. Sep 22, 7:22pm
Targeting the Fat Genes 11 Thu. Sep 20, 11:39pm
Cessation of Menses related to weight? 2 Thu. Sep 20, 8:43pm
Calling all empty nest runners 8 Thu. Sep 20, 1:33pm
spouse/partner issue 2 Wed. Sep 19, 11:49am
Feel free to join 0 Tue. Sep 18, 11:08pm
I weigh 218 and want to weigh at 115 pounds 3 Sat. Sep 15, 7:21pm
Anxiety Group 0 Fri. Sep 14, 3:19pm
"listen to your body" or "just push through" 4 Thu. Sep 13, 5:47pm
Dairy? 2 Thu. Sep 13, 11:24am
I weigh 218 and want to weigh at 115 pounds 1 Thu. Sep 13, 10:28am
Dairy? 0 Wed. Sep 12, 2:20pm
lose it 2 Sat. Sep 8, 1:08pm
Girlfriend does not like physical contact. 1 Sat. Sep 8, 1:06pm
Chronic Pain 1 Tue. Sep 4, 5:54pm
New Meal Ideas Please 1 Sun. Sep 2, 6:53pm
The Supplement No List 0 Fri. Aug 31, 1:41pm
Try Paleo with me 1 Fri. Aug 31, 9:58am
Vegan and want to do the cleanse 0 Thu. Aug 30, 1:25pm
How To Stay Motivated When The Scale Is Not Going Down 1 Thu. Aug 30, 11:09am
Study and time for health and fitness 3 Wed. Aug 29, 9:10am
Has anyone tried FitFreeze? 0 Tue. Aug 28, 4:54pm
Flaxseed and the cheat system 2 Tue. Aug 28, 2:31pm
Vegetarian - Cleanse 1 Mon. Aug 27, 3:20pm
Why Burst Training Helps With Weight Loss Resistance 1 Sun. Aug 26, 9:44pm
A New Guide To Weight Loss Resistance 0 Sat. Aug 25, 2:05pm
Why Coconut Trumps Olive Oil In The Fat Burning Department 0 Fri. Aug 24, 5:43pm
need active people 0 Sat. Aug 18, 9:49pm
need active people 0 Sat. Aug 18, 9:49pm
Try Paleo with me 0 Tue. Aug 14, 11:30pm
question 0 Tue. Aug 14, 11:03am
Looking for pricing/cost info for NutriSystem or Jenny Craig 2 Mon. Aug 13, 12:39pm
Health 0 Sat. Aug 11, 10:51pm
New Group Forming 0 Fri. Aug 10, 12:03pm
Veggies 3 Wed. Aug 8, 6:49pm
Cabbage 2 Tue. Aug 7, 12:28pm
sPINACH 2 Tue. Aug 7, 6:42am
Sick fron exercise? 4 Sun. Aug 5, 10:35pm
2 day low carb diet 4 Sun. Aug 5, 4:42pm
Any advice on dealing with PTSD from Child abuse? 6 Sat. Aug 4, 7:40pm
getting rid of stress factor and eating 0 Fri. Aug 3, 2:23pm
Join me on my mission. Let us hold each other accountable. 0 Thu. Aug 2, 12:06pm
Join me on my mission. Let us hold each other accountable. 0 Thu. Aug 2, 12:06pm
Looking For Motivated Members 0 Wed. Aug 1, 9:48pm
I'm new, and need support 2 Wed. Aug 1, 11:48am
I can't lose any weight 8 Wed. Aug 1, 10:05am
Come join moms who want to get fit! 0 Mon. Jul 30, 11:34am
New Group 0 Mon. Jul 30, 10:57am
Come and join me 0 Mon. Jul 30, 4:50am
Songs To Work Out To 0 Tue. Jul 24, 8:52pm
Losing weight as a is key! 0 Tue. Jul 24, 10:05am
Thyroid Meds for weight loss? 6 Tue. Jul 24, 9:58am
Runners who want to lose weight! 0 Sat. Jul 21, 8:41pm
Runners who want to lose weight! 0 Sat. Jul 21, 8:41pm
Runners who want to lose weight! 0 Sat. Jul 21, 8:41pm
Runners who want to lose weight! 0 Sat. Jul 21, 8:41pm
New Team for Females in or affiliated with any branch of service. 0 Sat. Jul 21, 7:33pm
Mindless Eating 2 Sat. Jul 21, 3:23pm
Weight Loss 0 Sat. Jul 21, 2:50pm
Looking for team members 0 Fri. Jul 20, 4:46pm
I've written a cookbook for easy weight loss! :o) 0 Thu. Jul 19, 6:14pm
Unique Songs To Work Out To, Music Online Comes With Motivational And Inspirational Messages 0 Thu. Jul 19, 4:55pm
Beck Group Seeks Members 0 Thu. Jul 19, 11:21am
New to the site!! 1 Wed. Jul 18, 11:46am
$29 month shake offer 0 Mon. Jul 16, 2:27pm
losing the last little bit! 1 Mon. Jul 16, 1:42pm
Obtaining recommended products if you live outside the continental USA 0 Sun. Jul 15, 6:08pm
Frustrated! I could really use some words of encouragement! 3 Fri. Jul 13, 5:51pm
gluten free and over fifty 1 Fri. Jul 13, 11:56am
Drinking Alcohol 3 Thu. Jul 12, 2:47pm
Looking for group members 0 Thu. Jul 12, 1:44pm
Please join my team! 0 Wed. Jul 11, 3:22am
? Stevia & Cheat System 3 Mon. Jul 9, 6:07pm
Has anyone had success with the rice diet? 0 Mon. Jul 9, 1:59pm
Green tea 0 Sun. Jul 8, 5:59pm
Lap band group 0 Sun. Jul 8, 1:13pm
Just a vent, because I can't talk about this to anyone I know 11 Sat. Jul 7, 6:19pm
The Cheat System, any changes? 1 Fri. Jul 6, 9:52pm
Would like to become a team member 1 Tue. Jul 3, 10:32am
How can you eat Fruits and Vegetables? 6 Mon. Jul 2, 1:23pm
Cleanse 3 Thu. Jun 28, 4:17pm
Peanuts 1 Wed. Jun 27, 4:41pm
Great weight loss but now sleep problems 1 Tue. Jun 26, 12:07am
Ultimate Weight Loss | The Best Way To Get Slim Fast 0 Sat. Jun 23, 3:49pm
Join Us! 0 Sat. Jun 23, 10:02am
Mixed Feelings About My Weight Loss 2 Fri. Jun 22, 9:39pm
Join Preconception Wellness 0 Thu. Jun 21, 12:57pm
broken leg :( 4 Thu. Jun 21, 9:40am
Going from working out 15 days a month to at least 25. 3 Mon. Jun 18, 3:43pm
fat grafting cost? 1 Sun. Jun 17, 9:49pm
Discouragement and frustration 5 Sun. Jun 17, 3:53pm
Why did I gain weight this week? 3 Fri. Jun 15, 5:07pm
How long do you have to be on slimfast to see the results? 5 Thu. Jun 14, 6:14pm
TOPS weightloss members 2 Sat. Jun 9, 7:39pm
Need members :) 0 Fri. Jun 8, 8:00am
Need members :) 0 Fri. Jun 8, 7:53am
60+Babes in Austin,TX 0 Thu. Jun 7, 6:15am
How are you using this team 1 Thu. Jun 7, 5:34am
Weekly Weigh In, Daily Accountability team members 0 Thu. Jun 7, 4:53am
Need help to lose weight about 35 pounds - in 3-5 months 3 Tue. Jun 5, 8:12pm
How are you using this team 0 Tue. Jun 5, 7:17pm
Where is PeerTrainer?? trouble logging on??? 2 Tue. Jun 5, 9:02am
Who ya gonna call? 0 Mon. Jun 4, 9:17am
60+Babes group 0 Sun. Jun 3, 2:17pm
Sore Joints After Workout 0 Sat. Jun 2, 11:37am
losing weight 6 Fri. Jun 1, 9:06am
Do you take CLA pills? Does it work? How do you take it? 0 Thu. May 31, 4:40pm
Why Losing Weight Is About More Than Calorie Restriction 0 Thu. May 31, 9:37am
Looking for a work out buddy!!!! 1 Wed. May 30, 11:19pm
belly fat 0 Wed. May 30, 11:56am
TEAM YOUNG MOMS EVERYWHERE!!! 0 Tue. May 29, 2:20pm
Hey guys! 20 yr old from Tennessee. 0 Tue. May 29, 2:05pm
60 plus females in Austin, TX 0 Mon. May 28, 4:46pm
60 plus females in Austin, TX 0 Mon. May 28, 4:46pm
if you are at the last 10 lbs or recovering from a "setback" 0 Thu. May 24, 1:30pm
if you are at the last 10 lbs or recovering from a "setback" 0 Thu. May 24, 1:30pm
Anyone who learn from others and wants to lose weight and get fit. 0 Thu. May 24, 1:13pm
Anyone who learn from others and wants to lose weight and get fit. 0 Thu. May 24, 1:13pm
Join my group if you like! 0 Thu. May 24, 11:12am
I have some Questions about these health things 6 Thu. May 24, 6:51am
I could really Use a Diet Buddy 4 Sat. May 19, 9:14pm
Competitive? Let's make losing weight fun... 0 Sat. May 19, 2:00am
I have Questions about Heartburn 2 Sat. May 19, 12:11am
Ideal Protien Diet 0 Fri. May 18, 8:43am
Overeaters Anonymous 1 Tue. May 15, 9:12pm
How can I get relief from heel pain? 4 Tue. May 15, 8:52pm
Cancer and Exercise 0 Mon. May 14, 5:39pm
What was the last straw? 3 Mon. May 14, 4:24pm
Fell off the wagon!!! Help!!! 4 Fri. May 11, 1:43pm
Why I Hate Being Fat 4 Thu. May 10, 2:48pm
PT I love the weight record spot 13 Thu. May 10, 8:21am
How to make small? 0 Wed. May 9, 9:45am
dieting ideas 7 Mon. May 7, 4:52am
Getting back in shape after pregnancy 2 Sun. May 6, 8:34pm
Just do it... 2 Sun. May 6, 6:54pm
How to use the nose magic? 0 Sat. May 5, 6:59am
Comment section 3 Thu. May 3, 12:00pm
Help me please 0 Wed. May 2, 6:14pm
SafSlim?? 0 Wed. May 2, 6:03pm
FABULOUS and so much fun! 0 Wed. May 2, 10:39am
Nursing Students Need some support?? 0 Tue. May 1, 10:48pm
Nursing Students Need some support?? 0 Tue. May 1, 10:33pm
ViSalus 1 Tue. May 1, 5:08pm
Weight loss... 2 Mon. Apr 30, 11:20am
Why I Love Being Skinny 0 Fri. Apr 27, 9:59pm
NIght/Sleep Eating 1 Mon. Apr 23, 8:12am
New PEERtrainer article: detoxification supplements, how they work 0 Sat. Apr 21, 1:59pm
Green shakes 4 Thu. Apr 19, 7:00am
Can you lose weight just by working out alone ? 6 Thu. Apr 19, 6:38am
About The Google Maps 0 Wed. Apr 18, 1:09am
What Is A Complete Protein? 0 Tue. Apr 17, 6:02pm
HIt the Ground Running 0 Sun. Apr 15, 4:23pm
New PEERtrainer Article- Natural Weight Loss 2 Wed. Apr 11, 4:26pm
asking a girl out that works at the gym 4 Tue. Apr 10, 10:26am
adding a fourth 1 Mon. Apr 9, 1:03pm
Unable to see group page !!! 8 Mon. Apr 9, 11:56am
Dr. Oz's Health Management segments 1 Mon. Apr 9, 11:37am
First day joined group "willing to commit" 0 Sun. Apr 8, 10:45am
New PEERtrainer Article 0 Thu. Apr 5, 2:12pm
PEERtrainer Cheat System - Buckwheat vs. Kasha - Cheats 11 Thu. Apr 5, 12:40pm
New group for mid-20s who need to lose 50+ lbs 0 Tue. Apr 3, 3:51pm
New Group: "Weight Watching Everyday!" 2 Fri. Mar 30, 7:46am
Getting the cravings out of your head 10 Wed. Mar 28, 11:55am
Any suggestions for improving the cleanse shake? 1 Sun. Mar 25, 5:53pm
Do People Around You Notice Your Weight Loss? 4 Thu. Mar 22, 3:42pm
Serious changes--serious posters! 0 Sun. Mar 18, 1:08pm
Serious changes--serious posters! 0 Sun. Mar 18, 1:08pm
Any inspiring quotes to think about? 7 Sat. Mar 17, 8:09pm
anyone ever try the Daniel Fast? 2 Sat. Mar 17, 11:48am
Kid enticing beans & rice recipes? 2 Wed. Mar 14, 12:27pm
Who tweaks you, gets your goat? 4 Tue. Mar 13, 11:44am
Looking for Member named "Jumpstart" 0 Mon. Mar 12, 3:13am
Good Nutritious Snacks For When Your On the Road 3 Fri. Mar 9, 11:21am
Ad normal smear test results. 2 Tue. Mar 6, 6:16pm
Do you have an interest in "The Secret" or "Abraham Hicks"? 0 Tue. Mar 6, 10:59am
ATTN: European Time Zone - Group Opening - Join us!! 0 Tue. Mar 6, 4:00am
Whats better for you a diet soda or a mocha? 1 Mon. Mar 5, 4:15pm
Connect locally 0 Thu. Mar 1, 6:00am
hard time dealing 7 Thu. Mar 1, 12:06am
Can't seem to lose weight? Maybe You Have Syndrome W 4 Tue. Feb 28, 9:24pm
No Procrastinators allowed!! 0 Tue. Feb 28, 3:03pm
any in this blog should help tell doctor bunt contact that he is powerful 1 Sun. Feb 26, 3:39am
ZOMBIES!! RUN!! 1 Tue. Feb 21, 3:17pm
Negative Thoughts About Being Thin? 2 Mon. Feb 20, 3:48pm
How to take a break 2 Sat. Feb 18, 2:54pm
Looking for an active fourth member 0 Sat. Feb 18, 12:45pm
exercise buddy in Chgo/Evst needed 0 Thu. Feb 16, 8:18pm
Calling all Northwest Austin Texas Peertrainer Members 0 Wed. Feb 15, 1:47pm
Need new members! 0 Wed. Feb 15, 10:56am
PT Please help me.. 5 Wed. Feb 15, 10:19am
Join us to TRULY CHANGE YOUR LIFE! 0 Tue. Feb 14, 7:06pm
Life. Be in it. 0 Sat. Feb 11, 10:26am
New group for past (present) Cleanse participants 0 Thu. Feb 9, 5:30pm
Can someone please help me....I am at a breaking point... 14 Thu. Feb 9, 2:47am
Need to vent 4 Tue. Feb 7, 3:00pm
Vacation- Need Road Trip eating ideas/plan 2 Tue. Feb 7, 11:01am
PEERtrainer Fresh Start Cleanse Questions and Feedback 8 Mon. Feb 6, 10:46am
Food cravings 3 Mon. Feb 6, 10:01am
Meal planning - do you? 6 Sun. Feb 5, 2:54pm
Plateau or No Loss 3 Sat. Feb 4, 9:02am
How Your Gut Can Effect Your Weight And Health 4 Fri. Feb 3, 1:54pm
hypnosis for weight loss 2 Fri. Feb 3, 1:21pm
PT Question: Is there a Member Search feature? 1 Thu. Feb 2, 8:12pm
Need Help Getting More Energy? 2 Tue. Jan 31, 4:43pm
How to opt out of emails? 2 Tue. Jan 31, 1:45pm
Perseverance when you feel you can't be bothered, 7 Tue. Jan 31, 12:43am
Do you need to count calories to lose weight? 5 Sat. Jan 28, 7:05am
"WAYS" Walk At Your Speed 0 Fri. Jan 27, 11:25pm
"WAYS" Walk At Your Speed 0 Fri. Jan 27, 11:25pm
Why are there no recent posts on here I wonder? 2 Fri. Jan 27, 9:45am
Early morning workout (like 4:30 am) questions regarding sleep and eating the night before 7 Fri. Jan 27, 8:37am
Success With Low Carb Diets? 1 Thu. Jan 26, 8:41pm
P90X 0 Thu. Jan 26, 11:55am
Too busy for myself! 0 Wed. Jan 25, 9:14pm
Target Toning Workouts - Do they really work? 0 Wed. Jan 25, 9:29am
Why, oh why did I leave that great group?! 0 Tue. Jan 24, 8:03am
Weight before and after period - I seem to be the opposite of everyone else...? 1 Fri. Jan 20, 9:08pm
Grandmother concerned with flabby skin 1 Fri. Jan 20, 8:47pm
Gluten Sensitive? 6 Fri. Jan 20, 8:21pm
Warner Robins Weight loss and Wellness support 0 Fri. Jan 20, 4:06am
new year new you 0 Thu. Jan 19, 8:22pm
We can do this.. 2 Thu. Jan 19, 12:55pm
How to put picture in your log/blog area 2 Wed. Jan 18, 1:47pm
Join Mindful Eaters Unite! :) 0 Sun. Jan 15, 9:34pm
Join Eating Disorder Recovery Team :) 0 Sun. Jan 15, 3:39pm
For those of us who want to recover from eating disorders of any sort and live healthy lives 0 Sun. Jan 15, 3:32pm
Honey? 4 Sat. Jan 14, 7:34pm
How to search for and locate specific PT members? 2 Sat. Jan 14, 7:01am
We are winning the battle. 0 Fri. Jan 13, 10:22pm
We are winning the battle. 0 Fri. Jan 13, 10:22pm
New group to join in Switzerland 0 Thu. Jan 12, 4:43pm
Amazing weight loss system without the fees :) 0 Thu. Jan 12, 10:16am
exercise with results for lifr 0 Wed. Jan 11, 9:02pm
Magic Fridge?? 1 Wed. Jan 11, 3:40am
Please Join 0 Wed. Jan 11, 3:34am
Calling all strong mamas! 3 Mon. Jan 9, 2:06pm
diarrhea after sushi (gross, I know) but I have to ask 3 Sun. Jan 8, 11:56pm
mobile devices and PT 17 Sun. Jan 8, 11:14pm
Form to log Peer Trtainer Cheat System 3 Sun. Jan 8, 10:49pm
A group for those of us who need/want to make big life changes in 2012 0 Fri. Jan 6, 11:13pm
Disciplined and Responsible 0 Fri. Jan 6, 4:44pm
Disciplined and Responsible 0 Fri. Jan 6, 4:42pm
Help - Why won't my logs print? 2 Thu. Jan 5, 8:26pm
Effective & Fun Without Quackery 0 Wed. Jan 4, 8:45pm
Sugar doesn't have to be inevitable 0 Wed. Jan 4, 1:14am
Transformation Road - Book (Sean Anderson blog) 1 Mon. Jan 2, 10:51am
Ready to get Realistic? 1 Mon. Jan 2, 10:15am