Weight Loss Motivation 101

By Joshua Wayne, MA
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So consider: the better question to ask is, “Why do you really want to lose weight”?  At first glance, this may sound like an obvious question, but if you’re struggling with your weight, you need to ask yourself this question again and again until you have a very clear answer. 

Why are you looking to lose weight?

➢    To feel more confident to start dating again?
➢    To get into your favorite pair of jeans?
➢    To feel sexy for your husband or wife?
➢    To look good at your upcoming high school reunion?
➢    Because the doctor told you you’re pre-diabetic but that there is still a chance to turn it around?
➢    Because you’re sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?

You have to become crystal clear on your “Why”.  This is the first step in establishing a goal. 

Now let’s look at the first half of that equation, the part about ‘taking action’.  When you get clear and write it down, how motivated to take action are you?  Do you feel your emotions stirring?  Are you feeling the pull to get off the couch?  Are you feeling the readiness to break your bad habits and make changes to your diet?

If you’re not, then you probably need to do some more work on your “Why”, because your “Why” is the foundation of your motivation.

Here is a hint: some people are more naturally motivated towards pleasure (the thought of looking great in a summer dress, meeting a guy/girl, running a 10K), while others are more motivated away from pain (being single forever, having to start taking insulin, having to see their high school friends while being heavy). 

The trick is to find out which one- “Towards Pleasure” or “Away From Pain”- is more compelling to you in terms of your weight loss, and to focus on that.  Write down all the reasons that cause you to begin to stir and want to take action.  This is just for your, so be bold and write everything down, even if it’s very personal.  This is a very important step that cannot be overlooked.   Read The Next Page

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Joshua Wayne, MA is a Personal Development Coach and trained psychotherapist with an emphasis on weight loss motivation and mind/body wellness.

In his private practice Joshua has helped his clients achieve their weight loss goals, shape their life direction and resolve a wide range of family problems from relationship difficulties to out of control teenagers.

Joshua has a Masters Degree in Counseling.   He has also been intensely interested in and studying personal development, fitness and spirituality for close to 20 years.  Joshua also heads up the PEERtrainer 12 Week "Point Of No Return" Coaching Program.