The South Beach Diet

The Danger Of Ketosis Generated By South Beach Diet Phase One

By Joel Fuhrman M.D.
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People forget that not only is temporary weight loss of no benefit, but it is actually more dangerous than not losing weight at all.  Permanent weight loss only occurs as a result of changes one makes permanently.  It is true that a ketogenic diet (one that severely restricts carbohydrates) will cause some dehydration and initial weight loss, but as soon as carbohydrate-rich foods are reintroduced in the diet, steak, cheese, bacon and other animal products become fattening again. 

Ketogenic diets are dangerous if maintained long-term; if done for a short-time as recommended in the South Beach plan, the weight benefits are quickly lost.  Yo-yoing your weight is not health promoting and increases the soft, most dangerous type of coronary deposits leading to heart attacks.

Heart attacks are not generally caused by obstructive atherosclerosis, but by blood clots promoted by vulnerable or juvenile plaque. Every time a person loses weight and regains some back again, softer, more vulnerable plaque, more likely to rupture and cause a blood clot is built up. 

Losing, regaining some and losing again, as you cycle off ketosis and back on it again is the most heart attack promoting practice made worse because the diet is so rich in animal products too.  Doing the South Beach weight fluctuation dance can be more dangerous than not losing and remaining overweight.  continue reading...

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